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  1. Wankers!

    I miss wanking. My husband either fucks me or sucks me off. doesn't let me waste my load by wanking. I'm starting to be a top so my cum is either up his ass or in his mouth.
  2. would love to hear the stories of you poz guys going full blown AIDS. What it's like, what your going through, will you survive? decide to finally get on meds? Most of the talk here is the joy of fucking while poz but not the end result of the agony and pain of having full blown AIDS. My husband says its the worst pain he's ever been in and now has neuropathy, memory loss, wasting effect etc, and he's glad he finally went on meds. How are you all going to cope and deal with dying? Shitting yourself as you can't get up, can't eat, drink, walk, talk etc. Was it worth it? So come on guys that have actual full blown AIDS , tell it like it is and when going two or three months with AIDS and you're about to die, was it worth it? For me, I'm still undecided
  3. Senior needs

    I'm glad I'm married and don't have to go that route anymore. It's difficult I know. Just because we got old doesn't make us unfuckable. After all, we've got years of experience
  4. Got Crabs, My First STI. Help!

    I got them once when I was 12, of course couldn't tell mom so got out the dog shampoo that killed fleas and lice and one treatment was all it took. Creepy little things.
  5. Getting Caught

    I got caught getting fucked by the stream in our neighborhood. Had a big dick up my ass, guy walked up said can you guys stop, my girlfriends right behind me. He pulled out, didn't get his load but the guy who walked up winked at me. Still a fantasy that he fucked me too
  6. My First Encounter on Craigslist

    Hot story! Did you really believe someone would actually put on the condom and fuck you when you are blindfolded and ass up? Naive much? Anyway, glad you enjoyed it and hope you don't bring anything home to the partner.
  7. First Time You Got Sucked

    My friend Tim. He's an albino, but he was my first gay experience in everything. First blow job, first fuck, first being bottom, first being top, first cock I sucked, first cum I drank. We carried on for a few years starting at around 12 ending at 16 or so. God he could suck good.
  8. Sithis, you are just so darn cute!
  9. I wanna stop prep

    You won't convert if you are on prep, and your profile says you are on prep. Are you getting off prep to go poz? If so, why aren't you afraid anymore?
  10. Thanking the top?

    I have always thanked anyone who gave me their load. In the ass or the mouth. I"m grateful for sharing their seed.
  11. Untreatable gono is here

    I found my poz husband on Grindr. Didn't know he was poz until the third date. Didn't matter to me, we clicked. Yeah, he's on meds and UD but ten years ago I would have kicked him out of my bed (unless he was hung like a horse or didn't tell me his stats) but now it's exciting, it's a part of him and I love that he's poz. Every time he fucks me I'm getting over the 80's mindwarp of safesex and condoms.
  12. outdoor cruising still a thing?

    those were the days! Here we had the steam vents, I was there every day after work. Took many a raw cock in my ass and my mouth. Then came CL and Grinder and less guys at the vents or the park. Miss the random hookups where you see the guy, you hook up and gone. No games on the apps. Ah, glad I lived at the time and lived through it!
  13. Sucking while getting fucked

    Yes! Love sucking cock and getting fucked at the same time. Love cum in both holes. I'd prefer to get fucked all the time, but let me blow you to completion so I can taste your cum, roll it around my tongue and savor the taste, smell and texture.
  14. I love bare, have never had a condom in my ass. Lucked out though and all the raw cum has not converted me. Met a HIV UD guy about two and a half years ago and he's been fucking me raw ever since, and we're now married. Love the thought of taking raw, poz cum even if it is UD and I stand zero chance of catching HIV. Best of both worlds.
  15. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Swallowed my first load at 12-13 and was hooked on the taste of cum. Could never get enough. Never wasted a drop while sucking and have eaten probably gallons of my own through the years.

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