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    Diagnosed a "wild type" non-progressor. Cannabis has saved my life.
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    From a fb "...hooking up today was such a refreshing change from most 'Breed Me Bottom' encounters. You take your role as a community service center on with 100% passion and commitment, and if, deep down, you really are one of those oh-so-selfish 'Do Me' Bottoms, you never made it obvious throughout the entire session."
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    I vow from this day forth, to be forever in service to my fellow man, surrendering my body & mancunt to all holy manseed. Sharing mine for those who desire as well.

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  1. LuciferSubFagPig

    Stealthing Weapon

    So I have had what ended up as my quiche like this for a decade or more. This is the jewelry that this story talks about having in a much larger gauge the the 10g pic.
  2. LuciferSubFagPig

    Seattle Kinky Doctor

    Stupid site. Anyone know a Kinky Doctor or Kink friendly doctor in Seattle? Had an ARNP, then a Dr. The doctor while frindly, gives me shit not taking meds I don't need. And that isn’t the kinkiest thing I’m into
  3. Fuck yah man admire your attitude and how sick you are (literally) would love to take your venom deep inside, wanna be as diseased as possible so i can spread too. Have hepc but somehow no HIV despite blood slams. Would love to let u try and kill me with bodily fluids!  May travel there this year, hopefully.  Really stoked to infect teens and yng, love forced and stealth. You are a role model to sick per vs like me!" Hope u get your syph dude, i want that bad too, all bugs reallyi

    1. LuciferSubFagPig


      Thanx, though see to run into all talk and no action a lot. Seems you don't have a BBrt profile with the profile name listed. Still have an account?

  4. Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Wood love to breed it, & swap too. My VL= 100G. Thanks for following me.

  5. Service oriented sub looking to service Dom men. In the hospitality industry most of my life, so service is at my core. Very hairy with a nice furry hole. Pretty open with few limits. Enjoy providing pleasure for men. Explore your fantasies, I'm your guy. No deposit or cock refused. Able to flip. Test regularly for STIs. Like all types of men: especially and give no limits for blue or white collar, military, any men in uniform (Police. Security, postal, border patrol, etc), black, latin, middle Eastern, all immigrants, skin heads, bikers, truckers, college students, big cock men etc. also not limits for uncut uncleaned (love cleaning uncut cock), facial hair, smokers or dippers, homeless, bachelor parties, men's clubs, fraternities, teachers, sports team, all visitors to Seattle, and love man smells. Office workers, construction or late night security that wants office service, it is provided. Above not requirements, love servicing all men & testing limits. Assit me in becoming a no limit pigfagdirtynastyraunchyslutwhore I want to be. Looking for a tattoo artist to do the back pocket with an orange hankie on my right ass check, no deposit or cock refused. Dick tattoo and asshole tattoo being considered as well. Everything is up to negotiation. Once a cum deposit is made, as well as marking with your piss, you are allowed to use my services when I'm not working or volunteering, any hour. As well as whore me out or pay debt or just cause you want to. Can parTake, though not need. When I do, like to recycle and do it unconventionally. Also when I'm fed the pig feed, I get more piggy and much of the limits disappear. I'm at your service. Though can't get hard. Pills don't work only carvejact or muse. Truckers passing through Seattle may pick me While passing through the city providing service them on the route and stops. Also looking for those who travel to Portland or Vancouver BC, would like to catch a ride to each city occasional. Would rather be a pig fag for a trucker for the ride, stopping where you'd like and sharing how you'd like then take a bus. Unless that bus is filled with men who want my service. Those who are domestic violence offenders, stop abusing your partner and use my hole as ruff as you like as often as you like. Bruises are negotiable. Out of state or country, pay the fare to get me there, and no limits for my visit to you while serving you. Only serious responses, let's make this happen. I travel or public place.
  6. A friend shared this: a teaspoon of sea salt in a pint glass of water. Drink it all down. When I did it, 20 minutes later I had a BM. Then another 20 minutes later had another that got rid of the stuff in the upper bowel. One does need to drink Vitiman water or Gaterade with electrolights to replace what is removed from the salt water.
  7. LuciferSubFagPig

    unwashed smelling cock

    Ever since my SMALL taste of cock cheeze in my 20s through a GH, I love me some. My challenge has been the ability to find a man who will make me some. Many, many promises, no reality as of yet. My ultimate: A tall hairy ginger man, tattooed, a smoker & dipper with a large, fat cock {extra foreskin covering a 0g PA} with an extremely high sex drive. After cleaning him he fucks me filling his sperm bank with 3 loads. Then who who saves his dick cleaning after playing with others for me. One can dream, can't one?
  8. I want your poz loads in me

  9. How I wish I could find a soldier like that for myself. Love to show the men that serve our country how appreciative I am of their service.
  10. over in oregon looking to get some poz loads in my tight hole

  11. Don't recall reading this one here: Pimping for Fun and Profit One night I decided to check out this Tearoom. It's relatively safe and you get a good mix there from hot Teenyboppers to sleazy Old Trolls—a hodgepodge that guarantees just about anything can happen and usually does. At first I thought no one was there till I spied pair of hairy legs. I sat down in the adjoining stall and glanced through the peephole. Pressed jeans and Jockeys lay crumbled on the tile floor around a pair of well developed calves. A minute later a youthful hand beckoned beneath the wall. I had no idea what the Faggot had in mind, but was inclined to let the Dude do what he would--till the Guard walked in. “Closing time!” I exited the stall as he switched off the light. It was dark as hell. You can imagine my surprise when an arm went round my waist and a hand groped my crotch. I jumped. The guy in the can? Just as I decided to let him play, the Watchman reappeared . “Out now!” Outside I found myself alone so I trudged off to the Bus Stop. This Teenybopper came in and sat down beside me. The Fucker from the Stall? The Dude was drunk as hell. "Hi." "Hi" back. He smiled in that stupid boyish way. “Guess how old I am.” “Sixteen.” "Nah, you're wrong! Everyone thinks that since I cut my hair. I get soooooo mad when guys think I'm that young. I'm 18." "Uh huh." "Whatcha doing?". “Waitin’ for a bus.” "Me, too. I’m drunk." "I gathered." The Kid leaned in closer. I was about to leave and wait somewhere else when he announced he’d do anything for money. His candor took me by surprise. He hankered to become the Kept Boy of some Sugar Daddy—who‘d pamper him and keep him in the latest shit. I couldn’t help but laugh. "What's funny?" "You're barkin' up the wrong tree, Sonny. Why do you think I’m waitin’ here instead of driving myself home?" " I still like you. Can we go somewhere?" "There’s a park a half mile down." As we strolled along (I strolled; he stumbled, more or less) I got a better look at him. Hot in that street-like grunged-up way—tousled dark hair, brown eyes, smooth skin, 5'8" and slim. The thing I noticed most about him was that he was soused—absolutely reeked of alcohol. He rambled on about his life. He lived with an alcoholic Uncle who’d introduced him to Gay Sex. They’d had a torrid love affair till Uncky took to pimping him. I wasn't sure how much was true and how much, crap; but I listened all the same. I was only a few years older than he, but I guess he saw me as the Big Brother type. He jabbered on about how he'd love to be a Rich Man's Whore and how he'd do anything for pay. I assured him that there were a lot of needy guys out there who'd gladly pay for play. He asked me what kind of things he’d have to do? "Pretty much the usual--suck Cock and spread your Cheeks." That turned him on. I pictured him all boozed up at the Baths. Man! He'd be