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  1. Hey, I am wanting to get a room at a hotel for some anon hookups. Does anyone have any suggestions of a hotel/motel in Portland that works well for this? IE not having to be buzzed in, or harassed by the front desk
  2. Part 2: Thursday, 830pm I must have passed out, because when I looked up I noticed it was dark. I went to check my phone, but I wasnt able to find it. Looking around my friend noticed I was awake and came over from the counter near the sink. I didnt even notice that he had changed clothes, and was in a harness and a jockstrap. "Hey, sorry I must have dozed off. What time is it? Shouldnt we head down to meet up with people?" I mumbled, still trying to find my telephone. "Nah, its Thursday, I already told you nothing fun happens on Thursday. Besides, I have some friends coming up he
  3. Oink~🐷 


    1. 420SubCub


      Not too often do you find kinky furry faggots who are actually cute!  What a pleasant surprise!

  4. People say furries are weird, and they aren't wrong. I started hanging around with the furries in high school, and kept in touch through college. I thought it was all silly costume nonsense until I was invited to my first furry convention. Part 1: Thursday, 12:30p Here I am, 19, in the lobby of a hotel half way across the country looking for people who I only know from the internet. People all around me, in full costumes, pushing luggage carts stocked full of booze and snacks. Whatever, it was going to be a good weekend regardless of what I got into. How could it not? Finally I saw the
  5. Ive had a membership for years, and my account got terminated for a bullshit reason. I emailed them as well, and they were incredibly rude to me. I also had just bought a membership. I had to contact my credit card company to get the charge reversed. Bad practices all around tbh.
  6. I'll fill up a couple condoms for you. I'll have to go pick up some condoms, since I never use them. Im in Portland
  7. I hate playing with toys. Love getting fucked, not a fan of plastic inside of me. Fingers either.
  8. I wish I wasnt as tight as I am. I always feel like I kill the vibe when I make someone go slow at first. Once I open up tho, everything is fair game.
  9. Trying to make some new casual friends to reach out and invite to group play, kink play, content creation, and whatever else comes my way. Too many times I've been like "fuck, I wish I knew some tops" or "man some other kink minded people would make this better" Hmu. My dm's are always open
  10. Had a couple down from Seattle that I enjoy being around. Took turns fucking each other all night, while a few other friends came over and watched/fucked around as well. Dumped my load in a transgirl who hadnt bottomed in a year. Woof~🐕‍🦺
  11. I've been to the steamworks, but not club z. The baths in Portland are still closed, this might be worth a road trip.
  12. Portland here
  13. Im in portland, always looking to breed with someone fun
  14. Fully coverage rubber is my preference. I love getting fucked as a drone
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