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    Educated gay man with a freaky side.
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    Did Chaturbate once and have a freak Twitter. Here’s my “performer” Twitter @ronanrusso13xxx
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    To get fucked and to fuck #teamverse. Like sucking and getting sucked too. I shoot a huge load so if you like cum I’m your guy. Orgies/saunas +++ Big fan of being a bottom in a sling. Like spit roasting a bottom with another guy. I like daddy tops and bottom boys.

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    ask me ;)

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  1. I'm out of commission until I get the full vaccine. Just not worth getting it and having scarring. Too bad my city finally got like 20 vaccines and they were taken in minutes today. Hopefully we'll have more soon or I might drive to Canada!
  2. Best: Missionary, doggie, or in a leather sling. Worst: Cowboy, spooning. For both being a top or a bottom.
  3. Hello. Got a room at HOC for a weekend. Looking to get loaded in my sling on 5/20. Party details on BBRT (sharpshooter13 is me) Chicago dudes come drop a load off!
  4. What is a good hotel in Buffalo/Niagara for being a cumdump? any good video booth glory holes too?
  5. Had ass surgery in the fall so have been laying low. Went to IBC that was fun but didn't have a lot of sex. Planning on CLAW as it's just up the road. Maybe IML if i'm not busy with life.
  6. Columbus. Get here before it gets expensive lol. With Intel and bunch of other companies we won't be a hidden gem for much longer. Pro: Cheap to live here, lots of gay bars, and lots of gay men means lots of dick/ass to be had, liberal city inside the outerbelt, and close to other gay cities for weekend getaways. Cons: It's not as big as NYC or LA but also that's not a bad thing, we don't have an adult book store with glory holes, and only one cruisy bar (AWOL, but we have tons of normal gay bars, and even one of the last lesbian bars left). the weather in winter: but beacuse it's cheap here, I just went to IBC last weekend, which I couldn't afford when I lived in NYC.
  7. That’s why I like this app! It’s safe in your phone and it’s backed up on the cloud so you won’t misplace it or drop it in the toilet.
  8. Yeah it’s not perfect but I think it’s a good start and sufficient for 95% of homos. I’ve added “anon” in mine lol. You could always use one of the kink labels as your personal DP category? “Feet” just means DP maybe? Lol
  9. Found this app a few months ago before I had to go on a sex hiatus for a bit. It’s called “bigger blacker book” you can add partners, even “anon” guys. Just thought you guys might be interested as I know we like to count out loads given and received. [think before following links] https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bigger-blacker-book/id1342451565
  10. Uh, everyday? I get jock itch if I don’t which is no fun
  11. I came out at 24. Wish I came out at 19 my freshman year of college! Oh well better 24 than 34. Irony is that I feel more masculine and secure if myself being out than I did trying to be straight.
  12. I just experienced an anal abscess.... 0/10 don't reccomend it was so painful. Thank God the doc didn't find a fistula too. I have had IBS-D issues for like 7 years and this has made me look for a GI doc that can get that under control as even not having sex it can be really annoying do deal with. No way to tell for sure if bottoming caused it; I also lift heavy and have the IBS plus they can just appear for anyone. I think I need to be better at listening to my body and not trying to bottom when it just isn't ideal. In the past I've bottomed after having a few rough days of IBS and that can't be good for my butt health. I really think that keeping you bum as healthy as possible to begin with is a great way to keep problems from arising. Tongue or dick only; No objects/toys, especially fingers! I'm personally not a sub myself, and have no issues with telling guys to stop or change what they're doing. I like group stuff and BB of course, but I'm definitely reconsidering my risk management approach because I never want to experience this level of pain ever again. I'm going to have a scar near my hole which is a bummer. I'm back to being a total top for a while. Do miss my regular top bud I will say and can't wait to get with him again after I'm healed all the way.
  13. Hot cock!

    1. ejaculaTe


      Thanks... and that's what the other guy said last night. 

    2. Sharpshooter13


      lol. Also we’re bday twins 

  14. Last night I got on sniffies and after a weekend of getting fucked I was feeling in a dom top mood, so I found a 5’8” otter sub bottom and hit him up. Gave him the option to host ass up anon or to come over and get in my sling. I’ve taken some turns in it, but haven’t topped many guys in it yet. He took the sling option, so came over after he put hi cock in a chastity cage and he handed me the lanyard when he walked in with the key which was hot. We made out in the living room then went up to my sling room. I put him in the sling and ate his cute hole for a while which made me really hard. I then fucked him, dirty talking to him, lightly grabbing his neck, and telling him what a good boy he was being to take my cock in his fag hole. I’m more of a caretaking dom then a sadist. I got deep and long really opening him up as he moaned. I poppered him up twice then announced I was going to breed a huge load into his greedy cunt. I did then ate his used hole for a min then kissed him so he could taste me. I chilled in the bed while he was in the sling and tried to find other tops. So many flakes it’s insane but found one older black guy. He got there and I watched them fuck and I dirty talked to the boy. Black dude was kinda weird but I sucked him for a bit to get him hard so he could pound the bottom. Don’t think he came but he was there for 45 min. I was having issues getting hard again as I was dehydrated and tired but I managed to shoot a second load on and just inside his hole. We tried to find more tops but with no more luck I cuddled him for a bit in the bed. I was trying to spoon but he seemed set on resting his head on my chest and wrapping his body on mine. That was nice given he was smaller; I felt like a protector which was hot. He left and i think had a good enough time well do it again. I’m a good top but sometimes think sub guys want crazy ass mean doms but that’s not me lol. It was fun and a reminder once again how great being verse is! The night before I had a daddy dig me out for three hours.
  15. I’m planning a road trip in a few weeks and will be in Milwaukee Labor Day weekend. Checking out bbrt it appears there’s a lot of hung tops there. Where is a a good motel to take anon loads in MKE? Planning on Friday and Saturday night Labor Day weekend.
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