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    Came out when living in Europe (Germany, Holland and France) as a young man. Lived in the Washington DC area most of my life.
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    Got filmed at Steamworks Berkely in 1999 but I've never seen the clip. Was a stripper in DC as a younger man (La Cage). A DC poz couple filmed me getting fucked and bred by them (see profile pic)
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    eating ass and getting fucked. Love cumdumpery.

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  1. Jerome James getting bred by Anthony Austain
  2. Dillon Anderson loading up Nate Grimes Dillon Anderson loading up Nate Grimes Dillon actually cums in Nate's ass here
  3. Jerome James getting fucked before work
  4. Jerome James sucking and getting fucked
  5. Alam Wernick gets bred again by Dillon Anderson Double yum!
  6. Daniel Hausser and five friends playing around Porn or not? Almost not sex, sort of Gay boy innocent, just Daniel Hausser and five guys playing around in a pool out West. Butt does get licked, dick is sucked and at least one guy gets fucked but this is more like innocent playing around after party at a pool. And what Gay guy ilving in or visiting LA/LV/out West hasn't done that?
  7. Jerome James licking his master's feet and getting his hole filled
  8. Jerome James getting fucked in a sling and couch
  9. Jerome James getting pounded in a bike garage
  10. This is a Jess Royan/Crunchboy video that is over an hour long and does not have locked down access like most of the Crunchboy videos on xtube. However there is something wrong with the sound (like it was recorded slowed down). Jordan Dawson and Fabien get gangbanged during the Biohazard Party during 2017 Berlin Hustlaball The thing is that this was not posted by Jess Royan or Crunchboy but by someone else (who looks like they might be associated with the Hustlaball parties). So it could be a bootleg thing although that shouldn't be true since it's easy to find, it's been up
  11. Hotel Gangbang Breeding [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hotel-gangbang-breeding-42394201 I've got to get some of this
  12. Jerome James getting trained
  13. Jerome James and another little twink hole getting fucked by at least three tops
  14. Jerome James in a 3-some Jerome James in a 3-some
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