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  1. ohvisit

    Read this before you post

    The rules are malleable, as I learned this week. Moderators can edit your content without any notification even when that content does not violate any of the so-called "rules." The word choices and punctuation were changed in one of my posts, resulting in a post filled with awkward word choices and grammatical and mechanical errors. When I asked the site administrator which rules were violated that justified such extensive editing, here's the pompous response I received: "Honestly, I don't have the time to look it up. Good moderators are really hard to find. The site wouldn't exist without them, so they can sorta do no wrong in my book. Whiny bitches who complain a lot about things being unfair – they're easy to find and bring down the site." So, in essence, the words you post on this site are subject to change at the whims of moderators. I can point to countless examples of rule violations on this site, which means rules are not consistently followed or applied. This whiny bitch will indeed bring down the site. Every time I see a violation of the new FOSTA law, I'll file a complaint. The stories on this site are hot to read, but there are plenty of other social platforms available now.
  2. ohvisit

    Fucked Under the Stall - Twice

    My apologies to readers for the awkwardness of words such as "commode" and "trousers," terms that I would not use as an American. According to the site administrator: "The only people who can edit posts are moderators. So your post would have been modified to conform to the rules of the site. The other option was to delete it and give you an infraction for breaking the rules of the site." Apparently the way I used punctuation violated the rules, as did terribly offensive words like "toilet," "pants," and "guy." This is my last post on BreedingZone. I will no longer share my slutty adventures on this site.
  3. ohvisit

    Fucked Under the Stall - Twice

    It appears my original post was edited by a moderator of this site. The cadence is wrong, and some of the word choices do not reflect my intent. If this happens again, I will never post on this site again.
  4. A week ago when in DC, I decided to cruise a building on a university campus to see if I could score any under stall action. This particular building was known for its active cruising scene, and the on-line posts seemed to indicate it was safe for non-students, and as I was fairly sure I could readily blend in with the student body at this particular university, so around 4:00 PM I made my way to the building, then up the staircase to the floor with the restroom that supposedly had the most cruising. Walking in, I found it was totally empty, still I could readily see why guys chose this place: the stalls were set far back from the door, and the door was quite squeaky, which afforded ample warning. Picking a stall in the middle, I entered, wondering how long I would wait before another guy showed-up. Fortunately the wait wasn't long. In less than five minutes the door squeaked open, and footsteps indicated the man was headed to the stalls. Peering through the crack between the stall door and wall I saw the newcomer was a tall muscular black guy who, by chance, I had noticed in the first floor main lobby when I had entered the building. The man took the stall next to mine, immediately dropping his trousers, and giving a quick tap with his foot. Clearly he new the game, and wasn't interested in wasting time. No, he was signalling he wanted to play. I returned his tap, but before he can respond again the door squeaked open. Again peering through the crack, again I saw a black guy, this time a trim man, probably in his early 30s. He entered the stall on the other side of me so now three consecutive stalls were occupied. The latest visitor unlatched his belt, dropped his pants, and sat on the commode. And immediately tapped his foot. I was sandwiched between two black guys, both of whom were looking for action! I tap my feet to let both of them it was safe to play. The muscular guy drops to his knees and slid his legs under the stall, presenting his huge, rock hard, eight inch, thick cock. Getting onto my knees, I stroked his cock with my left hand as I reached under the partition on the other side, gesturing for the other guy. Within seconds he slid his legs under the partition, presenting me with a second thick cock, probably about seven inches in length. The guy on my left reached under, and finding my ass, tested the lay of the land, and finding it acceptable, he momentarily withdrew his hand, returning when it was lubed with spit which, of course, he used to lube my hole nice and wet. I spat into my hand and lubed his cock, not wanting to waste time as I knew someone might enter and disrupt our fun at any moment. Squatting down, I slid onto his bare black cock, taking his entire length up my hole. As he commenced thrusting in and out of my hole, I leaned over and blew the other guy's hard cock. The guy fucking me started pounding me hard, and I could hear his breath quicken. I also knew when he climaxed as he not only moaned loudly, I could also feel his thick cock pulsate in my hole as his raw cock loaded me up with his cum. He quickly withdrew from my ass, and as he did so, I could feel some of his load leak out of my hole. I quickly stand up and lower myself on the other cock, honestly not caring if he came here to fuck or if he was even willing to fuck raw. He didn't pull away, so I bounced on his cock until he started to push and pull in and out of my ass. Within maybe a minute he pushed in deep and held his cock buried all the way in me, giving me his load. I squeezed my hole tightly as he pulled out, hoping to keep as much of the cum in me as possible. After the guys left, no one else entered for the next ten minutes. I pushed the loads out into my hand and licked up the warm gooey sperm, enjoying the taste as I jerked off. Leaving a few minutes later, I felt totally fulfilled for the balance of the day.
  5. Yesterday I posted a party ad on BBRT and after some vetting settled on ten potential cocks to load me up. Five out of the ten guys ended up showing--three at the same time! First up is a 40 year old married Latino guy who wanted an anonymous scene with no one else present. He shoves his dick in my mouth, and I initially feel disappointed that his dick is quite small. But he keeps growing, and the next thing I know I'm sucking a thick 7 inches. After he is completely erect, he wastes no time and positions himself behind me, shoving balls deep--but with little lube. The pain is intense, but he is on a mission to cum in my ass, and I'm not about to stop him. He fucks me probably less than a minute, breeds me, and quickly leaves. About 15 minutes pass, and in comes this handsome 24 year old black guy. He has me suck his cock, which grows to a respectable 8 inches. While I take him deeper into my throat, he begins to finger my hole. He realizes I've already taken a load, and he starts calling me a cum dump, a whore, a slut. This man is sexy as fuck. He moves behind me, lubes up with gun oil, and gently pushes his cock into my hole. He moves his dick around in my hole, and you can hear the squishy sound of the other load being churned. He starts to fuck me hard. Just as he gets into a rhythm, a tall slender and very good looking black guy enters, and it's apparent they know each other. The second guy takes off all his clothes and stands beside the guy fucking me. I take a quick look back. The new guy has a massive 9.5" bbc--long and thick. All I could think is: Are they going to trade off? Am I about to take that huge dick? The young black guy continues to fuck me while the other guy utters all kinds of nasty things in his ear: "Load up that white pussy. Breed him. Give him your load." I start moaning loudly, and it's evident the guy is about to bust his nut up my ass. Right before I think he's going to cum, though, the guy with the huge cock tells him to pull out. He shoots his load on the young guy's cock and orders him to fuck that load up my ass! The young guy pushes in, and a couple of strokes later he blasts his black babies in me. He stays in my hole for a few minutes, and before he pulls out, in walks an exceptionally tall well-built black guy in his late 20s. He pulls off his pants, walks over to the side of the bed, and rubs a huge cock across my lips. As I later verified, he was packing 10.5", which might be the biggest cock I have ever taken. He forcibly shoves his dick deep into my throat, and by some miracle I manage to not gag. When the young guy finally pulls out, the new guy reaches around and fingers my hole. He pushes in two fingers and whispers to me that he can feel the cum loads in my ass. His cock gets even harder in my throat--to the point that I can't take much more of the abuse. He walks behind me and lubes up. He gently eases the first half of his cock up my ass. I take a hit of poppers, and the moment I screw the cap on, he shoves his entire black snake in my hole until I hear his balls smack my cheeks. I yelp from the intense pain of this nearly foot long bbc sitting so deep in ass. He fucks me hard doggie style for about five minutes, then shoves me forward on the bed until I'm resting on my stomach. His dick is so deep at this point that I can't take much more. My prostate is being battered. I've cum in my jockstrap without even touching myself. Then suddenly he slows down and says he's going to breed me. He pushes in as far as he can get. I feel his cock spasm, shooting his load deep in my bowels. He pulls out quickly, but I manage to tighten my hole to keep the seed from leaking out. Four loads in an hour...not bad at all. A few minutes after the black guys leave, a Latino guy in his late 30s enters the room. He roughly shoves three fingers in my hole, pulls them out, and tells me to suck the cum off them. Apparently already erect when he arrived, he pushes his thick 8 inches into my ass, relying on the cum to lube him up. He fucks hard and deep for maybe two minutes before dumping his load into me. My ass needs a break by this point, so I'm glad the other guys don't show. After a brief rest, I squat over a glass and let the cum drain out. Two of the guys said they hadn't come in a week--that might explain the ridiculous volume of cum from only five cocks. I lift the glass to my mouth and let the warm cum slide over my tongue and down my throat.
