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Found 52 results

  1. POZ ME

  2. visiting houston jan 8-15

    neg bottom visiting houston hoping to find a top to knock me up. staying downtown near MD Anderson. Can't host. let me know if you're interested.
  3. Sitting here with my chasers hot wads of cum leaking out of my chub hole after a quick fuck session that finally ended in him seeding me... It's been a long time coming, he's been a regular fuck for over a year, we've gone bareback before but he's never blown his load inside me and would always pull out after a few minutes. He prefers to wrap up when we fuck. He had been messaging me most of the day, arranging a fuck session when he took his break tonight. Plan was he wanted me waiting in my Nasty Pig jock strap, poppered up and gagging for his cock and he wanted to fuck me without lube; he fucked me before a few weeks ago without lube and he loved my reaction when I squirmed to adjust as he forced his wrapped cock into me. I had recently purchased the thin feel condoms just for him, it was the closest thing to bareback he'd allow. I got myself ready, showered, douched, put on the jock and started huffing poppers when he gave me the notice he was ten minutes away. He's a very fit young man, he's 25 and has a large uncut thick cock, decent length and well able to fuck. He's got a nice but not overly hairy chest, low hanging balls and a broad chest. He's got a girlfriend and I don't care about that as long as I'm getting cock now and then which is the way it's worked for over a year now. I assumed the position and took my last hit of poppers as I heard him open the door and walk up the stairs. He walked into the room and started to undress as I motioned on the bed and presented my hole to him. "Oh that's a nice sight, you dirty pig slut, waiting for my cock" was his opening words to me "Yes sir, I've been gagging for it all day" I replied as he climbed up onto the bed and teased my hole with his cock (no condom so far) He was rock hard as he slapped his cock off my ass and grabbed my jock strap and teased my hole with his cock, resting the cock head at my hole but as I pushed back he pulled away. He lay down on the bed and told me to eat his hole, he loved to be rimmed and he had a perfectly shaped bubble butt and pink hole that I enjoyed eating out. After some time he turned over and reached for the condom while I went down on his cock and balls "Get off my cock and lick those balls you pig" were his instructions, I worshipped his low hanging balls full of his seed as he wrapped a thin feel condom over his manhood. I must admit my hardon flopped a little as I saw the rubber go on but I knew this wasn't going to happen otherwise. "Get your mouth over that and wet that johnny now as that's all the natural lube we're using you pig" were his instructions as he lay there, balls naked with his thick cock standing proud but wrapped. I went down on him, the taste of the rubber was horrible but I needed to wet it and get it reasonably ready for my hole. While I was down over the rubber I thought this could actually work to my advantage, having read about stealthing before I thought if I could use enough force I could break the condom and get his seed. I stopped sucking him off with spit and just used my lips as they seemed to dry the condom. I sat up and whimpered a little so he'd know I was doing this against my will and wanted to use lube. He lay there as planned as I slowly positioned my big chub body over him and started to sit down on his cock, I adjusted his cock to my hole but at the same time played around with the condom and tried to stretch it just before he penetrated me. I eased onto his cock, with some pain, but not as much as I expected and we started to fuck. He grabbed my hips and started to push up and down inside me, he slapped my fat ass as we started to get into a rhythm and I began to moan with enjoyment, he started to call out how good it felt inside me and within 15 mins he told me he was close. I started to really go for it, wanting to make him blow a hot load but not knowing would I feel it or would the evil rubber catch it all. I was bouncing on his cock now, harder and harder as he opened his eyes and gave a roar and shot his seed... he grabbed my hips as he pushed deep into me and at that moment I felt the warm sensation of cum inside my asshole. I said nothing as I enjoyed the moment and he continued to blow until he pushed to ease me off his cock. "Fuck that felt good" he said as I dismounted and felt my hole was wet with cum "Ah shit, the condom broke" he announced as we both looked at his cock, erection now slowly going down, and there was a fine tear where his cum should be... "Sorry man, I didn't mean for that to happen" he said "it's okay, I get tested regularly, don't worry about it, I guess that's what happens without lube" I responded as I lay down on my bed and pretended as much as I could that this wasn't meant to happen. He got up and went into the bathroom off my bedroom and I turned over and felt my hole, his hot seed was there alright and I pushed what was leaking out back inside me where I wanted it. After a few minutes he came out, apologised again for the rubber snapping, got dressed and left... I'm starting to wonder did he enjoy the feeling of his seed blowing into me more than he cared to admit it; we all know it feels better than blowing into a nasty sheet of rubber! I'll sleep well now tonight
