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    I am Latino with European descent, thin, study social communication, currently an analyst job, sexually active life, in the last 15 years 100% sex with men.

    5`44" 127 l and 7 inches cock

    Soy latino con ascendencia europea, delgado, estudie comunicación social, actualmente trabajo de analista, vida sexualmente activa, en los últimos 15 años 100% sexo con hombres.

    1,66 MTS, 57 KG, 18 CM PENE
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    none but I want to do something on onlyfans or for treasure island media
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    Currently I am not looking for anything specific, I have learned to savor the variety. my current partner is my slave and we play a lot with other men who use it and give him cum.

    actualmente no busco nada en especifico, he aprendido a saborear la variedad. mi actual pareja es mi esclavo y jugamos mucho con otros hombres que lo usan y le dan su leche.

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    [think before following links] [think before following links] https://twitter.com/manux32ccs1

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  1. I destroy your ass but with the thong on, I love tgirls who fuck in lingerie, I love to stain them with semen. As a top, I love that, feeling the semen of other men in the ass that I'm fucking, but I really enjoy everything oral: the felching to swallow the whipped sperm, sucking his swollen "clitoris" to swallow his bitch sperm, kissing his mouth to feel the taste of the cocks she has swallowed, piss them in her mouth, lick her fucking sweat. As Bottom, in addition to the oral sex that I already said is my favorite, I have two special moments, the first is when they enter for the fi
  2. I totally agree, that tenderness that innocence grants very few top men respect it, they will satisfy their low instincts and squeeze their sperm into a virgin or inexperienced ass. Sometimes these young people tend to have bad love experiences because of that simple fact, so sometimes I usually behave as I would have liked to start in sex, and not because of trial and error. On the other hand, social networks greatly influence current sexual behaviors: in my time 40 years ago our porn was secret and from magazines, today boys have many apps where they can get not only the most brutal porn, bu
  3. I love that you are a complete whore, and you are right on that point, many men love to kiss to feel the breath of sperm or the taste / stench of sweaty cock. And more than you can imagine, straight men who go cruising or sauna go out of their way to kiss whores who have swallowed several cocks.
  4. At some point I wrote it, but it is not too much to repeat it. For 11 months I have been dating perhaps the biggest whore I have ever had. I am 40 and 23, we met on grindr to fuck, in my profile I always put "BDSM" and that was what made us write and chat for several days until the sexual encounter. From that day on, he became my slave, even without realizing it, thanks to lust, we fucked without a condom and even though he got a little scared, he kept going. I tell this because it is important for what came next: he totally surrendered to his low instincts thanks to me, I made him fuck other
  5. I like reading them because I see that we all understand that a kiss is a matter of feeling and lust when it comes to cruising. Like most of here, I love kisses and it is my favorite part, ass to mouth, felching, snowballs, swallowing included, everything that is oral sex turns me on, but in cruising kiss only if we both attract each other, no I'm looking at kissing. My few limits refer to hygiene (paradoxically XD) because I don't like bad breath, nor do people who smoke cigarettes or tobacco (those who smoke cannabis are more pleasant in a way).
  6. I love the darkroom, they are my favorite parts of clubs or saunas. I am top, however when I give the ass I like to be selective and that has happened to me only a couple of times in the dark room, I only melt huge cocks but of men who really have a fealing with me. When I am top, I am also selective, I do not have bareback sex with anyone, first I touch the ass and see how open / wet it can be. The second step is to smell it and lick it, I don't like scat and if an ass is clean it is known immediately. Finally, after those two steps, if the bottom is excited and willing, he begins to fuck non
  7. It is part of the well, the lust that comes from that demonic connection that brings AIDS in the blood, that unnatural DNA exchange that occurs when you impregnate the ass of another man initiating it as your servant, your slave, your son or part of the Brotherhood. The lust to chase the bug is born in many men lately, but few are willing to surrender to the well as the work of the dark lord. AIDS is practically an honor, and the real impulse to swallow all the sperm that you can collect (especially if it is in cruising, for me the fundamental part of being hit by the well)
  8. just like you say it! undressing in the forest takes us to our animal nature as is bareback sex. In a single session I have been able to count 50 men fucking.
  9. I definitely love cruising in the park or in the mountains, as opposed to baths or saunas. Here in my country there are many wooded areas and many parks after 7pm there is no one. This is fertile ground for quick sex or even group blowjobs. The only risk is crime and that is an additional degree of danger to the risk added by the police or achieving AIDS. Thanks to sex in the park I discovered the Bareback. (I leave a photo of one of my blowjobs on the hill)
  10. It has been exciting to read their very young ages, it really gives me perversion. In my case, unfortunately I did not start so young until I was 27 years old in my first cruising, I did not know the world of sex with strangers until then, but I did not download it in the ass but in the mouth. I barely started bareback sex with strangers at 34 and I still haven't stopped.
  11. Well, I'm top and I really decide who to get pregnant and who not. But also here in my country it is complicated to fill our asses with milk because there is fear of HIV, however, my current partner at first demanded that I fuck him with a condom, but at the fourth meeting he asked me bareback and frankly I went more aggressive in my lunges on his ass, impregnating him, and since then only bareback.
  12. excuse me but I read a lot of hypocrisy in this post. Every gay man who is under 40 years old here has lived in the days of the AIDS pandemic, therefore we know (we all know) that the condom is one of the first protections against the virus and other sexually transmitted infections. So why say you like bareback but don't want to get sick? This contradiction seems stupid to me, even from those who believe that PreP will save their lives, or PreP is a sexual liberating mechanism. Whoever assumes Bareback, assumes that at any moment he will be infected with gono, sif, hep, or hiv, there is no way
  13. How I would like you to infect my entrails with your DNA in a diabolical ritual as a sacrifice of my body to the dark lord, it would be the ideal for my conversion, I do not want it to happen in the cruising or in the sauna, that is what I now long for a depraved and perverted sadistic ritual.
  14. From ass to mouth has been a [banned word] practice among gays in my country, but little by little that has been changing. Obviously hygiene is essential, but after that lust wins when you put the whore to savor her ass with the cock soaked in juices, even when I've been bottom I like to do ass to mouth and several assets are surprised with the technique. Particularly when I am top I like to do felching in the ass of my whore, that little by little the bottoms begin to like it here in my country.
  15. I will tell you beforehand that I do not share incest (and that does not mean that I do not wish to discuss the issue). Regarding what you state, I think that everything in life must have limits or codes to respect, certainly 90% of those of us who are homosexual or bisexual start with a relative, I started with a cousin at 10 years of age but we are both the same age (and to date we still have encounters, although I do not like it because he is a heterosexual married man), I have also had partners and friends who began their SEXUAL life (I reaffirm the word because I will present an idea late
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