dripping POZ CUM in no time. The older Dudes would juice his Innards big-time with their Slimy Loads. The Kid wouldn't even know what hit him. Still, the Baths were out of the question as I had only a few dollars in my pocket; but the Kid had possibilities. “I know a place where we can go if you want to get it off.” I told him to be forewarned—of guys who practiced "Unsafe Sex." That didn’t faze him, but he beamed so much I thought, “Why not?" He wants it. It's not my fault that he's gotten soused.” I felt a fleeting pang of guilt. “You sure you wanna do this?” He reaffirmed his eagerness, but freaked out at something in the bushes. "Try not to be so obvious ‘bout bein’ drunk and all. This park is rife with scum. You never know what kind of Slime you’ll cum across--besides the Slime you want to meat. Just hang with me and you’ll be OK.” We made our way to the Men's Room. The lights were out and there was a young guy sucking an older Dude at the urinal. The Sucker looked serene as he worked his lips over the Senior's Dick. I recognized the Suckee as a compatriot of mine—his first outing since a bout with PCP PNEUMONIA. He'd bragged about the Punks he’d POZZED. The Kid looked mesmerized. AIDS DAD beckoned for my Boy to join the fun, but the Kid turned and ran. I followed. "What's wrong?" “I'm tired of suckin'. I wanna fuck.” We walked into the female john and watched two Trolls humpin'. A bunch of dudes lurked in the shadows. I recognized another POZ Bud and some bareback regulars. “More to your liking?” "S’okay," he muttered noncommittally. The guys were ogling him and closing in for the kill. I just stood back and let Nature take its course. The POZ Dude came up behind him, reached around, unzipped his jeans and pulled down his trou. Another shoved Poppers beneath his nose, exhorting him to inhale 'deep and often.' A third knelt to suck his Cock while the POZ Dude (who was old enough to be his fabled Sugar Dad) spat on his fingers and shoved them up his Virgin Ass. I went outside to wait as epithets of Gay concupiscence wafted through the stale night air. AIDS DAD rounded the building fast as his skinny limbs would carry him. He undoubtedly would want a piece of the Boy, too; and he was welcome to him. It was close to 2 AM when the Kid finally stumbled out, and it wasn’t just Booze inhibiting his mobility. He walked kinda funny like he had a Stick up his Ass. I wondered how much Cock the Boy had taken, but decided it was too impolitic to ask. He sat down on the grass complaining how badly his Butt hurt. I nodded sympathetically. He wiped his mouth which gleamed of Spooge. His forehead, cheeks, and chin glimmered ghostly white with Gay POZ Creme. I knew he’d taken Mega Doses and prayed the Bug was careening his hormone-ravaged veins. I helped him up and we headed back to the main thoroughfare—a taxing hike for one who’d been so wantonly abused. Through conversation I tried to distract him from his ills, but his mind was too far gone. I felt a smidgen of guilt until I rationalized that, young as he was, he'd be fit as a fiddle in a day or two and would learn to live with HIV. And with his predilection for rough trade, he’d end up a proliferant Gift Giver. I spotted a cab, and that's how I left him—gingerly parking his torn Butt on the clammy vinyl seat. It was a nice night, and I decided to walk home. Did I ever see him again? Read my new book entitled, ”Pimping for Fun and Profit."
  12. Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - 08:34 pm: Pozzing Hog for Pig Boy Copyright 2010 by Cummy Tummy. All World Wide Rights Reserved. It has been more than three years since I started down my dark path. More than three years since Master Glaynor took me in to his home and trained me to be the kind of pig whore all gay men either want to own or want to be. When I first came to him not only was I shy about my sexuality, I was in denial about it too. I was in such denial that I fathered four children with 4 different women and still wasn't getting what I needed. Master Glaynor saw me struggling to find myself, struggling to become the faggot pig boy that he knew was in me and he took pity on my worthless soul and helped me transform in to what I am today a faggot pig whore with no sexual limits. During those three years Master Glaynor took care of me. He showed me how to be a faggot, how to be a faggot whore and then finally how to be a faggot pig whore. During this training we always practiced safe sex, Master didn't want me to convert until I was ready to decided for myself if I wanted to convert and he wanted to make sure that once I did convert, should I decide to that I could make perfect use of my improved status. Master Glaynor made it clear from the start that he felt a truly perfect faggot pig whore was one that was poz and willing and able to take any cock and any substance the male body could offer. I lied a few minutes ago. I do have one sexual limit. I only take cock that is covered with a rubber. While during my training Master was fine with this. Now, it is time for me to choose; either I remain safe and I have to leave Master forever or I can allow him to convert me and become his forever. I have known for months that this choice was coming. Not a day would go by that Master didn't tell me that this choice was coming. As my day to choose came closer I was so terrified, as part of my training Master had me research STD's so that I could learn what each gift would do for my body. He wanted me to understand the changes they could cause and how I could best use those changes to enhance my piggy-ness. Of all of the STD's HIV terrified me the most. The thought of the complications it could cause, the thought of my own DNA being converted and blended with another man's DNA scared me. But, I also knew that without converting that I was forever limited in the pleasure and fun I could have with my piggy body. As my training progressed and Master Glaynor showed me the pleasure my body could give other males and the pleasure I could get from other males I found myself falling in to a role that I never thought I would. Master was my daddy and the more time I spent with him, the more pleasure he allowed my body to experience the more I loved him, the more I wanted him. The more I wanted part of him in me. As the day of my choice approached I found my fear ebbing and my desire for Master's DNA to be inside of me growing, the need for him to change me at the most basic of levels to make me a part of him in the end all I could think about was how much I wanted daddies AIDS baby. Finally the day of choice arrived. Master invited all of the men over that had used me and helped train me over the last 3 years and we ate, drank and fucked (protected by condoms) for 2-days. When the time of choice was upon me Daddy took me out in to the garage and pulled a tarp off a large object an object I had seen sitting there covered for three years. When he pulled the tarp off I gasped at the sight of it. It was the most beautiful, most erotic and most terrifying object I had ever seen. Sitting there was a black and chrome Harley Davidson motorcycle. Spotless, perfect, powerful and terrifying all at once, for this was no ordinary hog. It had been modified, modified to convert pig boys like me in to full Faggot Pig Whores. It was designed to enable the conversion of the pig boy from negative to positive that was its purpose in this life like I now knew mine was to bring pleasure to other males. The seat of the hog was long, in the back where the passenger sat was a long chrome sculpture rising out of the middle of the seat; it was 14-inches long and a good 6-inches around. At the top was the flared cock head, flames spreading out of the piss slit going down the shaft mingling with bulging veins ending with the figure of ***** his clawed fingers and his powerful spine covered arms wrapped around his cock, holding it straight up point at heaven as if to say fuck you. All of this beauty, power and terror in flawless stainless steel, clearly having this inserted in the pig boys anus, it would go deep and stretch the pig boy open wide maybe even tearing the pig boys hole making him scream in pain and bleed like a woman having her period, the ***** figure a good 2-inches thicker than the cock shaft would stretch the rider even more definitely making the pig boy scream. If it didn't the sharp horns on *****'s head, the sharp spines on his arms and the sharp claws 5 per hand would penetrate the anal walls causing blissful pain, pleasure and bleeding. What couldn't be seen