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  1. What's your favorite way to finish sucking?

    If the man doesn't grab a fistful of my hair in one hand and tightly grip my neck with the other and use his superior strength to force his erection down my throat and smash my face into his pubes while he breeds and I struggle for air, then I am disappointed. Forcefully skull-breeding a worthless faggot should be pure instinct for a natural man. But I would also be perfectly fulfilled if he yanked my hair back so that my face was horizontal underneath him and then blasted his seed directly into it, up my nose, in my eyes, in my hair, and of course in my open mouth. I want him to do whatever gives him the most power, arrogance, and pleasure.
  2. Little to No Pleasure from Anal

    Just keep at it. It's likely that he'll jab you in the right spot at some point. Anyway, you don't need to feel pleasure while he's inside you. You should feel fulfilled and complete because a man has chosen you and your cunt as the object of his aggression and the receptacle for his seed. If he permits you to masturbate while he's fucking you, do so quietly and without disturbing his thrusting. If not, you can do it later alone with your aching anus to remind you of the honor of the gut battering he gave you. If you can't subordinate yourself to his pleasure, then you have the wrong attitude. Sex is for men. Your obligation is to give them everything they demand and more and do it while being grateful to bask in their glory.
  3. Tops: Do you care about a bottom's erection?

    Telling a man to stop because it hurts is just about a capital offense. There is no greater insult to his manhood than the ingratitude of a fag who thinks that its comfort is more important than the precious gift of penetration that he has lowered himself to bestow. And the rectal cunt is supposed to be in pain. Half the reason that a man fucks it is to hurt and damage the inferior faggot. He must satisfy his intrinsic male drives for violence and power and your lucky lower intestine is his punching bag.
  4. Tops: Do you care about a bottom's erection?

    Good for him. A real man fucks your fraudulent male identity to death and wipes the bloody remains on your clean sheets. You are a sub-human quasi-female that he finds convenient to assault rectally. Paying tribute to his manhood and his mastery over cunt by having a vaginal orgasm is the least you can do to thank him for giving your life a glimmer of meaning.
  5. Tops: Do you care about a bottom's erection?

    Fags can't help themselves in the presence of superior men. Their clits get engorged and their cunts start spasming involuntarily.
  6. perv/taboo chat

    Force, exploitation, and the destruction of virginity.
  7. Stealthing in the news

    I would have to declare myself morally opposed to such practices, but I'm secretly delighted that these men are selfishly slamming cunt raw whenever they feel like it.
  8. Tips for a virgin cocksucker

    Learn to choke. Real men fuck, and they're going to want to ram your throat like it's pussy. They won't care about blocking your airway. In fact, they will actively enjoy watching you struggle to breathe. Your job is to endure the abuse and be grateful for every thrust.
  9. Cum in the eyes

    I love to ejaculate directly into a bitch's eyes, and up his nose if I can. Hurting the bitch is part of taking ownership. (I am a bad man.)
  10. You only said no to the dry fuck. He did the right thing by greasing up and rejoining the battle against your anus. I admire and desire his determination, aggression, selfishness, and overwhelming physical superiority. It's a privilege to be the object of such men's lust, anger, and need to breed.

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