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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Bi professional guy, daddy type. Exploring limits of gay sexuality. Divide my time between Melbourne and Gippsland.
    When I’m in Melbourne, I’m now living with an ostensibly straight young bloke named Tardy (that’s not his real name). We’re not in a relationship but we are living together in every sense except that neither of us expect fidelity. Tard was essentially homeless when we first ‘got together’ so I offered him to share my place in Melbourne. From the day he moved in, he’s made it clear he prefers to sleep with me in my bedroom even though he has his own room.
    So far, I’m loving the arrangement. For a kid who basically left home when he was 14 and has lived on and off the streets since then; who became a father himself at 14 or 15 and again at 19 (he’s just announced that his girlfriend of sorts is four months pregnant and she’s intending to keep the child), who’s spent some time in juvenile detention and in an adult prison and who’s supported himself and his drug habit by selling his body since he was
    14, he’s surprisingly together.
    He asked me if I minded if he took up escorting to support himself and his kids (and his drug habit); we talked about it for a long time as I wanted him to be certain that it wouldn’t affect his sense of self; he was more concerned about “sponging” off me.
    So I’ve been actively helping him establish himself as an escort (versatile and, yes, he works bare and seems literally to have no limits to what services he’s willing to offer) and I must admit it’s been incredibly hot watching a few of his‘appointments’ with clients. I filmed a couple of the sessions for him and the clients and I must admit that Tard and I have fucked to the vids already. I booked a session for him with a couple of escorts I’ve regularly hired and they’ve really taken him under their wings. He’s had a couple of sessions with them already and the three of them have done two amateur porn scenes with him.
    One took Tard to a gangbang in Sydney to introduce him to some of his clients and not only did he do very well, he was booked for a breeding party last weekend which ended up being three days with his legs open and taking multiple loads.
    And he’s announced that’s going to be his focus in his escorting; cumdump at bareback parties,with an especial openness towards poz tops breeding negative holes like his. (He’s already persuaded two of his straight mates to be straight cumdumps with him and he does seem to have a talent for identifying straight men who might be
    interested. (He loves playing with other straight guys and teaching them the wonders of wired gay fucking.)
    Last Friday, he brought two young blokes home from his outreach centre and we ended up having sex with them; one fucked Tard brutally and we all ended up fucking the younger one.
  • Porn Experience
    Videoed a few sessions- would love to do more.
  • Looking For
    Fuckbuddies, groups, partying, chat. Turned on by poz guys.

