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  1. Sorry it's been so long. Wasnt sure where exactly to take it or if anyone was interested. Let me know if you enjoy the next installment, no sex but it sets up where I want to take it. A new life: the Auction. I awoke in what can only be described as a crate. It was hard, cramped and cold. I was naked and still smelt of piss. My mouth was dry and my head hurt. I could hear muffled voices. There wasn't much air. My lungs screamed for more air and I started to panic. As the sweat beaded on my forehead and rolled down my face I tried to calm myself. This had to
  2. Chapter two: A new life. Part two. He fucked me. Hard. My body pressed against the cold bars. His sweat dripping onto me. "I'm getting close boy. I'm gonna paint your guts with my seed." His thrust grew fast and impatient. His breathing became short and sharp. Suddenly he slammed balls deep and howled like a rabid dog. And as he did I felt his spunk spray into me. He withdrew and left me alone again. I dont know how long I had been there. But I awoke to him returning. His cum had run out my now somewhat looser arsehole and dried on my legs and the floor. He was carrying a plasti
  3. Chapter 2: A New Life: Part One. Boredom. I had been held in this fucking cage for two days now. I was naked, cold, aching and thirsty. There was barely enough light to see by so I assumed my kidnapper had locked me in a basement of some kind, probably in his house. CLICK! Light burst into the room, the lone light bulb illuminated the space greatly and blinded me. I shielded my eyes as best i could with my hands shackled to the bars of the cage in front of me. "Ah good, you're awake! I was worried for a moment I would have to find some way of rousing you quickly." I flin
  4. Chapter one: Monday: conclusion. Five minutes left until closing time. The sauna was empty except for me, the cleaning was done. All I was doing was sat contemplating what to do. I locked the front door and shut down the pc. Home time. Or sex time. Whichever I decided to do. I left the building locking the staff door behind me. As I fumbled with the lock I heard a scuffling behind me and before I could turn around an arm hooked around my neck and breath warmed my cheek... "Are you the dirty whore I've been told to expect? Don't bother answering it makes no difference. You
  5. Chapter One: Monday part three. I felt Robs breath on my ear. "Knew you was a dirty slag." Before I could even move he'd pulled his softening cock from my hole and vanished downstairs. I was fucking horny now and there is nothing worse than sauna work when you are horny. Trust me. I stood back up and pulled my shorts up, squeezing my hole tight. I wasn't going to lose the tip Rob had just left. As much as he isn't my type.... Cum is cum and my inner whore was whispering sweet nothings to me. This would happen on Monday. Our quiet day. I made my way back downstairs. 4 hours of sh
  6. Chapter One: Monday Part Two. I didn't dare move. His balls resting on my ass. "Let's play a game shall we?" Rob rocked back and forth slightly. I wouldn't call it fucking me but it definitely teasing. "You have to answer my questions honestly and truthfully. Any lies or wrong answers and I thrust. How does that sound? Oh and I should warn you i cum very quickly. If I cum you lose. If I get all the answers I want with my load still in my balls I lose." Still barely able to make a sound other than I whimper of pleasure I nodded my accent to play his game. "Question on
  7. Well some of this may be based on fact as I was for almost a year a sauna worker.
  8. This is my first ever attempt at fiction, so please be kind, guys! Chapter One: Monday, part one. It started like any other Monday shift in a sauna. Quiet. We had three or four regulars milling about the place but that was about it. Boredom had struck. I grabbed the phone out of its cradle and slipped it into my pocket knowing it would only ring should a customer turn up. I closed the staff only door behind me and headed upstairs. It was time to do the rounds... SIGH! Oh, how rude of me! My name is Alex and I'm 23, short dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and I would say I
  9. I'm in Cardiff for 2 nights in August. And I want to take as much poz cum as I can. I've never had poz before and may require some forceful assistance. Message me or comment.
  10. Hi guys, I'm I'm Cardiff on the nights of the 6th and 7th of August. Wondered if anyone fancied showing me the sights?
  11. wish someone would kidnap and poz me
  12. hey, anyone interested in giving me the gift? rough as you like, rape, fist, whatever you command make me scream.
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