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    Came out when living in Europe (Germany, Holland and France) as a young man. Lived in the Washington DC area most of my life.
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    Got filmed at Steamworks Berkely in 1999 but I've never seen the clip. Was a stripper in DC as a younger man (La Cage). A DC poz couple filmed me getting fucked and bred by them (see profile pic)
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    eating ass and getting fucked. Love cumdumpery.

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  1. The Cumunion website says they will return to CCBC Saturday, July 24th.
  2. Pig Week 2021 - The Leather Inn is completely booked from Nov 26 to Dec 6 (except for the dungeon). Where are alternative piggy places to stay during this time?
  3. Troye Jacobs getting bred, from Colby Knox [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f9b23cf8b08b
  4. Breeding slutty boy hole although no proof thereof in the clip
  5. Monsieur getting his beefy butt fucked
  6. WOOF !    Barebacking - Seeding Poz Juices - Only way - group sex !    

  7. Jerome James bangs Nick Danner
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