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    I disagree with a good deal of contemporary faggotry, as I do not regard males as generally interchangeable and I am not polymorphously perverse. My sexual response is to phallic dominance exclusively. If a male or alleged male of some sort wants to mate with me, he should have an unambiguous desire to dominate and penetrate me, or for me to do the same to him. One or the other. Not both. We will not be taking turns pretending to be the man. Either he is a real man in my comparison and will assume the natural sexual privileges and responsibilities of hegemonic masculinity, or he is my masculine inferior and therefore my "bitch". Of course, I will have my own ideas about who is and is not worthy of maleness. Aggression, a natural sense of entitlement, and other signs of intact male instincts can be convincing.

    Sex is binary, with entirely dichotomous power and biomechanical function. Only male power and pleasure matter. From the moment that the man demands access to the cunt to the moment he puts his penis back in his pants, the inferior partner's function is to worship him and be ruthlessly exploited in return. Such is the power and glory of the Phallus and the amazing male animals who wield it.

    It should be obvious by now that I have a nasty edge.
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    I wish I had done it when I was younger, but then, as now, my livelihood would be under threat if I recorded my sexual acts. If I were free of this shackle, I would record myself ruining a virgin boy.
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    Raw sex is real sex, but I have no interest in disease transmission. I'm probably on the wrong site!

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  1. FaceLoad

    #MeToo Movement

    “No means no” is a fine standard. “Affirmative consent” is insane. By its criteria, virtually all of the sex humans have ever had has been rape.
  2. FaceLoad

    Piss beyond the sigmoid

    Urine is not viscous. If you just invert your body, it will flow into your intestines even if it was initially deposited just past the anus.
  3. FaceLoad

    No pussy is as good as faggot pussy

    I don’t know why faggots are in denial about their place in the competition. Men are always going to overwhelmingly choose vagina over rectum because the female sex organ is finely tuned to provide maximum male pleasure in return for maximum sperm delivery. Anal is exciting for variety and tight entry and because it’s more dirty, forced, and sadistic. But it’s always going to be in second or third place for most men. (Oral might beat it out also.)
  4. I agree, it seems like the standard consent protocols are mismatched to faggot nature. It seems like most of us love being violated and used.
  5. FaceLoad


    It’s frustrating, but it’s the stud’s prerogative to find the best cunt for his seed, and if he’s like most men, he can only breed maybe twice a day.
  6. FaceLoad


    It’s not just you, Sir. You have proclaimed a natural law. Please enforce it ruthlessly and teach other men how to treat faggots.
  7. FaceLoad

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    I’m sure he did take advantage, but I’m curious if you mean that he forced you, or that you went along with it but were too young to understand what was happening?
  8. Superior men are entitled to take pleasure from me at will. I honor their instincts for violation. They have the right to penetrate me first and ask questions later.
  9. I want a man to exploit my cunt with a total focus on his own pleasure. He uses me as a vagina substitute when he doesn’t have easy access to an adequate female, or for variety if he doesn’t get to fuck her throat and rectum or get nasty with her. I much prefer that his seed has been proven potent by successful impregnatiions (though I don’t care if they’re children; studs get credit for abortions, too). Whether he thinks of himself as normal or admits to a little bisexuality, he should be pumping his loads into fertile wombs regularly. Raw vaginal access is a fundamental measure of male power.
  10. FaceLoad

    Stealth Pissing

    I would have been eternally grateful to that man.
  11. FaceLoad

    Getting HIV

    No, I'm not selling anything, but Gilead is. Perhaps you've heard of Truvada?
  12. FaceLoad

    Getting HIV

    But if you're worried, take slut pills.
  13. Yes, I think you do need to introduce challenges. I consider throatfucking to be a basic dominant male behavior. If he doesn't take well to you yanking him by the hair and forcing him down, then you might have to explain to him that access to his throat is a requirement for your continued healthy relationship as man and boy. You need to have total sexual ownership of his body. When he drifts into daydreams about stranger sperm, wake him up with something a bit extreme and unusual. Do you fist him? I'm not generally in favor of it. I don't like prolapses. But maybe once in a while you need to put him in check with an unambiguous demonstration of ownership.
  14. FaceLoad

    Molested as a kid

    How would you say this exploitation affected your personality and sexual nature?
  15. FaceLoad

    Taste: Acquired or intrinsic appreciation?

    I enjoyed it from the first squirt. Now, that one was clear. I've tasted worse since, but the taste is not the point. As with bitter man-seed, receiving a man's waste water in your mouth is a privilege. Gulp it and be nothing but grateful.

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