was what was under the seat. ***** was attached via a wishbone bracket to the back shocks of the bike this would ensure that any bumps, potholes, etc. in the road would be translated to ***** deep in the pig boy causing pain and pleasure as it slammed in and out with sharp intense jabs. The very base of *****'s cock was attached via a flexible hose to the dual exhaust pipes of the bike ensuring that a small amount of bike exhaust was blown up in to the pig boys guts, but more importantly that *****'s cock would heat up making the pig boys bloody ravaged hole sweat and get all squishy and juicy and if the ride lasted long enough it would burn the pig boys hole. The exhaust was fed in to the pig by a small slit in *****'s mouth. The last bit of wizardry started up by the gas tank of the bike. There was a strap on stainless steel athletic cup that the driver of the bike would slip his cock in to and then strap on. There was a flared tube that slipped 2-inches in to the drivers piss slit ensuring a sealed path for the rider's sperm. The vibrations of the bike would be transferred in to his cock and balls through the cup and the tube bringing him to orgasm from time to time. The driver's seed would then be immediately blown in to the pig thanks to a small pump; the warm fresh seed erupting in to the pig through *****'s piss slit at the end of his cock. With the abuse *****'s cock would inflict, the bleeding it would cause and the intense pleasure and pain it would insure that if the driver was poz soon the pig on the back would be too. I have to admit seeing ***** holding his massive evil cock and knowing that it would be ***** blowing his brimstone breath up in to my ass, his horns, spines and claws tearing in to my hole and his massive cock blowing poisoned demonic seed in to my guts changing my DNA forever made me hard instantly. As Master stood there he looked at me. I turned to him and smiled. The room was silent as the men waited for my choice. I felt so powerful knowing that these men, the men that used and trained me as a whore over the last 3 years were now under my control, waiting for my answer made me giddy. I reached over and wrapped my arms around my daddy's neck and pulled his head down to my mouth. "Daddy, convert me daddy. Help me become the perfect Faggot Pig Whore!" I whispered in to his ear. He stood up, smiled down at me, wrapping his arms around me he pulled in to his body and picked me up. As me moved me over to the bike the men cheering and each one trying to help my Master, my daddy impale me on *****'s cock. When the cold massive cock slide in to me dry I screamed in bliss as piss sprayed from my limp cock. Master pushed me down the cock as one of the men spread my ass cheeks. When I felt my pucker spread of *****'s figure and my pucker press against the cool black leather of the seat I shook as a load of cum spewed from my faggot cock. A few straps later and I wasn't going anyplace. I couldn't see it from my position but I heard the men comment about the blood dripping from the seat of the bike on to the floor of the garage. I knew when I felt ***** enter me that my hole was being ripped and shredded, the pain was incredible but a turn on too. I guess I needed this bad enough that even having my cunt shredded wasn't enough to stop me. "How's my boy doing? You like ***** up your pussy boy? You ready for ***** to make you poz, to change your life forever?" Daddy asks looking me in the eyes with a smile on his face. "Daddy, poz me daddy… oh god daddy poz me with *****'s seed sir!" I scream as I find myself slipping in to heat. *****'s cock in my ass is so hard, so cold, so deep and it hurts so good. As Master gets himself ready I lean my head back resting it on the high back of the seat. Daddy slips the stainless steel athletic cup over his cock, taking the tube in to his piss slit. One of the men fastens it behind him and he then pulls his leather jock back up. He makes sure that the tube that will feed his seed in to *****'s cock and up in to my guts isn't pinched or tangled. He slips on some loose fitting leather pants leaving the fly down so the tube can pass through it and then puts on a leather jacket. As he does this several men fastens a leather skirt like thing around my waist, this covers my nakedness but doesn't interfere with ***** in my cunt. They then slip a leather jack on to me and fasten it in place. Because I am strapped to the bike the jacket goes over the back rest on the seat helping to hold me up and in place. Finally, Master gets on the bike and starts it up. As the powerful motor roars to life and Master guns the gas the vibrations run up in to my guts in direct proportions to how much gas Master gives the bike. As the vibrations increase I moan louder and louder until finally I drown out the roar of the motor. The men laugh calling me a firetruck, Master laughs as he guns the motor hard and listens to me moan like a siren. "We had better gag him if he is going to sound like that." Master says. One of the men grabs a strap on cock gag and feeds it in to my mouth and down my throat. He makes sure I can breath and then straps it in place. He then slips the helmet over my head and secures it. With the black visor down no one can see my face. Up close you can tell there is something up with this, but at a distance everything looks normal. One of the men opens the garage door, Master pulls out and waits as the garage is closed and the men get on the bikes and ready to follow us. They will do their best to surround us and make I harder for people to see us clearly. Master gives the bike gas and be move down the drive way. The cobble stones that make up the drive way provide little pleasure jiggles to ***** inside of me. I moan deep and loudly. The other men follow and once we are on the road the one pulls up next to us the rest move in front and behind us. Master can hear me behind him as the powerful vibrations vibrate my ass and guts. I can feel the need to cum build as my prostate is ravaged by one of *****'s horns. I feel the pain as the horn digs in to my prostate, but soon I feel hot lust in my ass. The other horn and the two sets of 5 claws and arm spines are vibrating and scratching up my insides, but so far have not penetrated flesh. As Master gives the bike more power I can feel *****'s brimstone breath blowing up in to my guts. It doesn't take long before I feel flushed and I start to sweat. I am not sure if it is the bike exhaust or the fact that ***** is heating up as the bike warms up. Master gets on the freeway and takes the bike up to 65. This fairly smooth ride allows me to rest and the need to cum subsides as well. We stay on the freeway for a good 20 minutes, the men surrounding us the best they can then Master signals and we get off. A few minutes later we are winding through the hills on one of the most twisty roads I have ever seen. As my body shifts we each curve the horns, claws and spines scrape, poke and tear in to my guts. The pain is so bad I black out." "Hey the fucker just passed out, he went totally limp, it must have felt too good for the bitch to take it… fuck this is hot." One of the nearby men yelled at Master. Master turns to look at the man and smiles and then licks his lips. As I start to come around I find my self slipping deep in to heat and the pain becomes bliss. It is about this time that the road turns bad and we hit pothole after pothole. The sharp drops of the suspension cause ***** to slam deep and hard in to my guts. Master is close enough to me that I can feel his body shake as his nuts release their first load of *****'s wigglers. I can feel my guts being plastered with *****'s seed. I shudder knowing that there is now enough damage that the poison is working its way in to my blood stream. My DNA is now being changed. *****'s cock has warmed up quite a bit and my cunt is wet with anal juices. Cum, mucus, gut juice and blood mixing and squishing inside of me as we head down the road droplets of my debasement is blown off the seat and bike splattering to the road way behind us. During the 4 hour ride ***** seeds me eleven times. *****'s cock is well above body temperature by now and my hole feels like someone has built a fire in it. Even though I should be screaming from the pain and the burning I am in bliss with the jolt the next pothole gives me I blow a load all over Master's back. I start to slip out of heat when we hit another pothole, my prostate takes a nasty strike ripping a gash in to it I scream and cum two more times one after another and then