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    Bucharest, Romania
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    Love being put naked in a booth at a bookstore on a weekend for an entire day and night. Bare knees in cum on the floor. The intoxicating aroma of sperm in the air, face at one hole getting to see and smell and taste every cock and its load and my boicunt at the other hole never getting to see the cocks that push there way through the hole into my boicunts sperm dripping gash full of the loads of countless anonymous men you gladly let unload in you with a hunger. By the time I've spent all day and night there I've lost count of how many took a turn. If I'm lucky it's a huge number and my mouth and throat will have the taste of living seed in it for the next few days. The back of my legs hopefully have dry crusted seed that overflowed from my sleazy boicunt full of seed all night and the underside of my doggy hole sac as well. I love it. I constantly crave it. I was born to be it. Superior Males are my passion to please over all else.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Submissive sissy slut without limits. Cum bucket and fuck meat.

    Looking for a master/mistress or group to abuse and humiliate me as the whore that I am.

    I can be used for your personal pleasure or whored for profit.

    I'm very submissive, you need to take complete controle. Rough sex is the only way.
    Treat me like a slut, spit on me slap me, cum on me, use me for any of your pleasure.

    I want to be degraded, please degrade me, I deserve no respect and I don't want any. I love to be called names the dirtier the better.

    I know im a slutty fuckpig and I want everyone else to know it, so call me names and treat me like a $2 whore and you will get rewarded.

    Treat me with any humanity and I will ignore you.

    So, when you write me respectful don't expect an answer, if you abuse me really hard I will write back asap. Don't be afraid to message proving your domination over a little slut ;)

    I really love when a man fucks my throat. Make my eyes tear and me gag. I'm a real cum addict. I love loads of cum inside me or all over me.
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    What I am looking for is a long term Owner who loves and is interested in taking me on my final step and transforming me permanently into a true whore, a mindless sex object ready to perform anything that my Master desires.

    I identify as a girl and want to become a beautiful shemale/female as per Masters choosing and undergo hormone therapy, castration or full sex change if Master chooses so.

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  1. i got your msg but im over my limit

  2. Hey how are you doing?

    1. AnnaBBWhore


      Hi πŸ’‹Β 

    2. ronnie4u


      Simply HOT and Beautiful - looking forward of my transforming !Β  HELP ME PLEASE !

  3. I get taken care of so I can concentrate on pleasing my tops. Over the last few years I've lived with many tops and I never had to worry about anything
  4. Yes Sir! I would love to be your cumdump
  5. Mmm would love to visit Atlanta. Anyone wants to give me the tour? Hit me up
  6. Fuck pig, public cumdump Kik: ancutza24 Wickr: annabbwhore Telegram: whorebb
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