  4. Good Saturday night/Sunday morning breeding

    Saturday evening I collected an old flame from the bus station, he had travelled from another county to see me. We had not seen each other in over 5 years but chatted, irregularly, online when we both spotted each other. He was in a relationship for almost 7 years but it had recently ended. I collected him as planned and we headed straight back to mine; once inside the house we relaxed, chilled out, opened a few bottles of beer and made out on the couch. We made out a few times and played with each other, half ways through my first bottle of wine we were getting hot and heavy and I went down on him. It all came flooding back to me when his large thick cut cock was released from under his boxers... I loved how hung he was, I sucked his rock solid cock and slowly made my way back up to his face and said I wanted to go upstairs. He got his pants back up from around his ankles and followed me to the bedroom, where he watched me strip, admiring my large chub belly and commenting how hot it looked. I dropped my pants to reveal I was wearing my black Obviously branded jock strap, as I bent over to take it off he said "Ohhhh thats nice, don't take it off, leave it for me" so I turned around and crawled onto the bed on all fours with my big ass in the air. He followed my, his hands grabbed my ass and he pushed me down and there I felt his tongue take charge. He rimmed me solidly for almost 10 minutes while I huffed on fresh poppers and moaned to show my pleasure. He sat up and slapped my ass a few times and teased me with his cock. He spat on my hole as he asked me for some lube. He lubed up my ass as I positioned myself doggy style and applied it to his cock also, we were going bareback as I had hoped, the drink and the moment were taking us where I wanted to go... he penetrated me and let me adjust before he started to fuck hard, pounding me, withdrawing and shoving his raw, hard, thick, long cock back into my unprotected hole. I was in heaven He was all over my body, rubbing my back, kissing my neck, whispering a few times how good his cock felt inside me. Where possible I turned and he kissed a few times and soon enough I could feel his tempo picking up; he was a quiet lover, making the occasional grunt or moan while I was telling him how good it felt, huffing on poppers and moaning like a bear. He got quicker and I knew there wasn't much left so I started to squeeze his cock with my ass cheeks and he responded verbally... talking to me while we fucked, telling me how good it felt and then he started to slam his cock into me, pushing and pushing and he froze. Wad after wad of hot cum blasted inside me as he held his erection for a few minutes releasing his seed in bursts. That night we fucked twice more in-between three bottles of wine and a lot of beer. The next morning we woke in each others arms and at 0730hrs, with a big hangover he fucked me once more and left me gagging for a repeat session
  5. So I've been chatting off and on (more off than on) with an undetectable handsome black man who has a beautiful, just my size at 8 inches, thick, veiny cock. I am mostly a bottom but will top if the mood strikes. The other day, he hits me up and says he really needs dick. The moment was right so I went over to his house, which wasn't on the best side of town. Walked past his Dad and "drunk -ass cousin"and around back. He walked me into his room and I take off my clothes revealing my pierced cock. We start getting down to business and I am full mast and fucking him with slow short strokes and then fast long strokes, which is how I like it as a bottom. He is moaning and screaming LOUD, as I continue to fuck him. I don't consider myself a very good top but he is Ffucking wailing like a banshee with noone in the house. However just as Im blasting, grandmama comes knockin on the door asking about something or other (I have no idea what.) Anywho, this dude wants me to fuck him on the regular, but I am mostly a bottom, but willing to oblige if I can get what I want.) Plus, the thought of just walking into this Dudes house and fucking him in front of his fam is kindof a turnon.
  6. Pig in Vegas 11/30-12/5

    I will be in Vegas for a week and looking to take cock and get my pig hole loaded. I can host at my hotel on the strip for anon fuck and go. I would love to find some local poz toxic guys to dump a few loads in my neg hole.
  7. King of prussia bottom needs regular abuse. Can host anonymous guys who are into bondage breeding, forced piss swallowing, bareback, and Sodomizeing me. Shampoo bottles, toilet brush(bristles first), beer bottle, Bondage. Plus, plus plus! I love to deep rim guys with my tongue. Me,.? 47, 6ft 1in, athletic, 195lbs, white, clean cut with a raunchy side.
