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    Seattle, Washington
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    Cock, cum, fist fucking, hypno, intelligence, kissing, nipple play, piss, sensory deprivation, slings, sounding, submission, verbal.

    BDSM test results:
    98% Submissive
    95% Rope bunny
    95% Boy
    84% Slave
    80% Ageplayer
    68% Degradee
    58% Experimentalist
    55% Masochist
    53% Non-monogamist
    53% Exhibitionist
    48% Pet
    45% Voyeur
    43% Brat
    37% Primal (Prey)
    12% Vanilla
    1% Switch
  • HIV Status
    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Curious, single, tall, slender sub.
    Neg and not on PrEP.
    POZ friendly.
    No drugs/smoking.
    Pics on Recon profile.
    Avatar aspirational only.
  • Porn Experience
    Nothing public
  • Looking For
    Connection with older Alpha, regardless of serostatus; sub space is my happy place.

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    subboy4SIR on D i s c o r d
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    subboy4SIR on T e l e g r a m
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    subboy4SIR on W i c k r

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  1. Oh Baby !  Oh Baby !   Extremely Horny - looking upon your profile - love to be used and abuse - wanting more - want to be Pozzed - Fucking or being Fucked - spreading the Bard Seed !  HOT times!

    1. ronnie4u


      I was raised as a submissive boy - mother and dad divorced - lived with mother - she was very sexual active with black guys in her bedroom !

  2. Hep C from a hot POZ Daddy who fucked me on a massage table and denied being the gifter.
  3. Sexy young skinny twink pushing out sperm from anal prolapse: [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e5e594bc4761
  4. Nipple play and explosive cumshot from a hot hairy man's uncut cock: [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5686c5eba6800
  5. I came out and became sexually active towards the end of the "AIDS crisis". I was at level one for some years; never insisted on condoms but did avoid getting fucked because of (unwarranted?) fear of POZ loads. Too bad those years and missed opportunities are gone forever. For most of my life have fluctuated between levels two and five to varying degrees and increasingly favor level five. Slowly working up to level six but know I've already taken POZ loads (and enjoyed it). Encouragement always helps. 😜 I actually prefer to know the Top's status whenever possible because it adds to the enjoyment (for me). I am currently Neg, and not on PrEP but not sure how most Tops feel about that. Would love to find an Alpha who would enjoy controlling my serostatus.
  6. Excellent, well written story. Your skills are appreciated. Please continue when you are able.
  7. I spent some time on the website and figured it out. Actually surprised how many guys were online in my area and looking for fucks. Not many real responses though. Discovered there is a local men-only private spa in the woods; planning on going there for hot tub, massage, and happy endings. Maybe if I'm a good boy and wear my red jock strap I'll run into a bid, bad wolf. 🐺
  8. Yes, I'm discovering that. So down low it's practically subterranean LOL. Not my favorite but oh well.
  9. Thank you for the help, Sir. The website is working correctly now; having fun exploring. 😁
  10. Does anyone on here use or have experience with the Sniffies website? I'm not seeing an Android app available. Also, the website thinks I'm in Canada (and shows data only there) but I'm not.
  11. 172. Had to look up the "sploshed" term (but no points for it).
  12. 1 ,2, 5, 6, 7, 14; my heart goes out to 19. ☺️
  13. Currently Neg according to last test. Not on PrEP.
  14. Thank you for follow, Sir; appreciated.  😛  Where are you at?

    1. TopPigBB
    2. subboy4SIR


      Not too far south of you, in Washington State. Have visited Vancouver and Victoria but no further. Yours is a lovely country.

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