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It would help if you could make note of how fast pages seem to load now, and compare it to how pages load after the upgrade. I'm especially interested in this feedback from users in Europe, Australia, South America & South Africa.


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    Taking anything that can fit in my cunt!
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    Masculine boy-next-door type pig bottom with an insatiable cunt! With that smooth slit shape & those big swollen cuntflaps pulsing out just waiting for a huge cock to latch onto & suck DEEP inside my hot swollen cunted hole! Warning! This cunt sucks in anything that gets close! ;P
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    I'd love to do T.I.M. or Raw Fuck Club!

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  1. Who else is shocked that my cunt isn't poz already!?

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    2. boybottom4use


      here's hoping for you!

    3. easyhole


      be patient and get more loads

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