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    Came out when living in Europe (Germany, Holland and France) as a young man. Lived in the Washington DC area most of my life.
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    Got filmed at Steamworks Berkely in 1999 but I've never seen the clip. Was a stripper in DC as a younger man (La Cage). A DC poz couple filmed me getting fucked and bred by them (see profile pic)
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    eating ass and getting fucked. Love cumdumpery.

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  1. Europeans use it (or used it) a lot.
  2. I got fucked and bred 7 times at Cumunion at Club Philly last night (October 16 - and three more times on Sunday). Even so, last night was a little strange - I arrived at 11 pm but basically little was going on - very much not like previous Cumunions. Around midnight I got into a sling in the dungeon and almost immediately, this man homes in on my ass with his dick like a cruise missile. I wasn't really loosened up and had to push back a bit at first. Then he took turns fucking me and the guy in the other sling, breeding me in the end. He even told me that he'd be back for me later, A pretty good start I thought. But basically other people were just mostly milling around. Then, at 2 am, almost like a switch was thrown, the dungeon got this huge influx of people and piggy fucking began. This lasted until about 6 am. However mostly the people in the dungeon after the fucking really started were fucking a very specific group of people. After awhile of no more dick up my ass I went to my room and got on all fours with my ass pointed at the door. That worked - I was fucked three or four times over a couple of hours that way.
  3. I have to admit that my 12 hr ass eating record was because I was whacked (I had no idea that so much time had passed) although the guy whose ass I ate the entire time was super-fine and his hole was choice ...
  4. Where are the best cumunion/orgy spots for bottoms east of the Mississippi? Thanks!
  5. Hot! I have been a red-hood mare at Horse Market a few times. Love it. I was at the July filming (#156), and had a great time. Got fucked really good. After a bit, I was gangbanged HARD and deep, and was bred 7-8 times. I lost count, but I think maybe 12-13 stallions fucked me relentlessly. I loved every second.. My ass was dripping cum for quite a while! I can’t wait for the next Horse Market.

    The rest of the time, I frequent a couple clubs and theaters, which are deliciously sleazy, and always Steamworks. Love getting bred at the gloryholes at Steamworks. Sometimes I’ll park my naked self in the public sling and usually wind up with 7 or more fat cumloads in my little ass. I never ever turn down a raw fuck and cumload.4188CBAE-E215-40BA-9AD0-DE84C10399A7.thumb.jpeg.a3f961aec7ea1086ca7ba6948c347576.jpeg2231C74E-5A94-45A0-BDBF-5DB24637D9D0.thumb.jpeg.72057c0f28f7453bb42ff03e3c811749.jpeg

  6. Steamworks Berkeley is also enforcing the same no bag rules as in Chicago. Does Steamworks Berkeley also have vending machines with lube, poppers, enema shots, etc. or are these reasonably available at reception or another place within the club? Thinking of flying out for Cumunion ...
  7. 10-4-21 - 6pm - Erotixx in Münster - I'll keep my pussy there until 8 pm 🙂
  8. Saturday morning October 2nd (10-2-21) after 3 pm - Pornokino Lippetal Novum - Pornotheater Lippetal Novum (Lippetal is a super tiny village) - I would gladly give you my cellnumber in advance so that you can be certain that I'm not a fake and that I will be there - I'll only wear a mask and gagball, otherwise I'll be naked, anyone can breed me until cum runs down my legs ... age looks and status are unimportant 😘 Drop me a personal message with your cellphone so I can add you to my group for tomorrow:*
  9. Everywhere in the USA is unsafe. However one can get killed in "safer" countries as well. Practically no one gets raped in a bathhouse anywhere. However sometimes people can be given drugs without their knowledge (this may have happened to me in June when I had a strange experience in a bathhouse). More likely someone takes a drug that messes them up or worse (esp. now with fentanyl contaminating drugs). Most bathhouses are in sketchy places. However, from memory since I haven't been there is years now, Steamworks in Berkely is not in an unsafe place. You could easily take a cab there. Almost no one will harm you there intentionally so by that standard it is "safe". Of course you could get a sexually transmitted illness. This is actually inevitable if you get fucked or start fucking. Most people don't let that stop them.
  10. So after a month in Paris I will answer my own question. IDM is the place to go to. But it tends to be relatively slow except on Thursdays, maybe Fridays and Sundays. Sundays, particularly opening (10/11 am) to 4 pm, are the day to go to IDM, when it becomes a "sexual paradise" (the exact term a French-North-African Parisian young man used the last time I was there). This does have another side: I have seen 5-10 guys literally line up to fuck two asses and often ignore the others. I almost always got fucked at least once when I went (but one time I didn't get fucked but it wasn't a Thursday or Sunday). IDM closes at 1/2 am every day. Sun City: only went once and there was no action for me. It is a kind of almost American style bathhouse and while there was some fucking, mostly guys went there to wait for the metro to open on Sunday morning (or maybe they wake up and fuck on Sunday morning after 5 am). Sun City is in effect a 24 hour (or close to it) sauna on Saturday. Their vaunted backroom doesn't seem to exist now. Secteur X and Full Metal : only went once but didn't get dicked. So for me their didn't measure up. Guys lined up to fuck mostly one guy the night I went to Secteur X. Missed Le Keller (unfortunately) and didn't go to any other clubs.
  11. I was thinking about it but it is a hike.
  12. So can you compare how easy Atlanta is with NYC, Chicago, WDC, SF, SD, Miami or other noted US Gay sex cities?
  13. Thanks! I haven't gotten to Krash or Le Mensch yet and didn't know about One Way. When are the best times to go? Pretty much I've only been successful in IDM so far but I've also only been to IDM, Secteur X and Full Metal. And then only on weekends.
  14. Well I got fucked there at least five times on Sunday a couple of weeks ago and that was mostly me ass up facing the door on the bed.
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