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  1. I love to keep it in me as long as I can. Sometimes that's not a good thing...was at a ZUmba class after just getting fucked and halfway through, oops, squirt. Not a good time to have it shoot out.
  2. My husband only cums in my ass every other day. He doesn't like blow jobs. I miss the taste of cum so I have to eat mine when he hasn't swallowed it. We're monogamous so finding another dick to suck and swallow isn't in the equation.
  3. have never had a condom in my ass and never will.
  4. I don't see a problem with this
  5. Why would that make you happy? Serious question. You see what it can do esp. if untreated, why would you want that?
  6. would love to hear them!
  7. Fuck the chems, feel the raw sensations of getting fucked skin on skin and the cum shooting into your hole without anything other than your own sensations. Nothing better than a raw, sober fuck session. Experience it as it was meant to be felt, without any enhancements. You'll be glad you did.
  8. I think you are still a cocksucker.
  9. I love you. Your ass is as tight as a 17 y/o swimmers
  10. your husband needs to go to a doctor and get a complete and thorough check up and tell the doctor why he's there-no sex drive at all. It's not normal and it could be physical, possibly easily cured. If results come back that there is nothing physical wrong with him, then it's a mental problem and you have to decide what to do. Stay or leave. It's not fair to you to be married to someone who can not be intimate with you. Is he HIV poz also? If not, maybe he's having second thoughts about being with a poz man. Have you tried monogamy? Maybe that's what he wants. Just thinking out loud. Good luck.
  11. the only good thing about it is you can save the cum for later. The taste and feeling is a big turn off. Unless the cock was magnificent, I'd refuse.
  12. maybe he's not interested
  13. I think you should kiss him, gently, first on the cheek then brush lips. I'd not go farther than that yet but that is innocent and harmless enough. I have very straight guy friends who have no problem kissing me on the lips when we see each other and I do mean very straight. They're comfortable with their sexuality to do that. You can say the same if he's offended or backs off.
  14. I've been getting fucked raw from my UD Poz bf for over two years, every two or three days, and I'm still neg. Studies show UD's are the safest ones to have sex with. They're on meds, they're honest about it and they know their status. But you being only a top and not sucking dick (I don't get that one) you should have no worries.
  15. I'm neg and have been fucked raw my whole life, lucky I didn't catch the bug after meeting my partner and learning about and seeing all the HELL he went through when he became POZ. It's not a pretty disease and you will die a sad, lonely, miserable death without meds. No big deal? Well wait until you get full blown and then come on here when you can't walk, talk or even communicate and wearing a shit filled diaper and say how happy you are to have HIV and full blown AIDS. Yeah, raw sex is great and it's all I do, but you who glamorize it haven't seen or felt the pain my brothers have had when full blown and died. None of them became heroes, and you won't either. But I'm still getting fucked raw by my POZ UD bf and who knows what will happen.

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