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  1. I'm turning into a cumdump

    if the guys who've fucked you are telling the truth then you shouldn't worry. But in real life yeah, you'll know soon enough. If the neg guy is really neg, and the UD guy is really on meds and really UD, and the straight guy is really straight (what's a straight guy doing fucking a guy?) that's the one I"d worry about.
  2. I definitely like sucking a small cock over a big cock. So much more to do with it without choking. Prefer medium sized when getting fucked.
  3. Give your input on the new chat

    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Browser ID could not be determined. Your login cannot be verified.
  4. Have never been fucked with a condom. If husband's meds stop working and he went detectable, I'd still let him fuck me raw as often as we do now as UD.

    No, but I wish I had a 19 y/o texting me to suck his dick twice a week!

    Yes they do, at the steam vents and the bushes above the nude beach

    my husband says I have the hottest ass he's ever seen and wants to photograph it and share with his FB friends, the photo not my ass. Since we're monogamous for now, I don't see the point. We did go to a nude brunch and two of the naked men did say my ass was hot and would love to fuck me. I guess if the husband puts the picture out, then my ass is open for business! Years ago I did have areputation as an excellent cocksucker at the steam vents but they've since closed down.
  8. Vaseline for lube

    Good ol' spit is what I prefer. Astroglide or similar if the spit isn't thick enough. Vaseline when I started out fucking years ago.
  9. First Cocksucking Location

    I was around 12, a group of us (4) who always hung out went into one of the guys parents mobile home and Keith said, let's suck each others dicks. So we did, I got Errol, a pretty fat guy, wasn't happy, wanted Keith he had a huge dick. Then we switched and I got Tim, had a nice thick cock, not long so easy to suck. He shot his load in my mouth, I shot mine in Errol's, Keith shot in Tim's and Errol shot in Keith. We did it a few more times but got busted by Keith's dad. I was the only one with a dick in his mouth so Keith was no longer allowed to hang out with us. The first taste of hot cum shooting in my mouth was what made me know I was a cum pig, even at 12. I've sucked hundreds of dicks since then and have always swallowed, never lost a drop.
  10. First Fuck Location

    I think I was 12 or 13, with my friend Tim. In his garage. We had sucked each other for about a year before I said, stick your dick in my ass. And he did, lasted quite awhile for the first time. I loved every minute of it especially when he came. It felt so good that I've never had a condom enter my ass. Raw or nothing. We fucked for a few months until high school and then I pretended I was straight and got a girlfriend. Went back and looked up Tim about 15 years after graduation, but he wasn't interested, said he was celibate. Oh well, would have been nice to get fucked by him for old time sake
  11. Darkroom

    very hot story. wish it was me!
  12. Best douching techniques

    using Pure for Men also. Keeps the stool firm so don't need to douche much. I do use Summer Eve when needed, fill it up and insert at least 3-4 times, ass up in the air, shake around a bit, by they last time the water is coming out clear.
  13. how many loads can you swallow?

    most is 8 if I remember right at a party. I was the designated cocksucker. Wanted to be the designated fuckee but didn't get that opportunity. Love the taste of cum and will take it from anyone
  14. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    I fucked my best friends hole back in high school when he was passed out. He never mentioned it, nor did I. One of the few times I topped, couldn't resist his hot blonde asshole.
  15. Tops- How Do You Spot a Cocksucker?

    those were the good old days. Happened to me once in awhile also. Mmmmmmm

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