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    Did Chaturbate once and have a freak Twitter. Here’s my “performer” Twitter @ronanrusso13xxx
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    To get fucked and to fuck #teamverse. Like sucking and getting sucked too. I shoot a huge load so if you like cum I’m your guy. Orgies/saunas +++ Big fan of being a bottom in a sling. Like spit roasting a bottom with another guy. I like daddy tops and bottom boys.

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  1. You need to get on PrEP if you are not a bug chaser. AID Atlanta PrEP You can get it for free and w/o insurance via this link in ATL. If you get a room at FLEX, or wherever Cumunion is you can wear a blindfold. I wouldn't wear headphones; they will be pumping in dance music anyways and you want to hear what's going on. Most of these places in the US sell poppers, so yes. If you want to do the blindfold/headphones thing I'd do that at a motel and get a friend top or otherwise to be your chaperone. He can get guys to come and use you and keep you from being taken advantage of.
  2. Why thank you. Yeah, cummy holes are the best. The last few times I've been the first top of the day/night. But I guess I'm paying it forward for the guys after me lol! One guy even texted me afterwards and wanted to meet outside of the sleazy motel; I alternated fucking him and eating his hole for a while and grabbed him tight around the chest while I was inside, and smacked his bubble some too. Love giving my bottom boys what they need.
  3. I have yet to be the bottom in this scene, but as a top it's a great way to 'rut' in a usually hot ass that if you come later has been loaded and feels like silk. It's free - no bath house fee, and the entry if at a motel is in and out so guys can come by after work or on a break or late night; you catch a lot of DL/non-gay identifying guys, or busy gay guys like me who just want a warm hole without dealing with all the bullshit of setting up more vanilla liaisons. I know I'm giving the cumdump what he wants - my huge load deep inside him - and I get to empty my heavy balls instead of having to jerk off. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  4. I went for four days, and then I went for 10 a few weeks back. I'm going to lock up on Monday for a while - I have a course I need to finish so plan is to lock until I get that done. Don't think I'll do any long term but planning on doing Locktober. Maybe if I had a partner but not looking for a random keyholder. Not really a sub guy here, lol.
  5. Coming to Lansing for a night. Going to get a sleazy motel north of downtown and maybe I'll bring my new sling if it comes in time! Come drop a load tomorrow night.
  6. Next friday and a month after that. Will be fully vaccinated by 5/1 and thus fully protected by 5/15. Can't wait.
  7. Thanks for all the comments guys! I think I will get the kit from Jim Support since it's under the 50lb limit for planes. I like that I have the option to take it on a flight but mostly will be driving it around. I finally live alone and have no shared walls so I will get the chains to start. I'm excited! Getting the vaccine and the sling is going to make for a fun summer.
  8. Hi pigs. I've wanted to buy a sling for while, and I think I'm finally going to buy one soon, as I finally live alone and have the space to put one up. I'd like to also have it be mildly transportable. Can't wait to lie back and get pounded and also put guys in it to pound them. Hell, post covid I'd love to get a regular group of guys to have a sex party at my house! You guys try the Jim Support or Mr. S sling frames and slings themselves? This one has everything I need and want, and looks like the best deal, from Jim Support Cut Out Leather Sling Kit Though I really like the looks of this leather one from Mr. S. (Deluxe Solid Sling. Their frame is similar, but apparently it's harder to take on the road. I've also thought of getting the canvas kit from Jim Support to start, and just adding that Mr. S leather sling down the line, but then again the Jim Support cut out leather one looks absolutely fine...
  9. One of my fuck buddies is just long enough to get in my second hole. When he gets up there I’m already have to be loose everywhere else. The key I found is just take a hit of poppers a deep breath and have him go slow at first but eventually he’ll open it up and it feels so good. He kind of has to ‘hang out’ resting his tip on the entrance as you gradually open it up
  10. Hey there. So I've been thinking more about chastity cages, so I bought a cheap Holy Trainer knock-off and it arrived today. I think my goal is long-term lock ups with a key holder, but I know that won't happen overnight. I'm going to get a Kink3d cage for long term use but figured I would start cheap first. My primary interest is to focus more on my hole and to hopefully experience the coveted anal orgasm some day. I also jack off a lot, and I'm attracted to the idea of being horny for cock, both up my ass and in my mouth. I have a new daddy I've met for play time three times who goes a while and I also have a guy interested in whoring me out (after we get the COVID vaccine of course) and I think it would improve both scenes. My question is how should I ramp up to long term, 24/7 wear? I don't think this cheap one will be good for wearing more than like a day, but I literally just got my first cage. Should I do like the day only for a week, then try overnight after a week of day wear? I'd like to do a whole month relatively soon, but I need to get the better cage first. I'm not interested in sissification at all. I'm into dad-son/boy play, and I'm def a more masc bottom. How often should i take it off to clean? Is shaving necessary? How do you locked guys deal with being locked for extended periods, especially if you're not a total bottom? Have you had anal orgasms, and how long did it take before you had one? Did you experience a transformation into a more cock-hungry guy than you already were? Thanks!
  11. Neither, but a plus if we’re going to date. I’m verse so the best part of being verse is not having to worry about compatibility if I fall for someone. They just better understand that I can be all top or all bottom for them but that I still want to do the other role.
  12. Reviving this thread dreaming of saunas after the pandemic putting them on hold... Der Boiler in Berlin is amazing. Just go. Club Fort Lauderdale probably best in the US I’ve been to. A must when in town . Steamworks Chicago - went once during IML. It was TOO busy - probably best to save for normal times and just have fun at the hotel. I need a revisit some place in Tel Aviv - forget name but went during pride. It was packed but not too much and a blast with men from all over thr globe. G.I. Joe and oasis in Montreal are both really good. Club Columbus where I live is tiny and I haven’t had the chance to visit it yet.
  13. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Ronan Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): (614) 434-8383 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Columbus, OH 43207 (just south of DT) Times you're generally not available: M-Th 4pm - 8pm I'm busy. Avail most times outside of that - At least need enough time to prep my hole lol. Age: 30 Height: 5'11 Weight: 215 lb Ethnicity: White Scene: Mainly looking for semi-anon pump and dumps, but no opposed to longer sesh. Love taking big dicks and hitting poppers. Can host at my house close to downtown.
  14. Recently been wanting to get a motel room and have guys come anon fuck me. Is there any you all recommend in Columbus? From bbrt it seems The Varstity Inn is a favorite.
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