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    Melbourne Australia
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    Raw bb fun with poz viral tops / versatile men
    Neg guys also very welcome
    No load refused. Will flip
    Sleazy slutty cumdump amylpig here
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Started being used at 12 yo
    I’ve been talking raw loads ever since. Never used condoms
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    Only home porn
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    NSA or regular buddies
    Into taboo too ask me on wickr

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    Scruff profile is aussiebtmver

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    Wickr profile is melbcumdump

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  1. Bbrt Cumpigmelb W i c k r for taboos is melbcumdump twiter is Cumpigmelb
  2. Bbrt Cumpigmelb [deleted] for taboos is melbcumdump twiter is Cumpigmelb
  3. Twitter Cumpigmelb [deleted] melbcumdump for [banned word] chat bbrt Cumpigmelb
  4. Melbourne, Wet on Wellington this Sunday 1pm to 5pm cum celebrate world aids day by getting piggy with me. sleazy slutty cumdump hole here I will be in the dark room or in the dead end on the fuck bench
  5. Got my last load from a tradie at the local beat. im going to wet on Wellington sauna Monday noon to 4pm, no load refused. chat me, Wickr melbcumdump or bbrt Cumpigmelb
  6. I wish that had been me in the back corner non stop loads poz viral, poz, unknown, negative no load refused
  7. Going to wet on Wellington tonight Melbourne cum breed me Wickr melbcumdump bbrt Cumpigmelb into some taboos
  8. Bottom versatile here looking for raw fun with tops and versatile men. no load refused. into some taboo bbrt Cumpigmelb wickr melbcumdump Scruff aussiebtmvers
  9. I had 6 cocks in me I got 5 loads. And one at a beat on the way home
  10. Just took a load at the local park now going to club80 for a gang bang multiple tops and versatile men are coming to load me up. no load refused
  11. I will be there today from 1pm to 4pm no load refused
  12. Love being a slutty cumdump used by multiple men no load refused poz viral to front of the line. Bbrt cumdumpmelb wickr melbcumdump
  13. I took 4 loads yesterday gave two. Started out with a very hot top with a huge cock bred me deep then to club80 where I got three more loads. Melbourne Australia bbrt cumpigmelb wickr melbcumdump nothing shocks me. Im into some taboos

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