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    Seattle, WA
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    Open with few limits.
    Diagnosed a "wild type" non-progressor. Cannabis has saved my life.
    A desire to be able to GIFT someone has become even greater as messages from chasers request it. Me being all about service would love to grant their requests. However it seems that I keep running into a brick wall with achieving.

    Now searching to see if REAL TIME play exists. Seems the super majority are all talk with no follow through, much being flakes and players. Too bad that many are unaware that what one puts out comes back tenfold plus the good or bad karma.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    From a fb "...hooking up today was such a refreshing change from most 'Breed Me Bottom' encounters. You take your role as a community service center on with 100% passion and commitment, and if, deep down, you really are one of those oh-so-selfish 'Do Me' Bottoms, you never made it obvious throughout the entire session."
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    Make me an offer. Porn name would be Lucifer Lorenzo...who wants to be known for discovering?
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    My life is all about service. A career in the hospitality industry with service to guests. Walk a spiritual path dedicated to the Craft of the Wise with the addition of Goddess and services to others. Realizing I was born a Fag to serve guys needs. Surrendering my furry hole (International Sperm Bank) to all sacred sperm. Sharing mine with those who share as well. Hoping that somewhere real time guys exist.

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  1. True deposits are "Cum In Ass", "planting seed". "real breeding", "no pull out". All "creampies" are when the sacred sperm/seed is wasted because directors/produces think people want to see the cum, instead of how real man sex is. Porn is nothing like real life.
  2. If I had to pick only one...Ethan Wolfe topping me with the PA in and on a meds holidayhttps://assets.s3xstatic.com/bz/uploads/monthly_2020_01/16D46FA6-5322-4D16-8A0B-F909155562C7_4_5005_c.jpeg.7937feafa7b5941029153fb81f93058f.jpeg
  3. That it is. I was born in an Army hospital in Virginia and joke that the doctor pulled the skin forward and snipped. I was able to pull on it to reach the tip of my head (told that is called Eurocut). I looked into restoring my foreskin and discovered TLC Tugger. While it does grow the skin to restore the foreskin, and much sensation returns when the head is protected to become the mucous membrane that it is, getting back the anti-bacteriant and exfoliate the body produces on intact men is probably impossible. I'm working on training the skin to stay over the head when flaccid.
  4. Fck Yeah... love that Hairy well fucked Poz used Asshole of Yours

    wanna shoot my AIDS PIG Dirty HIV Seed deep and Pregnant YOU!!

    you Horny Hairy STD Infected BBastard PIG!!!

  5. hmmmmm? where have I heard that before? who have I done with???
  6. Albolene, found in Drug Stores or package deals on Amazon, is the best as it feels like Vasoline yet has no taste.
  7. Have fantasized about the 4 Chrises for a long time: O'Donnell, Hermsworth, Evans & Pine. Colin Farrell long ago as still, as I have a smoking fetish and have the X video of him and want his big uncut cock filling my hole. Ricky Martin & Zac Effron. Porn star Ethan Wolfe, not on meds, toxic, and pierced with a PA & two Jacob's Ladder on the top and bottom. I love this video of him as he truly breeds the guy rather than wasting and ruining with a cream pie. Want his loads deep, worked it, and always a part of me. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph55b7d5e87e
  8. Hence why I never bought TIM, only bought DICK WADD as the deposit the sacred sperm where it belongs....
  9. Shaving makes it grow in thicker. So want to meet you and spend much time with having fun.
  10. Same deal with this one, can't read easily as it is a dark background with black letters.
  11. I wish I could read it. For me it a dark background with black letters making it hard to read.
  12. attempted to message you and said you can't get messages. Is it because your box is full?

  13. Living in a city of bottoms, being a service oriented born fag is challenging. I finally went bold on my BBrt profile, especially after receiving a message (added to this profile comments) that is a reference letter surprise years ago from a buddy.. Wish more took the time of a professional and their experience. Need to start collecting if I do become a paid Ho. Then title is the bold move, some may say conceited. It is acknowledging something already known, profile follows. Experienced the rest, now experience true service Sub Fag Pig with few
  14. Love to hang out with you the next time in Seattle

  15. After an amazing play date a BBrt member sent me a message thanking me that reads like a reference letter. Now have one if I ever want to be a paid Ho???

    From a BBrt member 2K9

    Subject: RE: THANX again for a great morning


    Had a GREAT day and hope the same for you. Definitely attribute it to the off the boards, mind blowing, perfect scores of 10 from the Russian judge fuckathon we had to start the day.


    Tiggs, you are an amazing fuck. Truly, I mean that with all sincerity and just a little bit of experience to back it up. You're like a bottom's bottom: you take it relentlessly, you don't complain, you pure slut but yet still have precious moments when this naive, sweet and almost slapstick quality takes over--you smile, take part during every moment and put your whole self into it, and then all you want is more.  Now, that's what I call a World Class Bottom. 


    I mean it when I say that hooking up today was such a refreshing change from most "Breed Me Bottom" encounters. You take your role as a community service center on with 100% passion and commitment, and if, deep down, you really are one of those oh-so-selfish "Do Me" Bottoms, you never made it obvious throughout the entire session. 


    Really, all I can say at this point that hasn't already been said and will truly pay homage to your endless talents is "Prepare to be impressed. The dude is fucking amazing." 


    Thank you for your hospitality and from the head of my uncut, 3 load fuck rocket, thank you to the moon for offering up some really amazing ass. 


    Fucking amazing!

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