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  1. Chasers and gifters

    Melb chaser. Keen also.
  2. Your Second Bareback

    My first time fucked was in my 20s with a escort and his BF and the bare fucking was deliberate...if not entirely conscious.. After having failed to take cock the first two times I'd tried, my first focus was on finally having Nat's cock inside me. When he paused inside me and asked if he should put a condom on, there was no way I was going to let him pull his cock out of me.... The second time, excluding Nathan (it was one of two guys who both became regular fuckbuddies within a week or two); one was a sleazy old guy I met at a beat who, even when I asked him to use a condom - several times after he first fucked me - would just push his raw cock into me and then say "I don't fuck with condoms. If you want my cock, you take it on my terms"; by which time, his mouth and tongue were passionately bathing me in his saliva and his cock was already oozing precum and fucking every inch of my cunt. And I was already writhing in absolute ecstasy and begging him to keep fucking me. The first time he fucked me was in a public toilet cubicle (with lots of people in close proximity, some of whom watched this elderly man fucking this young, muscular bloke n running gear so passionately and so completely). By the time, he shot his load in me a few times, we'd been there for hours I think and a bloke was carrying on about calling the police... He kept making mad passionate love to me and he had me addicted to him and his cock such that I begged him to exchange numbers. Instead, he led me across the park to a caravan park on the other side. I stayed in his caravan that night and used to return (despite having to walk through the caravan park with all the residents grinning at me...and that was before the caravan would start rocking seconds after I knocked on his door...he would literally start kissing me, spinning me around and removing my jeans/shorts and thrusting his bare cock inside me, often before he'd shut the door. More than once, he'd be passionately making love to me and I'd realise the windows were wide open and half of the park could see and hear us. But, almost always, he'd redouble his kissing, licking, sucking, rimming or fucking to stop me suggesting we should close it....and it always worked...when the old guy was fucking me, I couldn't concentrate any anything else for long... He fucked me several nights a week for more than 10 years, always raw, always shooting his multiple loads deep inside me. Only occasionally would he whore me around; not once did he tell me that he was arranging friends to fuck me. He knew that, once he had bent himself to cradle my body and started thrusting inside me using precum as lube - and then his cum as lube - I was putty in his hands; and slave to his mouth and his cock. The other fuckbud was a young Croatian straight guy named Aron - genuinely one of the most spectacularly 'beautiful' young men you'd ever see - who, initially, worked for me until I was forced for fire him. But, after he left, I continued to mentor him and help him out. One night, he rang me drunk and needing a place to stay. He'd got his girlfriend pregnant and his mother and step-dad threw him out. Long-story short, Aron puked up; so I put him under the shower and washed his clothes...And then desperately averted my eyes every time he would strut around in the towel....which he thought hilarious...until he realised it turned him on... Next thing I know I was staring at his cock saluting me and being asked to suck it. Work out the rest....Suffice to say that, whenever Aron and his GF argued, he'd be "staying in my spare room" which ALWAYS meant he was fucking me within 30-60 minutes...Always raw because I couldn't get pregnant. They both entered me within a week or two of my first fucking...
  3. Best Bb Porn Studio

    Sean Cody is loud, spectacular, unpretentious and full of gorgeous guys. As others have said, they're partial to blowing their loads inside and exhibiting the cummy hole. The recent scenes where Brandon and Nixon were virgin bottoms were magnificent (although Brandon's second fuckng was much, much better than his first). Corbin Fisher can be at times better with more passionate scenes in general. Post Him is a good site for amateur scenes.
  4. I Am Totally Addicted

    That description was incredibly hot.I'm much older than you; unlike you, it took me many years to accept my sexuality and my sexual desires completely...but I totally recognised myself in your words! Are you a bad person as a result? Ha ha, as if you need to be reassured. You sound very much like a young man who reached the point of being being comfortable your own skin - and understanding and accepting your desires and compulsion - at an admirably young age. I only wish I had had half of your sexual openness and maturity when I was younger. A lot of guilty feelings and pointless second-guessing could've been avoided! Then I saw your picture...suffice to say, the feeling that I wish I had more like you when I was younger is exceeded only by the feeling of wishing I could have you!
  5. "are You Ready For My Load?"

    THAT is what I most love about being bred by a poz guy and it is why I much prefer to be on my back looking into his eyes as he's nearing shooting his load. As well of the sort of verbal interplay you and your mate had (which would have driven me wild by the way!), I love my top to see how turned on - madly so - by the idea and to see how turned on he is by the effect he is having in me. The one thing which can make it even better is if he has had doubts about being the one to convert me...the look some guys get when they realise I am not turning back and, in fact, am so turned on - and getting wilder and wilder in full power bottom mode the closer it gets - it invariably seems to get them even hotter. It's almost as if they're possibly about to permanently own my cunt.
  6. "are You Ready For My Load?"

    I love turning on the guy who is pounding me and, by the time he's ready to blow, he is already well aware that I am dying for that final intimate connection. If a guy says that to me, I suspect my answer is always either "fuck yes!", "PLEASE!" or, most commonly, "please don't waste a drop".
  7. Men Offering Up Their Pussies/cunts To Other Men

    I am a bi guy who has been having gay sex for 20+ years. I used to loathe those sorts of terms; now I love them. The reason? I am now finally secure in my sexuality.
  8. perv/taboo chat

    I'd love to be in on that.
  9. Anyone Into Rent?

    I popped my godson's cherry in April just before he turned 19.Since then, he and his boyfriend have been escorting on occasions. I know he's been paid to bottom at at least two cum parties; there is a third one coming up soon. At least one of those was a conversion party and he was fucked by 37 different guys God knows how many times. My understanding is that they charge only a nominal amount for the group breeding (probably all the gear they want) but charge 'normal' rates for 'normal' clients.
  10. Anyone Into Rent?

