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  1. Much better gloryhole time

    Love cum in my mouth. So delicious
  2. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    I wish I would have sucked all the dicks that were offered to me when I was in high school. I guess I looked acted gay and many guys always said suck my dick but I was too scared other than my usual fb. Damn I missed out on a lot of high school dick
  3. PReP Ignorance

    Yeah good luck! Glad you can get if for free! Now enjoy the ride(s)
  4. PReP Ignorance

    I met my POZ undetectable husband three years ago and he's been fucking me raw almost every other day since we met. I'm not worried at all as he takes his meds faitfully, and since we're monogamous I'm not on PREP with my Doctor's blessing.
  5. should i

    Forget the toothbrush and just take his raw cock and load. Let it happen naturally. What's the rush to become POZ?
  6. Swallow

    I swallow all loads given to me.
  7. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    12 or older. I sucked my first at 12 and haven't stopped yet and proud to say I've swallowed it all, never missed a drop of cum.
  8. POZ forums

    I think he's talking about the POZ.com site, not Breeding Zone.
  9. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    Cum inside me or don't bother fucking me. I love cum in my ass and that is where it belongs
  10. Wearing piss

    I'd rather have the smell of cum on me all day. Circle jerk covered in cum.
  11. Once he cums in my mouth, I love to play with the cum pushing it against my cheeks, gums, teeth and then swallowing the load. I've never wasted a drop while sucking dick and will keep it in my mouth until I get the last drop or he pushes me off. Cum is not meant to be wasted
  12. I've been sucking cocks since I was 12 whenever I got the chance I sucked. When I got my driver's license at 16 I drove over to the city and sucked off guys all day long in a dirty book store next to Macy's. I've been sucking cock over 40 years so I'd say it's between 1000 and 2000. Now I'm married and monogamous and only suck 1 dick now.
  13. What does a pierced cock feel like?

    if that's the case, how come your status says probably neg? Wouldn't the bleeding make it probably poz? Just curious.
  14. Would you take loads if Meds did not exist?

    Yes, I'd take them. I stopped barebacking for about 10-15 years when HIV/AIDS first came out and my friends were dying. I always craved raw cock and cum in my ass so hooked up with a safe guy for years. After about 15 years, started going to the baths again when on business trips and took any and all loads raw. One night had 12 loads in my ass in Reno, Nevada. Still neg after all that. Married now to a poz guy/Undetectable. When he first told me his status, my butt twitched and I couldn't wait to take his poz load. Though it's safe as hell, still the thought of getting cum from a HIV+ person is so fucking hot since we were told not to back in the day. Love POZ cum and would still let him fuck me if there was no pill to keep him UD

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