  8. Last week I started to write blogs(I have since deleted the entries), my initial idea was to give a quick background of how this pretty boy became this filthy whore and from there I wanted too give details of my daily hookup's as I go. I realized however that this is a complete fucking waist of my time and yours. Ill rather do pics and short status updates to not waist fuck time All there is to know is that I''m a very good looking boy (I say this as people usually don't expect extreme filth from me) and I'm into anything dirty, filthy, sleazy. My dick gets hard when people are grossed out by me! I try and live every fantasy that I come up with but my Ultimate would be to be a diseased whore, the go to guys for other struggling chasers - and I am determined to get there in the next two years. Currently I'm in a job where making myself public could be damaging to the company. By end 2017 I plan to quiet and just focus on being a ''whore'' and will finally then be able to share my info, location and pictures fully. I have been saving money for 5 years with this in mind. That''s a brief intro, more info on my profile, and feel free to make contact - as I said, Nothing is taboo and I never say NO. If you one of those who think what I say is just horny talk - Try me?! I will share this message below I sent to @rawTOP, as a curious young guy his blogs pointed my in the right direction - Thank you, thereafter Thanks to Dawson for being my role model, But now, I'm going ALL the way!!! Dear rawTOP Just want to tell you a quick story back in 2011 and 2012, me still very innocent but already wanting to explore bb, came across your blog. I was driving back with a friend on holiday and for a 7 hour drive my eyes were glued to my phone (pre tablet era for me) reading your stories over and over. You introduced me to a new world, pozzing and bug chasing.... or you blog posts lead me to research that. I never actually went onto breeding zone prior to this year, didn't know what it was and was probably to scared. As years went by I starting fantasizing about chasing, still to discreet and shy to act ..... long story short, I eventually just gave in after a guy bred my ass, told me he was safe and weeks later said he lied - when my dick got hard in the middle of a club when I heard this, i kinda surrendered. So pozzing is still in motion, But my darkest secret was, I had been obsessed with bug chasing for years, This however took alot of thought and consideration and for weeks I tried to make contact with other guys, and especially young guys with the same interests...as I thought I was mentally unstable, then someone refereed me here yesterday afternoon. I spent 12 hours reading through all the post and blogs and chatting to other guys similar, hot young fuckers. And I realized that eventually, I'm going to give in so why not now. So In a matter of hours I made a life changing decision This is probably weird to tell you some lame story, but it all started with you. And I really hope you take that with a compliment. You gave me the initial base and material and I''m fucking glad I came across it - It would have happened years later, I'm sure if that urge is in you there''s no stopping it. Hope you will check my profile as I go on this journey Finally I want to share this picture with you all, Last week 26 July at 2pm, I went to my first pre-arranged hookup specifically for Syphilis. I'm yet to see any symptoms but i''ve been told it takes up to two weeks. he kindly labelled me when he was done:
  9. Bottom male in the Baton Rouge area looking to take loads always. Love to be a nasty bottom whore and get used and filled by cocks and cum. Email me at wildinbr@yahoo.com if interested. Into kink and up for trying lots of nasty things for you.
  10. Cumdump for use NOW!

    Neg bottom seeking loads nightly from Tues 6/20 - Fri 6/23. Taking any any all loads. No load refused. Into most anything with very few limits. Bring it on. I am hosting in Metairie. Hit me up for hotel and room number.
  11. PART 1 My parents just left me—their little Jason—in my fully furnished studio apartment. I was now positively on my own. They drove me up to Chicago to attend university—class of 1990. I have three weeks before classes start, and I’m going to explore the city. I already know where I’m going tonight. It’s been on my mind for months ever since I heard about the place. But, now, I have some shopping to do to get ready. A whirlwind shopping spree found me back at my place by 5:00 and my modifications finished by 5:30. (I had to get used to a new time zone.) I looked at my new shower addition and couldn’t wait to try it since I had never used one before. I got the hang of it quick enough. I took my time so that I could be sure that I would be absolutely thoroughly cleaned out in anticipation of tonight’s fun or what I hoped would be fun. I had already decided I was a good prospect to find another guy tonight to have sex with, and I didn’t want anything to go wrong. Eight o’clock found me champing at the bit. I was running crystal clear water out of my ass. I took a quick shower making sure not to put on any deodorant. I looked at myself in the full length mirror on my bathroom door and liked what I saw. I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs all going at full speed. I almost decided not to go but chastised myself for being a chicken. This is what I had dreamed about for so long. I looked once more at myself and took inventory: 19 years old; manly baritone voice; 6 feet tall; naturally tan body; 175 pounds of running and swimming muscles; brown eyes; brown hair covering my arms, legs, head, and crotch triangle; size 11 ½ feet; long slender fingers attached to big hands; and cut thick 8 inch cock hanging in front of naturally hairless sac containing 2 large hen egg-sized balls. I was nervous that I might be not up to par for the men where I was going. But, then, if I didn’t go, I wouldn’t know if I were or were not. I hurried from the bathroom, slipped on an old Bike white jockstrap, a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. I stuffed my money, ID, and CTA pass in my front pocket, picked up my gym bag with the lock and goods, and grabbing my keys went out the door. The clerk at the counter smiled a lot; his name was Cy he told me. I told him I was Jason. He gave me a wink and told me to come to him if I needed anything at all because he would be there all night. He was hot. He talked me into getting a room, actually what he called a double, telling me it was his treat since I had not brought enough money. I found my room after making a quick stop at a commode, stripped putting all my clothes and sandals in my gym bag locking it, made sure my lube was on the bed after applying some to my ass, tossed my towel over my shoulder, strapped on my door key, and