  6. I met up with a 22-year old muscular, dark-skinned black college guy at his apartment about six months ago. He told me to let myself in the unlocked front door, lock it behind me, and come upstairs. His bedroom door was open, and there he was sprawled out naked, stroking his thick 9.5" cock. I noticed the blinds were open, clearly visible from the parking lot. For a moment, I hesitated, feeling uncomfortable with the idea of being seen in this way. As I started to approach the bed to take that beautiful bbc in my mouth, he ordered me to take off my pants and underwear. Then he got up off the bed and shoved me down with my ass hanging off the edge of the bed. He handed me a bottle of poppers and, in a stern voice, told me to take some deep hits because he intended to fuck me deep until he bred me--no stopping, no pulling out. So, I took four long, deep hits, and my head was spinning. He had lubed up his massive black cock with vaseline and indeed wasted no time. I felt his cock brush against my hole. Then he pushed hard, shoving his entire cock in my ass until his balls slapped my ass. I yelped out loud and he smacked my ass hard. He immediately started to piston fuck my hole and continued for nearly ten minutes. Suddenly he shoved his cock deep in my hole and announced he was breeding me. My prostate had been beaten up in the process, and I needed to cum so badly. I started stroking, hoping to release my load. But he pulled his cock out of my ass abruptly and told me to get dressed and leave. This week, out of the blue, he messaged me saying he needed to unload in some white pussy ass. I immediately responded and asked when he'd like me to drop by his apartment. He said he was working at the university library and was so horny that he wanted me to meet him there as soon as I could. At this point, I have no idea where exactly a safe meeting place might be in the library. He tells me to come to one of the men's restrooms on the third floor; he would be in the center stall and would open the stall door when I tap on it. It's late afternoon when I arrive, and there are far more students studying on that floor than I anticipated. When I enter the restroom, I notice there's no way to hide or be discreet when someone else enters. How the hell is this going to work? There are two guys at the urinals taking a piss, and they'll soon be out of the restroom. I walk past them to the stalls in the back, noting that the stall on the left is occupied. Nervous about getting caught, I lightly tap my foot under the center stall rather than tap on the door. He opens the door, and I see that he has his backpack and a jacket blocking the view of the next stall. Wasting no time, he turns me around, pulls down my pants, and sticks a spit-lubed finger in my ass. Conscious of the guy in the next stall (who is very quiet and might be cruising, I ponder), I suppress a moan. As he works a second and then third finger up my hole, I glance back and see him dribble spit into his hand. He gets his big black cock nice and wet. Without warning, he grabs me by the hips and literally shoves me down on his cock--all the way. His spit didn't provide enough lube, and the pain was horrible. But I couldn't even moan for fear of being caught. He pushed me down by the shoulders as hard as he could, impaling me on his ridiculously hard, rigid cock. He started to sway his hips, churning his dick deep in me. His dick was hitting my prostate, and it hurt. Then he starts lifting my body up and down on his cock. Periodically he would push me down hard on his cock. By this point, he's not even trying to be quiet. Thankfully I hear the guy in the next stall jacking his cock, and as I glance up, I see him peering over into our stall. It's another beefy black guy who, as I later find out, is on the football team. The fucking continues for another five minutes (which feels like an eternity at this point) until I feel his cock twitch. He's flooding my hole with his cum. Just like before, he tells me to pull up my pants and get out. So I scramble into the other empty stall with my pants pulled only halfway up. I can feel cum leaking out my used hole and dribbling down my legs. As I start to close the stall door, the big football player--who towered over me at nearly 6'5"--pushes it open. Aggressively, he pushes me over the toilet, pulls my pants down, and rams his beer-can thick 8" black cock in my ass. He had not lubed his cock, and even with the cum in my hole, the girth of his cock made it painful. I attempt to pull off his cock, but he grabs me hard at the waist and impales me repeatedly. I had willingly taken the previous cock, now I was basically being raped by a football player. The fucking continued for maybe two minutes, and he came deep in my ass--no words spoken. He zipped up his pants and quickly left the restroom. The guy in the next stall who had first fucked me walks over and tells me he had arranged for the football player to fuck me. He assumed I'd be fine with the forceful fuck. Out of breath, I just sighed and sat on the toilet, letting the cum leak from my battered hole. He was right: the whole scene was hot. But I couldn't believe it happened in a public place that was so risky. The football player messaged me and said he wants me to meet him at his apartment for fun sometime soon. I'll share the details when it happens...
