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    Shrewsbury uk
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    Bareback, watersports,
    Oral,I have a fantasy about being held down and gang raped. Anyone willing to rape me and poz me?
    Mob +447960072273
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    Just tested poz. I'm assuming it was a stealth pozzing, so kudos to the guy who seeded me. I've been really horny since my test , and decided on not taking meds for a couple of months so if anyone wants to try me then my vl will be sky high until I decide to start the meds. Chems accepted too. I'm interested in breeding parties,.Call me +447960072273
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    Never been in porn, but I'm interested in giving it a go.
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    Just tested poz so if any negs want my poz then get in touch

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  1. come to sheffield and bareback me 

  2. Very sexy. Very very sexy.

    Want my load?


    1. subdirtyjohn


      come to sheffield and bareback me 

  3. Poz top available in Shrewsbury for all chasers. Off meds for the last 4 months , so chances of being gifted are reasonably high. Car meets only , bareback only,. If you understand what you're getting into, then please reply with name number and time. I'll get back to you as Soon as possible.
  4. post-27448-0-09252300-1443047807_thumb.jpgpost-27448-0-50864400-1412439405_thumb.jpgVery ready to be filled.

  5. your cumdump network will not come up for those taking anytime at all.\

    MackyJay or Randy

    text messages only 6416911649

    Marshalltown, Iowa-----50 miles from Des Moines NE

    available many times of the day but need at least a days notice to make sure.  Cannot host at my home but have places to take your loads.

    very in shape late 60s----very athletic

    5' 11"


    shave from stomach down

    Love loads in my ass and up for some kink also.  Not into scat, blood, kids, major pain but can take more than most people can, not permanent markings.  Most other things are ok.

    1. Neg4pozcum


      Hi add me again lost contacts 07434617177.

    2. Neg4pozcum


      Neg Hastings  Hi add me again lost contacts 07434617177.

    3. MackyJay


      Man, that is a really old post as haven't had that phone number in a long time now.   it is now 641-844-3878, still text messages only please.   Plus, I now identify myself as: 100% piggie bottom only slut pnp slave for my tops use/abuse for their pleasure.

  6. Hi, I'm Jez. I'd like to post my details on here as a cumdump All loads accepted , poz friendly. Mobile number: +447960072273 Available most times in the shrewsbury area (Sy2). Can't accommodate at the moment can travel reasonable distance. Age 46 Height 5' 6" Weight 76kg (12 stone) Ethnic white
  7. Any guys willing to fuck me and fill me with piss? I'm very poz friendly and available any time in the shrewsbury area
  8. I'll try it if I can find two tops who will fill me to the brim. Any one game to try it on me here in the UK?
  9. Are there any black poz tops willing to arrange a gang / group pozzing party up here in shrewsbury? I realize that most black tops will be escorts so If you can bring some guys over and can guarantee that your loads will take, I'm willing to pay a reasonable price.
  10. Poz me. 07960072273. Shrewsbury chaser if you guarantee itll take then my arse is yours. Brush and rough my hole then fill me with your poz swimmers

  11. Mine is to be grabbed off the street,blindfolded stripped and tied. Then gang raped for hours by anon guys. Then being told that all the men who had me were poz. Then they take the blindfold off and I'm shown what's coming next! In front of me is a black guy who is almost 7 feet tall, holding the fattest and longest cock I've ever seen! Then I'm turned onto my stomach and he immediately rubs his bell end at my hole. Then wow he thrusts really hard into me burying his whole length inside me. It feels so good that I'm sorry when he gives the hardest thrust of all and cums deep inside me. You have no idea how much I want this to happen. So if anyone wants to try dominating me then message me and let's get it done
  12. I'm game for that. I'm happy to be gang fucked, named and displayed on line. As long as the cocks are huge and filling my belly with poz cum. Guys come on and give it to me if you are over here in shrewsbury.
  13. Jez 45 from shrewsbury (UK). SY2 5QT 5 ft 6, 12 stone,white British. Mobile +447960072273. Available most days. Car meets preferred.
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