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    Sex is binary, with entirely dichotomous power and biomechanical function. Only male power and pleasure matter. From the moment that the man demands access to the cunt to the moment he puts his excellence back in his pants, the inferior partner's function is to worship him and be ruthlessly exploited in return. Such is the power and glory of the Phallus.

    Penis and vagina are uniquely matched for the deepest male pleasure and satisfaction. Their union alone aligns natural men with the instinctive, reproductive, fundamental meaning of life. Other means of penetration are inferior epiphenomena undertaken for reasons of erotic variety, birth control, female unavailability, dominance, punishment, or gender dysfunction, i.e. homosexuality.

    To be at all successful, male-homosexual mating requires an authentic, penetrative male to conquer, degrade, and spiritually castrate his chosen victim. The inferior pseudo-male must be forced into complete sub-female submission. Even in the wake of a well-executed
    faggot-breaking, however, the male body does not naturally yield or provide optimal pleasure for the man. The righteous male must use his strength and iron hardness to breach its defenses and force himself completely into its poor substitute for a vagina. The faggot gratefully suffers this brutal assault so that the man can achieve deep union with its undeserving demi-cunt and breed his godseed into it.

    Wickr: irrumatio
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    No, my livelihood would be under threat. If I were free, I would record myself bloodying and seeding a young virgin. The tears of a freshly-broken boy (or girl) give me an automatic orgasm.
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    Phallic autocracy. One glorious, natural male has the unambiguous desire to dominate and penetrate. He is a paragon of aggression, entitlement, and intact male instincts. His penis is the center of the universe and the weapon he uses to enforce the natural law that he embodies.

    Bisexual/heterosexual men preferred. Extra points if you've impregnated a female (abortions included).

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  1. Yes, it's a power pose. Some of the people who strike it actually have the power, but many are delusional.
  2. I'm unaffected and indifferent, personally, but I promote and encourage the desire to the extent that it lures boys into giving themselves to older men. I love to see a man score young pussy whatever the reason. A 25-year age gap is a good start.
  3. Try it. Stop if you don't like it. If you're going to fag out, then I think you're required to learn how to suck. Men tend to require it for purposes of dominance and sexual variety.
  4. No, it makes sense. People expect men to talk about women a certain way because the vast majority of men depend on women for sex and so have to maintain a certain reputation. You don't have that problem, presumably. It's like lesbians who are said to "hate" men. Some certainly do, but most just don't care much one way or the other. They don't really need men, and aren't going to go out of their way to accommodate us.
  5. If you're in control of the schedule, I would just say "don't," especially because I think eating should be avoided beforehand. Space it out. If men are controlling you, then they have the primary responsibility both to oversee your digestive tract and maintain your health. They have to balance their greed for your cunt against its foul primary purpose. It's especially a problem in a relationship where a normal man might reasonably want to fuck daily. He probably needs to accept the limitations of rectal sex and stick to once every two or three days, satisfying himself with the fag's thro
  6. It's one of the greatest honours a fag can receive. It's impossible for me to even understand the idea of deciding whether or not to swallow a man's seed. Ingestion of the sacred substance was a foregone conclusion the moment the first knee hit the floor. It's basic to my conception of what it means to serve a man sexually.
  7. It's a shame that you had to figure it out on your own, and presumably defile several men in the process. I believe that young fags should hand themselves over to experienced men for extended rectal training and sexual exploitation. Self-abnegation and a dedication to service don't always come naturally. The fag must often be bent and broken into physical and psychological compliance with male requirements.
  8. Every fag should be so perfectly aligned with its natural state of self-enslavement.
  9. It's good that it emphasizes how thorough the process has to be. Faggotry is an extremely unfair and inescapable burden. A man need only have an erection. A fag has to wash his colon for hours at a time, get stabbed in the guts without a word of complaint, and thank the man for the privilege. It makes no sense whatsoever, but men and their dicks are just that valuable.
  10. Clean-shaven، I'm afraid. It's not at all in line with my need for natural hair absolutely everywhere else, but I want to land on cunt-soft skin wherever my penis whacks him in the face. And I don't like seeing my seed stuck in a beard. I guess I'm generally boy-oriented when it comes to penetrating. I'm looking for intimations of youth and fertility, which are best conveyed by a clear, exposed face.
  11. Odd. Half the thrill is aiming the stream directly into a boy's open mouth and watching the urine pool until he's forced to gulp. I don't want any extraneous equipment in the way.
  12. I wish I could say that a man forced the discovery on me, but the truth is I started reading extensively on homosexuality early on. As soon as I understood the concept of rectal intercourse, I started inserting cylindrical objects and dreaming about being fucked by an excellent older boy who had become the center of my erotic attention. I eventually found the right motion and hit my prostate consistently. Orgasm ensued. It turns out I learned the wrong lesson. While it's nice when I get it, I shouldn't expect rectal pleasure. Being fucked doesn't always feel good physically and it doesn't
  13. I love that phrase and the concept of giving a man the sensation of taking a virgin. He should have the satisfaction of struggling valiantly against your reluctant cunt and pushing through your comfort zone into the tight passage beyond.
  14. It's a perfectly reasonable definition, but why not just say "I get sucked" or "I fuck skull"?
  15. Most terms are inadequately specific. Is an "oral top" a man who penetrates orally (leaving unclear his anal practice, if any), or a man who will insist on sucking dick before anally penetrating? Why bother with the codes and animal categories? Just explain what you mean, specifically. No one's paying by the word for space in a newspaper.
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