  7. ohvisit

    Encounter with thick boy

    Earlier today, a guy that I faintly recognized appeared as a recommended friend on Facebook. He looked familiar, but I couldn't recall where I would have met him. Then I remembered: He often cruised the restrooms at university and was known simply as "thick boy." He was quite short, maybe 5'6", and had an athletic build (well-defined pecs), pale white skin, strawberry blonde hair, nice reddish scruff, and a handsome face. But, most memorably, he had a very thick 7.5" cock, so thick you could barely wrap your fingers all the way around it. The first time we met, he had responded to a CL ad that I posted, and he agreed to meet up in one of the more remote, less cruised university restrooms. I preferred anonymous understall action, but when I entered the restroom, he was standing at one of the six urinals tucked in the back corner. There as plenty of time to compose oneself if someone entered the restroom through the old squeaky door. I approached the urinal beside him and pulled out my already erect cock. He was standing there in a thin t-shirt and baggy gym shorts, rubbing his visibly hard cock. He seemed really nervous, so I reached over and started to stroke his cock through his shorts. Damn, this guy's girth was unbelievable. After a couple of minutes, he finally pulled out his cock. I bent over and tried to take as much of his thick member in my mouth as possible. My jaw started to ache, stretched to its limit by his thickness. We didn't discuss in advance if he would be amenable to more than a blow job. He wasn't giving me any signals that he would be open to fucking my ass. He hadn't touched my cock, my ass, or any other part of my body for that matter. After several attempts to take a few more inches in my mouth, I knew there was no way I could get him off this way. So I spit on my hand and started to stroke him, occasionally sucking on the tip of his cock. I spit on my hand again and began to lube up my hole. With a firm hand gripping his cock, I quickly turn around and push his cock all the way into my ass. The pain, as you can imagine, was so severe I wasn't certain I could take it. I looked back at him, and he looked a bit freaked out. He quietly said that he couldn't fuck me raw, that he had a boyfriend and couldn't take any risks. He took a small step back, but my ass was pressed so hard against his body that his cock didn't come out. I started to rock back and forth on his cock, and he began to moan. He literally just stood there, letting me fuck myself on his thick cock. He didn't make any attempt to pull out or push me off his cock. So, I started fucking myself harder and faster. His body started to shake, and I knew he was close to cumming. Suddenly he said he was about to blow his load. To this day, I can remember what he said: "I can't come in you. I don't fuck raw. I only cum in my boyfriend." Once again he made no effort to pull his cock from my ass. I kept fucking myself, and then he simply said "fuck" and shot his load deep in my ass. Because of his girth, I could feel his cock pulse as it shot that hot load of sperm up my hole. I pulled myself off his cock, dropped to my knees, and cleaned him off with my mouth. He almost instantly got hard again. Unexpectedly, he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock into my mouth with such force that it slid down my throat--painfully. He face fucked me hard for a couple of minutes and shot another load. I would jerk off to my memory of that encounter for months afterward. We met a few more times after that, but he insisted on not fucking. Then one day when I was cruising another university restroom, he and another guy signaled they wanted to jerk off together with me. The other guy motioned for me to suck him, and when I bent over, thick boy spit on his cock and shoved it in raw until he blasted a load in my ass. After that encounter, I never saw him out cruising again.
  8. Satisfied with the outcome of an hour's worth of play at the gloryholes earlier that evening (see my prior story), I head for the hotel in downtown Louisville. Before I went to the arcade, I had posted an ad on Craigslist with a pic of my hole leaking cum...a gem of a pic taken by a fuckbuddy about a month earlier. The ad specified that BBC was preferred but any big cock of any color was welcome. Within the first hour the ad was posted, I had received twenty responses, ten of which actually seemed serious. I had posted that the fuck could be anonymous, and that part unexpectedly became an issue with some DL black guys...they didn't want anyone to walk in on them with their bare cock stuffed inside a white hole. So I had to figure out a schedule to avoid overlaps with certain guys. After a lot of back and forth scheduling and confirming, I had a line-up of six BBC and one WBC over a four hour period from 8 to midnight. I assumed, of course, that only about half would show, but damn every single one of these guys showed up. I surreptitiously videotaped each encounter so I could recount the details. The videos are very poor quality, and since their faces are visible, I will never post them for public viewing. The first guy insisted he be the only one there and reconfirmed multiple times that I had not asked anyone else to join at the same time. He had sent a pic of his extremely large cock. When I asked how big it was, he said I'd find out soon enough. It appeared in the photo to be maybe eight inches, decent girth but not too thick. About ten minutes before he arrived, he requested that I wear a blindfold and dim the lights. This made me nervous since the door was ajar and anyone could enter. But I decided to take the risk. So I put on the blindfold and patiently wait on the bed, my well-lubed ass in the air. Within five minutes, I feel the door open and the cool air from outside brush against my bare hole. I can feel this large black body (he's 6'6", he tells me later) slowly lean over me. His hands gently grab onto each side of my head, and he moves my head to the edge of the bed. He slaps his cock softly against my face and drags it across my lips. I take the cock in my mouth. It fills my mouth and isn't even the slightest erect yet. He slaps my ass and orders me to start sucking. The cock keeps expanding in my mouth. With some effort, I take maybe five or six inches down my throat. Unsatisfied, he holds the back of my head and forces his entire cock down my throat. It's clear at this point his cock must be at least ten inches, which is the biggest cock I had ever taken. Somehow I manage to not gag, so he fucks my throat for a few more minutes. He pulls out and gets behind me. I scramble to find the bottle of poppers on the bed, anticipating that I'm going to need a few hits to survive this fucking. He drizzles lube on my hole and begins to finger me roughly with his large fingers. One, two, three, and finally four. With a hand his size, he was basically fisting me with those four fingers. He pulls out his fingers and tells me I should probably take a couple of long hits of poppers because he intends to push all the way in. Oh god, I think, how can I do this, possibly the biggest dick I've ever had? He lays his cock between my cheeks and rubs his hefty black cock up and down my crack. He finally pauses at my stretched, well lubed hole and begins to push. He grabs my hips and shoves his entire dick in my ass. I feel his balls slap my cheeks. I bury my face in the pillow to muffle my scream from the pain. He holds his dick, so deep in my hole, and then he starts to forcefully churn that cock. My ass is so full I can barely take it. He pulls out a few inches and drives it all the way back in until his balls slap my ass. He repeats this motion for several minutes and then pulls completely out of my ass. I reach back and feel my hole, now gaping open. He orders me to hit the poppers and warns me he is going to fuck me hard until he nuts. Without any further warning, he shoves his dick balls deep and begins to fuck me so hard I can barely catch my breath. With each thrust he nearly pulls all the way out of my ass and then pounds it all the way to the hilt. I can hear his balls slap against my ass. He pile drives my hole for ten minutes and suddenly slows down. He pushes as deep as he can go, and I can tell he’s breeding me. He starts to churn his cock again. Then he slowly starts fucking me again. I feel some of his cum drip down my leg. After a few minutes, he pulls completely out, and I feel more cum leaking out of my ass. He hops onto the bed and shoves his BBC back into my hole, fucking me hard once again. I warn him that the next guy will show up soon, but he continues to pound me. Within minutes, another black guy comes into the room. I hear him unzip his pants and pull them off. The