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  1. Have you been tested for COVID? I'm getting on prep next week, so the week after that I'm raring to go but don't want to get COVID> would rather get gono
  2. yes, but it's a nice burn. Knowing it's cum
  3. I'll never take a dick in a condom up my ass, raw or nothing
  4. please just get to the point of the story
  5. my ass is still tight after getting fucked by my poz husband who has a 7" thick dick for five years. Sometimes I have to cross my legs when he fucks me for a long time, but usually I can feel the veins on his dick while he's plowing my ass, and always feel him cumming
  6. cum is cum. I'll swallow any load
  7. I'd save it! Put it in a plastic bag to keep in the wonderful cummy smell. Suck on it now and then to get the flavor!
  8. Just tell them you sucked a larger than normal dick and enjoyed it and anyone in the office want a bj?
  9. I used to be a slut, now I'm a senior member. What's with that ? I prefer to be a slut. When did that change take effect and what are the levels?
  10. I'd love to eat your hairy hole. You're hot! I'd most likely fuck you too even though I'm mostly a bottom-your hairy hole is making me hard
  11. I do shave my balls but leave the pubes alone. Love a man's bushy full pubic area, taint and balls. Prefer a shaved or trimmed asshole though.
  12. been fucked for 50 years and only once have had a condom encased cock in me, didn't like the feeling. Still neg and still getting fucked. If they want to wrap they can go somewhere else, I only take raw cock and loads

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