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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    98% Submissive
    98% Rope bunny
    96% Degradee
    90% Masochist
    89% Exhibitionist
    87% Brat
    87% Non-monogamist
    86% Experimentalist
    84% Slave
    64% Primal (Prey)
    57% Voyeur
    52% Ageplayer
    46% Girl/Boy
    28% Sadist
    20% Pet
    13% Vanilla
    11% Switch
    4% Primal (Hunter)
    4% Rigger
    4% Degrader
    2% Master/Mistress
    2% Dominant
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    1% Brat tamer
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    Have enjoyed my pics and videos taken of me being fucked.
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    I've been flirting with getting pozzed for too long. Been on PrEP, been off it, but never long enough to really be at risk. Plus, it is really hard to find honest, toxic poz dudes willing to do the deed, you know? So, my doctor says I am having some complications from PrEP, kidney function and shit. I had to stop taking it. Lots of warnings about using condoms, yadda yadda. As if.....got a hot load for me?

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  1. Let's hook up and have raw fun in celebration of two adults mutually consenting despite our government's disapproval.
  2. wow  sound like your dr wants you too her knocked up  ☣️


  3. I'm looking for a Dom top who wants to spend New Year's Eve with me at the Crew Club. I'll get one of the larger rooms and you and I will party with other horny fuckers into the new year. I am only interested in raw bareback action, no questions asked. You'll find d that I can be sensual or wild, whatever you want.
  4. My nipples used to be quite small and insensitive. After several years of play, they have become fairly large and prominent, poking through most shirts I wear. They are also sensitive enough that rough play with them gives me an erection or otherwise enhances sex p!ay. Has anyone else had the same experience? What do you do to your nips? What really makes them sensitive?
  5. Hey, I'm looking for a bareback top to go to MAL at least one night with me, this year. If interested, HMU and we'll discuss.
  6. would love to impregnate your hole by my massive unmedicated poz meat

    1. gaynevets


      I'd love to be filled with toxic swimmers!

  7. I'm a bottom but there are so many out there that I feel the need to top just to be able to have sex. Are there any bottoms here who have managed to make the switch to topping and, if so, what did you do to put yourself in the right frame of mind?
  8. It gets even better! I only started doing this recently. I'm 52. Keep that in mind. Last night after almost two hours of intense edging, I pulled out the sound and stroked to completion. Didn't take many! I blew a huge load, and I think a little piss, all the way up to my forehead. Here's the good part! I woke up around 1am, hard and horny, and stroked out another load, just plain old jerking off. Felt great, man! Woke up at 6am, hard and horny again! Gave up that last half hour of sleep in favor of another orgasm ? Three times in about seven hours. Cost me so e sleep, but
  9. Jesus! I've recently begun masturbating with a sound inserted into my cock. Holy fuck, is it intense! I also use two silicone cock rings, one around the base of my cock and one around my balls. Poppers and nipple clamps round out the fun ? But the sound is the main thing! It keeps me hard for as long as I care to jerk off, which is running close to two hours now. And it keeps me from cumming until I remove it. I can bring myself to slightly over the edge of an orgasm, continuously, and not cum or go soft. I imagine it's what women feel like when they have multiple orgasms! And when I
  10. Nothing like the Glorious. There are a few out of the way spots but you'd see and be seen. Maybe try wearing a blindfold and kneeling somewhere? Pretty clear signal. Sorry, that's all I got.
  11. Ok, let me just say that the new venue, the Crew Club, is awesome! Great facility, clean, lots of amenities, secure lockers, steam and sauna, private rooms, slings, plenty of action, actual work out facilities separate from the "recreational areas", a d a really great, friendly staff! Compared to the old venue, it's like going to a fantastic steak house, finally, after years of only eating at McDonald's. Whether you go for CumUnion or just to have fun, I highly recommend the Crew Club on 14th Street in DC! Note: parking is a bitch. There's a garage not too far off 15th and K. A
  12. Try the Green Lantern off 14th Street NW. It's in an alley off 14th.
  13. I will be the big, tall guy with glasses wearing a pink jock and with "FAG" cut (not written) into his right, inner thigh.
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