guy fucking me pulls out and tells the guy to step up and breed me. This new guy’s dick is average sized, maybe seven inches at most. He fucks me for less than five minutes and dumps his load deep in my ass. The first guy gets behind me and starts to fuck me. Before the second guy could even get his pants back on, I feel his huge cock pulse in my ass. He gave me his second load and pushed my total to three…and I had only been hosting in my room for about half an hour. The next guy (#3) confirmed for 45 minutes later, giving my abused hole some time to recover. He wanted assurance that I would be blindfolded. I questioned if that was a smart idea but ended up agreeing to it. He showed up right on time. I could feel him walking toward my head, and then I heard him unzip. His semi-hard black cock brushed against my lips. He ordered me to suck him until he was hard. This guy was quite the grower. His cock grew in my mouth from about four inches soft to a solid eight inches fully erect. After a few minutes of deep throating him, he pulled his cock from my mouth and walked behind me. He spit on my hole a few times before pausing to lube up his dick. Then I heard a disappointing sound: a condom wrapper being opened. I told him he would have to leave if he wanted to wrap it up. Raw only, as my ad made clear. I could hear him roll on the condom, and then he slipped his cock into my lubed hole. I pulled off his dick and asked him to leave. He took off the condom and placed it on my back. I hear him zip up his pants, but he doesn’t leave the room. It’s clear he’s still standing behind me. Suddenly his hands begin to rub my ass, and he spreads my cheeks, exposing my hole. He says, “Fuck yeah, that’s a hot pussy white boy.” Those were the only words he had said and would say. He unzips his pants and, without hesitation, pushes his raw dick in my ass. When his balls hit my ass, I know he’s going to fuck until he breeds me. In the doggie position with my ass off the bed, he slides slowly in and out before finally pounding my hole non-stop for ten minutes. He pushes all the way in and holds his cock, shooting his cum deep in my ass. Wasting no time, he pulls out, zips up his pants, and leaves the room. With four loads from BBC swimming in my cunt, I waited ass up and blindfolded for the next guy. He said he was DL and couldn’t risk being seen. He had sent me pics of his body and cock…damn, was I looking forward to taking his thick nine inches. I hear the door to the room open. He steps in and undresses completely. On the video I couldn’t believe how hot this guy was: toned/lightly muscular, handsome face, about 6’ tall, and flawless dark black skin. So I feel his hands on my ass cheeks, gently massaging them and slowly pulling them apart to expose my well-fucked hole. He moans, “Oh yeah, baby.” He wets his fingers with spit and rubs them over my hole. I hear the bottle of lube pop open. He’s getting his dick nice and wet. He then places his cock at the entrance to my hole, but it slides up my crack. He respositions and tries again. His cock slides down toward my balls this time. It was clear he had a hefty piece of meat. While he lubes up one more time, I take a hit of poppers. I feel his cocks at my hole, and this time he pushes all the way in—balls deep. I gasp, unprepared for the girth stretching my hole. He wastes no time assaulting my ass. He drives his cock in and out feverishly for a solid ten minutes before finally pausing. He pulls all the way out and tells me to get in the center of the bed. He steps onto the bed and then crouches down to line his dick up with my hole. In this position he piston fucks me for another ten minutes. By this point my ass is getting sore. I take a couple hits of poppers and move into another position—on my side. He shoves his big cock in my hole, and now I can really feel how thick it is. He fucks me slower this time, letting me enjoy the ride. Another ten minutes pass and still no nut. He rolls me onto my stomach and starts to pound my ass hard for another ten minutes. Suddenly he pulls out and starts to stroke frantically. Is he not going to breed me after nearly 45 minutes of barebacking me? Then he asks, “Want me to come in your ass? Up your butt?” Hell yes! He strokes for another 30 seconds and announces he’s about to come. He spits on his hand and quickly lubes his cock. He pushes his cock all the way in and immediately starts to breed me, unloading his hot black sperm deep in my hole. I can feel his cock pulse over and over. He pulls out, gets dressed, and leaves. I had hoped for a few minutes to recover, but the next guy entered the room less than five minutes later. He’s an attractive, very tall black man in his early 40s, and he warned me that is cock is so thick that some guys aren’t able to handle it. Considering I had been adequately stretched by the prior BBC, I did not anticipate any issues. He moved around to my face and signaled for me to suck his cock. He’s only semi-erect, but his girth already makes it challenging to suck. As his cock grows, it becomes nearly impossible to suck, stretching my lips so much it hurts. This was going to be my encounter with a true beer-can-thick dick…and eight inches long at that! How is my ass going to take this? He moves behind me and lubes up. It clearly is not enough lube, which means his entrance into my hole is going to hurt. I feel his cock at my hole. He pushes hard but his cock doesn’t go in. He tells me to take a long hit of poppers. His hands grip my hips, and this time he shoves really hard, forcing his cock into my ass. I could actually hear my ass lips stretch as he entered me. The pain is excruciating. He pounds my hole mercilessly and continues to shove it all the way in and out, his balls slapping my ass in a frantic rhythm, until he grunts several times and holds his cock deep. No advance warning, no words. He came in my gaping white pussy, his black sperm juice now mixed in with countless other loads. When he pulls out, a small stream of cum drips from my hole. I reach back, scoop it up with my fingers, and lick it off. About half an hour later, the one and only big white cock of the night arrived. I initially thought he would be the final cock to breed me, but that ended up not being the case. When the white guy entered the room, he asked that I remove the blindfold. I look up, and standing before me is this handsome 30-something white guy with a light blonde beard. He whips out an already erect thick eight incher and orders me to suck it. While I’m deep throating his cock, he’s reaching around to play with my hole. After a few minutes, he moves behind me, and I take a hit of poppers thinking he’s about to fuck me. Instead I feel his tongue swirl around my hole. He clearly tastes the remnants of cum that had leaked out. When he starts to suck on my hole, I ask him to stop. I want to keep the seed for myself. So he proceeds to lick my toes. Now, I usually don’t like having my toes licked, but damn, this guy was great. I was moaning like crazy. After five minutes of this, he rose and shoved his entire dick in my ass. He had only lubed with spit, but soon enough his dick got lubed with the loads already deposited in my hole. He fucks me at a nice, moderate pace doggie style for about 20 minutes before turning me on my back. He pushes his cock back in my hole and again starts sucking and licking my toes. It sends me over the edge, and I blow my load all over my chest. He scoops up my cum and lubes his cock with it. After a few minutes of fucking me with my own cum, he moans loudly. And then I feel his cock pulse in my ass as he fills me with his seed. My tenth load of the night. Perhaps the most loads I’ve ever taken in such a short period of time. The breeding session wasn’t over, however. The first BBC—the monster cock—wanted to fuck me again. He said he really gets off on a loaded hole. Ten minutes after we text he’s back in the room. He walks up behind me, unzips his pants, and rams his hard dick in my hole—no lube and no spit. He pounds my hole with such force I can barely stay on my hands and knees. He yells out, “I’m going to fucking breed you.” And with that, I feel his balls rest on my ass as he shoots his load up my hole. He zips up and leaves. It was time to empty all that cum from my hole. I place a cup on the floor and squat over it, careful to line it up so I don’t waste any of that precious seed. With a gentle push, out rushes a glob of creamy cum. After the fifth push, I think most of the cum has made its way into the glass. I’m stunned by the volume. Not to be wasted, I raise the glass to my mouth and pour it in, swishing it around my tongue and swallowing it. I’ll be back in Louisville around the middle of January for two days. Hope I can double the number of loads!
