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    Mostly a cocksucker swallowing loads deep, but there is something about sucking cock that loosens my hole and make it twitch. Equally at home rimming a nice hole and occasionally lucky enough to get to taste a previous load.
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    Mostly hear to read the stories, but love the tips and advice given in the general section. Love a meaty cock with lots of precum. Enjoy the sweet saltiness of precum as much as the load.

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  1. I have only started experiencing these recently with 2 new power tops. I don’t ejaculate, but my whole body and brain feels an incredible long lasting electricity that puts me on a high. Sometimes I have to get the top to stop fucking for a while so I can get back to earth and start thinking clearly again and reconnect with him. I didn’t realize these sensations were possible before.
  2. Just revisiting this topic - if the top is having a quick urgent fuck, and I know he will cum quickly then I’m likely to cum just before or after he shoots his load. The alpha top that wants the extended fuck for an hour or more is the one who probably won’t make me cum.
  3. My latest 2 were from a street meetup (old fashioned cruising) and from Scruff. Just luck and looking.
  4. I've recently been lucky enough to have 2 regular fbs who could be classified as power tops. Both seem a little disappointed they can't make me cum just by their amazing fucking skills, yet little do they realize that I'm having total body orgasms with some of their tricks, and I am very happy to just take their load. I used to cum fairly soon after the start of a good fuck, and then I couldn't wait for the top to finish, as I became very uncomfortable, very fast. So I am a little conflicted - sex for me is great if we both enjoy it, and I'm happy for the top to keep on fucking me for an hour or more (but sometimes it can be too long like 3 hours last night, with short breaks). But the trade off is they have to accept that if they pound me for an extended period of time I am unlikely, if at all, going to cum.
  5. I’m interested in trying what sounds like excellent advice here. Thanks. I have just found a new fb with a seriously above average dick and although I can handle the width it’s the depth that is causing me the most pain. He likes using spit for lube (very hot!) but I might need to augment this with some deep lube.
  6. The best thing I ever did was buy a shower hose attachment. After years of stressing about being clean with a bulb and 60-90 min, I can now have a quick 15-20 min with the shower hose and I’m good for as much fun as I can take.
  7. love your video playlists

  8. I'm a bottom who labels myself as a bottom, but I often end up fucking guys who like the length and width of my cock (despite it never being completely rock hard) at venues where there is never pressure for me to perform. If I labelled myself versatile I would probably get performance anxiety. Sometimes I see a beautiful hairy ass and know I have to rim it then fuck it, and sometimes I'll suck on a beautiful cock expecting to get fucked but they promptly turn around and back onto my now hard cock. I feel cheated, but try to enjoy the ride.
  9. Just started Prep and now its been a week I probably need to celebrate with some nights out to the clubs and saunas in Sydney. Up until now I've always wanted to swallow the loads, but now I'm happy to have both ends used, and have always been turned on by felching porn.
  10. I love it when I get a hard and rough throat fuck and the guy blows deep in my throat, but I have problems explaining the bruising on my bottom lip for the 4 days to my work colleagues. Any tips?
  11. Love this story. I'm just back from Sitges and the horny hairy Spanish guys are still doing this in all the darkrooms. I had a very similar experience!
  12. I had a young guy fuck me hard last night then wanted me to swallow his load. Problem was his cock was like a steel rod with an upward curve and while perfect for fucking I could not get a comfortable angle to avoid my teeth, and it wasn’t going to slide easily down my throat. I must say I love the fleshier feeling cocks that angle done my throat and really seem to fill my mouth.
  13. The diet change was due to a new diabetes diagnosis, and I’ll try to avoid its complications anyway I can.
  14. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but recently I’ve gone to a low carb diet and lost over 10% body weight (86 kg down to 75kg ) in 3 months and for an “average” looking guy I’m suddenly doing very well with tops in general and younger tops are chasing me. Anyone else experience this?

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