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  1. Hi there piggy, thanks very much for following me 😊

  2. Thanks for the follow! I've been chatting with another "bloke" from Australia! I do LUV Aussietown! :) 

  3. breedmypiggycunt

    Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    268....I had no idea I was such a slut.
  4. breedmypiggycunt

    Your Personal Politics (Aside From Lgbt Issues)

    I’m an Australian right-winger with a generally libertarian philosophical worldview. (Just to confuse Americans, our main right-wing party is called the Liberal Party and is regarded as a ‘broad church’ of liberals and conservatives. It’s important to understand that Australia is a less conspicuously religious country overall than the US and our political parties owe a great deal to the British tradition; at least in their origins. The Liberal Party was formed in 1943 from the ruins of its predecessors to be pro-business (especially small and medium business) and pro-middle class, as opposed to the main left-wing party, the Labor* Party, which was (is) trade union based. * Note the word, “Labor” is spelled in accord with the American custom, not the British/Australian “labour”; this reflected the unions’ greater resentment of Britain cf the US upon its formation in 1901. Although most of the ALP is reasonably pro-US, it’s probably a source of slight embarrassment nowadays as, if anything, they tend to resent the US far more now than Britain.) The Liberal Party has always favoured smaller government and fewer encumbrances of personal liberty but has always believed that governments have a role in protecting the weaker and moderating the effects of pure market forces. Certainly, I’d argue that, if you compared the political spectrum in Australia against that of the US by aligning bell curves to reflect the spread across its entirety, the entire Australian polity is slightly more left-wing than its American counterpart. As such, conservatism in terms of social policy is less entrenched here than in the US (although, perhaps counter-intuitively, social change is possibly more difficult in Australia). My politics tend to be libertarian in both economic and social policies, ie I favour smaller government and less interference and regulation in most economic and social policy areas; certainly , I’m generally a sceptic of government as a ‘cure all’ albeit with notable “exceptions”. The most obvious “exception” to many Americans is my strong pro-gun control stance (although it was introduced by one of the more socially conservative Liberal Prime Ministers, John Howard. (Howard is a social conservative but an economic ‘dry’ or libertarian/neo-con.) Regarding “gay politics”, I find ‘trendy’ LGBTQ politics frustrating and one-dimensional. I’ve had close gay acquaintances demand to know how I can “possibly support” the supposedly anti-gay right wing party as strongly as I do; I’ve literally been abused hysterically by friends of friends for my political stance and had those good friends “defend” me by quietly saying that I’m not as bad as other right-wingers. Just one such example was over my support for exemptions from anti-discrimination laws for conscientious objections to SSM. My support for SSM was primarily on libertarian grounds - that government had no role in telling two consenting adults the nature of their relationship - and it’s on libertarian principles that I favour those of sincere religious belief being able to respectfully decline to service same-sex weddings. I abhor the idea that we’ve swapped a religious orthodoxy imposing its view of what’s right and moral onto others for a secular orthodoxy insisting their right to impose onto others their view of what’s right and moral. The idea that anyone opposed to SSM is a bigot is simply absurd and wrong. Very wrong. A part of my discomfort with LGBTQ politics is my libertarian and individualistic philosophy. Equally (long before I sorted out my (bi)sexuality in my own mind), I’ve never defined myself by where I like to place my penis and have always been uncomfortable with those who seem to regard it as their defining characteristic (be they LGBTQ activists or be they heterosexual pigs). I don’t have a bisexual view of politics on any issue. I have a bisexual view of my sex life, that’s it.
  5. breedmypiggycunt

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    To be honest, I enjoyed it so much that I assumed that no-one noticed. In hindsight, the (male) teacher must’ve been aware at some point because I became quite obsessed with it. As for puberty, 11ish I think.
  6. breedmypiggycunt

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    9 or 10. It was in my Grade 4 classroom
  7. I’ve been talking to a guy who was pozzed years ago but is on meds and undetectable about my penchant for poz loads. How long would he have to stop taking meds before he could poz me? Or before he’s likely to poz me? What risks would be involved to him in stopping meds? I am told that stopping and starting meds can reduce the efficacy of his meds as they increase the chances of him becoming resistant to it. How likely is this if he took one break from his meds? The reason I’m asking is that he’s interested in doing this - which I’d love him to do - but I’d want him to be fully aware of what risks he might be taking on.
  8. breedmypiggycunt

    The First Time You Got Fucked Was It Safe Or Raw?

    Raw. Hired an escort while on a business trip and, try as hard as I could, it hurt too much so I paid him and let him go. Then thought the next night: I just have to do this and hired him again. This time he brought his boyfriend on the theory that I could watch them fucking, I suppose. But I told him not to listen to any protest I might make and just fuck me... As it turned out, I was so turned on by having the boyfriend there too that, while I was trying to penetrate the boyfriend, Nathan just thrust his cock inside me and started fucking me. Even though it was 1991 or 1992 (I was 25 or 26), the subject of condoms didn’t get mentioned. I certainly wasn’t going to do anything to hamper the mood; I just wanted the cock in me. Nathan shot his load inside me too - he apologised profusely for doing it - but I was hooked. Then his boyfriend thrust his cock inside me and fucked me almost as well...and a cumslut was born. The two of them must’ve cum inside me 3, 4 or 5 times each that night. I continued to see Nathan for another 10 years after that. Like others, my first 20-30 cocks would all of have bareback. There was an elderly guy in his late 60s or early 70s that first fucked me at a beat not long after my cherry had been popped and continued to fuck me bareback at least once or twice a week for another 10 years or so. It was with him that I first started to think about using condoms and went through a phase where, for several months, I’d go to his caravan and insist as we were getting naked that he use a condom. But, literally every single time, he’d continue just ripping my clothes off and pushing me down and entering me and start fucking me intensely. After he’d blown inside me, he’d always say, “I don’t wear condoms. If I have AIDS, you’ll already have it from me so we may as well enjoy ourselves. If you insist on me wearing a condom, bring them and I’ll rip the top off it and fuck you like that anyway. Your arse loves me fucking you. You show up here and need my cock. Everyone knows that I fuck you silly. Everyone knows that you love me fucking you. So, if you don’t want my cum in you, then don’t step foot in my caravan. When you’re here, you’re mine.” And he could fuck me like no one else could too.
  9. breedmypiggycunt

