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  1. Just got a neoprene pup hood, collar, harness, and arm bands. Always been more of a pup master but fun to have my own kit now.
  2. God, just the smell of condoms is a buzz kill, never want to imagine the taste. Would refuse any cocksucker who requests I wear one.
  3. I have an OF! same username as on here -> CityJock
  4. Like many of you, I've stopped taking my PrEP (Descovy) about a month ago, three weeks after last play with another friend who is also on PrEP. During a tele-visit with my doctor this week, she reiterated that there was no problem stopping it so as long as I made sure to resume adherence 7-days before I intend to resume sex with others. My 3-month subscription was still renewed. I'm still filling my prescription and intend to save it as a buffer. I go to a state clinic to receive Descovy for free with the Gilead Advancing Access program. At the beginning of the year there were major delays in
  5. I just mention it in my list of "intos" whilst chatting beforehand. If he responds positively or doesn't mention it, I expect it'll be bare.
  6. Probably will for my OnlyFans 😉
  7. I’ve been sexting with the cute sleazy vers twink about all the nasty stuff we’re gonna do after. Kinda like partners in crime keeping one another sane rn. Starting with breeding each other in public, collecting loads with one another, separately for one another. We’re sharing the guys we’re lining up individually over apps rn etc. Probably host an orgy in my apartment...cumdump night at very least, for sure. Awesome how a ton of past hookups are getting horny as hell and coming out of the woodwork for more. Can’t wait!
  8. Has anyone ever tried any of these generic dick pill sites? Now that the patents for these drugs have expired, a bunch of generics are out with new ways to get them easily (BlueChew, Roman, etc)...are they the same as the original brands?
  9. Jockstrap. Keeps the bottom's focus where it should be, on milking that cock. Occasionally I do like to fuck around in athletic gear beyond jocks, such as in singlets or compression shorts, but that's a rarity and usually comes with a jockstrap involved anyway 😜
  10. getting my game going on Twitter...

    follow for new pics/vids over the next few days/ongoing! 😜


    1. swimslut


      nice bro! Just got on too 🙂 @swimslut2 

  11. Just getting on my twitter game. Will be posting photos and vids there primarily. Follow up so you can see all ;) @nycityjock [think before following links] http://www.twitter.com/nycityjock
  12. I checked grindr while walking to the grocery store yesterday. A 25yo bud who lives a block past it quickly hit me up with a pic of a cock in his hole asking if I wanted sloppy seconds. Fuck yes! He buzzed me into his apartment building and left his apartment door ajar. He was waiting ass up on his bed sniffing poppers. Good slut. I only took off my jacket while I ate his tasty, cummy hole before my cock was out, hard, and pushing inside of him. Fucked him for 15 minutes or so before he was begging me to add my load to his ass. I gladly obliged and fucked him for a few more minutes enjoying th
  13. I'm confident that an insurance healthcare provider would not cover habitual treatment if a trend was discovered. I imagine the costs of such a treatment would be too high to be treated as antibiotics or the morning-after pill, paid out-of-pocket or by insurance.
  14. Welcome! BZ is the only one I've come across with a focus on barebacking. FetLife is another kink website, but it's more general, as are most other gay forums I've seen. BZ seems to be the top in the bareback niche ?
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