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  1. rawlondonfuck

    Folsom Sep 2018

    Definitely up for breeding your neg hole Bbbottomchaserslut. You're bound to get pozzed in Berlin!
  2. rawlondonfuck

    Folsom Sep 2018

    Well flights are booked and hotel near Schoenberg is sorted. Can only make Fri-Sun, but will be there for Biohazard, Fickstutenmarkt and whatever other nasty breeding sessions I can find.
  3. rawlondonfuck

    Folsom Sep 2018

    I'm planning a sex fuelled trip to Berlin in 2018. I want to do the Fickstutenmarkt again and try out a Biohazard party, but the only time these are on the same weekend is during Folsom in Sep 2018. Will they still be any good or will more people got to Folsom own events? Are there any other decent bare parties? The Coffe and Cream website appears to be dead? Have they stopped running?
  4. hey man... thank you for following....looking forward to talking with you. 

  5. rawlondonfuck

    London trip

    As Dickmagnet says, the heath if the weathers good. if not chariots vauxhall after club throw out time. SBN on the sunday.
  6. rawlondonfuck

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Slutty-twink-bottom-wants-it-rough-24583701 Twink gets bred after telling the top to cum on his hole :-p
  7. You need a keycard to get from the lifts/stairwell onto each floor of Vauxhall travelodge, but most guys drop a door stop or tape over the latch with clear sellotape so it appears shut even though it isn't locked. Being a travelodge there's fuck all staff around to notice or check and it has the advantage of reception being in the basement so guys don't have to walk past it.
  8. Ibis Euston - certainly used to be able to walk straight and into the lifts. No locks on stairwells when I was last there.
  9. rawlondonfuck

    How To Obtain Prep In The Uk/europe

    Berlinboi are you paying for the private testing dean street do for the drug level on http://getprep.uk/prep-clinic-prices/ ?
  10. rawlondonfuck

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    [Link to pirated porn deleted. Member warned.] Luv the fit twink bttm in this
  11. rawlondonfuck


    Anyone know a reliable source of viagra in London or Brighton, UK?

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