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    Locanto is similar to Craigslist
  10. breedmypiggycunt


  11. breedmypiggycunt

    older guy

    I too have had a drought over recent months. Until I met a 28yo guy (call him ‘A’) who came to my house a few weeks ago for a sesh. We spent four days together fucking that first time and he’s stayed at my place at least 2-3 nights every week since. He’s gorgeous and smart and, although he’s btm vers too, he loves pumping his master/daddy hole full of cum....usually after I’ve dominated him (which I’m becoming more natural at too...because he gets sooo turned on by it.) Last weekend, he suddenly flipped me on to my back and started to lube up his cock...and I seriously climaxed a massive load just at the thought..And when he shoots his load, it’s a massive load that reverberates inside me... But the confidence A’s given me has helped with other guys; I’ve had four different guys over this week and met a struggling 21yo uni student on Locanto a couple of nights ago. He’s been and fucked me twice in two days and is on his way again now...with two mates of his...He’s into BDSM just like A...guess who’s getting a surprise when he gets here tonight ?
  12. breedmypiggycunt

    Chasers and gifters

    Melb chaser. Keen also.
  13. breedmypiggycunt

    Your Second Bareback

    My first time fucked was in my 20s with a escort and his BF and the bare fucking was deliberate...if not entirely conscious.. After having failed to take cock the first two times I'd tried, my first focus was on finally having Nat's cock inside me. When he paused inside me and asked if he should put a condom on, there was no way I was going to let him pull his cock out of me.... The second time, excluding Nathan (it was one of two guys who both became regular fuckbuddies within a week or two); one was a sleazy old guy I met at a beat who, even when I asked him to use a condom - several times after he first fucked me - would just push his raw cock into me and then say "I don't fuck with condoms. If you want my cock, you take it on my terms"; by which time, his mouth and tongue were passionately bathing me in his saliva and his cock was already oozing precum and fucking every inch of my cunt. And I was already writhing in absolute ecstasy and begging him to keep fucking me. The first time he fucked me was in a public toilet cubicle (with lots of people in close proximity, some of whom watched this elderly man fucking this young, muscular bloke n running gear so passionately and so completely). By the time, he shot his load in me a few times, we'd been there for hours I think and a bloke was carrying on about calling the police... He kept making mad passionate love to me and he had me addicted to him and his cock such that I begged him to exchange numbers. Instead, he led me across the park to a caravan park on the other side. I stayed in his caravan that night and used to return (despite having to walk through the caravan park with all the residents grinning at me...and that was before the caravan would start rocking seconds after I knocked on his door...he would literally start kissing me, spinning me around and removing my jeans/shorts and thrusting his bare cock inside me, often before he'd shut the door. More than once, he'd be passionately making love to me and I'd realise the windows were wide open and half of the park could see and hear us. But, almost always, he'd redouble his kissing, licking, sucking, rimming or fucking to stop me suggesting we should close it....and it always worked...when the old guy was fucking me, I couldn't concentrate any anything else for long... He fucked me several nights a week for more than 10 years, always raw, always shooting his multiple loads deep inside me. Only occasionally would he whore me around; not once did he tell me that he was arranging friends to fuck me. He knew that, once he had bent himself to cradle my body and started thrusting inside me using precum as lube - and then his cum as lube - I was putty in his hands; and slave to his mouth and his cock. The other fuckbud was a young Croatian straight guy named Aron - genuinely one of the most spectacularly 'beautiful' young men you'd ever see - who, initially, worked for me until I was forced for fire him. But, after he left, I continued to mentor him and help him out. One night, he rang me drunk and needing a place to stay. He'd got his girlfriend pregnant and his mother and step-dad threw him out. Long-story short, Aron puked up; so I put him under the shower and washed his clothes...And then desperately averted my eyes every time he would strut around in the towel....which he thought hilarious...until he realised it turned him on... Next thing I know I was staring at his cock saluting me and being asked to suck it. Work out the rest....Suffice to say that, whenever Aron and his GF argued, he'd be "staying in my spare room" which ALWAYS meant he was fucking me within 30-60 minutes...Always raw because I couldn't get pregnant. They both entered me within a week or two of my first fucking...
  14. breedmypiggycunt

    Best Bb Porn Studio

    Sean Cody is loud, spectacular, unpretentious and full of gorgeous guys. As others have said, they're partial to blowing their loads inside and exhibiting the cummy hole. The recent scenes where Brandon and Nixon were virgin bottoms were magnificent (although Brandon's second fuckng was much, much better than his first). Corbin Fisher can be at times better with more passionate scenes in general. Post Him is a good site for amateur scenes.

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