pass out from bliss. Never have I been made to cum twice in a row. Had I not passed out I would have seen my two loads of seed running down Master's back and I would have been terrified that it wasn't white but red, blood red. My insides are raw and shredded like hamburger *****'s seed coating the wounds, getting in to my blood and changing my DNA forever. We hit many potholes causing ***** to slam my guts hard at least a hundred times. I spew my own seed and piss with each pot hole. By the time we pull back in to the drive way I am unconscious, blood and juice dripping from the edges of the bike seat. Master parks the bike and gets off. He pulls the athletic cup off and quickly licks up any remaining seed and sucks on the tube making sure none of his demonic seed is wasted. The helmet is removed from me, my head lulls from side to side. The men laugh at the fact that I was fucked and pozzed in to unconsciousness. They pull the gag from my throat it comes out covered with thick mucus. When they take the jacket off of me they are stunned to see *****'s cock pressing my belly out from the inside and I have a 12 inch round purple bruise on my belly clearly showing the damage ***** has done to my insides. They take the skirt off me and marvel and how wet and slick the seat is as well as my lower half. The wind whipping up under the skirt has coated my lower body with my own blood, cunt juice and a fair amount of *****'s seed, all of which was forced or oozed from my raw poz hole. "Fuck look at this!" One of the men yells. "I was behind you for the entire ride. Look and my windshield, it is covered with his gut juice." The men yells as he bends down and starts to lick my debasement from his windshield. The men watch as he cleans his windshield. "Fuck Tony that is gross. How do you know there are no bugs on there too?" Master asks a smile on his face. "Don't care this bitch's guts taste fucking awesome!" He says and then finishes licking his windshield clean. Four men, two on each side lift me up off *****'s cock. I scream as the claws, horns and spines now embed deep in to my hole flesh rips free. I convulse, moan and another load of cum spews from my cock. "Take him in and put him in the sling. This Faggot Pig Whore is now open for business. Oh, and guys… no condoms. This bitch needs your tainted seed!" Master says as they take me inside. As I lay there in the sling I realize just how much I hurt. My guts feel like they have been run through a chipper shredder, but what almost hurts more is my head. Having *****'s brimstone breath blown in to my guts has given me a carbon monoxide high, I look down at my hands and arms and can see they are pink. It is then that I realize how close Master came to killing me with carbon monoxide. I feel a man move in between my spread legs, he rams his hard cock in to me and starts pumping. My mouth opens to scream but before I can a cock slithers down my throat and begins to pound me hard. For the next weeks dozens of men use and breed me. They blow so much poz cum in to my guts that my belly swells like I am pregnant. The tainted seed provides the men with lub and it is turns them on sliding in on the tainted cum that is now my destruction. When they are done Master carries me to his bed, impregnates me one last time and then drifts off to sleep holding my shaking body in his large hands. Six weeks later with a smaller breeding party each week I become very sick with the fuck flu. Master has me checked and is surprised when the doctor calls with my test results. "Well, the little whore is poz… poz with a very virulent African strain. We can try drug therapy, but it isn't going to work. You had better use the bitch quickly he won't last two years." The doctor says. "Well, that is fucking fantastic. That means there really are no holds barred. By the way you want to come over tonight and celebrate by spraying some more seed in to his hole. You really seemed to enjoy his body during his conversion?" Master says. "Fuck yah. That bitch is so fuckable. I also want to talk to you about some ideas I have for using him. As you know I am a nasty evil fucker and some of the things I would like to do I think will get you off. Besides they aren't things I can usually do to men, most have limits but this whore is the walking dead anyways so what the fuck." The doctor says. "Sounds good, see you around seven." Master says.
  13. Bbbtmdoc posted on Thursday May 20, 2010 - 10:14 am It was the first night I had ever been away from home. I had just gotten settled in my dorm and David, my roommate and I, were watching a little TV when he want to take a shower before bed. I sat there and watched as he stripped down and grab his shit for his shower. I couldn't help but notice how nice David's 6'1” body was, how nice his chest was. As I followed his body down to he beautiful 6-pack abs and the treasure trail that made its way to a gorgeous set of cock and balls. He looked like he was seven inches soft, which lead me to speculate what his length was when erect. Just as quickly, however, I realized the whole line of thoughts was a bit strange as I had never had a gay thought before today, but for some reason David made me think these things. I just thought something must have come over me when David showed me his body. Any how, as David took his shower I decided to hit the rack, so I striped down to my boxers. I normally slept in the nude, but didn't think David would be hip on the thought of a naked roommate in the bed next to his. I started to drift off to sleep when David came back in our room. Although the only light on in the room was the light from the closet, I could still see David's bod and I thought for a second his cock was no longer hanging between his legs, but was actually jutting out somewhat. Then David turned-off the light and headed for his bed. I recall that he never put anything on when he was in his closet. I floated off to sleep and was half in and out of sleep when I felt it, maybe around midnight, maybe a little later: it was David's hand. He had climbed into the bed with me and was laying behind me, his hand on my stomach, and moving downwards towards my belly button, down to the waist band of my boxers, touching and rubbing me through the fabric. It was getting in his way, and I knew he was going to move it, I knew he was going to try and put his hand in there. "Please..." I whispered, "Please, don't." David stopped rubbing, but he held his hand there, right at the waistband of the boxers. He moved his body really close to me, I could feel the bed move as his body touched mine through the only thing between me and his hand, my boxers. His mouth moved almost up to my ear, his warm breath touched my ear lobe. "It's ok Chad, no one's gonna know. I just want you to feel good," and after a tiny pause, continuing to say "I want to make you feel better - I want to make everything okay. I want to MAKE you......" a pause and then I felt his tongue and mouth touch the inside of my ear, then he sucked in my ear lobe, and I moaned deeply never feeling something like that before, my body starting to shake, my entire insides responding. "Besides," he whispered again, "I know you want this. I saw how you looked at me when I took off my underwear. Just let me do this you...please let me take you, I know you want it," and again his tongue went in my ear and his hand traveled into my boxers. I was almost immediately hard, my whole body shaking from the heat, from the images of David, and from David's tongue in my ear. "Please," I pleaded, "please don't!" David responded by kissing down my ear to the side of my neck.. He suckled there for a second. The sensation of his lips sucking me just got me more and more excited. He tossed-away the sheet and kissed the middle of my neck, rubbing my stomach and kissed his way from my neck line to my chin, and from to my lips. They were full and hot, almost on fire, as his body moved completely up against me, his naked, hard body pressing into mine. Electricity shot through us as he grabbed me through my boxers and the kiss turned into one I accepted as I just started losing control to his strength. I let him in as his lips tasted me, then opened my mouth, without any thoughts on my part. I felt his tongue enter me, and I groaned really loudly, completely lost in whatever was happening. "Shhhh," David said quietly his hands tugging at my boxers, "we don't want anyone to hear." I just kind of nodded as he looked into my eyes. His blue eyes were so intense - so bright in the soft moonlight. I