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    Taking cum up my ass. Love Dripping Com out of a wrecked hole
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    General kinky ass pig. Love taking anything up my ass. Looking for my first Chem piss enema or stealth booty bump.
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    A hot bare cock up my ass, put me on my stomach, hold me down and push that cum deep, make me know you been in me. Looking to get knocked up

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  1. How did it go? You get knocked up?
  2. That is what I have read from different sources. If the guy is on meds I think they need to be tested often. In that case your a lot more likely getting something from someone else.
  3. I will be at a hotel south west of indy labor day weekend. I am hoping to get some loads in my ass, maybe get knocked up
  4. I agree, those are my favorite positions also. I have been in a sling a couple times, the last time was at Club Columbus I had a towel over my face, I couldn't see who or what was happening to my cock or what was violating my ass. Was great. At one time some guys had my legs pulled back in the stirrups so my ankles were in there and held them. Someone started eating my ass. He was very aggressive , then a cock went up my ass. Since I couldn't see what was going on my other senses, especially the sense of touch, was heightened. I was on fire. The music was loud but I could tell there was a few guys around, about that time I felt thatbfamilar feeling of hot cum shooting down my balls and dripping on the cock pumping my ass. Made for a sloppy fuck, was great
  5. I will be at a hotel SW of Indy laborday weekend. i am hoping to setup a bareback breeding party. i would love to get all sorts of stuff shot up my ass. i hope to have my ass sore after this. please be serious if you say you want to cum. i needit bad
  6. Thank you for saying something. It was getti g way off topic
  7. When I was in my late 30s, but the guy didn't get in much, he was soft and I was tight. Anally active since I was preteen. First real sodomizing was when I was 45. I was sore after but liked that. First bareback a couple years later. Had a bareback gangbang when I was 50. Loved that. 4 cocks, 6 loads and one got a little piss in me About the same time I was offered to be a bottom for a POZ party. I wasn't ready to that then. Now I can't find even one gifted in my area
  8. This was totally hot. Wish some of this was real. I could use a post pandemic poz gang bang
  9. This was totally hot. Wish some of this was real. I could use a post pandemic poz gang bang
  10. I will be in Indy later this summer. Looking to get my ass loaded, hopefully some wild anon cock, any cum.
  11. Left you a message. Love to feel you up my ass. Rip me up, seed me
  12. I have been lucky enough to get this a couple times. If i get it before a fucking it I wild. The last time I got it was from a guy that pissed in me first, I felt the warm bloating in my guts. When he was about done he was flexing his cock to get every drop in me. That felt wild. When he started fucking be a little came out and I could feel and hear the sloshing deep in my guts. It was wild. He went deep when he came. Pushing the piss a little deeper and depositing his load . I was starting to feel uncomfortable cramps and pressure before he came. He knew and said that abpiss pig needs to feel that. Hevstayed in me after to make sure I knew what he did. We haven't gotten together again due to covid and other scheduling issues but be wants to put enhanced piss in my guts next time. I think I know what he is talking about
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