left my room wearing only my trusty white Bike jockstrap and a smile. I wandered around the huge bath house going upstairs and in the basement. I went in the steam room finding several men engaged in sucking. I watched for a long time. My mind was racing at what I saw as an almost open invitation to having sex in public areas . . . and no one cared. This is what I had heard about the place and what had kept me in a subdued yet excited state for the last several months. I knew once I had decided where I was going to university I would have to visit this place. I had at last arrived. When I left the steam room, I again wandered over the three levels noting what must be protocol. I stood back and watched other men who also were wandering the narrow halls. What I suspected was true or at least I hoped so. I put my theory to the test returning to a room on the second floor where a hot looking man had been. He was still in his room with the door opened wide. I stood across the hall from his door and watched the man as he slowly rubbed his towel-covered cock. After a couple of minutes, he lifted the towel up allowing his cock freedom to rise upwards. I looked to my left and right and entered his room shutting the door behind me. He stood up as I crossed the room to him. I knelt quickly on the floor using my towel for comfort. I was breathing heavily and my hands shook. My mouth was dry but I opened it. I took his cock in my hand guiding it into my mouth where I tasted my very first cock. I began slowly moving up and down on the shaft as my mouth awakened providing saliva to make the move easier. I carefully began sucking my first cock. There would be many more I hoped. This stranger put his hands on either side of my head and held me still as he began to piston in and out of my mouth. I began quietly to moan at his taste as my head began to swim in blissfulness. My eyes fluttered briefly until I recomposed myself. He fucked my mouth easily for many minutes as I drooled in anticipation. I heard him begin to moan and looked up at him seeing his head tilted backward. His hands tightened on my head; I braced myself for what I knew was going to happen. Several more minutes passed as he continued to moan and increase the tempo of his fucking my mouth. Then, with a growl, I felt his cock fill and hit the back of my mouth. Seconds passed; I felt a flexing of his cock as the first load of his cum shot into my mouth. I gagged like the beginner I was but kept my mouth closed mostly learning to swallow each salvo of his nectar. Rank amateur and I’m sure he knew it, but he said nothing. My cock was straining in my jock. PART 2 I was ecstatic when I left his room and felt as if I were flying! My heart was racing at what I had done. I was giddy but tried to contain my wild enthusiasm as I began walking back to my room. I decided to hit up the basement before the first floor where my room was. My pace was unhurried and garnered several long looks and smiles, a couple of pats on my bare ass, and one distinctive grope of my bulging jock. As I rounded the last corner in the basement, I noticed a door open that I thought had been previously closed. Inside was a young guy who couldn’t have been much older than me. He was naked standing by his bed and stroking a cock that looked to be very similar to the one I had just sucked. I stopped directly in front of his door. Without hesitating, he beckoned me in; I went closing the door. I went to the floor and began working on his cock which was indeed very similar to the first one I had just sucked. The difference was this young guy was a lot more hurried and soon I could tell he was looking for a fast cum shot. Well less than 5 minutes, I heard him groaning as he pummelled my mouth blasting out his load which I swallowed. He hurried me out of his room. Oh. My feet took me up the stairs where I wandered the round-about hall on the first floor. The room next to mine had an older man—read probably in his fifties—in it. He had grey hair, very thin but with muscles, no body hair to speak of, and was propped up against the wall as his uncut cock lay across his thigh. I unlocked my door and stepped over to look at him once more. He motioned me to come into his room. I closed my door and joined him. As I stepped away from his door, I began to kneel once more, but he pulled me back up on my feet. We stood looking eye to eye. He put his arms around my waist, and I put mine around his shoulders. He leaned in and kissed me which took me off guard. I backed my head away for a brief moment and then relented. We kissed several minutes before separating. I knelt down taking his uncut cock into my mouth. He had a very different taste and texture than my first two cocks I had sucked. I soon found that I could slip my tongue beneath his foreskin and had a lot of fun swirling my tongue first one way and then the other. My host sighed quietly and emitted gentle moans. I looked up and saw his face with his eyes closed swaying as if there were a gentle breeze. I sucked on the entire shaft learning my trade and trying different tricks to taste more of this new cock and to be sure that the man to whom it was attached was enjoying himself. We continued for some time. My knees began to hurt, my legs began to cramp, and my mouth began to ache. Somehow, I persevered until without warning a guttural moan crept out of his closed mouth just as a huge glob of cum hit the back of my throat. I was startled and choked at the same time. His cum landed in my mouth as if it were a military barrage. Each salvo landed in a different spot. I felt a backlog of the sticky fluid building in my mouth until I thought it would burst out and spew everywhere. Fortunately, just as I was running out of room the bombardment began to abate; I began swallowing faster. I felt his body shiver and let his spent cock slowly slip from my mouth. My host helped me to my feet and once more hugged me. We kissed some more. He told me I tasted good. I had a momentary dull brain before I realized about what he was talking. I laughed and told him he was the one that tasted good. He had a very pleasant smile. I had an epiphany as I stood there with him. I realized that I had now sucked three men and swallowed their cum loads. I was not nervous or anxious any more about my being accepted. I knew I was attractive enough and had what it would take to find plenty of men at this bath house to sate my repressed sexual appetite. My mind began to race as I thought about starting a journal and keeping track of my sexual trysts. Abruptly, I returned to my reality of being held by this nice older man. Indeed, all three of my conquests were superb in their own right. Any hint of ageism fell away. I resolved that it was about sex and me getting a lot of it to make up for “lost” time. I had no time for age numbers.
