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  1. Wickr: fungayboy Sub, choking, strangulation, snuff, forced fucking
  2. I guess I like to be 'neat'. I trim pubes and shave balls. But otherwise the guys has to like fur!
  3. I am the same, wanna rim me, go for it! I can't do it back tho eww lol
  4. When I am on Grindr I often put up a "only chat" status line with more in profile saying that I am just chatting. Mostly because I find it hard to just meet someone and I like to chat a bit first. I suffer with anxiety and need to chat in order to get horny enough to say "let's do it" lol I am honest in that I am not promising sex and find it annoying when someone messages saying "wanna fuck, where are you". If they come over with that as in intro I just ignore them, as they haven't taken the time to read my profile so why should I take time to answer back. Sometimes I am already chatting and if it looks promising then I tend to ignore others because I can't run more than one or two conversations at a time lol Maybe I am just rude, idk
  5. Where are they and can I join in!
  6. what sort of help you looking for?
  7. I've been watching porn (who here hasn't!) and noticed that there is often a scene where the top will pull almost all the way out and then ram back in. Had it done to me a few times, mostly when I am subbing. Hurt as he reached end of travel and turned me on as it was a demonstration of his control over me in that situation. What about other Bottoms have you had it done, what did you get out of it? And tops, what dies it do for you when you ram in like that? ?
  8. sub guy here, into rape, use, cbt, choking, snuff, forced bb, forced group wickr: fungayboy
  9. I'd love to see your junk!
  10. thanks for the follow :)

    1. cocklover1966


      pleasure,  nice profile. 

  11. thanks for the follow :)

  12. thanks for the follow :D

  13. thanks for following, you are a very cool guy indeed

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