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  1. Yeah, I did and still neg. Probably didn't take as many loads as a lot of you but I'd say close to 100 bareback cum in my ass including blood fucks. Baths, parks ,reststops I just wanted cum in my ass. Now I'm married to a HIV+/UD guy and it's so hot taking POZ cum, even if it is UD.
  2. I was 12 when I had my first taste of cum and was hooked for life. Only one time did I not enjoy the taste of a guys cum, but being a cumslut, I swirled it around my mouth and swallowed it. I've never wasted a drop of anyone of the hundreds of cocks I've sucked.
  3. I love my uncut cock and so does everyone who's ever sucked it. My husband loves. Didn't like it growing up as I was the only one in school with skin but once I got out into the gay world guys were envious
  4. My husband is POZ/UD and like you, I'm neg. When I met him 4 years ago, I googled the shit out of Google and discovered the "Partner Study" which since has proven that U=U. I emailed him (we were only dating at this point for a month)and told him it's fine for him to cum inside me. It took him about three more months before he stuck it in me without a condom and came. Most times he'd just rub my hole and cum between my legs. He's very proactive on his meds and is not one of the ones that want to infect the world. Now, four years later, he cums inside me every two or three days and I'm still neg. We've been married almost two years now, and having his cum in me is how it should be. Tell your partner, no worries-read up on the information and give you what you want and enjoy it. It's been proven and I am an example of how true the study is. Even our doctor has us on the once a year HIV test as he sees it as a waste of time and money as long as my husband takes his meds. I am not worried of him giving me HIV and am enjoying an active and fulfilling sex life with an HIV+ husband. (and I don't take PREP)
  5. I too want a dick up my ass every day of the year but I'm married and monogamous and my husband only fucks me every two days (he says he likes to build up his sperm) and when he does it's great so I'll settle for 182 days a year of getting fucked.
  6. I always moan, not because I want to, but because it feels so good I have to express it. When in public, it's to attract a crowd but at home it's just for the good feeling.
  7. 12 in my friends garage. His older brother walked in and caught us. I wanted to suck his dick too but he said no.
  8. That's almost as bad as saying "Frisco"
  9. Yes, in my early 20's had a few girlfriends. Didn't mind eating pussy, enjoyed it actually but wasn't that much into fucking as I've always been a bottom. I'd fuck my girlfriend then go over to a friends house and either suck him off or let him fuck me. Girlfriend caught me with her brother in laws dick up my ass...that ended that relationship...LOL!
  10. Yes, an Asian Doctor used to fuck me down by the beach. Never wore a condom and I never asked him to. Went on for a few years, maybe two three times a year when I'd see him there. We'd go off into the trees and use suntan lotion for lube. Fast, hot and sexy. Other than me saying "thanks," not a word was spoken.
  11. as long as they have a cock that works and is in my hole, I don't care what they look like, how old etc. It's all about the cock and the load
  12. Yes, I love to focus on the head and for me, being uncut, I prefer when getting sucked that he focus on just below the head on the underside of my cock. Drives me nuts.
  13. Congratulations on your first load. Once you've had one, you'll have more but do get on prep if you don't want to get pozzed. And be careful of the other STI's.
  14. 11 or 12 with an 11 or 12 y/o.
  15. I too have loved it since the first time I tasted it, whether it's my own or someone I've just sucked. I've never spit it out nor wasted a drop.

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