  9. On Thursday I stayed overnight in downtown Louisville and decided I'd try to take as much anonymous cock as I possibly could. Before I checked into the hotel, I stopped at one of the adult bookstores with an arcade that has gloryholes between the booths. It was around 5:00, and the arcade was packed with men heading home from work. Within two minutes of entering the arcade, I spotted a hot young cub and entered the booth near where he was standing. He immediately entered the adjoining booth. Within seconds it seemed (I hadn't even deposited tokens into the video machine), there was a hefty already erect piece of meat sticking through the gloryhole, around 7-7.5" and thick. I squat down and begin to suck his cock. He pulls his cock back and motions for me to stick my cock through the hole. I really didn't want to be sucked, but whatever. One hand cups my balls, lifting up my cock and my balls toward the top of the hole. Then I feel a spit-lubed finger slide under my balls until it reaches my hole. He pushes a finger hard and deep into my hole. Then a second and third finger. He abruptly pulls out and orders me to put my ass up to the hole. He spits into his hand, and I hear him stroking his cock. I feel the slick head of his cock at the entrance of my hole. Suddenly he pushes and his entire cock goes balls deep in my hole--bareback. I wince and immediately wonder if I can handle his girth slamming my hole without more lube. He doesn't go easy. In and out rapidly, never letting up at any point. After about one minute of piston fucking, he pushes into my hole, holds his cock there, and breeds me deep. He slides out slowly, and not a drop of cum drips out of my hole. He quickly pulls up his pants and leaves. Within a minute, a middle aged black guy, short and average build, enters the booth and drops his pants. I gasp at the sight. His cock hangs there, not erect, at around six inches. He slides his dick through the hole and whispers "suck it white boy." So I kneel down and take the soft black flesh in my mouth, sucking on it with a slow pace. His cock grows, and grows, and grows, until the girth is so big I can barely take more than half of it down my throat without gagging. I pull my mouth off his cock and keep one hand on it, stroking, as I lube my hole and take a deep hit of poppers. It was time to take this impressive BBC in my ass. Right as I begin to line up the head of his cock with my hole, he pulls his cock from the gloryhole. Damn, he doesn't want to fuck, I thought. So I position my ass so that my hole is visible through the gloryhole in case he changes his mind. I hear the pop of a lube bottle and seconds later that monster black cock pushes into his hole. He's only about halfway in and I feel so full I cannot imagine how I can take more of it. With one thrust the rest of his cock enters. His cock was so thick I felt like I might faint. My asshole spasmed uncontrollably. After the initial shock, my body felt immense pleasure...something I had never experienced before while being fucked. He began to slide his cock in and out at a slow pace, picking up some speed but never impaling my ass with his huge dick. His breathing got heavier and his pace slowed once again. As he held his cock balls deep in my hole, I could feel it expand and spasm, flooding me with his sperm. Like the first load, this one was buried deep. I pulled off his cock and got on my knees to clean him up, tasting the remnants of his cum, the first guy's load, and my ass juices. At this point my ass needs to rest, so I exit the booth and make a couple of rounds through the arcade to see what goods might be available. There's a fit, very attractive white guy in his late 40s or early 50s that catches my attention. He doesn't seem interested. But as I walk past him, he begins to follow me. So I enter a booth with a rather large square gloryhole, and he enters the adjoining booth. He stands there quietly for a few minutes. I get the sense he's either nervous or waiting for me to stick my cock through the hole. He puts money into the video machine and begins to caress this hardening cock through his pants. I begin to see the outline of what appears to be a very impressive cock. He's wearing a wedding ring too, which ups the hotness factor. After what seems like an eternity (no more than five minutes, of course), he frees the cock from his underwear. Then he pulls down his pants and underwear, revealing not only a thick nine inches but beautiful, hairy muscular legs and a pair of low-hangers. I squat down and motion for him to stick his cock through the gloryhole. He doesn't take the bait. After waiting about a minute, he bends down and says he only wants to fuck my ass, not get sucked. How could I say no to that request?! So I push my ass up to the gloryhole and wait. I hear some rustling in his booth and hear that familiar tearing sound. Is he putting on a condom? If he is, I'd rather leave and get to my hotel. His cock begins to enter my hole. I think it's bare. To confirm, I reach under my balls and glide my fingers up to my hole. He is indeed barebacking me. The sound must have been a lube packet. With the two loads already in my hole plus the lube, his big white cock enters with ease. He picks up the pace and deposits a load within a couple of minutes. This time when he pulls out I feel cum dribble out my now-gaping hole. Next story: I take six BBC and one BWC at the hotel in four hours. Total load count for that night: 11
  10. ohvisit

    Used as anon cum dump

    I placed an ad on Craigslist this afternoon seeking hung tops to load my ass. The scene would be totally anonymous...come into my apartment, slide in my hole, nut, then leave. The first response got me really excited. The guy simply said he was a muscular 26 year old with an 8 inch, very thick cock. Interestingly, his full name was on the message, and I found his Facebook with little effort. My heart skipped a beat when I browsed his photos. Military. Married (to a beautiful woman). Muscular. There were countless shirtless photos. This guy was tall, blonde, gorgeous, and ripped. So we exchanged messages, and it was clear he was committed to dumping his load in me. He asked that the scene be totally anonymous. I would be ass up on the bed, lubed and ready to receive. He wanted me to wear a blindfold so I wouldn't see him (of course he didn't know I already knew what he looked like). And he warned me about his girth...suggested I should popper up when I hear him enter the apartment. So apparently he lives very close to me. Within five minutes of sending him my address, I hear the door open and footsteps ascending the stairs. I hear him remove his shoes, then his pants, t-shirt, and underwear. He grabs the lube next to the bed and begins to jack his cock. In his deep masculine voice, he orders me to take a hit of poppers. I feel the first lubed finger enter my hole, then suddenly two more. He's not wasting any time. He orders me to take a long hit of poppers and says he is ready to fuck. He yanks his fingers out of my hole and within seconds I feel his heavy dick rest between my cheeks. He won't let me touch his dick, but it feels gigantic. Without warning, he guides his cock down my ass and slides his entire huge cock all the way into my ass with one hard push. I blurt out a loud "oh my god" and he smacks my ass hard. He keeps pushing as hard as he can, keeping his cock buried as far into my ass as he can get. My asshole is spasming from his girth. He's hitting my prostate so hard that the pre-cum just keeps leaking from my cock. Though I'm already spinning from the poppers, he leans over and places the bottle under my nose. As I take a long hit, I marvel that I can feel his pecs and abs against my back. This