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  1. Use your lips, use your tongue, don't use your teeth too much, play with his ass, nipples, taint and balls. Swallow, swallow, swallow! And thank him after.
  2. years of practice makes it easy to not lose a single drop while pissing, and if it should happen, then there's the fingers to collect it and eat it. YUM
  3. You're married, you're sucking dicks, you're getting your ass fucked before picking up wifey at the airport and you say you're not cheating? What do you call it then?
  4. what's the matter with your ass? How about a pic?
  5. Don't like the background. No pics needed, it detracts from the chat. Don't like the white vertical "bars" on the comments.
  6. Most likely you are NOT poz. You've only topped, most transmissions are with bottoms. How did it spread then? A lot of tops are versatile meaning they top and bottom. While bottoming they caught the bug. Read the statistics or the numbers. It's not easy to catch HIV as a total top. Why not get it over with, get tested and then get on PREP and continue what we love and were meant to do? BB sex. I'm a bottom and haven't gotten HIV and have never used condoms. My bf now is poz undetectable and he fucks me about every other day, bare back. I love it and wouldn't stop BB'ing for anything. Do yourself a favor, go to CVS and get the home test and start enjoying life again.
  7. wish you would have put more effort into the end as you did the beginning.
  8. The problem with comparing you cock to Florida is that Florida is always pointing down. Come to Hawaii and get your cock wet and shoot your load like the island chain....
  9. are you on meds? Ever go full blown AIDS? My b/f's been poz about 20 years. Went full blown about 10 years ago then went on meds, that was the protocol then. Said it was HELL and he's got the wasted look, can't remember his own phone number, feet problem, leg problem etc. Wondering how far you'd let the HIV take you as it's not an easy ride without meds. Thanks for an honest reply
  10. And what is your status BBFloridaguy? Hahaha, chains put on us by straights and society???!!! What the hell does that mean and how does Poz seed free us from that? Be careful what you wish for dude.
  11. Thanks for the rep in decades protected, I like your way of thinking & agree with it.

  12. Be sure and read exactly what having HIV means and does to you. Will you medicate or not? Research the side effects of the meds and the stages of AIDS until death. If you want to be on meds, can you afford it? AIDS isn't pretty, painful and lonely and once you get it, it's forever. Maybe PREP for awhile and embrace your bareback desires without the risk of HIV. Only you can make the choice, so do it wisely. I've got a POZ b/f, though undetectable who fucked me raw for the past two years. He's on meds, if hes VL goes up, he's still going to be fucking me every other day. Love poz cum in me, the most awesome experience ever. Take your time and make sure that is what you really want.
  13. I had a regular black guy that I'd hook up with twice a year when I went to Reno for a convention. Even though he was average size, I insisted he fuck me in front of the mirror so I could see his black cock going into my white ass. It was the hottest thing until I had a Poz UD b/f fucking me raw. The black into white is mindblowing.
  14. I don't think it's right to stealth HIV on anyone. Yes, if you're barebacking, and I do, then you should know that one of these times you will get stealthed, it comes with the territory. But I'd like to be told someone is poz and then let me decide if I want his cum inside me. My b/f is poz, UD and has been fucking me raw for two years. If he wasn't UD, I"d still take his raw loads and that would be my choosing, not someone stealthing me for kicks.
  15. Thanks for the rep in increasing private gloryholes

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