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  1. Deep Dicking is overrated.

    Agree! I love to feel the mushroom head close to the entry point of my ass, a little farther to the prostate. When it's time for him to cum, then go balls deep, but give me the joy and pleasure of "Half fucking" me until you cum.
  2. double-minded if i should go

    Yes, listen to the posts above. If you want to possibly convert, then go. Don't believe what people tell you. My husband is HIV+/UD and before he fucked me I saw the papers that said he was UD. Now he fucks me raw every other day. Love having poz cum in me even if UD. Hearing his stories of having HIV and all the issues involved, you really need to reseach what having it is all about. I prefer not to go through the pain and consequences of HIV, but only you can decide.
  3. condoms or no condoms?

    total bottom here. Condoms not allowed in my ass.
  4. Sucking while getting fucked

    God should have given men two cocks. One for sucking, one for fucking. My HIV+/UD husband only cums in my ass. Yes, I love the feeling of his hot poz cum in me but I want to taste his cum. Not into felching....he does suck my cock and swallows or swaps. Oh well, he's such a good fuck I'm not going to divorce him for that.
  5. Question of responsibility

    Don't be sorry for asking. Do the right thing and get it treated before Folsom. If you catch something there, get it treated as well. I don't understand the thinking of some of the guys on here that want to have every disease known to man, I think most of it is fantasy. Have fun at Folsom and come back and tell us your hot stories.
  6. I always loved rest stop sex when I lived on the Mainland. So many good cocks to suck and get fucked by.
  7. Just to feel a hot load of cum inside my ass is the greatest experience in the world. No words can really describe the joy as you feel another man shooting his seed up into your ass. If God had made men able to get pregnant, it would be the ultimate. Put a condom on a dick and it's not worth the fuck. I tried it once and it was so unnatural feeling that I had to tell the top to stop, get dressed and go home.
  8. cheating straight guy bj question? scenario

    yeah, next time he gets horny and no one else is around, he'll call you for sure.
  9. Cut Or Uncut?

    Pull the foreskin down and there's the magic mushroom. Tastes better than just sucking on skin. and slide your tongue under the skin. OMG, better than prime rib.
  10. shoot inside

    I like to see one shot on the ass then pushed back in and he fucks the rest of the cum in. I want to see the cum and know it came out of his cock.
  11. Small Cock Cocksuckers

    I'll suck any size cock, swallow any load and not have to touch myself. The joy is in sucking off someone to completion. I'll jack off later maybe.
  12. How long for a total top to convert?

    NOT if they are taking meds and are Undetectable. Read the reports, the studies and the facts. The safest people to have sex with these days ARE HIV+ Undetectable on Meds as at least they are honest about their status. Read the partner project data and others. No top or bottom has converted while in a magnet (one poz, one neg) monogomous relationship and that is with thousands of sex acts counted. THOUSANDS. The only ones to convert were when the neg went out on the poz partner and had unprotected sex and caught the virus. It's obvious that you won't be comfortable topping bare, so you should just accept it and use condoms. Nothing wrong with that for you. Be happy and accept what your limits are. Enjoy life topping, even with a condom
  13. Same here. Love to have him shoot his load in my mouth, I swirl it around, lick the tip to make sure I get it all, then run my tongue all over my teeth with the cum and then I swallow. I've never wasted a drop.
  14. How long for a total top to convert?

    You should not believe this websites popular belief, you should be reading the information from the studies that have gone on since the 80's. Google AIDS/HIV studies and get the correct information, which is where I got my information and data. And is why I'm comfortable having my HIV+/UD husband fuck me raw and shoot his poz cum up my ass anytime he wants, because according to the real studies, not BZ, he's the safest bet to NOT get infected by, as long as he keeps up on his meds. Enjoy bbing!
  15. Lubs vs HIV?

    Interesting article. Astroglide is much cheaper than PREP. My husband wants to start using that in case his HIV/UD goes detectable he can still fuck me.

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