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  1. it was a childhood friend, same age. The guy across the street said "Tim likes to suck dick so if you want to get your dick sucked, go see Tim" I thought, if he likes to suck dick, maybe he likes his dick sucked too. So I knocked on Tim's door, his mom answered and said Tim's upstairs. I touched his cock through his pants and said can we play? We went into the attic and had a sword fight with our hard cocks and then we turned around and did a 69. My first cock. I savored every minute of having that in my mouth. It was amazing, I couldn't get enough. He didn't come then, I think we got interrupted but we had many hot sessions. My first orgasm was in his mouth. Since every kid in the neighborhood knew Tim liked to suck dick, I hung out with him and got to suck all the neighbors. Then one day I was sucking Tim's dick and I saw crabs. Turned me off and didn't suck him again, but by then every kid in the neighborhood knew I sucked dick too.
  2. Happened to me once. Nice big cock fucked me for awhile and had an incredible orgasm (or so it seemed) I went into the bathroom to expel and nothing came out. I asked him if he came and he swore it did. Who knows, I dated him for awhile and stuck to blow jobs so I knew he came.
  3. wondering why the 53 seroconversions haven't made the news. Adherence is important obviously, but if it's not working when adhering, it should be let known
  4. I'd love to get fucked with a PA
  5. No, it doesn't hurt during....at least for me. I only feel the pleasure
  6. Crabs first. Saw them on a buddy I was blowing, then started itching at a birthday party. Went home and put the dog shampoo Hartz on my pubes. Did that for several days and they were gone. I was 14 I think. Fast forward 8 years and I got Gono in my ass, then my mouth, went to Greece and infected countless guys on Mykonos and Santorini, came home and got the shot. Had gono one more time since then but it's been about 35 years since I've had anything and I'm not a virgin or using any protection. Luck I guess...
  7. I've had two black cocks fuck me. One was average size, one was small. What am I doing wrong???
  8. No condom of any sex goes into my asshole
  9. I love the smell and taste of urine, though I'm not a piss pig, I'll occasionally have a glass of piss
  10. that first sweet thrust into my hole and then feeling him shooting his hot load into me deep
  11. My poz UD husband has been filling me with his poz cum for 4 years now and the poz play is still as hot now as it was when he first started fucking me.
  12. when I cum from fucking, it's the most intense orgasm ever, whether its in his mouth or in his ass. When I jack off after he cums in my hole, I need to smell his sweaty armpits and lick them clean until I cum. I love the sensory experience but the orgasm is not as intense

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