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    Phoenix AZ
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    Takin hot poz loads in my hole as often as I can! Feel free to add yours! Also into poz chat, conversion parties, bug chasin', serious breeders, toxic loads, dna sharing, verbal breeder tops, bein a good hole a guy can drop a hot load in whenever I can.
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    47, 6', 225, blond, blue, hairy stocky, 7"cut w/PA.. Into kissing/making out, sucking/deepthroating/swallowing, barebacking(98% bottom), groups, vers(mainly top) FF, sounds/cath play pumping, shaving, very pnp friendly, love taking poz loads in my hole.

    Now have an account on Wickr to check things out: hole4u2breed Feel free to add me.

    The cover photo isn't me, just a really hot fuck scene I love!
    NOT into scat, pain, marking, b&d, s&m, blood, liars, flakes..
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    None... yet... would love to get bred on video so I'll have something to post online that guys could get off on watching.
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    Looking to get naked, parTied up, horned up and seeded with cum, preferably poz loads! Toxic loads even better!!

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  1. in phx...always up for fucking...mostly bottom...open to poz loads also...anytime, anywhere...side by side...both of us getting drilled!

    1. azpozloadtaker


      love the side by side idea.. would love to take some poz loads together with a buddy.. fuk yeah.

    2. PHXbottomguy


      central PHX here.  19th ave/Bethany Home.  anywhere close by me?

    3. azpozloadtaker


      Not too far.. I'll PM ya...

  2. Thanks for the follow stud!

  3. Thanks for the follow!

  4. I've encountered the same problem, most noticeably when using Firefox to view the site. I switched to Chrome to try it and it's not as bad, but still have the problem with it as well.
  5. My blonde hair blue eyed demon master?

  6. serious BREEDER in Central Florida -- loaded and ready

    1. azpozloadtaker


      Will definitely keep you in mind if I happen to be traveling your way man! If you happen to be out AZ way, please feel free to get in touch!

  7. Thanks for all your hard work rawTOP!! Look forward to the new design!
  8. I like to be plugged when out running errands.. going for drives.. over to suck a guy or guys off.. .and have even been pluged all day at work a few times with a rather large plug. Love the feeling of my hole being full and kept stretched open all day. I use petrolatum based lube on silicone plugs and it tends to stay pretty slick the whole time with no dryout. Usually gets me super horned up for a nice cock or fist later on in the day or after work...
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