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  1. Xtube Gloryhole collection

  2. XTube link collection - breeding videos

  3. Xtube Gloryhole collection

  4. Xtube Gloryhole collection

  5. barebacking and exhibitionism

    Love to walk around at naked sex parties, exhibiting my hard on, or switching from gloryhole to gloryhole for everyone to see. Last time (last week) was a lot of fun being sucked through the gloryhole high on poppers while 2 other were licking my hairy pits, nipples, asshole in front of everyone. Lost count how many mouths and tongues I had through my body that time. Heaven.
  6. Booker for Carnival Sao Paulo

    Go to "clube dos pauzudos", amazing nacked sex party! Lots of action there.
  7. Hands or No Hands

    I prefer to be sucked with no hands. Have a lot of pleasure in my balls and legs though when caressed.
  8. I sometimes take a viagra and I can stay in a gloryhole bookstore for hours, jumping literally from one hole to the other... love it.
  9. What Do Tops Mostly Prefer?

    I normally hate shaved men... except when they are smooth, otherwise trimmed balls its ok. The rest (ass, legs, armpits, chest) hairy and natural alwaus drives me crazy...
  10. 1-On-1 Or Group?

    Group for sure. The more the merrier 👅👅👅
  11. Who is your favorite actor in bareback porn?

    My dream is to fuck Armond Rizzo's beautiful hungry hole.
  12. Visiting berlin and looking for group fun

    You're going to the right place mate!
  13. Apollo Splash Vs Boiler Sauna

    Boiler is amazing! Paradise on earth... was there yesterday and everywhere you go there is someone or groups of horny boys waiting to suck cock, being fucked, group action... I had in one point 2 guys sucking my cock, one rimming my ass and 2 others licking my armpits, all at the same time. .. poppers going around... heaven.
  14. Do you lick before you stick?

    Nothing better than a hairy ass in front of me waiting for my tongue... I lick until the bottom begs for my cock, and I love to see my bottom moaning and opening his ass for me to go deeper... my mouth is already watering now.
  15. Part 4: My Fickstutenmarkt weekend in Berlin

    Wow hot . .. I live close to Berlin , I am considering going as a stallion next year and fuck as much holes as I can .

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