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  1. would love to see a pic of someone eating fresh shit right out of the hole
  2. 251. I thought I was a bigger slut than that!
  3. My ass is self-lubing too. After cleaning , all my b/f has to do is tongue it for a bit and then slide in. No lube or more spit needed, and his dick always tastes good after he cums in me and I lick it off. I've been getting fucked for over 40 years so that may have something to do with it.
  4. That's true hungry_hole. Very true.
  5. There's nothing like a hard cock in your ass, nothing comparable in heterosexual sex, a vagina can't insert itself into your cock craving asshole. There's also nothing like the feeling of breaking the taboo and having unprotected sex, esp. with poz cock. No matter how you try and rationalize it, you'll always end up wanting it over and over again. You've got to either accept it, find a way to get PREP or stop, which is the hardest thing to do.
  6. Seattle must be busier than Portland and closer than Palm Springs and San Francisco.
  7. Me too. Love to fuck in public, the bigger the crowd watching, the better fuck I become. Loved when guys would be jacking off watching a dick go in and out of my ass and cumming inside, then it was their turn. Those were the days!
  8. if you're in AA and have say 90 days of sobriety but then use a wine enema for the sole purpose of not catching HIV, would that mean you fell off the wagon and have to start over?
  9. I've always shaved my hole, taint and balls and never had an itch problem. My b/f now likes it au naturel so I leave it be. I don't like really hairy assholes so luckily his is naturally smooth and hairless.
  10. show us a pic dopey!
  11. No, you deserve someone who respects you not abuses you in that way.
  12. Every month since I've met him, I pick up my b/f''s HIV meds at the pharmacy and the whole time I'm waiting, I'm hard as a rock. Is it knowing I'm getting fucked by a poz guy almost every night? Or the thrill of having the hot pharmacy guy think it's for me and I have HIV and he wants me to fuck him? Who knows, but I sure do like getting laid by a poz guy, even if it is undetectable for now. My ass is dripping hot poz cum as I type this, maybe one day his numbers will go up and I"ll join the club.
  13. Yes they do. When they scan you, tell them you have a PA and they'll wave you through.
  14. that was 4 years ago, you still don't know if he bred you? You're still neg according to your status so his charged load didn't take.
  15. I've always done anon loads at bathhouses and gloryholes, still neg. Now that I'm in a serious monogamous relationship, those days are over. My bf keeps me more than sexually satisfied but do remember some great anon loads fondly

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