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  1. I have 2 boys I host for fuck party - one asian now 22 yo; one south asian now 23 years old. both are natural cum dumps. they love being the center of party with daddy tops and they are the only bottom. I love watching them get loaded in both ends. but what I really like is the time we spend alone after the party ends. cum dripping from their ass, a mouth that smells and tastes like cum
  2. I use to take prep, but everytime I went to the clinic for a script renewal I had and an STI, so I said screw it and stopped taking prep. IT's actually more fun not knowing what's in the ass you fucking, the mouth that's sucking you, the cock I'm sucking or the dick that is about to breed me. It's also hot not knowing what I'm sharing. If you want to take prep fine with me. If others (including me) sweet I want to know you or at least swap loads with you
  3. I think the younger the better - I was 8 wish I was 4
  4. I got caught when ii was in high school sucking off my neighbor when his wife came home unexpectedly
  5. I love when a night in a gloryhole booth is this productive where in southern Oregon?
  6. I've bred this hole in Vegas. He's hot and fun. And now that he finally gave up on prep he'll be more fun
  7. Last I had fuck bud over for dinner. We know the plan have dinner drink to much and breed his ass. After dinner we were drinking wine and he told me he couldn't get fucked because he has sores on his ass. I told I did not care he knew I thought it would hot as fuck to breed him. Yes he agreed but it it too much. He'd been fucked four times that afternoon and he pulling do it again. Ok on to plan B. We drank some more started to make out but I couldn't convince him. I offered hi, to stay the night but I was going to go out to find some ass. We showered and he climbed into bed, I got dressed and went to the sleazy bookstore arcade I knew. it took more sometime to find a parking space which was a couple blocks awa even though it was almost midnight. As I'm walking up to the store I see people going in and some walking out. Hot I thought it's busy. I paid my fee and went into the arcade. It was busy. All the booths were locked and there were guys lining the walls waiting for a booth. I knew I'd be there until closing at 4am. I find a spot on the wall, look at the guys lined up and those walking by. I'm thinking this a hot mess tonight, about half were homeless (fucking hot) the rest were college students, married in the closest bottoms, and sleazy fucks like me (I guess we apwere all sleazy). I wasn't going to be too picky about the booth, but wanted to be sure I got one that had holes on both walls, and preferably the one that didn't lock - hehe. Woohoo I got the booth that didn't lock. I knelt down and looked in both holes my neighbors were homeless. I stripped down put my in a pile in the corner and turned on the movie to brighten the booth. I then knelt down to find the spilt cum on the floor. I found a large puddle under each ghole. I took both hands stopped up as much as I could and used it for lube for my cock and ass. I repeated with the second puddle licked my fingers clean and took a new bottle of poppers from my shorts on the floor, took am extra large hit. I look down at both holes and four eyes are watching me. I kneel in front of the hole on my right and open my mouth and reach across the booth and put my hand on the other ghole. Within seconds I have cock in my mouth and one in my hand. The cock in my mouth takes a while to get hard, but the one in my hand is immediately hard. I suck for while it only get half way hard. So,I change cocks. I suck the second cock for maybe 30 seconds and he shoots a nice load in my mouth I swallow and go back to the other cock. As soon as I put it in my mouth out comes a hot flow of piss. I'm in heaven and settle in for a fun couple hours. I sit on the floor in one of the cum puddles and slide my ass around to make it wet. Within seconds both booths are reoocupied. Another homeless guy and a very young boy. I want to get the boy alone in a booth, I watch as he immediately drops his pants to,his ankles I see cum in his underwear. He puts his ass up to the other hole I watch his face as I see he just took the other cock. He smiles at me and mouths to me I want you. I smile back and mouth me too. So I turn my attention to,the other booth. That cock has been waiting patiently. It was a nice cut cock with a curve, but only about 5". Anyway I suck that and two more through each hole. I'm waiting for my young boy. When he doesn't return I leave my booth it's now about 1:30. And the crowd has thinned a little. I walk the hallway and find my boy in a corner surround by 5 guys all with there dicks out and he is taking turns taking their loads. I get hard. Wishing he was my boy permanently. i watch for a bit, another booth opens up and I decide to get fucked or to slide my cock into any offered hole and fuck for a bit. By 3:00 I have take. 4!loads in my ass slwalloed 5 cum and one hot stream of piss. I leave my booth hoping boy was still around. As I walk past the entrance do to the arcade I see hi, be the over with a cock in his ass. I walk up to him kiss him on the mouth and ask if he know how many loads he had taken. He immediately said 27 since 7pm. I asked how long he was staying he said I'll leave if you take to your place. I let him take load 28 and we left. what happened in my bed with my fuckbud still in it is another story. 35 bottom Asian is very orally talented size queen loves to suck and edge for older white cut cock (35- mid 50s)We play together or separately and can host in Diamond HeightsWe are Neg DDF expect you to be too.