knew I didn't want this, but I knew it was going to happen. My boxers came down over my hard cock, and his full lips were on me sucking mine then probing me with his tongue, feeling my own tongue and sucking at it deep. Again, I moaned, and David kissed down my neck line again to the area between my pecs. "It's so smooth, and your little body is so hot" he whispered as his tongue started touching each pec, each nipple, bathing them as I squirmed and moved against his briefs as he ground himself against me. He touched my abs and then kissed them too. "It's gonna feel so good, these tanned abs moving when you feel me inside," he said as his tongue moved to my belly button, and he lightly sucked down my stomach my hard, throbbing cock. I moaned again, and got completely lost in him, not even really understanding what he was saying. "Oh God, you're so fuckin' hot," he moaned as we kissed. I came back to myself for a second, and half tried to extract myself from his hold - shit was just so fucked up, half-whimpering "Please, David.... please...." He just smiled at me. He came up again this time his lips were on mine in less than a second, and I could feel his strength, his whole body, full of athleticism and stamina pushing against me as his mouth forced against mine. The kiss was so deep, and so full, our bodies tight against each other. I felt it for what again seemed like forever, our mouths quickly moving, tongues touching and swirling, my body crying and moaning as David tasted all of me, both of us starting to really sweat. David broke the kiss and smiled at me, his teeth so white in the light from the moon. "I'm going to suck you, the way only a man can." He kissed me again hungrily, his tongue touching deep in my mouth. I moaned as I felt his hard tongue, his hard pecs against mine, his strong hands feeling my abs, rubbing my torso and my chest, trying to press himself harder and harder against my body. I just closed my eyes, and felt his strength as my head moved back while David broke-off the kiss again, licked down my neck and sucked, sucking so hard noise reverberated in my head, like the sound of someone quickly sucking on noodles. I knew the hickey was going to be there long afterwards. I knew it, but by then I just didn't care. I was so overwhelmed by David, by his strength, by his kisses. He kept sucking his way down, licking my sweaty chest, tongue kissing my stomach, my heaving abs, the area below my belly button. He licked down from there to my pubes, and stopped. I passively lay there, my eyes closed, but registering his pause, I looked-up to see he was staring at me, and as our eyes met, an amazing electrical charge shot between us. After a second, he smiled and I felt my rock hard cock getting ready to spurt on my crotch. He smiled again, and went back to licking my black pubes, then tongue-kissing the head of my cock, which was now leaking pre-cum like a faucet. "Oh, you taste so sweet" David whispered as his mouth and lips plunged down my six inch cock, which, of course, was at full staff. "Uhhhh... Ohhhh.. Fuck..." I cried as I felt David licking and tasting. His mouth was so hot, and he knew how to pleasure me. He knew how to use his tongue, and knew how much pressure to apply as he went down and came back up. He moved faster and faster, and I felt myself really leaking, little moans were escaping my mouth as David sucked my cock. "Uh, uh uh, ehhhh ehhhhhh uhhhhhhh" I moaned as his eyes looked-up at me. His lips were so perfect and my cock was rock hard solid. I totally stopped worrying, and just let it happen, my cock and balls so tight, so ready to blow. I wanted to push his head all the way down on my shaft when he stopped at the end, but he did it for me, moving so quickly, swallowing all of me, his nose in my pubes. "Shitt..." I moaned, as I looked down at him again, holding it there, and I trying to fuck into his mouth, trying to give him what he wanted. My balls welled-up, but David quickly stopped sucking me, grabbed my balls, and held them still, whispering "You can't cum yet. I have more lined-up for you." "Ohhhh Fuckkkk," I cried, trying to turn my cock towards his mouth, and frustrated that he didn't finish me. He just kept hold of my balls and inspected them, slowly touching my hairless sac with his tongue. Then he took my nuts into his mouth, alternating between them, first one, then the other. "Uhhh, owww..." I moaned again, this time in a mix of pleasure and pain. David moved down my sac, and this time used his tongue kisses in the place below my balls, before my asshole. Nudging my legs apart with his strong hands, his tongue touched me in a place I had never been touched. "Ohhh," I whimpered, feeling his tongue go lower and lower wetting me, giving my hairless skin a bath as he was going towards my ass. "What are you fucking doing?" I blurted out, never having felt anything like this before. "Just lay back, I know you're gonna like this" David said as he lifted my legs, leaned over, and inserted his tongue into my asshole. "Ohhh" I cried. His tongue scraped along it while David's muscles kept me propped up. His tongue touched my outer hole, and then swirled around the inside, tasting me, giving me a warm and hot feeling, something I had never felt there before. "Ohhh dude, you don't have any hair here.... It's so hot..." he whispered, as his tongue darted around the lips of my asshole. "Ahhhhhh, fuck dude," I cried as David darted it in and tried to stick his tongue completely in my ass. I was still rock solid hard this feeling only made me hornier; I whimpered in pleasure, and David, of course, knew I was in ecstasy, and as such, was totally vulnerable, he knew I was his for the taking. Coming up for air, David looked down at me, and I felt his hard cock prodding my asshole, and, having made his intensions clear, he positioned my legs against my chest, and lay directly on top of me, face-to-face, kissing me really hard, and coincidentally giving me a taste of my cock and ass. "Ehhhh, ahhh.. nooooo... MMMmmm, ohhhhh" we both moaned. The kiss was hot and deep, and our bodies, all muscular and strong, prepared for the next level of pleasure as his hard cock rubbed against my ass. David continued to kiss me, probing the back of my mouth, his tongue trying to reach down my throat. I returned his passion, and he held me with his arms, even as he reached under the pillow to locate a bottle which he flicked-open in one deft motion. Now sitting on top of me, his knees controlled my torso. I remember thinking the moonlight made his pecs and stomach look extraordinarily white, as I admired his heaving muscles and his treasure trail, which glistened with sweat and pre-cum. I felt his hands move down me again as he shifted his weight to my right side. His hands were slick with something now, something that smelled of coconuts and he touched my abs with it, rubbing them slick with some sort of..... oil. "MMmmm" he moaned as his lips met mine, the kiss turned directions, and sped up as his hand moved to my belly button again, then down to my pubes and then my cock. "Ohhhh... Ohhhhh... uuhhhhhh...Shit" I groaned as his hand slicked it all up mixing my sweat with the oil. My balls reared up again, and the kiss went deeper. "Uh Uhhh...." David moaned into our kiss as he quickly moved his hands to my balls. touching them with the lube. I wanted to cum so bad that I tried to move my hand to my cock, trying my best to jerk off. David grabbed me though, and gave me look that told me no. He placed them on his sides just above his slim waist. His fingers moved lower then and touched the smooth area under my balls, and slicked it moving his hand even lower. I broke the kiss, not understanding what he was doing... "Dude fuckin stop, what the fuck are you doing? Don't touch me there." I said out of breath, as his hand kept moving lower. "It's ok," he said, "I'm just touching you, just feeling you. I want to touch you with this lube the way I touched you with my tongue." He smiled, and his teeth were so white, so beautiful to me at that moment, and I knew then that I was attracted to David, that I wanted him, that I wanted this. David was moving his body down again spreading my legs with his knees. He kissed down my chest, he licked my abs to taste the lube, and settled on his knees in between my legs. His face and body were turning me on now, and I was completely hard. I needed him to get me off. His hand started lubing underneath my balls again, and immediately, he took my cock in his mouth, bobbing slowly as he used his