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  1. Best wishes for a long, loving relationship. It's been about three years since my original reply, I'm still with my UD guy, we're married now and just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. Life and love is great!
  2. never caught anything in my mouth, gono in my ass and cock yes, several times
  3. I've never asked for status, just always took raw cock up my ass and always will. If he was hot and had a nice cock and I had a few drinks, yeah, I'd let him fuck me. Haven't gotten HIV yet so I'm either lucky or immune.
  4. I love being in love with my husband. We've been monogamous for 4 years,then he told me I could blow his friend so I did. I loved it. Went to get a massage last weekend and I blew another of his friends. I love being a cocksucker, which is what I'm meant to be, and still love my husband and he's the only one who will fuck me, but I can suck all dicks I want.
  5. Do you answer ads or just wait for someone to answer yours? Be proactive if not, you make the first step, you may go through many profiles before finding one that will actually respond and hook up. Maybe change your ad up if if's not working. If not, then go out to the baths, parks or clubs
  6. Yes, get tested. HIV probably not, warts and who knows what else she has, probably so. Hope she was worth it!
  7. I sucked a married guy that lived across the street once or twice a week for 8 years until I moved away. It was hot and I always swallowed his loads. After about 3 years he started fucking me raw as well. He had a pencil dick so much nicer to suck than get fucked by, but of course if he wanted to fuck I'd let him.
  8. I agree! Nice story but hard to read.
  9. I've been filmed, but not enough times. I'm an exhibitionist and would love to be filmed every time I get fucked
  10. I'd have had a whole town full of babies if I could have gotten pregnant every time I was fucked and filled with hot cum.
  11. I'd take a break from Prep for 3 months and if you don't want to get HIV, don't bareback. Once your kidney levels go back to where they are supposed to be, which they say will happen if you stop Prep for a bit, then get back on or do the on demand prep. I'd think dialysis would be worse than HIV but just my opinion. Good luck.
  12. I love a hairy chest, pubic hairs and balls. Don't care for hairy backs or extremely hairy ass cracks-they always seem to have a shit taste to them no matter how much they scrub. I LOVE hairy armpits and will lick and suck them all night long.
  13. I've been to both Water Garden and SteamWorks Berkeley and I prefer SW. Though it's been several years since I've been to either.
  14. UncutMecosTop .I am a nasty boy and i am into cock cheese and am open about that also....but thats another story which i will glafly share if you would like to know more about that...I find that it has become more of a turn on these days far more than it was several years ago.....Thanks Pigs... YES! Please tell us about cock cheese. I'm uncut and will go a few days to build up the cheese and then eat all I can get. Mmmmm.

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