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    Sucking dick, being used as a cock sucking fagot, couples 2 men or groups of men
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I am a masculine clean DD free divorced man that likes to suck dick!!
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    made a couple cock sucking vids. but not happy with them would love to make more!
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    straight, bi, bi curious or married masculine clean DD free white men age 35 and over that are looking for a bottom cock sucker to use!! Also couples or group of men that would like me on my knees!! Yes I am a true cock sucker!

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  1. Cockhungrycumpig

    Guys that pull out of your mouth to shoot

    I love to swallow as they cum but also like when they pull out hold my head back and jerk into my open mouth then shove their cock back in for me to clean and finish!!
  2. Cockhungrycumpig


    swallow facial with open mouth love to make men cum! Love the taste of a hot load of sperm and wherever the man wants to put it is good with me!
  3. Cockhungrycumpig

    Sucking Married Guys

    Yes sucking married dick is my favorite also! Would love to find a guy that would like me to suck his friends too.
  4. Yes I would like to find a few top men that like to get sucked and fuck my ass! I need to be trained to take dick in my tight ass would have to take it slow and easy at first but really want to try anal and become a total bottom slut! I am clean DD free and expect the same. I am into masculine mature white men 40 and over for NSA sex.
  5. Cockhungrycumpig

    Feel it Shooting in Your Mouth?

    Yes I can feel it and taste it love that feeling! I also love to let fill my mouth and then swallow to taste it better! but having it rammed in my throat as they cum is good too! what ever makes him feel good!
  6. Cockhungrycumpig

    Sucking Married Guys

    Yes I love sucking married guys! Nothing better than being used by a married man that just needs a hot wet mouth to get off in!!
  7. Cockhungrycumpig

    Do you ever get bored suckling dick?

    No I am a cock sucker love the taste of cock balls and cum!! My roll is to kneel before men my mouth ready to receive their cock and balls! My pleasure is to be the mouth they use my reward is to swallow their hot load of sperm and I always thank them for allowing me to pleasure them and feeding me their cum!! I f they want my ass all they need is to ask and I will get into position head down ass up ready and willing to be penetrated!!
  8. Dam that is a nice cock here is my man pussy


    1. bbjockload


      Damn. Would love to get personal with that pighole 

  9. Yes wish I had a neighbor like you that would like to sneak over to my place and breed my mouth and maybe invite his friends over too

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Cockhungrycumpig


      Maybe I'll have to move lol. My Motto

      1725337_39 (2).jpg

    3. SIReast


      hope you have the stamina in long cock sucking sessions.

    4. Cockhungrycumpig


      Yes I do love long cock sucking sessions! Would love to do a group of men sucking the cum out of every cock and then when they are done with me stand in a circle me on my knees in the middle and they all piss on me!

  10. I am a masculine blue collar man that likes to suck dick!! I really like other masculine men that are age 30 and over. Married men, straight men, bi curious men that just want to use my hot wet mouth to dump a hot load in! masculine cocks and balls for me to worship and do as I'm told . I love being on my knees kneeling before a masculine man him knowing my mouth is his and he can use it as he likes!
  11. Cockhungrycumpig

    seems I am always wanting more cock and cum

    No your not the only one seems there are a lot of us looking for dick
  12. I am a cock sucker near Pitt PA and looking for masculine clean DD free white men age 30 and over that would like some good NSA no recip. head!! Married, straight single horny men that would like to use my hot wet mouth with nothing in return but my thank you for letting me suck your cock! And yes I suck dick for the prize witch is your satisfaction of feeding me your hot load of cum witch I will gladly swallow every last drop you feed me!
  13. I am just so horny for cock lately all I have been wanting is to suck dick and swallow some hot cum and really not getting enough. I hope to meet some new men here that would like to use my hot mouth and maybe be a total bottom cum slut!!

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