lips up and down, looking up into my face. "Shit... Ohhhhhh" I groaned as I squirmed feeling his mouth on me. His fingers were moving lower at the same time, and before I knew it, one was touching my asshole. David moved it around the ring and pressed at it, wetting me with lube while trying to push in. It as obvious that it was hard for him, and I moved back, trying to push it away with my hole. David just held me tight, and kept up the pressure. He started rubbing my slick tummy with his other hand, and licking my cock with his tongue. "Üh... Owwww ... Please stop!" I cried as David's finger kept putting pressure at my hole, his mouth completely down on my shaft. I groaned again when he used his mouth to suck me, and almost came as bucked into him. He grabbed at me again with his free hand, and held me in place, immobilizing my hips and stomach. He just had me deep throated when the finger finally penetrated, and he slowly pushed it inside me. "Fuck!!!" I cried out as David held me in place with his hand on my stomach, his finger in my hole. "Shhhhh... Dude, you gotta be quiet." David whispered as he brought his mouth from my dick, then went straight back down again, sucking me all the way deep. Ühhhh..." I moaned, as his lips moved up and down, his finger prodded and pushed, filling me, pushing something, putting pressure in me that I had never felt before. The finger pushed harder, and this time it went further inside me. I groaned really loud as he touched something inside there, my most private place. "Owww Ohhhhh." I cried as David's touch sent a shock through me, his finger deliberately playing with something he knew. He held me there deep throated with his hand still rubbing my tummy, I felt his other fingers tracing outside my hole and groaned again as David was pushing harder to slip another one inside me. "Ohhhhh, owwwww, sttttoppppp" I groaned as his middle finger met his index finger inside my asshole. They moved in unison, in and out of my ass making a soft noise with the lube as Kyle mouth slurped at my cock, his saliva making noises as he moved. Uhhhhh.... take it out David, please take it out"...." I whispered as David looked up at me, his mouth still slurping and full of my cock. I felt him remove his fingers, and this time his tongue moved down my dick. I felt relieved, having those fingers out, but there was this weirdness.... this empty feeling as he pulled out. My cock was still so rock solid, and David just kept playing with it, sucking me, then holding me in place. "Ohhhhhh Shiiit! Shitttttt..... Fuckin finish me David, pleaaaase!" My balls started to well, and I could feel the cum building. Again though David came off me, and grabbed my balls with his hand, squeezing them hard. I winced. "Not yet, bro... You're gonna cum, and I want you to feel it... The way I know you want to." I moaned out in confusion and lust, and knew I was being loud, but the sweat, the sex, the muscles, and the stud made me stop caring. His mouth took my balls again, and put each in his mouth slowly bathing them with his tongue. "Ahhhhh..." I moaned louder, stopping David in his tracks. He came off my balls, and used his strong arms to back his knees up a little bit. Then he moved his power under my legs, his veins straining in his biceps as he got under them, lifting each of them on his tight shoulders, using his power to move forward. Instantly, I felt his athleticism and strength, felt his ability pushing up against me, holding me. His strong body reared forward, moving my legs to my chest and forcing our faces together, going in for the deepest kiss we had shared. "Uhhhhh ohhhhh" I moaned as his tongue touched me all the way deep, probing me, pushing up and back against my tonsils and my throat as his throbbing dick pushing against my naked ass. Ähhhhhhhh Ahhhh... Uhhhhhhhhh" I moaned as David passionately kissed me, and, after breaking-off the kiss, looking deeply into my face. He was now covered in sweat, his face was red, but the rest of him was pure white in the moonlight. His chest was so hard, and the light made him look so strong and powerful, as his veins were moving in his arms, his six pack breathing quickly and his veins leading down his tapered waist, to his still throbbing cock. In the light, I could still see his treasure trail was glistening with sweat. My eyes wandered back to his, and David smiled, his teeth so white and so beautiful to me in the moonlight. I never would have thought something like that about a guy... not until this. "Chad," he said lightly, "now you gotta be quiet, I don't want anyone on the floor to hear us, I don't want anyone to find out...." he said, moving his body back hard against mine, pressing into me, pressing his six pack into my cock. I was still so hard. "Now I'm going to take you. I'm going to give it to you and I am going to make you cum. It's gonna hurt at first, but you're gonna cum while we fuck, I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU..." he whispered hard. His mouth met mine again and he was on me, our bodies completely hard against each other, my legs anchored against his shoulders. I was utterly lost in my connection with him. The lube and the sweat was making it slick between us, and he rubbed his cock against me, his tongue battling mine in my mouth, trying to push even farther, even deeper than he ever had. His chest raised a little and I felt him rub my nipples as we groaned lightly together as he pinched and moved. His body went further back as we kissed, and I watched in the moonlight that shone through our dorm room window as his hands moved down. And that's when I realized what was going to happen.... it came to me literally as David's hard sweaty cock came rubbed against my lubed asshole. He was going to put it inside me, and I immediately groaned a "noooooooo" into our kiss. David just took control and used his body weight against me as I wrestled and started to fight, using my muscles to push. Again he held me with his tightness, his slick and strong body keeping me in place. I felt his cock starting to touch my ass. The heat from it was fire as it moved against my ass as I struggled, my hole dripping wet from the sweat and lube that David had given me, that he used to loosen me with. He started to bear down, using his weight against me, his leverage keeping my legs up against me, keeping me in place and up against his body. He held me there as the kiss continued still, even as I tried to push him away. I felt his cock touch the lips of my hole, and I looked back to the mirror, helpless, watching as David''s tight bubble ass moved his cock up and down my lubed hole. Ähhhh fuck" I said into our kiss again, trying to turn my mouth away. I turned toward the mirror over my dresser and saw David taking his free hand and moving back to his cock; he was trying to change angles now.. he was no longer moving it up and down the lubed lips of my hole, he was pointing it straight at my hole trying to push. "Nooooo, plreleeeeaaase.... I don't want this..." I cried into David's mouth as he finally broke our kiss. "Shhhhhishhhhhhhhh... it's ok..... You're really tight bro,but Im going to take you, and you will like it...... I promise.." he whispered as his mouth went to my ear. Ï'm going to make you take it, I'm going to make you cum." He gasped as his tongue went into my ear, he groaned and it went deeper. Then we both groaned as his cock was pressing against, then starting to go into my asshole. "Ahhhhhhhh.... fuck....."I cried out as David's tongue went all the way into my ear, and his cock started passing my ass ring, slowly pushing and burning as David held it in place, pushing his heat into my hole. "Breathe out.... fuckin' breathe out Chad.... I'm pushing, you need to take it!" he growled. I just cried out as he pushed, and David put his free hand over my mouth to muffle the scream. "Oh you're so fuckin hot Chad, you're so tight dude. I knew you would be this tight when I first saw your ass in those shorts you wore today." He gasped as he sucked on my neck, holding me in place with his strength while the pressure intensified. It was like I was being filled with something so deep inside me, the pain was hard, and it was pressure, but it also sent shudders and waves through my body, waves that made my cock fuckin hard. "I need you to be quiet or everyone on the floor will know." he said, as he held me there for a second, his cock half way in. I could feel his heat inside me and my ass muscles clenched.. We both moaned. "Unhhhhhh" David sighed, as he started