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  1. I've been to the steamworks, but not club z. The baths in Portland are still closed, this might be worth a road trip.
  2. Leyva

    New to Site

    Portland here
  3. Im in portland, always looking to breed with someone fun
  4. Fully coverage rubber is my preference. I love getting fucked as a drone
  5. Same. I'd love to kill some time at Hawks, hooking up at home is boring
  6. SFO is a great place to be if you're interested in puppy play. Things are slow due to the health crisis, but you cant throw a rock without hitting a pup in San Fran. I would just try the usual until bars open up again. Grindr/BBRT/Scruff
  7. I love being padded in public. Discrete, but just enough where someone can tell if they really looked. I like to leave the plastic peaking out of my waist line. Ive had a few times where someone has noticed at a bar or club, taken me somewhere semi private, pulled down my diaper and fucked me and bred me, then I get to go back in and socialize with a warm load running out into my diaper.
  8. Social Distancing has me hungry, would love to be bred or flip. Located in Portland, Oregon. 

  9. Hey there, HMU and let’s hang out 👀 



  11. I love going to hawks, but it drives me nuts when you get a condom queen taking up space where a cum dump should be
  12. Stopped into an ABS in Beaverton on the way home from work to buy a bottle of poppers. Let this short hispanic dude breed me in the booth. No lube, bled a little bit. Felt nice though (:
  13. I will be at FWA next, and then BLFC. Hit me up if you're looking for some fun
  14. Went to Hawks in Portland last wednesday for lights out night. It was slow, no real takers in any of the public areas. I was sitting in a video booth when this beautiful boy, in his 20's comes in. Lets be blow him, then I get up on the bench with my ass towards him, and he fucks me nice and good for a decent amount of time before cumming in me. It was really hot, first time Ive been bred in a few months. Wish I could have gotten his info.
  15. I can't really fuck if not bareback, and will turn down guys who want to use rubbers.

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