hot, ripped, married military guy has his raw cock in my ass, and I know he's going to breed me. He screws the cap back on the poppers, drops the bottle on the bed, and pulls all the way out. He pulls my cheeks apart and praises me for my now gaping hole. He spits on my hole and shoves in hard once again. This time he pounds my ass, pulling nearly all the way out and slamming back in to the hilt. He keeps up this pace for a good five minutes, and I seriously think I'm going to faint from the assault on my hole and the popper high. He finally slows down. I start to enjoy the pleasure of his gentle pushing and pulling. But that didn't last long. He again pushed his cock as far into me as he could, as hard as he could. I hear the bottle of poppers open, and he takes a big hit. His cock noticeably swells in my ass. He feverishly begins to slam his cock in and out of my hole. His breathing gets heavy, and I can tell he's about to blow. "Where do you want me to cum, man?" "Do you want me to breed that ass?" "You want my load up that pussy?" My mind is on overdrive. This fucking hot military guy is about to shoot his sperm in my hole. I'm going to be bred. With one loud grunt, he buries his cock deep in my ass. I feel his cock spasm as he shoots that load deep in my bowels. He stays in my hole far longer than I expected, sliding his cock gently in and out. When he finally pulls out, I feel his warm cum run out my hole and down my balls. I hear him walk to the other side of the bed, and his thick hands grab the sides of my head. He orders me to lick his cock clean. I can taste the remnants of cum, and I inhale the subtle smell of my ass. He backs away and gets dressed. Then he tells me to stay on the bed until I hear the door close. I can't believe this has just happened. But then I thought I should check my messages again. Nothing too promising, so I check Grindr. This handsome black 20 year old college student asks if I'd be down for an anonymous fuck. The moment I got his cock pic I agreed. He was packing at least nine inches. For a moment I wondered if the pic might be fake, but I was willing to take a chance. Like the military stud, this guy lives close. Less than five minutes after I sent my address, he's standing behind me, fully erect and ready to go. He's no nonsense. Lubes up and starts pushing in. Thankfully I was loosened up from earlier, but I took a hit of poppers to make the entry easier. His cock is not as thick...but it feels like he's actually longer than nine. I don't feel his balls against my ass, so he's not all the way in. The pain is quite intense at this point, and I put my hands on his legs to stop him for a minute. After a minute or two, I take another hit of poppers. He takes the cue and pushes all the way in. It might be deepest I've ever felt a cock in my ass. So I ask him, "How big is that thing?" His response: 10.5 inches! Damn, I'm really fucked. How the hell can I take this cock when it already hurts this much? He clearly didn't care if it hurt because he grabbed my hips and began to aggressively fuck my hole. He wasn't gentle at all. He'd pull back until only a couple of inches were in my ass, then slam all the way in until his low hanging balls slapped against my ass. He got into a rhythm, and as my ass began to froth from the previous load, the sound of his balls slapping my ass got louder. And the longer he fucked me, the filthier his words got. "You want my black seed, you white whore?" "You love this black cock, white boy?" "You want this big black cock to breed you?" The questions continued, and then he pushed deep. "Fuck, fuck, fuck.....I'm gonna breed your white hole." And with that, I feel that long black cock quiver deep in my ass, filling me up with his seed. He abruptly pulls all the way out. Before I can clamp my ass closed, the cum rushes out. I feel it run down my balls, onto my cock, dripping onto the sheets. How much cum did I have up there?! After he leaves, I take a hit of poppers and finger my hole, lapping up the cum that coats my fingers. I start jerking off, and as I get closer to orgasm, I try to push out more cum. I hear a plop as cum streams to the floor. I bend down and lick it up, savoring the taste of the cum from these two anonymous guys.
  11. I'm usually a total bottom, but tonight I pigged out with another bottom. I posted an ad for a sex party on BBRT, hoping to host some hung tops and take loads up my ass. With only two responses and no confirmation from either guy, I deleted the ad. Disappointed? Yes, but there was an ad that caught my attention. This hot, muscular 28 year old bottom had lined up more than 20 guys to load his ass. Considering how hot his smooth white ass looked in his photos, it wasn't surprising so many guys wanted to drop their loads in him. The more I thought about his ass, the more I wanted to fuck him. So, I requested to join his party. Within 30 seconds, he confirmed and sent me the name of the hotel and his room number. It's a torturous 20 minute walk from my hotel to his (we're both on a business trip apparently). The hotel is older and quite small, perhaps ten rooms on each floor. I walk past the front desk and take the elevator to the fourth floor. The door to his room is right in front of the elevator, and the door is ajar. I open the door, and there on the bed is this beautiful athletic/muscular white guy with his ass in the air ready to be fucked. I get a glimpse of his face, slightly scruffy and so sexy. His beautiful ass is framed by a jockstrap, making the scene even hotter. As he huffs away on poppers, he shakes his beefy smooth ass and says, in his deep voice, "fuck me." I'm mesmerized by his ass and want to finger his hole before I fuck him. One finger slides in his hole, and it's clear he's been fucked several times already. His hole is red and gaping open. I can feel the cum, and when I remove my finger, it is slimy. As he turns and looks at me, I lick my finger. He moans and begs me to fuck him. Knowing how badly he wanted my cock, I couldn't hold back my desire to rim him first. So I pull his ass checks apart and forcefully shove my tongue in his hole. He starts pushing the loads out, and my mouth gets filled with the cum of countless guys who had fucked him. He continues to push, and even more cum flows out. It was totally unexpected...and so fucking hot. Just as I was standing up to fuck him, in walks a hot scruffy guy in his early 20s. The guy pulls off his pants and tugs on his cock until it's fully erect--an impressive thick 8 inches. He moves closer to the bottom, so I step out of his way and watch as he plows the bottom's ass. The fucker takes a long hit of poppers, picks up his pace, and then suddenly stops balls-deep in the bottom. He abruptly pulls out, and the bottom moans deeply. After the guy leaves, I spread the bottom's ass cheeks and again stick my tongue in his hole. The fucker's fresh, warm load was huge. The bottom pushed very hard this time, and out popped even more cum. I seriously think the bottom had taken at least a dozen loads, if not more. By this point, I need to bust my nut, so I stand up, push my cock all the way into his hole with one thrust, and breed him. The bottom pushes out my load, commenting on how big it is. I see it running down his crack, onto his balls that are now hanging out of his jock, and even onto one of his legs. I can tell he's tempting me to eat his hole again. Unable to resist my own urges, I aggressively push my tongue in hole as deep as I can get it, eating out my own load. Before I pull up my pants and leave, I position my lips over his hole and suck hard. He pushes once again and farts out even more cum. He messaged me a few hours later to say he took 20 more loads. If only I had been there to eat them out.