rocking his hips just a little bit, he was poking and prodding my insides, trying to get me more used to his warmth. I cried in pain, and could feel the sweat drippin off of us. It was falling and swirling around my hole, I could feel it. I looked in the mirrror helplessly again, and saw David's tight ass moving, rocking around as he sent waves of pain through my body. I was really grunting then with every movement, feeling the pressure, the strength of David's body, his ass, and his cock. He was so athletic and so strong, I could feel it in his cock as he pressed in me. David moved again, and brought his mouth to mine. He kissed me as I just laid there with my lips open, breathing heavy from the pressure, the pain, and the waves in his movements. I wasn't kissing back I was just laying there breathing as I felt him move again. This time he stuck his tongue in my mouth, and moaned, as his hips pushed all the way forward and into me, burying his cock into my ass. "FUCK.." I cried out as David topped out, his pubes touching my hairless asshole, the pain moving ten fold. "Please take it out David, please..." I moaned. David just held me there and never broke the kiss. He was not moving his hips anymore, but his pelvis was just pressed all the way against my ass, his mouth was kissing me, his hands running over my lubed abs, as he held me tightly. He moaned into our next kiss, moved his hands up and down, and started slowly rocking his hips again lightly moving his cock around my insides. "uhh... uhhh... uhhhhnnnn" I moaned from the pain and the exertion, the sweat pouring down our bodies, down my back and all over my body. He kept lightly rocking, and it felt like my insides were moving with him. "Please... please... don't..." He didn't listen, and just started lightly pushing. A little to the left, then to the right and downwards then upwards. And that's when it hit me... that upswing that made my whole body shake, as we both groaned so loud. It felt like lightning struck my body, my whole head spun. David stopped kissing my open lips. "I'm hittin' it now, bro. I'm touching it. I knew you were a bottom, and now you're gonna feel it. Now, you're gonna take it." David pushed his lips against me deep then, and pressed on the upswing one more time, deep up in to me. "Ahhh, ahhhh ahh." I moaned and breathed quickly into the kiss as David pushed HARD... My whole insides shook again as the lightning turned to something. It was like that wave when I came during orgasm, my whole body +going tense as I would cum. It was that upswing, that feeling that gave me the lightning, that got me rock solid hard. "Ahhhhh.... ooooooh" I cooed as pain mixed with the feeling, and David started to pull out really slow. I was completely in the moment now, the room smelling of the coconut lube, our sweat, and our sex. I felt his cock move outwards and leave that place inside me, the pain feeling harsh again, as I groaned. "Mmmm, Uhhhhh," David grunted as his cock pushed hard back in to me, and I whimpered. "Owwww ahhhhhh, no, no" I moaned again into the kiss, but David didn't break. He pushed upwards again and the lightning hit, both of us letting out a grunt. "Take it," David growled into our kiss as this time he pulled out almost all the way of my hole. I felt empty and strange until he pushed back, long dicking me into an upward movement. "Ohhhhhhh Fuuuuck" I cried into our open mouths, as my cock went totally hard. I just completely turned now from complete pain and fear, and was so turned on now from the pain and the pleasure. I fought using my muscles as David pushed against my special place, his tongue mirroring the movement of his cock in my ass. "Ahhhh..." He started rearing again this time pulling almost totally out, leaving the head at my entrance, then jamming upwards, shaking my tight body as he fucked. He moved faster again, this time keeping the strokes closer together, fucking me in a rhythm as my bed started to shake with it. The room getting even hotter as he pulled out and pushed, fucking me..."uh, uh uh," I cried repetitively with each fuck. After about two minutes, each thrust started getting me harder, the pressure was becoming heat, and the heat was becoming sex, really fucking hard sex as David forced his athletic body deep into mine. His tongue staying in my mouth the whole time. Our bodies grunting with each stroke, with each fuck. "Uhhh Uhhh Uhh" he grunted as his strokes were moving so fast now --- all I could feel was the lightning and David's tongue as he fucked me hard, the sound of our moans and my ass squishing from his cock and lube making the only noises in the room. Our bodies were moving so hard, the exertion so tight. My abs rippled with every stroke, David's muscles strained as he shoved in to me, fucking me so deep. In between kisses, David started whispering to me periodically, telling me I was tough, that my body was so tight, and that my fuck was so hot. I looked in the mirror again, and it was David's bubble butt that was fucking into my hole this time, the force and the athleticism completely overpowering me, his muscular back moving so fast now, dripping with sweat. He moved his mouth to my ear again, and sucked my earlobe, as we both grunted. "I'm gonna make you cum now," he said as his hands grabbed mine, and he pushed all the way inside me, holding -- then starting – the fastest, hardest fuck he could. "Oh, Ohhhhhh" I cried as each stroke was so fast and so hard, the feeling just multiplied over and over and over again. We hit this rhythm that moved in milliseconds as I cried out, my abs contracting with each deep stroke. His body moving like a frickin stud, his muscles sweating and moving as he fucked. "Ow, oh oh oh ahhhhhh" I grabbed David's tight ass, feeling his strength as he plowed in to me, the bed shaking and our grunting getting louder. "Uh Uh Uh Uh" he repeated as he fucked, his ass flexing under my hands. My balls tightened without me even touching them..... "FUUUCKKK" I cried, as he reared up again, this time shoving so deep, to that perfect spot... My whole body stopping and shuddering, my balls welling all the way, as David shoved one more time, slamming our bodies against the bed, moaning as we met as one, the sweat, the smells, the breathing, the muscles. Our shaking was so intense. My balls just released, and I started to climax, my cum shooting everywhere, all over David's chest, in my face, and in my hair, my asshole squeezing David as I shot. "Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhh," I cried as David pressed all the way against me, his cock so hot and deep. "Fuckin' take it!" He moaned as he put his forehead against mine and shot load after load into me, filling my insides, mixing with the lube. "Ohh fuck" I cried as David held me tight still, his dick still deep inside. He moved his mouth down to mine, and we kissed fast at first, then slowing, tasting each other, as our lips moved and pressed, touched and parted, allowing our tongues to push in to the others' mouth. I felt him putting his hands on me then, slowly caressing me, my abs, my sides, then my smooth ass, as he moved me to my side, keeping his cock still firmly inside my asshole, still hard as his cum seeped deeper into my hole. He spooned with me with his strong arm, and we laid there as he kissed my neck, whispering to me, telling me how hot I was, how I was tight and small and strong, how good he could make me feel, how good we could fuck and that he impregnated me with his seed, his dirty, charged up seed. I stared forward blankly, still feeling his heat --- his cum in my ass, trying to comprehend what he meant by 'his dirty, charged seed?' “You are now mine, I own your ass. Soon you will get the fuck flu and when I take you for your first HIV test and it comes back poz I we will celebrate. I was shocked. David made me his poz bottom fuck bitch. The feelings became so strange as he kissed my neck and stroked my abs, then my pecs, then my pubes, and back again. I just started drifting off ... so tired and exhausted, as I stared into the dresser mirror. There were two naked, muscular boys laying together in the moonlight, the smell of sweat, sex, and something else moved through the air until I felt David slid his cock back into my ass again. “We need to make sure the seeding takes Chad.” I took four loads that night and every night after that until I got sick with the flu. David took care of me through my sickness and three months later I tested poz. David is the best guy I could have ever been paired with as a roommate.
