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  1. 53. all poz cum, UD but still poz cum shooting in my ass
  2. why do you want a big gaping hole? All the guys I've had fuck me want tight. Yeah, it hurts at first , but ride the cock in you and the pain becomes pleasure.
  3. first time was with my brother I was 13 he was 14 called me in his room asked me to jack him off. I did, then said suck it. I did, came in my mouth just as mom walked into the room. I swallowed. Was hooked for life on the taste of cum. Mom made me move my bedroom upstairs instead of in the room next to my brother. Next relative was my girl cousin, spending the night at grandmas, she came in asked if I wanted a blow job. Of course, she blew me, I came in her mouth, she swallowed and went back to her room. Never brought up or repeated. I can't imagine having sex with my dad let alone my grandfather. That thought makes me heave.
  4. I've got a poz u/d boyfriend and he's been fucking me raw and cumming in me for over two years and I'm still neg. My doctor said I should get tested once a year just to play it safe but according to all the data, as long as b/f remains undetectable, I've got nothing to worry about. And it's fucking hot to be getting fucked raw by someone with HIV, no greater feeling than when he comes inside me.
  5. Fill me up only, or don't bother. Sometimes my b/f fucks me for 20-30 minutes and then stops and says he'll give me his cum when he fucks me later in the day. That's ok=means I'm getting fucked twice in one day, but damn, I want his hot poz ud cum in me every time.
  6. I was in a long term relationship since the 80's but travelled two or three times a year and always went to the baths when available across the country. Then when we moved to Hawaii and had sex at all the natural places here and was probably fucked about twice a week. Later found out that most of them were POZ. So I'd say over the 30 years, I had maybe 250-300 raw sex experiences and am still negative and NEVER even got an STD. I've never had the flu or even a cold. Must have a great immune system. Currently with a POZ/UD man who fucks me almost daily. According to the studies, I'll never catch HIV from him. It's still exciting though, getting fucked bareback by a POZ guy.
  7. my bf's armpits and asshole after a day out in the sun gardening or whatever. Total sensory overload after he's fucked me (So i've got hot POZ UD cum in my ass) while hes jacking me with one hand and my face buried in his hairy, sweaty underarm and explode in an amazing orgasm. Must be the phermones in his sweat that turns me on so much.
  8. psylenc1. Come back and tell us how it went!
  9. Damn, I must have hooked up with the wrong black dudes. One was a pencil dick, long, but not enormous and thin as a pencil, I had to cross my legs to feel it. Not enjoyable. The second was short and fat. I love fat cock but also enjoy some lenght to a dick. I feel I was robbed. Not all BBC are long and thick and fill you up. Just as not all white cock does it either. One day I'd love a long thick black poz cock to rape my hole but from past experiences, it may be just a fantasy
  10. I've been bred by two black guys in my life. One was a pencil dick, long but not at all thick. Not very enjoyable. The other was short and thick., better than thiin and long, but again, not that enjoyable. I was wanting a BBC but 2 out of 2 it didn't happen. Black dick isn't always big and thick, nor is white dick but at least with white dick there's no disappointment in expectations
  11. it's one thing to have Breeding Zone on your screen, ;most won't know what it is or connect the dots. Poz pigs on the other hand is kind of obvious. For the semi in the closet folks on here, I'd like the new name to be not so out there.
  12. I was around 13 or 14, first thing in me was a friends dick. After that it was anything shaped like a dick. Went through many a cucumber, zucchini, candle and everything else. Got my first dildo at 18, a big one, which got me thinking if I could fist myself so I did. Now it's my b/fs poz UD dick and tongue going in and out every other day. Still get a hard on when I see a cucumber though...
  13. I'd hate to see breeding zone go away. :-(
  14. Nice ass. Makes me wish I was a top

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