  8. II was shopping yesterday for clothes and this guy kept following from store to store. I finally approached me and asked if could him find a pair of jeans. He was about 30, 5'4" 125# and my favorite he was asian. Of course I said yes. I guessed his waist size and pulled a few pairs of skinny jeans for him to try on. He took them back to the dressing room. Each time he would come out I'd say yes or no. he was down to one more pair to try on and he called me into the dressing room. he was naked staring at his ass in the mirror and asked he I thought he had a nice ass. this was was small firm, muscled and a nice bubble. of course I said yes unzipped and showed him my hard cock. he smiled pulled on the new jeans they fit him like a glove. he got dressed, purchased the last pair he tried on and left the store. I told I lived alone and he was welcome to come over. We found out we lived a mile apart, but had to get the car home so his nosy neighbors would not tell his Daddy he was late coming home. His daddy was out of town. so I followed him home parked about a block away. he parked his car took his purchases in the house and came out in his running shorts. He ran to my car, got in and we went to my place. we wasted no time getting naked. He sucked me, licked my thighs, lately bit me and sucked and stroked my cock. He edged me for over 2 hours, before he rolled over put his ass in the air and guided my raw cock into his hole. while I was fucking him he told me he was poz - I said I didn't care and then he said he was being treated for 2 STIs. I almost blew my load when he said it. I told I didn't care because I had 2 STIs as well. We fucked I bred him, showered and went to a local bookstore with gloryholes, shared a booth, and I shared his ass with any cock stuck thought the hole. 6 loads later we returned to my place, fucked again, fell asleep. he dripped all night. we fucked again this morning, and I took him home. never did get his name but we traded numbers.
  9. Imgameu41


    I got a new roommate on Tuesday. Hot young gay asian boy - 5'9" 110#, 21 yo. I hosting a few guys on Wednesday and Thursday nights, but he did not join or ask to. When I got home early from work, I walked in and he was bent over my couch with a cock in his mouth and one in his ass. I watched for a while and realized he was being fucked with condom - so sad. I went to my room, showered and got ready to go out to the bookstores to cruise the glory holes. When ii got out of the shower the two guys left and he as naked on the couch counting the money he got from them. Now that was hot. I go too hard. I told him this was my place and I don't allow condoms hehe. He looked at me. I went over to him grabbed him by the hair and lead him into my bedroom, through him on the bed, took off my pants, flipped him over and slide into his willing hole. I stroked my cock in and out until a shot my hot load in his ass. When I pulled he looked at me with fear and pleasure. He weakly asked if I was clean. I told him it doesn't matter but to move his stuff out of his room. He started to speak and told to use my closest because his room just become our sex playroom where I'd be whoring his ass whenever I wanted. He said Yes Sir. Hopefully more stories to cum
  10. anyone looking for hot loads
  11. Hawks is definitely the place to go - I think Wednesday nights is lights out night, which is always my favorite midweek action. I've not found anything that measures up to Steamworks Berkeley though, but I always hit up hawks when I'm in LV

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