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  1. Choking Fetish

    I certainly enjoy watching a man choke his boy while fucking him, but nothing too serious. It's just another way to demonstrate power. I personally would prefer that the men who penetrate me put their big, strong hands around my neck occasionally to remind me of their strength and their capacity for violence. A dominant, phallic male is threatening by nature.
  2. Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?

    Really, in Palm Springs? The wetnhot party has been held there for years.
  3. I enjoy damaging the cunt enough to make further intercourse unpleasant for him. I enjoy the conquest and sense of ownership, even if it's temporary. Leave them gaping and limping, I say.
  4. "Breeding" if not Poz?

    Breeding is the culmination of the male reproductive act, by which he injects his semen into his chosen target. It doesn't matter if he's blasting his seed onto an actual cervix or in a greasy rectum or even making a beautiful boy choke it down.
  5. Thanks bud ;)

  6. Hi there FaceLoad - thanks for liking my dick pix ;)

  7. Yes! And please let us know in no uncertain terms that you are the man. You are looking down on us for a reason. Do not think of us as your equal, even for a moment. Our comfort and desires become irrelevant the moment you get an erection. Your only concern need be how you can best exploit us for your pleasure and satisfaction. Let the raw force of your masculinity drive every thrust. Take what you want without hesitation. Revel in your power. Your aggression will be rewarded with our worship, and we will thank you profusely for the privilege of being temporarily useful to you.
  8. Too bad, if you treated faggots that way we'd fall in love with you. Anyway, I'm glad you got your way.
  9. Few things make me as hard as seeing and hearing a boy suffer from a man's fuck. I wish porn would pay more boys enough to grit their teeth and endure prolonged rough penetration, with hefty bonuses for tears, blood, and passing out.
  10. First Time Bottoming

    Painful and bloody is a great way to start. How else will fags learn that they exist to suffer for male pleasure?
  11. Guys with a big cock who fuck

    Mine is just big, not huge, but several boys refused to take it past the inner sphincter. They had all claimed they wanted to be fucked hard by me, but they weren't even willing to take the time to adjust to a slow entry. I was disgusted by their hypocrisy and lack of reverence for my manhood and phallic power. My frustration naturally inspired in me a pornographic taste for force, violation, and male supremacy. On reflection, I probably should have jammed those boys to the hilt on the first thrust. At least I would have had the satisfaction of seeing them cry. These incidents left me with contempt for homosexuals who use men as dildos and fail to subordinate themselves to male demands. Faggots need to provide total cunt service. Since the anorectal passage didn't evolve to take a penis, penetration will often hurt. They must embrace the pain of intercourse with gratitude. Coitus interruptus is disgraceful.
  12. Craigslist meets?

    Use BBRT or even Grindr. Craigslist has been a pit for years.
  13. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    Thank you, sir! If I am with a man, he is naturally entitled to penetrate me whenever he has the slightest urge. I would like nothing more than for my body to be sexually useful to a man while I am unconscious. I dream of waking up with aching guts and his stud seed and spots of blood oozing out of my gaping cunt onto the sheets. Meanwhile, he is at work or maybe out bashing the fresh cunt of some boy who happens to be alert (for variety). But he has left me a photograph of his proud, greasy erection pushing into my sleeping body and I feel a rush of love for him. Or better yet, I wake up to him jabbing my insides as deeply as he can at his moment of victory. I scream in pain and lust while he curses and grunts his potent wad into my bruised colon. I would be disappointed in the extreme if my man didn't at the very least have the urge to take advantage of my helplessness for his own satisfaction. I need a man who is profoundly selfish about using me for his own pleasure and is perverted enough to enjoy exploiting me. Above all, he must have the towering, phallic arrogance to believe that he has every right to enjoy himself at my expense and wipe the mess on my face afterwards. It's true that such arrangements do not entirely fit the standard model of consent, but what do you do with the fact that so many faggots desperately want to experience this kind of "assault"? Maybe the same model doesn't work well for everyone. I'm not suggesting a change to any legal standards, but personally, I would beg for such "abuse" and try to convince the man that I would never resent or blame him. Even with the risks, I think a man who has the right ego and who understands my needs might agree to it. At least, such is my fervent hope. I mean, if I can go to a sex club, put on a blindfold, put my legs in the air, and let completely unknown men fill me with diseases, why can't I let a man I know and want fuck me in my sleep?
  14. Hey. I'm pretty new to being gay.

    I would have loved to choke on your manhood.
  15. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    It should begin when the boy realizes that he needs to be penetrated. It's the most basic and important life skill for a homosexual. He should learn how to beg other boys for the privilege of having his mouth used as a substitute for a vagina.

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