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    England - UK
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    - RAW Fucking / No pulling out.    
    - WS.
    - FF / Prolapse.
    - Daddy / son.
    - Master / sub.
    - BDSM.
    - Full Leather Gear.
    - Chastity.
    - Forced workouts. 
    - Ownership. 
    - TT.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    First of multiple bio updates as times change. Some of you will already know I have been for quite some time now (handful of years at present) have been completely out of action on a physical basis (very fucking frustrating) whilst I tend to a full on debilitating and currently present Neurological/Gastric (infections) illness. Conventional medicine in this regard are fucking clueless, so during my waking hours I have a full time job as my own Doctor, Nurse, and Researcher. I am being paid in the form of wisdom! ;) I am treating holistically as a lifetime of so called medication had clearly done me much more damage than actually was of any help; so that is my own personal journey.

    ** Currently training a sub (my pig boy) via the world wide web, who has roused my inner Dom from a deep slumber due to the aforementioned health situation, and it feels damn GREAT **
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    Open to the idea one day, as an actor, or even a director (so many times I watch a porn flick and I just want to climb in and make changes.)
  • Looking For
    - Twinks. FTM's. Pocket pigs (Nice and compact). Classic looking gents with a big bushy tache.

    One hard rule in life I have in any given capacity is that an individual with even just a hint of belligerent and/or condescending behaviour is; walk on by. Simple as that. I have no time for histrionics or beastly behaviour.

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  1. I did think about ''hair pulling'' as I wrote my comment above, but forgot to mention it. Good boy for bringing it along with choking to attention.
  2. Missionary can be pleasurable taking that intense eye contact into consideration, building upto and during my climax, but for me the winner hands down for my personal favourite position for multiple reasons has to be doggy. In that position a pig can listen to me grunt right into his ear as I unload. I can also take a nice hard firm grip of his hips and spank his sweet round ASS cheeks too during the course of our rut. However the biggest reason of all has to be because I am able to get in MUCH deeper; it feels much more natural this way. I guess my strong curved Dick truly was built
  3. Exactly. Good boy. And yes, mirrors are always a lot of FUN! 🐷
  4. Spread those ASS cheeks pig, and show me your cunthole - Sir is Hungry! 🍽️👅


  5. Good boy my slutty pig boy. Stay proud, keep taking plenty of Dick, and the loads of cum that come with. 🐷🍆💦
  6. Sometimes a beard can be the making of a younger guy who is no longer a twink but young enough to be twink(ish), with the facial hair turning him from a cutie to a right handsome fucker! Grrrrrr 👅
  7. Absolutely! In regards to getting laser treatment, maybe in years to come you will wish to have some hair, so carrying on as you are with the shaving could be the best option. As for that sweet smooth ASS of yours as shown in your profile pic - Definitely spankable, and most definitely fuckable. Truly a beautiful and wonderful ASS! 👅
  8. Now I would have LOVED to have seen that! 👅
  9. When fucking or probing the prostate, then yes, crank up that volume whether gagged up or not; moan, and scream the fucking place down if you so desire, especially in secluded outdoor areas.
  10. When the boy fucks up on his no touching allowed training there are two courses of immediate action;

    - Jockstrap to now be worn at all times.
    - Chastity.


  11. I would have given you a 'hug' reaction emoji if it had existed, so, here ya go ... 🤗
  12. I HOPE that there are some subs and/or bottoms that are in this situation as they start 2021 in the position they should end it ... On their knees! 

    How I'd love to see all those Dicks in this picture spit roast that cock hungry pig. BUT, I do not want to see a drop of cum, that is to be either deposited straight down the throat or deep in this pigs cum hungry guts. Dick cleaning is MANdatory!


    1. Willing



    2. 6Demon6Seed6


      To add to what I originally said about this pic. Once the SIX Dicks as shown had dumped their loads deep inside his guts, and down his throat, maybe 3 in each hole, then of course I'd love to see this pig drenched in cum on his face, down his chest and belly, down his back and on his arms, as he continues to take a good firm breeding both ends. 

      A pig deserves to be happy! 🐷

    3. Willing


      Oink 🐷 

  13. How is this Sir spending his NYE:

    Sat up in bed propped up by pillows, with; Hard Trance playing on the Boombox, a lamp on with the Fire Glow red RED bulb lighting up the bedroom (as shown in profile pic), a little Organic Vegan Chocolate with Almonds, whilst mooching about on my second home Breeding Zone. Not a bad little set up. 

    But, maybe next New Years Eve I'll be fully recovered with a loyal sub by my side having a wild old time - Goals! 🧔👦



  14. The countdown has begun, two hours to go until we see the back of the absolutely wretched year for many of us that was the abysmal 2020. But, a brand spanking New Year beckons, so all that there is left to say is;

    Happy New Year - FAGGOT

    Did I just mention spanking? Well, I do like to make a pair of cheeks rosy red when showing a sub who is the BOSS! 


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. 6Demon6Seed6


      @NLbear, I think ALL Gay & Bi Men this year should indulge in orgies, gangbangs, you name it, once we are given the Green light (IF we are ever given it). Straight Men welcomed too, of course 😈 

      Talking of Straight Men, I think pregnancy in 2020 (thank fuck I can refer to that year in the past tense now) has shot up. Well, what else have Straight Men with partners and who have been furloughed meant to have done with all this extra spare time. That's right .... BREED! 💦

      In one way as a Single Gay Male I am thankful to have had to be going through a severe housebound illness. If I had not been super sick during the insanity of 2020 I think I would have gone totally fucking loopy. Telling me that I have to exchange SEX for Tea & Cake!? I know I am British but that is just taking the fucking piss! 😆

      What do we all do if 2021 is not just a repeat but far WORSE than 2020, and we end up globally in a permanent cycle of lockdowns and hospitatlity remains CLOSED for the foreseeable future?

      Haven't people had enough yet?

      Certainly here in Great Britain from what I have observed from conversations on the radio, videos, documents and independent media, it has become a Dystopian way of life here. Mental health issues have exploded. It is all deeply troubling.

      Anyway, I digress, I sincerely hope YOU get to have that ''fucking GOOD time.'' Your ASS deserves it! 🐷 

    3. NLbear


      I was focusing on the fun part but there are indeed a lot of problems resulting from this horrible year that need to be dealt with in 2021. Each age group has their own problems caused by covid, some are specific to that age group, some are the same among all groups.

      Glad you recovered from your severe illness. 

      Things will get better, we just have to be patient.

    4. 6Demon6Seed6


      ''Things will get better, we just have to be patient.'' ... I HOPE you are correct @NLbear, I really do. Time will tell. Nothing we can do about it for now. 

      ''Glad you recovered from your severe illness.'' ... It is 'recovering', not 'recovered' unfortunately, STILL a work in progress and a BIG mountain to climb. I WILL damn well fucking get there, I am determined. I have subs to train! 🐷

  15. Not all neg bottoms want to convert, and the same goes for poz Tops, not all want to share the 'gift.' You clearly have made your own choice and sound strong in your convictions, and that has to be respected. Yet, the choices and convictions of others, neg and poz must also be respected too. I am a firm believer of freedom of choice; we all deserve that.
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