  12. ***First off, this is total fiction, but I was inspired by something that happened to me a few years ago -before I was chasing. Now I wish this is how it had gone down.*** That day was a day like any other, woke up horny as hell. Only this time I didn't have to work and I was going to do something about my hunger. I got onto a few sites and weeded through profiles, until I finally managed to connect with a guy who needed a hot ass to fuck. Done! He was over in less than 30 minutes, and I was ready for him, face down-ass up on the bed. I heard him fumbling with his clothes and then that damned crinkling sound of a fucking condom. UGH! I wished then that I had lubed my ass with Vaseline so it could shred that fucker up, but it was too late for that. I just gritted my teeth and prepared myself for that rubber burn. I just hoped (for a change) that he wasn't too hung, that should make the burning rubber a little easier on my insides. It wasn't totally awful, and if he wasn't wrapped up, that is a dick I could spend hours on end with. But I had to get him to use a ton of lube just to keep me from feeling the condom. Eventually he got tired of pounding me doggie style, so he lay down on the bed and had me climb on top. I rode him good, determined to get him off and then get back online to find a guy who would give me some loads. When he was just about to cum he shoved me really hard off of him, and he was left panting with his dick firm and throbbing in the air. "What the fuck?" I howled. "I didn't want to cum in you," he replied, gulping in deep breaths. "Why? You've got a condom on," I complained. "I just . . . couldn't." He hadn't actually blown his load, so I climbed back on and started riding him again, only this time he didn't seem as into it -for some reason I got the feeling he was still worried about cumming. I don't get it. And after a few minutes he did it again, leaving my hole literally gaping open and starved. "Dude, what is the problem?" I asked. He finally blurted out, "I've got HIV! AIDS! Dammit, I can't take the chance of cumming inside anyone even with protection." Fuck this, I told myself. Faster than he could even register what was happening, I tore that condom off of him and dropped my ass down, raw and balls-deep. He was protesting and trying to get me off of him, but I locked my thighs onto him and rode like I was on a mechanical bull who was trying to buck me off. "Give me that fuckin' load!" I demanded. His eyes grew so big, he thought I was crazy for sure. "Are you insane? You can't-" "Give me your fucking AIDS!" I yelled at him. He was still pushing on me to get off, but I was riding him hard and his dick was still steel hard and buried totally up inside me. I think on some level he was loving being inside me the way nature intended, at least his rock hard dick was thrilled about it. We literally struggled and fought for at least five minutes, and despite him being significantly bigger than me, I had desperation and hunger on my side. And I won! Finally he stopped struggling and only a minute later he grunted and I felt that beautiful dick spewing toxic seed deep into me. Aah, relief. I stayed on top of him, not letting him out of my ass, determined to take every single drop his balls had to expel. Eventually he opened his eyes and stared me down. "Why would you do that?" Such a sweet guy, he was actually concerned about me. I grinned at him, determined to lighten his mood. "Hey, poz guys need to cum, too." "Yes, with condoms," he asserted, almost scolding me for being so irresponsible. "Hell NO," I retorted. "The fact that you have a viral load means you shouldn't ever have to touch another condom in your whole life. Your seed was made to be spread." "Yes, but you-" "-would have asked if I was really concerned about it. And if you'd told me up front, I would have insisted we go bare from the start," I assured him. "I still don't understand why," he mumbled. "Because you've been given the freedom to fuck and not worry about it anymore. It is the responsibility of the guy on the receiving end. If he's concerned about catching something, he should ask ahead of time, he should demand condoms, and he should probably find a safer way to get fucked than anonymous hook-ups." He was silent for several minutes, clearly pondering what I'd told him. But I did notice that his dick never softened inside my ass, not even a little bit. Eventually I felt his hands on my hips and he began to buck up into me. It appeared that I had done a little reverse on him and changed him into a gifter, and now he was turned on by the idea of delivering his toxic load into me. He looked deep into my eyes and grinned. "So, you want this fucking AIDS seed?"