  12. A young guy who looked familiar showed up on my Facebook feed in "People You May Know." I scrolled through the Facebook entry for a while and finally figured out I had messed around with him a few years ago. The first time we met was when he replied to my posting on Craigslist. We agreed to meet in the secluded, locking, basement restroom of the university science building. The guy was hot, maybe 22 or 23 years old, 5' 8", dark brown hair, and a thick muscular build. I also remember his legs were muscular and very firm. After we entered the restroom, he locked the door, immediately unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, and sucked my painfully erect seven inch cock, taking the entire length until I could feel the stubble of his light beard rub against my balls. As he continued to deep throat my cock, pushing me ever closer to on edge, he lowered his pants and stroked his cock. The girth of his seven inches was impressive. After a couple minutes he abruptly stopped sucking, stood-up and with no further segue, forcibly shoved his tongue in my mouth. Talk about a passionate random hookup. Then he again abruptly stopped, grabbed me by the shoulders, spun me around, and positioned me bent over the toilet. I felt his hands on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart, followed by his tongue, which, without any subtlety, wormed its way into my hole, rimming me vigorously. He also slid two fingers in my hole so his tongue could get even deeper into my hole. As his tongue flittered deep in my hole, he reached between my legs and stroked my cock, which, by this point, was heavily drooling pre-cum. I found myself involuntarily (and loudly) moaning, even as I struggled not to cum. After a good ten minutes of intense rimming, he stopped, retrieved a bottle of poppers from his pocket, saying "Take a couple of deep hits." As I complied, he spit-lubed his cock, also spreading spit onto my hole. My head was spinning from the poppers as I felt his cock head rub against my hole. "Take another hit of poppers," he insisted. Again I complied, and just as I finished screwing on the lid, he pushed the full length of his cock in my ass, and, without pause, began churning his dick in my ass. I could actually feel his balls hit my cheeks. The initial pain was intense but quickly turned to pleasure. He suddenly pulled all the way out, dropped to his knees, and rimmed me again, and again, after a minute or so, he stood and again shoved his cock into my hole. Then he began hard-fucking me. Five minutes of ferocious ramming ensued, followed by a lengthy pause when he held still, his cock lodged deep in my ass. I could tell his cock was throbbing, but I wasn't quite sure, and asked "Did you cum?" "Not yet," he replied, as he again handed me the poppers, again recommending "You'd better take some more hits and get ready for a real pounding." I took very deep hits, and no sooner had finished when, true to his word, he slammed all the way in, furiously pounding me for a good ten minutes. He was so forceful it was hard to remain standing. Then he slowed his pace a bit as I heard the bottle of poppers open, and he took a long deep hit, after which he thrust his cock into my hole hard, three or four times, before announcing, "Yes, yes, I'm going breed you!" I could feel his cock pulse in my hole. As he slowly pulled out, he told me to tighten my ass so his cum wouldn't leak out. He lifted me up and kissed me deeply. Then he bent over and ordered me to rim him. His muscular ass was smooth, and his hole was beautifully perfect--like he had never even been fucked before. He told me to stroke my cock as my tongue explored his ass. After only a couple of minutes of probing his amazing ass, I needed to cum. He sensed I was getting close and dropped to his knees, deep throating my cock. The cum burst out of my cock into his mouth. He swallowed my entire load. I assumed our play date in the basement restroom was over, but he turned me around and shoved his tongue up my hole. It soon became clear he wanted to eat his load out of my hole. He told me to push out the load. As I pushed, I felt the globs of cum run out, and he licked up every drop. This was seriously one of the hottest scenes I ever experienced. I remember standing there in the restroom, startled, breathless, and amazed at what happened. I also remember that after he had felched all his cum out of my hole, he stood-up, and again slid his still hard cock into my ass. I think we both wincing from the lack of lube, so after he took another hit, he pushed the poppers under my nose, and as my hole relaxed, he fucked me again, this time, however, somewhat more slowly, sliding gently all the way out and pushing back in until I could feel his balls smack my ass. After about five minutes, he pushed his cock all the way and held it there, filling my hole with his second load. We both washed up at the sink, and he gave me a kiss before we departed ways. About a week later he emailed me and said we should meet at his apartment. He wanted me to fuck him this time, but he had one request: his front door would be unlocked, I would let myself in, and I would find him in position on his bed, blindfolded. He also asked that I be as quiet as possible so he wouldn't know I had even entered. When I arrived at his place, I removed my shoes and clothing at the foot of the private staircase that gave entrance to his apartment, and then very, very quietly climbed the staircase where I found him completely naked on the bed with his beautiful ass presented for my pleasure. I licked his hole, my tongue exploring his entire butt. He shuddered, clearly not expecting my sudden presence in the room. He took a hit of poppers and his hole immediately relaxed, allowing my tongue deeper entrance. I could taste another load of warm cum, which let me know had been recently fucked. Still his hole was so tight there wasn't any other apparent evidence another cock has just been in his ass, so I asked "How recently were you fucked?" Unprepared for my question, he replied "I took three loads in the past two hours." I positioned my tongue over his hole and told him to push out the loads. On the initial push a huge glob of cum hit my tongue, which I did not hesitate to swallow. Then I felt several more streams of cum on my tongue. I spit that cum on my hand and lubed up my cock. Knowing he was about to get fucked, he took a few hits of poppers. With one push, my entire cock slid up his hole. He let out a loud whimper and begged me to fuck him. I fucked him hard for ten minutes, repeatedly pulling my cock all the way out, pausing, and shoving it back in to the hilt. The final time I pulled out I told him to take a good long hit of poppers. As he did, I shoved two fingers up his tight hole and slid my cock in at the same time. He yelped in pain so I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Shut the fuck up, slut, and take my cock." I put my hand over his mouth and rammed my cock even harder. Then I pulled my hand away and demanded he beg for my cum. He did as he was told. "Please, please cum in me. Breed me. I want your load." After a few minutes of his begging, I couldn't hold back: that handsome young slut got my load deep in his ass, the fourth load he had taken that day. This scenario was repeated every week for about three months, but then his e-mails abruptly stopped, and he didn't respond to my messages for months. When he finally did respond, it was to explain he had moved to another city for a job and had not had time to hook up with anyone. To this day I can remember his beautiful muscular ass and the awesome taste of the multiple loads of cums I ate from his ass.
