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  1. I'm confident that an insurance healthcare provider would not cover habitual treatment if a trend was discovered. I imagine the costs of such a treatment would be too high to be treated as antibiotics or the morning-after pill, paid out-of-pocket or by insurance.
  2. Welcome! BZ is the only one I've come across with a focus on barebacking. FetLife is another kink website, but it's more general, as are most other gay forums I've seen. BZ seems to be the top in the bareback niche ?
  3. Took 10 loads from 8 breeders in the last 24hrs. Happy Pride, indeed

    1. boy4you


      Good for you and Happy Pride.

  4. Yes. It's a rare, but happen upon a hyper-horned blue moon and I'll pump n dump a butterface, or get my blindfolded jock ass up in a chair by the door for a raunchy breeding. Where were you when I was in Denver? haha
  5. Got struck by a bottom mood...took 5 loads from 4 guys, all 21-24, in the last 24hrs. So many horny fuckers in NYC ;) 

  6. FF top's perspective: Training and patience. Your sphincter is just a ring of muscle, and like other muscles such as your hamstrings, the more frequently you actively stretch the muscle, the more flexability you'll have for energetic fun and games. ;P If looking to prepare yourself in lieu of a Master or regular top, daily play with toys of gradually progressing size will be a good start. Have a larger dildo or plug in places like the shower to remind you to put in the work every time it's seen. Sleeping with a plug in your hole is another way I've found that helps ff bottoms to gradually expand baseline elasticity. Any toys with which you train should always take some effort to work in. If not, it's unlikely doing much to increase max stretchability. For intermediate steps between toy sizes, you can slide in additional fingers or combine toys to maintain a tight fit while moving and rotating them to massage the sphincter. As should be assumed, use PLENTY of lube and, when going bigger, do so in comfortable positions where you can RELAX, let the tension out of your whole body. I've found techniques like conscious breathing (triggers physiological relaxation response), poppers(similar end, but chemically stimulated), and in depth understanding of one's anatomy (scientific, not practical) to be helpful in getting there. And, of course, a top who is patient and knows what he's doing, when you're ready to try it with another. Good luck!
  7. sexy profile pic, too bad I'm so far away, I'd love to be bred by you

  8. cityjock

    Virgin To Poz

    Off to a good start, boy. Keep it up
  9. https://breeding.zone/topic/34128-first-time-with-tina-and-i-became-the-cumslut-i-always-dreamed-of/?p=378095
  10. Yes, but don't use it. Why not make our own list here?
  11. Trying to research a good time but can't seem to locate a thread listing the best active gloryholes in NYC. Post any known spots here so we can keep a running list!
  12. Once you load your first hole for real you'll be hooked. Hot cock as well – post more
  13. To recruit twink bottom bois for weekend-long training sessions (or longer...) where they'll be bound in chastity and a jockstrap, gagged, and blindfolded while I whore out their holes to my mates and via their online accounts. They'd be fed nothing except the cum and piss that their slutty profiles can pull. Between loads, I'd train them in the important points of being proper holes for the men they strive to please. Advanced bdsm, ass stretching, and the like. If performing well, they'll be let loose to further their training through domestic service and more public acts of devotion. Proceeds from whoring out their holes will be mine as a "thank you" for helping them live out their dreams of being proper cumdump slaves bois.
  14. Never been to that hotel, but hit me up for a few loads once you're open and wet for business.

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