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    New York
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    Bug chaser, looking for unmedicated poz top/vers. to load me up.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    dirty tops , guys into gifting and verbal poz talk while fucking
    Looking to convert so I can share the gift.

    KIK = nycer926, mention BZ.

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  1. I am perfecting the art of unloading in a guy's ass without him ever realizing.
  2. ericjohn_70

    Free PrEP in British Columbia as of 1 January 2018

    Not in America. Trump wants us all to get AIDS. Fine by me.
  3. ericjohn_70

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Soooo hot. Need a poz load in me bad!
  4. ericjohn_70

    My BF and the Escort

    hot as always pozpuppy
  5. ericjohn_70

    My Date With AIDS

    Always hot stories man. Thanks!
  6. Hey ... thanks for the rep! :*:2thumbs::D

  7. ericjohn_70


    hot fucking story!
  8. ericjohn_70

    The Help I Wish I'd Had

    Extremely hot and well written. I wish I could find the help I need...
  9. ericjohn_70

    How it all started

    Hot! Can't wait for part II.
  10. Damn! I'd like take your poz load!

  11. Hey , I would be happy to take your load

  12. bug chaser here aching to get charged.

  13. Fuck yeah, I'll bend over ver a toxic load.

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