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    Sexual: Rubber, leather, football kit, underwear, bondage, fucking, toys, ff, breath control, ws, masks and hoods, chem friendly, bb, tried and enjoyed most things - ask! Have been known to travel abroad to get used by a guy for up to a week.... wanna invite me and use me?
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    Originally from Brighton (get back regularly) moved to London, looking to travel so international meets a definite possibility. Currently looking for new contract so around lots.
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    I was a THT model. Who wouldn't want to do porn? Yes I'd be really interested if anyone knows more.
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    Friends, drinking buddies, shags, people to visit to shag, regular shags, single and looking for new mates

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  1. Woof... I'd love to be a btm getting used by you two guys....
  2. Hmmm sounds like the type of place I'd like to go with you but maybe I'm blindfolded for the evening and you can choose if it's a free for all for my arse or your being more select.
  3. Glad to be a part Name: Spencer Cell number (for texts and voice calls): +44(0)7811954342 Location: Streatham Hill, South London Times you're available: Any day generally afternoons and evenings Times you're generally not available: Mornings Age: 42 Height: 5'7" Weight: 11.5 Ethnicity: Caucasian Amenities: Toys, shower, street parking
  4. would like to get your DNA???

  5. Kennington still says they have one a roding to email and if not prepared to spend all day faced down in a cubicle taking all and being blindfolded. Top to fill my mouth and my arsenal when he chooses between guys welcome. But he gets to enjoy it at the end of the day with hopefully a very deep fistinf
  6. My lodgers moved out as he was on;y going to be there short time if anyone's interested - either in the room or renting the entore flat let me know
  7. We could have some pervvy fun in Yorklshire or in London :@)
  8. Would love to see you in slut mode :@) *oink*
  9. Thanks for the follow

  10. Never been into smoking cigarettes but after seeing your pics i think youre gonna have to show me how...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jizz70


      only a couple of fucks lollarge.DSC04215.JPG

    3. arseboy


      A couple?  Bugger I was hoping for at least a long weekend....

    4. jizz70


      sounds hot to me too. but it won't take long to infect. high VL here in my unmedicated poz cock

  11. Do younknow what this is one photo im lacking. So if a top fancies cumm8ng in my arse and let it dribble out ill give you the appropriate credit ?
  12. Same as mine.... he's no jedi, he's a member of the frigging sith.... ;-)
  13. Totally fucked up slut and cumdump? Oh I'd love to be both of those with you. Curious about the username too....
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