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  1. Damn, I must have hooked up with the wrong black dudes. One was a pencil dick, long, but not enormous and thin as a pencil, I had to cross my legs to feel it. Not enjoyable. The second was short and fat. I love fat cock but also enjoy some lenght to a dick. I feel I was robbed. Not all BBC are long and thick and fill you up. Just as not all white cock does it either. One day I'd love a long thick black poz cock to rape my hole but from past experiences, it may be just a fantasy
  2. I've been bred by two black guys in my life. One was a pencil dick, long but not at all thick. Not very enjoyable. The other was short and thick., better than thiin and long, but again, not that enjoyable. I was wanting a BBC but 2 out of 2 it didn't happen. Black dick isn't always big and thick, nor is white dick but at least with white dick there's no disappointment in expectations
  3. it's one thing to have Breeding Zone on your screen, ;most won't know what it is or connect the dots. Poz pigs on the other hand is kind of obvious. For the semi in the closet folks on here, I'd like the new name to be not so out there.
  4. I was around 13 or 14, first thing in me was a friends dick. After that it was anything shaped like a dick. Went through many a cucumber, zucchini, candle and everything else. Got my first dildo at 18, a big one, which got me thinking if I could fist myself so I did. Now it's my b/fs poz UD dick and tongue going in and out every other day. Still get a hard on when I see a cucumber though...
  5. I'd hate to see breeding zone go away. :-(
  6. Nice ass. Makes me wish I was a top
  7. Gilead will pay most of the cost, spread out the pills maybe like take 5 in a week instead of 7 and it will last until the next year of copay and supposedly you're still protected from getting HIV
  8. B/F switched drugs a month ago to Genvoya, got his first month's test and he's still undetectable. He fucks me almost every day raw and rough and I"m still neg. Some days I wish I'd catch it, most days glad I haven't but getting fucked by a poz guy, even undetectable is the best sex and the best sex fantasy I've ever had.
  9. Seems like a waste of cum. I want it in my ass or down my throat.
  10. organic coconut oil I hope...
  11. I prefer spit to lube, let my bf eat my ass until it's nice and wet and then he can grease up his dick with spit and slide it in. Don't like the taste of lube so if it's my turn to fuck him, I won't let him prelube.
  12. I wish I could save up some of mine, but I have to eat it every time I cum. Turns my b/f on and tastes so good.
  13. Thanks for the rep

  14. Did it feel incredible? Have never been fucked with a PA yet

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