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    Butler Kentucky
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    I am a versatile bottom that is into oral to completion both giving and receiving, forplay, toys, taking it up my as hard to completion, can top, super kinky,
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Have done a few amature vids & photo shoots..
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    Looking for a dominant top who is POZ.Love singles & gorups,gangbangs & orgies.Looking to take tose POZ loads deep in my ass.The higher the count the better.Wanting to become POZ very badly.I love to be taken Doggie style & to be finished in missionary position.Love to lay on my stomach with my ass in the air spreading my ass cheeks waiting to be taken.

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  1. easyjim

    Any taboo perv

    Kentucky here, Not into scat but other wise I have no limits. Lets meet.
  2. Wanted to say hi

    1. kevy1109


      Hey Jim,


  3. thanks for following!!!

  4. easyjim

    Warning message

    I do not get the message either that the site is not secure. Wow, I do hope it has not changed,. How was your weekend?
  5. I have been pissed on by 8 guys at once at a gang bang party I loved every time they did this I swallowed lots of piss to in that party
  6. easyjim

    Ass up face down etiquette

    U r so right If I have my ass up in the air being a bottom, then I would expect a top to mount me & drill my hole as hard as he wants. I am offering up my hole & I have sucked guys to get hard first but it is so much hotter not knowing the size of the tops cock u r about to take & stretch that man pussy hole of mine
  7. easyjim

    should i

    Just do it & u will be a lot happier U will not half to worry about if u r poz or not. I barebacked for yrs & finally got converted about 5 yrs ago roughly. I am a lot happier now. I have been taking poz loads & enjoying it.
  8. I am slowly castrating myself. I have been banding hard for the last several yrs. My right nut is finally dead. Now I am working on the left one. Becoming a eunuch is my ultimate goal. I have one nut banded in the pic.
  9. Sorry I have been away for so long.

    I am back now

    Looking for hooks now

  10. are you still seeking the gift?

    1. easyjim


      oh yes, i am always seeking the gift.

  11. that would be hot to find a doctor that would help u get pregnant even more.
  12. Hey i live in pendelton county.I do travekl to lexington quite a good bit also.I am a guy who loves cum in my holes.i am open & honest.I have been searching for a poz top for a while also.it has been a while since I have hooked up with a guy.i am definately intrested in getting to no u.Would love to hook up with u...

  13. I see that in myself to.i to no that i will get hiv for sure & eventually it will go to aids.i no that with my love for sex 7 my sexual behavior that will happen. But like u I am not scared of it.Nervious maybe but not scared.But i work out more to & do try to eat right.i to have good insureance for now. so we will see....

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