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  1. Anyone for pride in GC This year... Taking a sun who I want to be left flooded with spunk inside him... Also.plays well with others.
  2. Pigtronic

    Breeding in vauxhall this weekend

    Breeding this morning
  3. Pigtronic

    Breeding in vauxhall this weekend

    Slots are easy to arrange
  4. Me : 6ft 2 18.5 stone hairy pig 35 years old Him: 5ft 10 13 stone hairy pig 60 years old. I'm gonna breed him all weekend.. Anyone else wanna put a load on his arse?
  5. Pigtronic

    London trip

    Taking my new fella to London this weekend... Were is there to get his arse loaded with as much spunk as possible?
  6. Pigtronic

    Top wanting pig arse in leeds

    Breeding today.........
  7. Pigtronic

    Top wanting pig arse in leeds

    Up for it today.....if anyone wants an arseload of cum
  8. Want to fill arse with cum and piss. Hairy fat chubby bear. Filthy pig. Over 35+ ideally but younger with desires may be possible

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