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  1. This was so fuckin hot. Made me want to run to the bathhouse!
  2. You can pick that up just about anywhere these days but especially at a big sex gathering! I have only heard of 1 big shot of penicillin as the treatment. Speaking of fun at MAL, keeping the door open can be because you just want to be as piggy as you possibly can and nothing says I am a pig than having your door and your hole open for any and all than an open door at the Hyatt preferably on 10 or 11! See ya' in January!
  3. Hardly sanctimonious. Don't be an idiot. Vaccines prevent infection, serious illness and death!! And Novaguy: you don't even deserve a response. I am just so glad I won't ever have to run into you at the Crew Club or any bars in DC since they are all requiring proof of vaccination because we are in the middle of a fucking pandemic!!
  4. This is my favorite thing to do in the world! @Breedingandseeding I would love to have you cum and let yourself in my place just north of dupont circle and find me ass up or on my knees and have your way with me. @piglooking4pigs thanks for sharing the hot play by play but more importantly for sharing this hot top!!
  5. I would not go if they didn't require proof of vaccinations because I am not a fuckin idiot. There is nothing controversial about getting vaccinated to protect yourself and others. Its NOT a fuckin debatable issue. And if you are on this site and don't realize that, you are dumb and negligent scum! Sorry buddy.
  6. also: "Our COVID operating requirements and such will also be updated shortly; PLEASE bear with us as we figure all of this out." hopefully, that means proof of vaccination will be required and we know you will have to enter with masks due to the DC mandate. DC law says you can always take off when eating or drinking so I think a suckng a cock or eating an ass would fall under the mandated exceptions! 😂 😜 🐽
  7. I think you mean Friday. Here is what someone affiliated wrote on squirt today: "Gents, August 20th @ 4PM will be the opening day. We will be opening just Friday / Sat / Sun for the first few weeks as we get our staff and our mojo back. Updates will be made to the website as we have more information, but PLEASE spread the word and let as many people know as possible that we are opening.
  8. I love Black's Beach! I hope you got a 3rd and a 4th at the perfect spot!!
  9. Their website now says “likely August now...”. www.crewclub.net @DCWildBtm People will definitely go. That was never a problem!
  10. This why I love bookstores! Great fucking story. I fuckin love it!
  11. hey. did you ever find a place in the DC area. i totally want to get mine done. and I want to check your s out!!
  12. very fun place!! i get fucked there raw every so often usually at dusk in the woods. you want to meet up there sometime? you can fuck me with a little audience usually! You could also just come to my place and fuck me deep and raw and not worry about the heat, the mosquitos, the ticks, the cops, etc. oblivion: just cum to my place in dupont and feed me that cock and breed my hole. i'll be on my knees when you walk in my unlocked apt and you can haul ass right when you are done like a park experience!!
  13. wish I had seen this. I ended up at Flex yesterday. Was not impressed by the clicks in the big video rooms acting like they owned the place. too much loud talking and giggling for my taste but you could def comfortably smoke in the rooms. Of course, when I had to leave for my flight home, hot men were coming out of the wood work wanting to fuck! my dumb bad luck!! BTW, I would highly recommend going to the Maze parties on the weekends at the AllWorlds Resort in Palm Springs. it was great but no good place to party unless you had a room at the resort. you could do what i did and smoke right before and then bring in a G gatorade mix.
  14. Hey NoobBB: I think that ass would be popular at any bathhouse! That being said, you should get that hot ass on the train south to Philadelphia and head to Club Philly. Definitely better than WSC and ESC (even though I actually used to enjoy ESC). I love bathhouse sex. I hope you do too!
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