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  1. The same in my area, but here it's just one. When you try to post an ad, cum back the next day and the asshole has posted 15-20 ad's on top of mine.
  2. Mine was from fooling around with my best friend when we were like 10-12. We would fuk, and me being a dumbass 10yo thought to cum it was just like peeing, so I pissed in my friend's ass..much to his dismay. lol He didn't like it because he kept leaking after were done playing. I never tried that again.. but he got his revenge. We entered Jr high school when we were 11 and 12, me being the oldest. We had to do the dreaded PE class thing..It was mandatory that you had to shower after. That first time with 50 other preteen boys playing nude in the showers, well steve came up behind me and started pissing all over my backside. I never even realized it at first until i noticed that others boys were looking and laughing at me, and just as i turned around an opened my mouth to yell at him, I got the full stream. I started spitting and gaging and ran to shower nozzle wash my mouth out.. it was probably more for show than anything because as soon as it hit my mouth, about every kid went 'Ewww'! and resumed laffing. I've always had a thing about being pissed on ever since..haven't ever shared it with anyone, but been many times that I get in the bath and let er rip!
  3. Yeah, thats true. It just pissed me off.. or more that even though we hadn't met face to face yet, I really liked him. And it's very unusual for myself to fall for a guy that quick, even face to face.
  4. That, and the owners enjoy seeing us get off on their small junk! lol
  5. Exactly! Thank you for Me, not having to put that into my own words!
  6. I'm not very vocal while having sex, mostly due to trying to be quiet while jacking off. Grew up in a house with super thin walls. That and the fact that I totally cannot stand the fake ass moaning sound track inserted into so many of the older gay porn... I mean it's even worse than the laff tracks they use in sitcoms!
  7. Just because of society's views on adult/child sexual interaction has fucked up you're head, does't mean that those of us who say we enjoyed it, are lying or even full of shit! It just means that we were/are strong enough to let our bodies and minds choose how we feel about it... not some uptight puritans views on sex!
  8. Some fucking guys... I fucking hate it when your sure that the guy has his shit together.. and after let down after let down, he turns out to be a fucking flake.. at best. The first two times we were to meet, he lets me know a few days ahead of time, that something came up, and he can't make it. On the 3rd weekend I didn't hear from him, so I assumed it was on. So I sent him a text asking where was I going.. He replies there was an emergency, can't make. Next week for sure! He'd let me know by Thurs when and where. Hey, shit happens, so I hang out, not making any planes.. never heard from him. Well by now, I'm pissed.. Fuck him! So i did my own thing that weekend... And the motherfucker blows up my phone Fri night into mid day sat.. Where am I? Whats wrong? blah-blah-blah It's one thing going in knowing that a guy might be a flake or is a flake...But when... eh, nevermind. Jack, I hope you see this thread, you self absorbed asshole!
  9. Thanks guys! After reading the replies and some of the info at the link drscorpio gave, i feel much more comfortable. I will definitely be joining my new friend next week!
  10. Hi Guys, I have a serious question for you. There is this guy that I have been chatting with for awhile and he has invited me to join him at his vacation house in a couple of weeks. Then he let me know that he's HIV pos, but undetectable. But i already knew that from his profile. anyway... How much of a risk do you think I'm at being a bottom with a undetectable pos top? I'm talking bareback. I have no desire to become HIV positive and know that theres always a risk. Not on PrEP, can't afford it unfortunately.
  11. Im 99.9% sure it's fiction, as it sure reads like it. No need to apologize , you're a good man FFun2BB!
  12. RawTop just wrote like a half a book on WHY he doesn't delete profiles, and yet 4 guys.. aww never-mind, they wouldn't pay any attention anyway. fuk it. I have been posting on message boards like this, since 1990. With topics that range from How to groom your dog to boards that explain step by step how to take down a 747.. And theres more that won't delete profiles than will. Get over it!
  13. And we (Speaking for bottoms everywhere) appreciate that! lol Not sure who my supplier gets his through, while there generic, their good quality and must not be to expensive. I usually give him $20 and he'll give me 2 or 3 packets (10 pills per pack) of blues. Which are 100mg. Once in awhile he'll throw in a pack of the black ones.. 200mg. of course he really likes fucking my ass, so I'm sure that cums into play when it cums to 'my prices'. I haven't visited him for awhile, So I'm out, otherwise I'd be happy to throw Ya a couple.

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