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    bethlehem pa 18015
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    sucking cock and getting my ass bred
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    im a 59 year old white bottom trying to get my ass bred as much as i can i want toxic poz cock and cum deep in my guts cumdump
    1/1, group, pass around
    anon, public, gh, abs, theatres
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    i been getting fucked raw all my life over 50 years i took my first raw cock and load when i was 8 years old
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    looking for hung tops or vers guys to knock my ass up i am poz friendly ill do anything for poz toxic guy to knock me up and poz my ass black, redneck or str8/bi guys who like using a fag on the side..

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  1. hey love the look of the cruel condom,  perfect way for  a NEG Bottom  to convert, were do I find one  

  2. yeah this is great id love to know where this camp ground is cant wait for part two ☣️
  3. hey your ass looks so good to eat and bb!! Luv wild "_)


    1. bethlehembottom


      thanks id love to have you eat it and breed it

  4. thats fucking hot how long have you been poz ?
  5. i took 5 anon loads in my ass yesterday at the greendoor 1162 pembroke road bethlehem pa 18017 i think im going back for more today
  6. LOVE that cruel condom. Put it IN ME NOW

  7. Both Moderna shots done now all i need are some toxic loads
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