    I do regularly especially when I just want to get wired and fucked. It is far easier than the hassle of going on sites, etc. So many people are just time wasters.
  11. Deep Inside Or On The Hole?

    The unanimity says it all. I like my loads as deep inside my guts as the top can manage...Even then, I like to show some tops that they can shoot it far deeper than they would ever have thought possible by fucking their cocks with my hole. The further inside that cock is, the greater the surge in electricity the reverberations of his body cause inside me, the greater the reception passed back to him through his cock. Then, please, please, please fuck it in me. Work that cum into me. Deeply, passionately, intensely.
  12. Taking A Virginity

    I'll have to set up a personal blog to share some. I have a few and I have even topped a few straight virgin cherries over recent years. The one I most want to share: My godson, Che's. He turned 19 on 31/5. He has been fucking me since 2012 but had been begging me (as has his boyfriend of over 18 months!) to give him his virgin slam and pop his cherry. He was especially keen to do it before he turned 18 but I refused; I relented and agreed to do it when he came over (he lives in Perth) for our mutual football team in April. April 24 I popped his cherry, tied up outside near Yarra Falls. His boyfriend, Jeremy, fucked my cum into him. After the football, Che (after Jeremy) both had their virgin slams fucks. All videoed. When they give me the ok, I would love to share them.
  13. The First Time You Got Fucked Was It Safe Or Raw?

    My first gay fuck was in 1991. I was 24, not far shy of 25, and on a business trip with my boss. With my boss asleep in the next hotel room, I hired a gay escort and was absolutely determined to get fucked. Since my first gay BJ when I was 17, I'd steadily increased my experience and tried at least twice before to "go the whole way". When he arrived and stripped naked pretty much straight away, I couldn't believe it: he was gorgeous, young, muscular, hairy and, for me, sex incarnate. He stripped naked, then he did as exactly I asked and took charge. From the first time he kissed me, I wanted his cock inside me. As he undressed me and kissed me everywhere, I was just in awe. I remember his cock pushing against my hole while we were kissing. I was so lost in what we were doing, I didn't even think about a condom. The head of his cock was definitely inside me for ages; I remember so clearly the first time he thrust it gently against my hole and thrust just the head inside. He laughed, licked my armpits, sucked my nips and pulled it out. Then lowered himself back onto me, kissing me so hard. Then the head of his cock was back inside me. He was still bare and alternating between just entering me and withdrawing and forcing me to lick his cock clean. He was pre-cumming insanely. Then, suddenly, he started rubbing my cock against his hole. I got carried away and thrust myself inside him. After seeing his face - first surprise, then the most amazing smile, as he thrust himself back down on my cock. I blew within minutes. Then he used my cum to lube his cock and entered me. The pain was excruciating. He tried everything he could to get me to calm down but I simply couldn't take it. Eventually I gave up. I'd had his cock in my hole but I hadn't really been fucked. I was both genuinely elated and genuinely devastated. The next night, I rang him again and asked if he'd try again; just try and ignore my screams from the pain. He brought his boyfriend this time; it was something along the lines that I could watch them fucking if I couldn't go through with it again. And, while I was playing with his boyfriend, he (Nathan) just thrust his cock inside me; stopped; and whispered "I can put a condom on if you want but I owe you a load". I know I tried to say "you should" but he started to withdraw....as much as it hurt, it was enthralling. The head of his cock reached the rim of my hole; it felt like I could feel every millimetre of the edge of my hole rolling excruciatingly slowly as he withdrew. Then without warning, he started plunging inside me again. In so deep. Out. In even further. Out. As he started to gather pace, the ecstasy which accompanies the stretching of your insides started to arise. At some point while Nathan was pumping my hole, I found myself inside his boyfriend. And, then, after kissing my back and then his boyfriend, Nathan started pumping. Real serious fucking. Ball slapping fucking. I came inside him boyfriend twice while Nathan pounded my hole. I learned later that my blood was his lube. The fucking lasted for ages (he later told me he fucked me for over 20 minutes). When he was getting close, he flipped me over and demanded that I keep eye contact as he got closer and closer. As he was about to cum, he yelled "where?" I was too dumbfucked to answer so he "can I..." By then, however, he started convulsing...jerking... I felt cum load after cum load deep inside me. Not only was Nathan a shooter, he was a multi-shooter. He collapsed into me. I can't quite remember when I realised that the boyfriend to lifting me by the ankles and inserting his cock into my arse. At some point, Nathan's was over my mouth face-fucking me while the boyfriend was pounding me. We fucked each other several times that night, all of us copping multiple cum loads. I hired Nathan regularly for almost 10 years after that. For a while, he insisted on fucking me with condoms until I begged...then he told me he might be HIV.... If he was, that night was my first known poz loads.
  14. Hello from Melbourne, Australia!

    Hey mate. I too am relatively new to the site and also from Melbourne. PS: JXC, not sure if you know but I doubt there's an Australian under 75 who would drink Fosters! We seem to have successfully foisted that upon unsuspecting Brits....
  15. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Two young muscle boys from my 24 hr gym about 3 weeks ago. Both teenagers, they were obviously interested in one another when I walked in. At first, I pretended not to notice initially but steadily made it more obvious that I was watching as they became more and more 'involved' with each other. If my eyes weren't giving me away, the raging hard on must have. Eventually they moved into the showers and closed the door. As I assumed I wasn't welcome to follow, I tried getting back to weights. After a few minutes, I realised that the door to the change room was open. I was being invited, to watch at least. Then the older one signalled me to come closer...he turned me to face the younger one and pulled down my shorts. His cock was pushing past my sphincter before my mouth was on his mate's cock. I took several loads each that night as they swapped me between them.

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