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  1. fungayboy

    Mailed Another Hot Load

    would love to do this but a little unsure of giving addy out to strangers on the internet lol happy to send mine tho
  2. fungayboy

    Becoming more top(ish)

    I have always been a bottom. Did try to top when I was younger but didn't really do much for me. Now that I am somewhat older, I have noticed then when I see a hot twink I often think about wanting to fuck him. Checking is ass out and imagining him riding me. Any other bottoms who have found they think more about topping as they have got older?!
  3. God I so miss gay.com!
  4. fungayboy


    I've got a guy who wants to make me cum before he does anything to me. I loose my sex drive completely after cuming so would be much less willing and/or enjoyable for me!
  5. been introduced to a guy who wants to to watch me be fucked by any guy he wants

  6. hay thanks for the follow :D Nice profile pic :P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. fungayboy


      even as I bottom, I'd fuck you if i were closer!

    3. BareBen


      Hehe, you gotta get pozzed up first ?

    4. fungayboy


      you fuck me first then ;)

  7. hay thanks for the follow :P

  8. fungayboy

    Stranger fuck

    So I turn up at the guys house and get invited in. We chatted a bit and then while still chatting in the kitchen, I was ordered to strip off and hand him my clothes. He checked me out, although never actually touched me. We carried on chatting until the third guy arrived. Master handed some rope to the guy and told him to tie my hands behind me. Once tied we went up to the bedroom where I was made to stand at the foot of the bed, while master told the guy to strip to his underwear. Once he was striped, master told him to push me down onto my knees and shove my face into his crotch. I was ordered to start sucking the guy's cock through his underwear. I was aware of him getting hard (as I was!) and he was actually quite large, not super long (prob about 7") but surprisingly thick. Master told him to get his cock out and face fuck me. I couldn't take much and the guy's girth made my jaw ache. Sucked on him for a while, sometimes being told to lick his hairy balls. Master eventually told the guy to lift me up and get me on the bed, so I was lifted and thrown onto the bed. The guy was told to take his underwear off and was handed a large syringe (i was slightly panicked at this point!). Master asked him if he wanted to do the mild or more extreme option they discussed, the guys said he guessed master wanted the extreme option, and master replied yes, but only if the guy was going to do it all and not stop. My anxiety was somewhat high here, not sure where they were going. The guy said he would do it and told me to lay on my back and lift up my legs. I did as instructed and he used the syringe to inject a large amount of lube into my hole, smearing a lot around the opening. Master laughed slightly as I moaned with the penetration. The guy put some lube over his cock and grabbed my legs. He ask master if he wanted me on my back, master said yes it would hurt more. The guy pulled my ass to the edge of the bed push my legs farther back and then lined his cock over my hole. He then push straight in. OMG it hurt, to be honest I don't remember to much, I think I made quite a bit of noise! After a while I got somewhat used to him and he just fucked me. After quite some time the guy said he was close, master said so what cum in him. He did, fuck he could pump hard! Once he cam master told the guy to not pull out. He went off and came back with a butt plug, told the guy to pull out and then the plug was inserted. I was told to wank myself (after my hands were released) and came very quickly. The third guy got dressed and went home, master brought my clothes back to me told me to get dressed and go home, not to pull out the plug till i got home - he didn't want my ass leaking out at his place and then I went home. Damn writing this has made me horny again!!
  9. fungayboy

    Stranger fuck

    Not long got back, I'll post more once I am not on my phone but suffice to say I was fucked and fucked hard!
  10. fungayboy

    Stranger fuck

    I love being used so have been chatting to a guy who wants to use me. Agreed limits etc and then he hits me with one more thing. He doesn't want to use me himself, he wants to invite someone else to use me while he watches. So this evening I am going to get fucked by someone who he has chosen which he watches and tells the other guy what to do to me.
  11. fungayboy

    Getting PREP in UK

    A down side of being south of the border
  12. fungayboy

    Getting PREP in UK

    I have been thinking of going on PrEP but in the UK it isn't (yet) available on the NHS. I have been looking into it and found the site https://www.iwantprepnow.co.uk which explains about it. Looking at their suppliers they say actually sell PrEP and their preferred reseller "Dynamix International" anyone have experience with them? Also they sell both Tenvir and Ricovir - with Tenvir being cheaper by a bit. Just wondering what those who use it are on?
  13. is it stealthing if you give a dom/master permission to let a poz stranger fuck you but you don't know who is poz or not? LOL

    1. Fistulike666


      Just so long as you get loaded are you going to worry? Almost certainly you'd be hunting for more loads in any case!




    2. fungayboy


      I'm not exactly looking for it - I'd rather not get it (although I understand BB is a risk) LOL Tho letting someone else decide is somehow erotic...

  14. fungayboy

    What's the last sex toy you bought?

    My last thing was a set of sounds

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