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  1. had the chance to get pozzed some times but always refused because i was afraid. now there is this hot guy who wants to tear my ass with a toothbrush and then convert me with his high viral load i love bareback and cum in my ass and think i will get pozzed sooner or later but still not sure if i should let him do it
  2. I had the chance to get fucked by poz guys few times but always didnt go for it because i was afraid. I love bare sex and get breed.. Now there is this super cute und cool guy who wants to fuck me, but he only fucks raw and is poz. I know he is undetectable but he wants to fuck me at a poz fuck party and wants other guys to fuck me should i go for it?
  3. yeah it is really hot to think about it and i really want it.. maybe i will take it
  4. there is this top with a vl of 150.000 who wants to fuck and cum in me. he is really nice and has an amazing cock. i really want to fuck bare with him but i am little scared of his high vl
  5. I loose my health but I really want his cock
  6. Yeah i really have the desire of getting pozzed but still afraid of consequences
  7. There is a really sweet and nice guy who wants to fuck me. His VL is 100.000 so very toxic
  8. didnt had much time for sex unfortunatly last time so still neg but i will try my very best
  9. and i want to get poz to not worry about the loads i take so i can be a real pig
  10. yeah we want to use a cruel condom, so my ass will bleed very much
  11. my pozzer has a viral load of 100 000 is that high and will he poz me with that?
  12. a top with a VL of 100 000 wants to put his load into my mouth, i think i will go for it not mouth, i meant ass. so horny cannot think clearly
  13. I stayed neg but now i will try to get as many poz cum as possible
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