  13. Last night I posted an ad on CL looking for tops to breed me through one of the gloryholes at the local adult bookstore. About an hour after posting, a recently divorced man in his early 40s replied with a pic of his cock. It didn't look that impressive, but what the hell, I could check out the arcade anyway even if this one doesn't work out. When I walked into the arcade, there were only two guys. One was clearly over 60, and the other guy was a tall, beefy dark-haired guy that fit the description of the guy who had responded to my CL ad. I went into a booth with a larger gloryhole, and he went into the other booth. In less than a minute after entering, he pushed a super thick 8" cock through the hole. I couldn't believe how impressive his cock was. I attempted to suck his cock, but after five minutes, my mouth couldn't handle the girth. Spitting on my fingers a couple of times, I lubed up my ass as best I could. Had I anticipated his cock would be this big, I would have brought some lube. Before I slid my ass down on that cock, I took three long hits of poppers. He pulled his cock back through the hole just as I was positioned my ass over it. I grabbed his cock and lined up his cockhead with my ass. He pushed hard and the entire eight inches slid up my hole. I felt his balls smack against my ass. I had to concentrate hard to not scream. He didn't give me any time to adjust to the pain of that huge cock. In and out, he pulled out and slammed in forcefully. This man had stamina. After what must have been 10 minutes of piston fucking my ass, he slammed in hard and held it there for 5 minutes, churning his cock slowly in my ass. Maybe he had cum? Then he started piston fucking me again. This went on for another 10 minutes. My hole was getting dry by this point and the hard fucking started to hurt. Suddenly he pushed in and held his cock deep in my ass. He stood without moving for a few minutes, and then I felt his cock grow in my ass and twitch. I could feel him cumming. He pulled out slowly. I pushed a finger up my ass and felt his huge load. I went into a private booth so I could push out his load. On the first attempt, out squirted a palm full of cum, which I lapped up eagerly. I repeated this two more times, jerking myself off with the final wad of cum from my ass.
  14. I posted an ad on Craigslist seeking anonymous loads, and about half an hour later received a response from a young guy (now in his late 20s) who regularly loaded me up a few years earlier, but I hadn't heard from him as he had moved out of state. Anyhow, he had recently moved back to the city, and his response to my ad intrigued me. He asked if I would be interested in loading up a cute, early 20s Latino cum dump? I agreed, on the condition that my old acquaintance agreed to fuck me and blow his load in my ass while I fucked the young Latino. He agreed. I arrived at the Latino's house about ten minutes early. I had understood he'd be ass up and ready whenever I arrived, and indeed when I walked into the bedroom he was was ass-up, but a hot, young, very hung hipster was pounding his ass. I moved closer to the hipster and ran my hand under his balls, feeling his raw cock slide in and out of the Latino's well-lubed hole. The Latino had clearly been loaded up several times already that night. The smell of cum permeated the room, and it was running out of his hole as the hipster fucked him. I ran my hands up and down the hipster's muscular thighs and then grazed his lightly furry ass with my hands. He picked up his speed and called out, "I'm gonna cum. Yeah I'm gonna shoot in you." I grabbed his balls and ran my hand along his shaft as he unloaded in the Latino. He pulled out slowly, and I quickly bent down and licked the cum and ass juices off his spent cock. After he left, I leaned over, pulled the Latino's ass cheeks apart, and sucked out the fresh load. As I pushed my tongue deeper, I was treated to other loads. The Latino moaned loudly and begged me to fuck him. I stood up and shoved my cock all the way in one hard push, my balls resting against his ass. Although he had been fucked at least three or four times, he moaned loudly as I pulled all the way out and shoved my cock as hard as I could back into his ass. As I was getting close to blowing my load, my late 20-something fuck buddy walked in, stepped up behind me, and began to rub his thick hard cock against my ass. I had forgotten the thick girth of his cock: it was around eight inches long and a good five inches in circumference. He spit on his cock and pushed it right up my ass without any lube or extra spit. The pain was intense, but no way in hell was I going to ask him to stop or pull out. Instead I pushed my cock as far as it would go up the Latino's ass, and as my fuck buddy started to slam his thick rod in and out of my hole, I did the same to the Latino. After about five minutes, I couldn't hold back and busted my nut up the Latino's ass. "Suck out my load," my buddy ordered, so I leaned over and slid my tongue up the Latino's hole until I tasted my cum. After ten minutes of hard fucking my fuck buddy suddenly stopped, balls-deep in my ass at that point. I could feel his cock pulse in my ass. He didn't need to say anything - I knew he was cumming deep in my hole. He pulled out fast and the cum oozed out my hole, down my leg. I reached back with my hand and gathered what I could, licking it off. As I drove back home, I continued to finger my hole and lick the cum off. My old fuck buddy wants to load me up in these settings on a regular basis, and mentioned he wanted to fuck me under the stall in a restroom at university. I can't wait to take his cock again. This guy always delivers a huge load.
  15. Placed an ad on CL looking to meet up with hung college guys in a public restroom at university. This 20 year old BBC with a thick 8 inches messages me to say he's interested and wants to meet within the next hour. He said he only wants blown. Disappointing, of course, but I was not going to turn down an opportunity to suck that big cock and swallow his load. He's right on time. Enters the stall next to me, taps his foot, and then whispers for me to meet him in the back handicap stall. I open the stall door, and there stands this tall, athletic young and very attractive black guy. He pulls out his impressive cock, and it grows even bigger as he strokes it. I bend down to take that cock in my mouth, realizing quickly that his large girth is going to make sucking difficult. One minute passes and I feel him reach around and rub my ass. Suddenly I feel a wet finger enter my hole, then a second finger. He spit on his fingers and continued to probe me, going as deep as he could. Then he grabbed me roughly by the hips, turned me around, and forced me to bend over. I heard him spit in his hand, and then he rammed his hard cock balls deep into my ass. The pain was intense. I had to bite my lip to not scream or even whimper. Without any pause, he pummeled my hole with that massively thick black cock, ramming it in and out as hard as he could. When he finally slowed down the pace, he pulled all the way out, softly rubbed his cock head against my hole, then forced his cock back in my ass all the way in one push. This continued for at least 10 minutes until someone entered the restroom. I got paranoid and thought we should at least make it less obvious what we were doing in that stall, but the fucking continued--quieter and gentler, though that BBC was still deep in my hole. After the other guy finally left, he really started to pound my ass. Hard, fast, and nonstop for another 10 minutes. By this point, my ass is sore, and I'm starting to feel I can't take anymore. But then he starts to breathe harder and asks if I want his cum. Of course I do! "Cum in my ass." "Yeah breed me with that black cock." He moans and slams his cock as deep as it will go in my ass. I feel his cock tremble in my hole. He's shooting his hot load deep, and I can feel it. He gently pulls out. The head of his cock is covered in frothy cum. Before I can lick it off, he wipes it clean with his hand. About 20 minutes later, I get a message asking if I'm clean. Apparently he didn't anticipate fucking my ass. But what BBC could turn down a chance to cream in a smooth white ass?

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