  13. Neg bottom after all loads, will be in premier inn birstall Monday night for one night only! Will take any and ALL loads
  14. UK NW/Mids Chaser

    Neg looking for no loads refused fun into kink n sleaze... Into most things, quick or long drawn out, anon, or pimping at Sauna... i have a few free weekends... ...Manchester 20-22 Jan, 27-29 Jan 2017... Birmingham 3-5 Feb 2017
  15. Neg lad looking for poz loads.
  16. Days Inn Wild West

    Door open, knock and cum in. Face down, ass up. Fuck me and breed me hit me back for room #
  17. Chelsea anon cumdump for use

    smooth wet pink cunt for tops to use. loves to be eaten and fucked and filled. k thx
  18. Chelsea anon cumdump for use

    smooth wet pink cunt for tops to use. loves to be eaten and fucked and filled.
  19. FEELING LOW, FEELING HIGH (How Low Will I Go . . . continued) Well there was no surprise what happened about a week later: I woke up feeling like shit. Worse than shit. I was sweaty and feverish and achy all over. Yup, the fuck flu was beginning to kick my ass. Despite the fatigue, I had enough mental brain power to do a little calendar calculation in my head. I supposed it is possible that taking all of those loads from the AIDS patients at the hospice could infect me severely enough to kick in after a week. Could it? Part of me was still thinking (and maybe hoping) that it was from that first day, with that first skinny wasting man who passed me off at the bathhouse. I knew my 'hope' was a little stupid - it could have come from any of them. Or Stu or David. Or a combination. I could be carrying all of their HIV babies all at once! My stomach was rolling and my mind was spinning. Actually, that was the room. I was thinking too hard about it: I had gotten what I wanted. What was next? I really did feel like shit, but my dick was standing at full mast and I was fucking horny, knowing I was finally a part of The Brotherhood. Even though I really didn’t have the energy, I dragged my sickly ass out of bed, cleaned myself up (and out), pulled on a jock strap, a pair of nylon trackies and a tee shirt, then headed out. I wanted to go back to where it all began. So I hopped a cab just outside of my building. The cabbie kept eyeing me in the rear view mirror and after a minute or so kindly asked “You feeling alright, buddy?” “I’m, uh, just a little under the weather,” I replied, "but nothing to worry about. I’m on my way to get a little more . . . medicine.” He dropped me off at the corner and I walked the few doors down to the black door of the hidden bathhouse. I carefully made my way down the stairs, praying that my legs would hold me up all the way down. The same guy was behind the desk and I slipped him the entrance fee. He squinted at me. He knew. “You okay?” he asked. I wondered just what answer was the right one in these circumstances. T o hell with it. “Fuck flu,” I blurted out. Just then out came the first guy from that first time, the frail and sick looking one. He was smiling at me, and his cock stood mighty and hard. “Time to finish what we started,” he said in a husky voice. He didn’t give me time to undress or find somewhere more comfortable to fuck. He simply pulled me around the corner, yanked my pants down and entered my ass, slam-fucking me hard, with only the precum from his big cock as lube. I was too exhausted to make much of a fuss over the discomfort, and besides, it always feels great to have a man up in my hole, even if it was, on occasion, a literal pain in the ass. For such a slight looking man, his hands gripped my hips quite strongly, his bony fingers digging into me while his big bone dug into my greedy fuck hole. He slammed into me hard, really hard, clearly trying to tear me up inside so that he could ensure a clear path of travel for his potent toxic seed to enter into me again. I closed my eyes for a minute, basking in the hypnotic sound of our skin smacking into one another again and again. I could have died right then and there and would have been one happy pig. He pounded my insides to mush, and he was sweating quite a bit and breathing hard, so I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer. His grip on my hips grew painful as he growled like some sort of wounded animal, his cock swelling inside of me and depositing his viral load into me once again, most certainly impregnating me. He remained in side my ass until his cock grew soft and slid out of my wet and sloppy hole on its own accord. Reaching down, the guy reached down and massaged the cum that had leaked out into my swollen and tender ass. I had expected the other guys who had come to watch to step up and take their turns on me but, much to my disappointment, they didn’t. Instead, he pulled my pants back into place and led me out front where he put his clothes on and guided me back the way I’d come. Turning to him I asked “What’s going on?” “I’ve got something special in mind for you,” he replied with an evil glint in his eyes. Well my initial disappointment vanished instantly and my cock sprang back to life. We took our time slowly ascended the stairs up to street level. I think that we both felt like shit, but somehow we both walked unhindered, and he guided me to a nearby park. I had been by here before but usually avoided it, having seen some of the wasted burn-out types who hung out there all the time. After having been used like a whore as I have been lately, I knew now that I was in no position to judge them. It also occurred to me that I still didn’t know the guy's name but I was following him around like a lost puppy. And he seemed to know a lot of the guys we passed. Perhaps he was one of them. I