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    Phoenix, AZ
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    Total ass man, love heavy assplay, any assplay except scat smearing
    Love AIDSfucking NEG ass, infecting/re-infecting/
    Twisted, sadistic, wild, not mild
    Bi divorce x2, fam, incest, perv, taboo, roleplay
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    poz since 1982; 100% Med resistant VL 520K Jun 2016

    6'4; 168, 30x38 501s as of Seo 2016
    very few limits; no judgments, except:
    pigs who try to top from the bttm, that just frustrates both of us;
    if you cannot comfortably and easily give up control in a safe environment, consider therapy to address your control issues.

    boys/pigs/fags/addicts who use someones party favors, with no intention of playing or paying; that is lying and stealing
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    Have broadcast special events live on cam in nkp video chat room: POZings, bdsm scenes, blood slammings, etc
  • Looking For
    eager and/or submissive bttm pigs/boys/men

    smooth all over is hot; but hairy rugged guys can be too; most important is your attitude and how you maintain it during our playtime

    love to gift

    Because they don't provide for this:
    I don't use MSN, but I do use this email addy:
    tallcowboy65 at hot mail dot com

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  1. Love to hang out with you the next time in Seattle

  2. It’s been a little over two years now since this man passed. I still get sad thinking about it, and I miss all the chats we used to have on Zoom together. He was a great friend, and I’m happy that I at least got to speak with him one last time before he died.

    Rest in Peace, my friend.

  3. Sound like my kind of top, just want to get sadistic pleasure out of it, no sloppy kissy-kissy stu-what a tours to spread it as wide as poss - what a star!

  4. If you ever come to the St. Louis area I have a neg hole for you to seed.

  5. Rest in peace, my friend.

  6. Fucking hot profile Stud

  7. RIP, dude. You were one of the best AIDS  breeders around. Glad I got your blood in me just before AIDS took you away. 

    1. PumaParTyBeasT


      Do you know this for sure? He was a friend of mine I made a while back, and I haven't heard from him since Valentine's Day earlier this year. Just wondering if he's really gone or not.

    2. TTFN


      Last time he was on BBRT was Feb 14th 17.

  8. This is the full blown, 100% Med resistant, AIDS wasting, faggot ending , nasty neg infector, strain spreader, hole raper and executioner. He will give you what you want, so ask extremely carefully. I'm getting HIV2 and the power to snuff.

    1. PupLucca


      You can visit me and give me your gift

    2. BgchaserATX


      Would love to take any and all diseases you want to give me. Want to progress to full blown and need med resistant strains.



      Well I've done a blood slam with a buddy of mine in Phoenix Arizona last year of 2016 in November just a few days before thanksgiving. My friend was full blown of aids. His username is tallcowboy65  on nkp n breeding zone just look up it and it's on a different username under that. So I recently got tested twice to confirm the first test results and it come back to positive. Antibodies. 3_10_17 HIV positive detectable and off meds still..

  9. Hey stud, would love to take a few toxic loads from ya sometime! Will hit ya up on BBRT as well man.

  10. Please give me as many toxic loads as you can

  11. Ready to worship and please.

  12. Will be flying into Edinburgh on Thur , Apr 18 and psppnp til Mon, Apr 22 in downtown Glasgow... that's partyN, slamN, pervN, playN, and POZn
  13. I'll be in London this Thursday, Oct 18 to Next Wed, Oct 24... if you know you want to know.... contact me at tallcowboy65@hotmail.com... you can find me on b*b*r*t under the same name, and s*k*y*p*e or yahoo for IM

    Peace, J.R.

  14. Hey, guys... Thanks for all the posts. I've been amazed how many of you contact me on other sites. I've bred some guys who did that, so if you don't hear from me here, contact me via the alternative methods listed in my profile here.

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