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    Love dom aggressive guys that will force me to take there load
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    Kinda new to the just done the boring sex in the past with slight bondage but really want to try more
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    Tops who arent afraid to be bad ;) and force me to take there load

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  1. Love too GIFT YOU!

    1. Lazyzombie16


      fuck that would be amazing please do!

    2. tprbttm4u


      Message Me I PROMISE YOU!

    3. tprbttm4u
  2. Looking for some tops to breed me and turn me into the cum pig i want to be Extreamly kinky here really turned on by stealthing, rape and gangrape
  3. Still a little new to all of this, so sorry if the story sucks. But its something I fantasize about so here it is. Cole had a very high sex drive and was usually a top. He is also very inexperenced when it comes to sex as he has only had sex with his boyfriend. This day how ever his boyfriend was in a rush and wanted to have a quickie with Cole on bottom. He quickly slid in using only spit and came deep inside of Cole very fast loading him up, giving him a kiss, and walking out the door. Cole was not satisfied at all by this. He was still feeling extremely horny. So he decided
  4. I was molested alot when i was little first by my uncle when i was 8 started off as just wrestling around and it slowly had less and less clothes until it was just in our boxers and obviusly woth him being so much bigger he would always win and it gpt tp the point where he would rape my ass and thats how we would find out who would win this continued for a year almost every night and to this day only me and him know of our secret wrestles but the baby sitters werent as suttle when i was 10 my babysitter undressed me in my sleep and would force me tp give him oral until he came i always pretend
  5. Went tp flex fpr the first time last week was very nervous went to the dark room i was already lubed up and felt a cock push against my hole still have been pretty nervouse of taking it raw from strangers so i handed him a condom he put it on and started fucking me hard pulling all the way put and slaming back in i must have drew a crowd because there was a couple guys i could bearly see watching. He did one mpre deep thrust i felt his cock pulsing then he pulled out threw the condom on my vack and before i could move and check another guy grabed the condom off my back and thrust in covering m
  6. This story is a fantasy of mine. It is also only the second story I've posted. I apologize in advance to the grammar police! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been growing more and more bold with my sexual urges and what porn at which I look, which means I've been pushing my boundaries further and further. I've even been hooking up with random guys, however, not until the first time I was stealthed did I realize I wanted it bare. That realiza
  7. Thanks for the rep Zombie xx :* xx

  8. Id love for something like this to happen to me
  9. part 3 the 5th guy opened the door and to find 3 more people 1 saying he saw a flyer in the bar down the street and wanted to check it out. They come in and see the sight and instantly drop there pants dying to get a turn already everyone continues to breed him all thru the night for every one that leaves two show up. Nick passed out sometime thru out it but that didnt stop the fucking. He was used non stop. Early in the morning the next day after the last guy was done putting his 4th load into him. He took another picture and headed for the door. As he was walking out room keepin
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