wondered if that was how he got infected, sharing needles or something. “You think you’ve gone down the rabbit hole? ou've only just stepped through the entrance,” he commented, smirking. “I can tell that you are not the type of pig who will be satisfied until you’re completely degraded and trashed.” My mind was telling me that I didn’t like the sounds of that, but I couldn’t ignore the enormous tent sticking out in front of my pants. Damn this thing sometimes! “We could have stayed at the bathhouse and let all of those guys used you again. But let's face it - been there, done that. You need something new, don’t you? Something . . . more? My heart was pounding hard and my breathing was already more of a pant. How did this guy get into my head like that? I just nodded at him, knowing that everything he said about me was right. I would trust that he would know just what it would take to satisfy my inner pig. He finally stopped at a group of some seven guys, all looking really rough and tough. They didn’t look to be homeless, just really sort of seedy looking. I guess they were just hanging out looking for something to do. Or some-ONE. He pulled one guy away and spoke very quietly to him for several minutes. Every so often they would both look over at me, and the man he was talking to would raise his eyebrows sometimes or smirk at me. When they finished whispering, they both looked at me and said, “Let’s go,” and I, along with the others, walked over to a beat up old van at the other end of the park. It was filthy inside and the back had no seats. One of the guys, a big man who was real hairy bear, grabbed hold of me and pulled me to his lap. “Why don’t you sit on me until we get there?” he growled into my ear. I figured ‘Fine, I’m sure his lap is much more comfortable than the floor’, so I smiled at him. “Well go ahead, lose the pants,” he snapped at me. Duh, he really wanted me to sit on him! Also fine by me, so I stood and shucked off my pants, and then straddled his lap, working his already hard cock out of his pants. One load in my hole helped get his fat uncut cock into my hungry hole. And I do mean fat. He wasn’t longer than seven inches, but he had to be more than that around! I fucking loved feeling his cock stretch my hole open wide. I leaned my head back and smiled to myself, not even particularly aware of the other guys watching me. Only his cock and my hole. He started talking to me, so I snapped out of my personal daze and looked at his face. He was actually quite handsome. I have always loved a bear. He didn’t look skinny enough to be a junkie, not that I had much experience. I’ve always been a lightweight when it comes to substances. “You are a good little whore, aren’t ya'?” he asked, adding “Fuck, your ass feels good on my cock. I’m going to enjoy using you plenty,” he growled as he thrust his hips up to get as much of his cock into my hole as was possible. He continued to growl and rut up into my lusting hole, but after a few minutes I tuned into the other guys complaining to him that he was hogging the hole. Evidently they all wanted their turn. “Fine,” he grumbled. “Get off,” he said to me, shoving me off of his still throbbing dick. My friend who had brought me to these guys was sitting up front with the driver and one other man, so that left me in the back with four guys other than the one who had already been in me. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.... I didn’t have to bother choosing between them, as the first guy nearest me tossed me down to me knees, shuffled on his knees behind me and hammered his dick balls deep inside me. I howled from the shock of it. He wasn’t all that big, but I wasn’t wide open and gaping just yet so my hole needed to adjust to the sudden invasion. “Shut the fuck up, bitch,” he snarled, ramming into me over and over again. He pounded me like this for just a couple of minutes and then I was dragged onto the next guy, and the next and the next. By this time my hole had loosened up good and was feeling really sloppy. Also by this time we had reached our destination. The van stopped and the side door slid wide open, exposing me in all of my nakedness to anyone who might pass by. The man who I now recognized as the leader of the group (and the driver of the van) grabbed my clothes from the floor of the van and just nodded his head in the direction of the house where we were parked. Luckily as I peeked out I couldn’t see any other houses in close proximity, so I didn’t have to worry about making the naked sprint to the front door. I could feel cum from my first fuck (plus all of their precum and surely some blood) trickling down the insides of my legs as I walked, and my cock got stiffer. Something about feeling cum running down my legs reminds me that I was a whore, which excited me more than ever. They led me down to a rough and unfinished basement, with little in the way of furniture. Or light, for that matter. Just a beat up old sofa, a few folding chairs, and some exposed metal posts and wooden beams. Charming. The leader suddenly grabbed my hands and in a flash, before I could register what was happening, he had me chained to one of the metal posts in the middle of the room. From there he sauntered over to a dark corner where I heard him dragging something. Then he and one of the other guys picked it up -looked to me like they’d build their own fuck bench. Two of the other guys took hold of my legs and lifted me up in the air, which made me feel very much like a frog: arms out in front of me, legs back and splayed, stomach facing down. The fuck bench was slid in place under me and I was set down on top of it. “This’ll be