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    Horny Aussie guy. Loves dominant top fuckers. Loves taking loads - deep in my holes or over my face.
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    Fuckhole looking for tops to take control. Pretty much anything goes - I like to please a man in whatever turns him on.

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  1. If I google 'interacial porn' and end up seeing a video where the white is fucking the black, I feel ripped off lol With regard to the bottom having pubic hair or soft/hard cock, well it shouldn't matter as the white boy needs a jockstrap on to keep that little thing out of the way while a man goes to work.
  2. Totally up to the top. My cock is always in a jock so if he pulls it out of there, I can guess he might want me to jerk off while he fucks me. Otherwise it stays in there while I concentrate on his pleasure. If he does want me to bust a load before he breeds my hole, I usually try and resist cumming as this often causes my load to jizz over my own face (if being fucked on my back) which most tops seem to like seeing
  3. Nothing better than being bred on all fours on the filthy floor of a public toilet. Except for maybe when another guy walked in on us, stared, unzipped and pissed all over me and walked out.
  4. It's the responsibility of every young bottom to service as many old guys as they can when at a sauna or beat. Go ahead - make their day!
  5. Maybe try out a site like grindr, gaydar, squirt etc and try an experienced guy who can show you the ropes or someone in the same position as you to try things out at a similar pace. Also if you say what city/area you are in, people maybe could suggest bars or clubs to try, if you're up for that.
  6. Love to service a married/straight guy. It's funny being fucked in the back of a car with a baby-seat in there lol Mind u, when I was a kid I freaked out a bit after sleeping the night at a pick-up's place when his wife came in with a cup of morning coffee for us..
  7. Honestly, he doesn't deserve your cock. He should be cleaned out and lubed up (especially if he knows u don't like to rim him) well before you arrive.
  8. I was one of the under-18s seeking out older men though I'd already managed to find plenty at the local park.. Once I read a 'room available for rent' ad in the paper looking for a 'broadminded' person to share. I thought broad-minded must mean gay (as well as possible stoner lol) so at age 16 I headed to this address and knocked on the door, answered by a maybe 35yr old, solid-built guy. I said I was there responding to the ad and he said 'for the room?' and I said 'no for the fuck'. I told him I'd read a 'for a good time, come to *address*' graffiti on some toilet wall. He was confused but said I'd better come inside, maybe for a coffee, and came up with the idea that his ex-flatmate who'd left on bad terms must have written the graffiti. Anyway my scheme worked perfectly as it wasn't too much longer before I was on my back in his bedroom. He introduced me to poppers for the first time, which helped a lot since he was pretty thickly hung.
  9. Remember I once hooked up with a couple (prob mid-30s) on the net who came over to my place. After some playing around one guy started fucking me and after he had cum inside me (very loudly and physically) he headed to the bathroom, I guess to wash up. While he was gone his bf dumped his own load in me which didn't take long. I was laying there on my side cleaning off his cock when the first guy came back and slipped inside me again and, in a matter of minutes, unloaded a repeat flood (just as noisily as the first). It would've only been about a 5 minute recovery for him!
  10. Guess I'm lucky to have only had crabs and scabies to worry about (and thankfully not for years).
  11. Love to eat a top's sweaty butt if he wants it, but generally find I don't get to tongue it for too long before he turns round and bends me over or blows a load over my face.
  12. Verbal aggressive tops are the best. Makes my cock so fuckin hard, not that my cock matters at all lol A 'yes sir' in response to a question usually lets him know he can do whatever the fuck he wants to me.

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