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    Kik breedmypiggycvnt; [deleted] Peninsulapig
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  1. I’ve rarely if ever had an issue with a man fucking me too long. I might be keen to ge his load but he’d have to be a pretty clumsy fuck for me to be looking at my watch asking myself “how much longer?” I say that jokingly but there’s a lot of truth to it. Unless there’s something going awry between the two of us, I’ll take what I can get when I can get it.
  2. Mate, I spent years wondering the same thing and used to ask if it was because I could be awkward or over eager or something or if, in fact, if the scene was mostly a chimera. I’m Australian and from Melbourne and, to be fair, the scene here doesn’t have the depth it does in the UK and some parts of the US. But lately I’ve been doing much, much better (😛). The scene is less open if anything these days so I wonder if I’ve just learned how not to get in my own way anymore. Certainly I’m less self-conscious about what I prefer sexually and I worry about it less when things don’t happen on a
  3. It’s been just over 25 years since I first (finally) experienced gay sex. My first time, after several failed attempts, was bare with an escort and his partner in which several loads were received and, despite knowing full well the risks, I just didn’t ask and preferred not to know. So I started at level 4 and, for the next ten years or so, remained a confused combination of levels 4 and 6 in that I pretty much would let any bloke I liked me fuck me bare and beg him to cum inside me, but I would ask him questions of status and seek assurances he wasn’t poz. During a lot of that time, I did sta
  4. First time I’ve managed to find a purpose for the googly eyed react. I wouldn’t do that personally, unless I knew them or knew they’d appreciate it. But then I have to assume a fake Dom or a fake Sub personality when I’m (trying to be) either. Neither come naturally to me tbh. Out of sheer curiosity, have you ever received an adverse reaction? Honestly, if I was near you and you yelled “Want my piss pig?” I’d be grateful and all....but, if you just passed on me without any warning whatsoever, it’d depend very much on my state of mind what response you’d get from me. I
  5. @BareLover073, I have to repeat myself yet again clearly: as one who was only trying to raise a particular concern, not on my own behalf but so that others might not need to again do so, that could well affect the welfare of others on this site. I raised an informal a point of order, if you will. I hope I did so politely but directly and firmly. I’ve asked you desist from persisting with your diversion twice now. You insist on ignoring that request and now respond with minutiae. That is your right to do so but, frankly, it’s disappointing given you say you agree with the point I was tryin
  6. That makes sense. As much I like drinking piss, I always love the sensation of it flowing up my cunt much more so I usually opt that way. Damn.
  7. I’ve always been going to buy one of those. Let us know please if you’d recommend purchasing one after it’s “bred” you 😛
  8. There’s slapping and there’s SLAPPING though. The whole domination/submission thing is something I have never found a direct turn on for me. I do quite enjoy it when it’s an obvious turn on to the bloke I’m with and it’s ‘played’ in the right spirit. I’m not suited particularly well to either role personality-wise but I enjoyed a few long-term fuckbud relationships centred on it and we’ve both really loved it. To me, that’s role play and very different to light slapping and choking and the like. Slapping along the latter lines is more incidental and, where the chemistry is right bet
  9. Once again, I find myself asking why you’re persisting in raising Christianity’s deeds and misdeeds in the context of a reply directly to my call for a tad more sensitivity In idealising the sexualisation of children by adults in whom their care was entrusted? My concern was both quite specific and very clearly expressed. The deeds and misdeeds of Christianity literally have no relevance to the concern I was expressing, regardless of any wider relevance it might’ve had in the broader context of the thread. As such, I reiterate that it seems nothing more than a diversion from the concern I
  10. The throbbing, I’d say usually yes although, to be fair, a man’s body tenses throughout so there may be some referred sensations (for want of a better term) that I’ve just come to believe are from his peen. But I do honestly believe I can usually feel the head of a penis tense up and pulsate within me as it ejaculates. I do believe that I can also on occasion feel the semen spurting, as well as a sense of warmth that accompanies it. I’ve no idea as to the proportion of times when I can feel the semen within me but it’s relatively rare in comparison with that spreading sense of warmth
  11. First, to be entirely clear, I’m not “upset” about anything. I was, as I thought I’d made abundantly clear, concerned for some other members who, in previous threads where there seemed to be some celebration of sexual exploitation of children, made known that they’d not been so fortunate and did seem to feel it necessary to point it out. Secondly, the narrative did swing again to some celebrating sexual relationships with family members and others in childhood. It was not just one post that, in my view, crossed the line. It was a number of them, albeit some more obliquely than others.
  12. Of course it is. i’m not going to ‘sugar coat’ this because, frankly, I’m stunned at the insensitivity of some of the comments above. Guys, those of you who were sexualised young and emerged from it undamaged (and perhaps even advantaged by it from your own perspective) must surely recognise that’s your sheer good fortune. You’re the exceptions. Most who endure such things as children ARE damaged by it and you know, from previous threads on this subject, there are members who were exploited by people in whom they should have been able to trust. Nor am I going to pretend, wi
  13. I've run. Out of messages man. 

    Can you Wick.r me please? 

  14. I’ve been with a few straight guys in my time. In fact, for a long time, I described myself as a straight guy who enjoyed getting fucked by other men. In my case, I just didn’t want to be gay or bisexual and resisted the idea but pursued the sex because the act having another man take control of me sexually fulfilled me in a way that sex with a woman couldn’t. The reverse is true too though. Aside from those who don’t want to admit to themselves that they’re gay, I’m convinced there are at least two other types of straight guy who have sex with men: 1. Blokes for whom a hole really i
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