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  1. calidude


    I looked into double list, but I am not happy with the phone verification. is there any way to bypass it? The usual trick of the online voip phone numbers doesn't seem to work
  2. I've been poz and on meds for years now, and everything is under control. In a year or so, because of my career there's quite a decent chance I may have to move abroad for work (I live in the US now) - or at least consider seriously that possibility. With my condition in mind, in what countries is the regular HIV treatment available? And in what countries is it affordable (let's say on an upper-middle class stipend)? In case it matters, I am on odefsey right now. I am particularly interested in american countries (anything south of the border, from Mexico to Argentina). Thanks!
  3. Damn. Which state is this University in? I should pay a visit...
  4. cool story. make sure you get on PREP before you start getting bred left and right... HIV is manageable, but like any other chronic condition you'd rather avoid it, as long as you can...
  5. Not sure. They seem to require an invitation, but they also are organized by semi-official groups, like those at blackoutsocial dot com. My guess is that they are private parties, and they rent some warehouse as location, or maybe reserve a full club?
  6. Actually, there are party for only Black dudes, or men of color more generally. Just check out the "Parties" section on A4A.
  7. Hey guys, I'm new to L.A. Got a big public play fetish and I'm wondering what are the good cruising spots... any sort of public, outdoor, exhibitionist play turns me on a lot. Any tip is welcome! I gravitate around West LA, SaMo, Venice...
  8. Is the Black Out party open to non-African Americans?
  9. Hi all, I am based in the bay area and have not attended a CumUnion party (yet) mainly because I'm not sure how fun they would be and how much I'd fit in, as a mid-twenties cub mostly looking for dudes around my age. Out of curiosity, I compared the list of attendees to the CumUnion parties in SF and LA on bbrt and I was really surprised: right now, the next party in SF (this Saturday) has 19 people and the one in LA (same day) has 160. What's going on? Is it because guys in SF do not "sign up" on bbrt while guys in LA do, or are the ones in LA actually busier and with a larger crowd?
  10. You are not thinking it too much. Once you are poz you cannot go back and nowadays there is really no excuse to "want the bug" or anything of sort. If really all you think about is getting bred, get on PreP (I'm sure it's available in Norway, being the advanced country it is) and go have fun. That's not 100% safe, but it's a much better deal then repressing your inner wishes till one day - perhaps on vacation - you go nuts and take 20 loads at an anonymous party, without being on PreP.
  11. I have been diagnosed HIV+ 2 1/2 years ago, and then became undetectable roughly six months later; for various reasons which you all can imagine I haven't had as much sex as I used to. Due to my endowment and the shortage of tops in the area where I live, in particular I have been bottoming more and more rarely, to the point where the last time I got fucked was in 2014… Recently, I have been feeling the itch more and more, and the dildo isn't really enough anymore. Long story short, I am seriously considering trying out the Cumunion party in my area next week. What are the health risks for someone who is HIV+, undetectable and on regular medications? I am especially worried about catching a different HIV strain, which could make my medications useless (is that correct?) or an equally nasty STD (Hep C, I guess, is the most dangerous of the ones out there) which could seriously complicate my otherwise treatable condition. I know this forum is no substitute for a medical counsel, but I would still appreciate any informed opinion that you guys are willing to share. Thanks

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