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    I love bb fucking... do not need necessarily to get pozzed but every load thrills me as this one might be THE one
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  1. Usually commando, just shorts and flip-flops – so I can get rid of both very quickly and get ready for the dick up my ass....
  2. Hey, a really great story.... following for months now, eagerly awaiting new chapters!
  3. HH072 @ telegram Rubicon72 @ kik
  4. Thanks for the follow

  5. Why didn’t you have sex bareback in the meantime? What changed your mind? would love to read a next chapter how the story went on what you wanted to happen next...
  6. Really hot! Want to read more, that’s the way I imagine my pozzing.
  7. Exactly the same with me, but I'm at the edge of deciding whether I should start taking every load without asking or not. Shall I start now?
  8. I am VERY interested in this - preferably as bottom, but also as dom. Just drop me a line on kik (Ffun74). As Dom I would expect the bottom to send me pics of proof of the arranged date or even start a live stream that I can watch whats going on...
  9. Really hot story, exactly reflecting how I feel once a possibly toxic cock pushes into my willing hole...
  10. Proud to be bugchaser now...

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