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    booty bumping and ass play

    this is a story about my hook up a couple years ago.

    I had several days worth of coke and was playing on a Monday afternoon, took the day off work. Been booty bumping and ass playing with hands and toys for hours and was incredibly horny. I hooked up with a guy cuming home from work. Way hot, he showed up with a hard on and I was buck ass naked in a jock strap, and I immediately took him in my mouth and worked on his cock with my mouth for about 20 minutes. I was playing with my ass and a big black dildo when I was sucking him and asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said that he had never fucked a guy before but his cock was definitely ready. I got him good an hard with my mouth, then put a condom on him with my mouth, and he let me ride and fuck his dick in every way imaginable for over an hour, standing, laying on the ground, in the front seat of his truck. I stuff several coke booty bumps on my finger in my ass during this time. He pulled out a few times and each time he did I sucked on him and could taste my partied up ass juice - it was sooooo sweet! I was a total cum slut ….. I wish he wanted to bareback me because I really wanted it! ............. finally condom came off and then asked him jack off in my open mouth when I was on my knees. God it was sooooo good. I have never heard from him again. Dam, was hoping to hook up with that hard big scruffy dick again ............ I wanted his cum in my ass so bad.

    I probably scared him off because I was way partied up and horny, riding my dildo and playing with my ass when I was blowing him. I would have done absolutely anything he wanted, all he had to do was ask.
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    bi MWM, 5'9" 190, hairy, HWP and fit
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    ass play, toys, public, semi-public, cam, and booty bumping

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  1. I love sucking the top fucking me, during and after he cums. Brings out my inner pig.
  2. I understand how you feel. I get a bump up my hole and immediately want large toys and fists inside me. Also for me, there is nothing hotter than riding a double headed dildo with a playmate. 

  3. Hot profile wish I was in Kansas to play with you !

  4. very hot story, wish that was me
  5. Want to know about T Booty Bump - want to try it !     :)

  6. Riding the double headed dildo while getting more slutty and raunchy together. 

    1. AZRawPig


      You need lots of time to explore unlimited skin on skin scene's. 

  7. gonna be booty bumping in Wichita tonight

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