  14. Goodbye Fuck BBX~~Mrbb Posted on Thursday, June 03, 2010 - 1:40 am We had dated for several months, almost a year. I couldn't believe it when we broke up. Sure we had our differences, Kirk was a super masculine muscled daddy of 42 and I was just a young twink he could throw around and nail mercilessly into his bed for all his roommates to hear being just 22. He was also poz and I was neg, but he always bred my hole hoping for it to take. He was undetectable, I hardly had a chance to get it he said. Even when he plowed me multiple times a session and fucking two or three loads into my gaping hole that his 9 incher would pry open. Then I called it off. I was moving away and wanted to get away from his repeated abuse of my hole and only using my mouth and ass to please his insatiable cock. Most guys would think him a fantasy, but it had never been mine... Then I was half the country away and he was out of my life. I think I was happy for awhile, but out of nowhere it came to me. At first it was an afterthought when I hooked up with other guys nailing their asses mercilessly and breeding them, just treating them like sluts...then it became a dull ache in my hole where no amount of fucking ass could satiate my lust that continued to grow. The only guy who had ever fucked me...and sometimes raped me without any regard for my pleasure, just to get a nut off and claim my ass for his own was also the only guy who could satisfy some deep carnal need to be a cumfilled whore. I tried to message him online, manhunt, bbrts, every slut and pig site around that I knew he stalked for prey on and he always ignored me. It wasn't until two years later that an innocent seeming message to my personal email popped up with a pic attached and it was none other than Monster-Cock Kirk himself. Why he changed his mind? I had just came back into Boston for the first time since our break up and he was horny. "I'm coming down to your place today," he told me after a few short messages between the two of us. I knew he would come over and I was going to get it. He would probably be pissed. I could already imagine him smacking me to the floor and nailing my ass right when I hit the ground. He was here. My breath came in short spurts, I couldn't help but keep my heart from beating in my chest like a caged bird. I opened the door, there he was smiling with those full charming lips of his. I was already melting. "Wow, you look...wow!" He said in a surprised voice. I forgot to tell him I had been working out these past few years too, so the skinny twink he once knew had now become a muscled stud too and a dominate top for all...except Kirk. That's when I got the idea, I could show him up and top him instead. That would cure my feelings of being his cumdump once and for all. "Thanks Kirk, you're always so sweet," I said with false kindness in my voice as I lead him into my home. It was just him and me and a score to settle. I was ready for it and he wouldn't see it coming. He hadn't realized how much I changed over the years, but he seemed so much the same. A cocky swag in his step, rippling full chest, strong arms and a perfect bubble ass. How could I hate this Adonis before me? It was impossible, save for him trying to poz me so many times and me feeling powerless to stop him. My turn to show him he could become someone's bitch. We made it to my room before long and were sitting there. I made my move. My hands roamed along his strong body, bringing him close to me, our lips locked passionately. He was in awe over my new found strength and definition. I was an old toy that had taken on a new attraction, and he was distracted now. That made him easy prey and I knew it. He got aggressive, pushing me back trying to pin me down but this time...I fought back! He struggled against me as rolled on top pulling off his nice buttoned down shirt sending the buttons flying. He bucked me off of him to my surprise tugged at the sweatpants I had easily taking them off, shit, I should have worn underwear. My bare cock and ass were exposed now, I could already see him stiffening beneath those blue jeans. He was going to go for the kill. I wanted to tackle him but he was already on top of me as I struggled. He loved me whenever I struggled, I remember when I first used to before he broke me down and turned me into his personal cumrag all those years ago. Now was going to be different... His hands gripped my neck squeezing as he backed me onto his swollen man meat. He was going to choke me out if I didn't comply but either way he would fuck my hole, conscience or not. He impaled me with his cock hard and fast, I cried out as he pushed my face down into a pillow, my hole burned as he forcefully pushed it in. Kirk always was a step ahead, his dick had been prelubed with Gun Oil (the only lube he ever used) and he had a cockring on to keep himself hard through the wrestling. He nailed me hard. I had flashbacks to when he first forced himself into me. We had just fucked and I had cum and so I was getting up to leave when he ordered me back onto the bed to service his dick my asslips. I said I was too sore from the hour long plowing I had just received. He said he didn't give a fuck and came over and threw me down and pinned me there sticking it in me fucking me til he nut in me and then he told me to stay on my stomach legs spread til his dick was hard to fuck me again... This was ten times worse. I wasn't going to cry though. He said all kinds of nasty things, how he loved fucking his favorite cumbucket and that I was nothing but a receptical for poz loads. I couldn't tell how long he fucked me for, I just closed my eyes til I could hear him getting close. "You know why I finally saw you after all these years?" He asked me between thrusting and grunting. I couldn't speak since he was still forcing me face down into the pillow. "I stopped taking my meds for the last month, so you can get the full force of my load now for the last time." I couldn't believe what I heard. He only came back for revenge of his own. The neg bottom who got away. He wanted to poz the fuck out of me in one go by ripping my hole and breeding me deep. I couldn't stop him and he knew it...I was going to find out I was poz in three months time. Kirk was the one top who would always get his man.

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