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    I travel a lot for work mostly west coast. I host in my hotels and hit up bars, bath houses and arcades in cities I visit
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  1. Ever since the remodel the gulch its not as fun and not as nasty. I go to the arcade on mission and 5th now
  2. My BF and I will be in NYC for pride 6/27-7/6. He’s a twink, Asian, 23 yo poz cumdump. He will be taking loads all week. Message me for details.
  3. Hawks is the BH, but I’ve had a good time at entourage as well i agree with travelingbi on the arcades
  4. I dot recall ever thinking about using a condom, just never have
  5. Summer camp I was 9, counselor was 18, ever night for a month and every some summer for the next two years
  6. Talk to the sf city clinic and whoever has been doing in France for several years
  7. San Francisco city clinic and studies in France
  8. Of course I’m a pig i love sleazy nasty bookstores, group fucks, licking cum off gloryhole walls and floors, anything with piss, anon, if it gets me off or is fluid from a cock I’m game
  9. They are now recommending prep does not need to be taken every day. 2 pills the day you’re planning to have sex, one pill following for two days.
  10. Get the coupon from the manufacturer and the script is free
  11. If it’s fluid from a cock I’ll drink it
  12. I love them all i lived with a Korean immigrant for several years who claimed he was a certified cocksuck. Damn he was good. He sucked over 1000 cocks a year? I know this because I found his diary he actually kept track and raged everyone’s cock and if he’d suck them again. When confronted he admitted it and then showed me his phone with over 6000 phone numbers of guys he’d suck again. He had been in the country for 10 years when I met him and his diary had almost 11000 entries. The funny part is he claimed he never had an std. that was my green light to play. I knew I had them and get them and I wanted to share. If if ever had his throat tested I don’t know, but I know I filled his throat with toxic cum any times
  13. 30 years bareback fucking nothing 3 years on prep- gono, symphonic, chlamydia, herpes, hep c 1 year off prep all the above and HIV 2 years off meds - hmm what do want hear

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