your home until we’re done with you,” the leader said, patting the bench. “Almost all of us have had a turn in you, but not quite. But as none of us have unloaded in you yet, we‘ve got some work ahead of us.” With that, I could hear him unbuckling his pants and saw him kick them off to the side. He entered me and took hold of my hips while he took his time in me. It was a very good fuck, not rough, but not slow and tender either. Just good quality dick in a hungry pig hole. He had stamina, too. He kept it up for a good 20-30 minutes and wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Another 10 minutes and he leaned himself down on top of me so he could whisper in my ear. “I just got back from Cuba a couple of months ago. I brought something back with me . . . and it didn't come from the duty-free,” he told me, in a cross between a whisper and a growl, his breath so hot and stimulating against my ear. I felt an instant rush slam through my body. This guy was seriously telling me that he was a carrier of the Cuban strain? I felt a moment of panic, but shoved it down just as quickly. It was what it was. I was a cumwhore, made to take loads - all of them. And I had heard many guys were deliberately seeking out the deadly and untreatable Cuban strain. "Please, fill me with you poison seed!" I yelled. "Come on, knock me up with that toxic cum!!" “Here it cums, slut, my fucking deadly cum going inside you,” he growled in my ear as I felt him tense and his cock expanded and exploded inside me, filling me with his intensely viral seed. My balls exploded at that exact moment, emptying into my mesh jock strap and leaking out in a puddle beneath me. I just dropped my head, moaned through our simultaneous orgasms, and revelled in the entire feeling of freedom and pig sex that had eluded me my entire life. Now I was the way I was meant to be. Over the course of the next couple of hours the guys all had their turns on me, and I learned that they met at a special clinic that was studying the most deadly and untreatable of all HIV strains out there. And they all came together to combine their DNA into some seriously effective and highly toxic strain of HIV. Inside of my body. Yes, the terror was still there, but it didn’t stamp out the sheer lust and thrill that consumed me. I was a bitch in heat now, and no deadly strain was going to stop me from being the biggest cumwhore I could possibly be. The guys actually kept me there for a couple of days, letting me move around freely only long enough to stretch my legs and to rehydrate. No food. I was fucked beyond fucked. My asshole was now a permanently gaping sloppy cavern, and the guys could just dive balls deep into me with not even a flinch from me. I could still feel them inside of me, but I’d been stretched and torn up enough to be able to accommodate anything. But it was that Cuban load that really opened the floodgates to all of the depravity that I experienced over the course of those couple of days. Maybe I’ll get into a little more detail . . .
  20. This js any open invitation to any and all men of Melbourne (or anyone traveling to Melbourne). I am a 19 year old neg bugchaser. I will be at Subway sauna from 10am till 4pm on Wednesday September 14 and will be taking any and all loads (absolutely none will be refused). I will post here on the day exactly which room I will be in (I don't know which rooms will be available). Also, if any guys come who have biohazard or scoorpion tattoos, I'll do anything you want! Just knock me up! For anyone who doesn't know, the entry price is $25 (I think), and there is a concession price of $22.
  21. Visiting bottom bear, currently negative, looking for all loads. Attending Cumunion September 3, hosting at hotel other times. Hotel is in San Mateo, though
  22. Total bottom. Will be in Philly at hotel near Club Philly August 4 through 7. Want as many loads as I can get. Will take any loads. Let me know if you want to use my hole for your cumdump. Tagteam, gangbang, the more cum the better.
  23. Anonymous NEG bottom seeking all loads. NLR don't need your name just you seed. Looks don't matter as long as you have a cock and a load or six. Poz and Aids cocks major plus. Will meet you at the truck stops, over night parking, your hotel, a park, a secluded bathroom..... You name it and I'll probably go for it. Loads in my ass are what matter most. Love raunchy poz talk.
  24. Cum pig here looking for ALL loads but gifters are especially welcum! Dirtier and more toxic that seed the better! I literally just tested neg via a rapid test and still not preggers. I can host or travel. I have a sling, poppers, and basic toys if hosting plus a private house to noise and whatnot is not an issue. I do not PNP!
  25. I went to New Orleans on a business trip. Was also on a mission to get some dirty loads. Found myself at the raw something or other and Phoenix. I definitely got what I wanted. Pretty sure the piss I took was chem piss including the cup I left in trough and came back to drink - it had a very harsh taste. I know I was fucked pretty good, begging to get bred, but too out of it to know by how many guys. Ended up at Phoenix, same thing upstairs. Bent over a stool in the back corner. God knows who fucked me and with what they inseminated my pig hole with. Sure as shit was sick the next day and again a week later. Still feel flu like - not gonna test, just let it fester. 2 weeks prior took a raw piss fuck from a guy with a bio tat and a pierced dick, prince albert and all the way up the shaft. Been feeling tingly ever since - must be something! Yeah! I am a pig!

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