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  1. piercedslut

    Trigger Symbol

    Part 1 Some things are triggers for me when I'm looking for guys. Things that will get my attention and interest. There are lots of nuances to what I find attractive. Things like height, hair colour, facial structure, body type... although on this night none of those things mattered. Some things instantly get my attention above all else. I was at the local gay night club taking it easy chatting with my good friend, James - he's my wingman. We were talking about how the week went at work and how glad we were that it was over. I was deep eagerly listening when he replied to my question about how long he'll stick with his current employer. Then I stopped listening. Totally stopped - I mean I didn't mean to, though when James asked me, "Do you think that's a good plan? Michael??"; I realised I had totally gone to a different world. Though really, can you blame me? I had seen him. Yes, him, trigger boy. One of those hairless twink types, he was cute, yes. He only turned into trigger material when he got sweaty dancing and decided to take off his shirt. Then I saw it - I saw the trigger, and James no longer mattered in that moment. It was on the upper right of his chest. It was a large black and red biohazard symbol, about 6" wide. Not exactly subtle. I always love biohazard tattoos, scorpions, etc. I've seen them on many different people and being poz, I've been bred by and seeded many a guy with those sort of tattoos. Even considered getting one done on my skin. Though you usually see them on guys mid 30s and up. Usually tend to be more masculine or leather types. This trigger boy though, he would be lucky to have been 23. He's a unicorn, I thought. Poz at a young age, hairless, out and brazen about being poz. That would have been enough for me - though I'm forgetting a few things. He also had dark medium length straightened hair, nipple piercings, septum and a cutesy little lip piercing. Those are some of my other triggers, so really this boy was at least a triple trigger boy. Man, I just had to have him, or at least give it a red hot go. I said a few words to James, my wingman and he left work stories behind and swung into immediate action. You see, James and I have a routine we have used and tweaked over time. When one of us is interested in someone, the other will order two drinks at the bar and on the way back they'll stop and approach the mark. They'll approach them with a quiet confidence bordering on full on extroversion (we're both introverts). The mark will think that they're being hit on. They are, though not how they think. So in this example James went up to trigger boy and introduced himself loudly then said quietly that his friend, ie. me was wanting to strike up the courage to go and talk to him, but I'm a shy type, and not only that, though I also though the guy was way outside of my league. I'll be looking awkwardly at the floor or wall in the distance when James points me out. When I "accidentally" lock eye contact with the mark such as trigger boy I'll look away in a panic, and to make it even better I've become good at blushing on cue. This routine would have have mixed results if I was an overweight dorky guy. Don't get me wrong, I used to be one. Though I am now pretty ripped in the upper body, most shirts tend to be skin tight, and I'm 6'3" tall so I'm hard to miss. I don't want to sound too egotistical though I've been told I look pretty studly too with good cheek bones. Anyway, this isn't about me, this is about trigger boy. The point is I have some good appeal, which a lot of guys are jealous of. It's actually a nuisance because too many guys are afraid of approaching me thinking I'm out of their league. Fuck that. I'm a slut, I love to fuck, not to be pretentious. James returned to me with the drinks and he said "we've got a live one here". Hook, line, and sinker. Now all there is to do but wait. I knew trigger was keen from what James said, but really, fuck me dead! 7min and 30secs until Trigger meandered his way across the venue to me. How do I know the timing? We'll when trigger boy looked over to me while James spoke with him I discretely hit the start button on my watch's stopwatch. Weird? Maybe. We've gotten a little competitive at this routine. Still this was one of the best response times ever. His name was Corey. Trigger boy had wandered over and introduced himself. In keeping with my routine I was inconsistent with eye contact and stammered a little when I had courteously replied with "Nice to meet you Corey. I'm Michael." Wingman James "spotted" a friend and went over to talk to them, to leave Corey and I together. We talked about a few things like what we did for work. Him being at least a decade my junior I had wanted to roll my eyes when he told me he was a barista in one of those hipster cafes in the grungy alternative part of the city. "Of course you are a hip barista", I thought to myself. He seemed impressed or intimidated when I told him I worked for a Fortune 500 as a Project Manager. I let him know it wasn't that big a deal and that I actually would rather I could dress more like him and less like the corporate drone I seem to have become. Anyway, what matters for the task at hand is that I'm far more kinky and slutty than my suit or day job would make me out to be. It was funny though, he had this slightly bold "out there" look, though talking to him he clearly had a huge amount of innocence and naivety. It took me a while to get to the point, though I needed to show genuine interest in trigger boy and not be creepy. I asked the question, "so, does that mean you're a biohazard?" as I pointed at the big biohazard tattoo on his chest with a smile on my face. Corey replied, "Haha yeah man, since way back! Biohazard is easily my favourite band. Fan for life, 100%." Corey had the proudest shit-eating grin showing. I had to quickly get on track to pretend I wasn't thrown by his answer, and I also had to adjust my posture so that my newly semi-erect cock wouldn't show. I mean he's NOT poz, but he's got a biozahard tattoo! Also, he's super cute with piercings and a perky butt and sparkling youthful eyes. I've helped a few guys make a positive change in their lives, in my time. I suspect this boy will be extra special, though.
  2. piercedslut

    Safe Only Poz Guys!

    Has anyone else come across the curious phenomenon of poz guys who insist on safe only? To me it's a bigger turn off than safe only neg guys. I understand some don't want to get other stis, but to have a blanket no bb rule seems crazy. I get the feeling with some of them they aren't truly okay with being poz, as if they feel they are dirty. Has anyone else come across this or is it just me? What are your thoughts?
  3. piercedslut

    Poz Tattoos And Piercings

    I've had a reverse pa piercing (top of penis head through to the urethra) for around ten years, for me it certainly wasn't because I was poz as I was neg when I got it done. Recently got a big 4ga pa piercing not because I'm poz but simply because I wanted it. It would be awesome to have it riding up a guy's hole or throat and roughing it up, was another part of my decision making I have other body modifications like a few tongue piercings and both nipples, and yeah poz didn't figure into it for me. There may be some who are different, this is my experience though.
  4. piercedslut

    Recommended Hotel To Whore A Guy Out In?

    The Menzies Hotel is right next to Wynyard station and doesn't require any card to get up the lift.
  5. Hot pics 0- would love to get bred by you, if your in London sometime or when I finall get my arse to Australia

  6. piercedslut

    Pox And Poz Sex

    Well an undetectable guy will generally be undetectable because they are on meds. So there's basically no chance of them getting another strain from topping you. I think a lot of the talk on this forum about "reinfection"/"recharge" is just fantasy and not at all how HIV works. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Love your journey there :)

  8. piercedslut

    Spanish Student

    Yum, let's hope that wanting his hot seed directly inside you doesn't get lost in the translation for too long
  9. Sexy guy, love your hair :)

  10. Beautiful horny pig you are

  11. piercedslut

    Looking For A Breed This Week

    Breed me tonight, in Sydney city hotel May hit up HQ later on, unless someone has a better suggestion?
  12. piercedslut

    Looking For A Breed This Week

    In Sydney for the week and looking to be bred or possibly to breed also. Few limits
  13. piercedslut

    Headquaters Or 357

    I'm not an expert; but from what I've heard if you want to be bred Headquarters is somewhere at the top of the list, followed by Signal - both are in around Oxford St

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