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    I am Latino with European descent, thin, study social communication, currently an analyst job, sexually active life, in the last 15 years 100% sex with men.

    5`44" 127 l and 7 inches cock

    Soy latino con ascendencia europea, delgado, estudie comunicación social, actualmente trabajo de analista, vida sexualmente activa, en los últimos 15 años 100% sexo con hombres.

    1,66 MTS, 57 KG, 18 CM PENE
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    none but I want to do something on onlyfans or for treasure island media
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    Currently I am not looking for anything specific, I have learned to savor the variety. my current partner is my slave and we play a lot with other men who use it and give him cum.

    actualmente no busco nada en especifico, he aprendido a saborear la variedad. mi actual pareja es mi esclavo y jugamos mucho con otros hombres que lo usan y le dan su leche.

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  1. Hello guys from Canada, I write this post because I am curious about knowing about gay social life in that country. Obviously all migrant must work and get a good future, but I find it curious to know about the cruising or bathouses in the US but never about Canada. I have a friend in Toronto but his life is a bit calm, has a couple, it has told me things but I would like to know if it really is a boring place or you can have lusty sexual experiences. Thanks for your answers.
  2. oh great news, first of all sorry for responding late to your post. In addition to the info that @Espat2323 can give you, you can use this app that is widely used in Colombia and Spain machobb.com where there are several rooms where you can get what you are looking for (from softcore, to scat or bdsm). Bogota and Cartagena are expensive, however there are cheap places to stay, and in fact people where you can be received as a guest. As for places for sex there are hundreds of them in those cities, some are open in the middle of a pandemic breaking the laws. Orgies are also organized
  3. You are a lucky man, being the sperm deposit of black men, I always found the use of a white ass by black studs very sexy, they unload their manhood, lust and perversions as if it were to end the world. Hello "paisano", from what I see you are Latino like me (or at least you are of Latino descent). From what I read in your post, I think you ask about the behavior of men in northern countries (US and Canada) because really very little happens here in the Caribbean (I live in Venezuela), here it is not uncommon to see black men and whites living together, including European, Cuban
  4. What a delicious little ass to fuck, without taking off your bikini

    1. Annapaulamass


      :-), I love to use that when I am getting anal

  5. I have practically complied with almost everything in sex, I lack very few things, some unpublished and illegal XD ... I have had sex in any type of public places (elevators, emergency stairs, squares, offices, classrooms, beaches, mountains, obviously public toilets, cars, airports, cinemas, parking lots, department stores, etc), I have done almost all the complete BDSM, so I have very little to do. but of which I can write and that I still lack, it is a reverse gangbang where I am the top of about 5 to 10 bottoms ladyboys sissy (not transsexuals), I would also like to receive a bukkake
  6. As a top I love a shaved or hairless ass, because I love sucking them on the other hand, hairy ones are a bit uncomfortable (although they smell delicious with their sweat). However, I am indifferent in terms of sex, when I am versatile or bottom a hairy man is excellent, very exciting, I think a good balance of hair is not very bear, and I really dislike hairy backs, but I love hairy armpits. but if you ask me about my preferences 70 shaved / hairless - 30 hairy.
  7. good story, I love that fetish I hope to do it soon ... I also like to smell the underwear is a good fetish, although my fetish is undoubtedly smells and legs, good legs excite me a lot and I stimulate them during the fuck. As for BDSM, I think I've experienced almost everything, from that list I only exclude scat and vomiting because I don't like it.
  8. Definitely my favorite cumdump will always be Jeff Palmer, because thanks to him I met the lustful world of pozcum and at a time when saying that you were proud of AIDS and that you hated drugs was censored by the environment. More than 20 years later, PreP and other tools make porn stars talk about undetectable HIV as if it were a trophy, and naturally there is talk of taking drugs, something unthinkable decades ago. On the other hand, I do not think that Armond goes to the category of cumdump, she is more of a glam porn and although she is a real bitch swallowing sperm or piss, the trut
  9. THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENT. That's right, here in Latam we are all very hot, and little by little religious stereotypes are falling and there are more and more "curious straight" or bisexuals fucking in bathhouses and cruising. As for black studs who know how to fuck, it is without a doubt the best experience, they never lose energy, they can beat your semen up to 4 times in a row without stopping to rest, they are demons made human. On the black bottoms, they definitely put up with any kind of orgies or gangbang, that does not mean that I know enduring whites, my current boyfriend / slave endu
  10. I do not agree with those who separate the FF from the practice of BDSM but I respect their opinions. About the post: I think it is up to you or your teacher (be it the case) to decide how you are going to combine the fetishes, it is up to your creativity to do so. I have been a BDSM master for more than 15 years teaching good slaves how to respect and obey their stud (or studs), and I have combined various fetish games in a single session, only it seems that in some cases there are masters who do not communicate their intentions or they don't listen to their slaves, I think that's fundam
  11. I think there is a lot of mythology and legend in wanting black cocks. Really most that I have eaten either do not know how to fuck or do not have their cocks erect permanently. If it is true that most of them are extra long and thick, huge balls, some I love how they stink of men, but on the other hand the black bottoms are very little visible, there are no more dick holders than black asses, they swallow 4x4 without scruples, even not only the booties but the black twinks who in addition to skinny cocks have very generous asses, it hurts that there is little porn on black bottoms.
  12. I totally agree, rape is a negative fact, it is traumatic and a crime. Then perhaps personal experiences vary, some may repress themselves, feel morally destroyed, even never have sex again in a normal way (even if they have undergone therapy), while others transform that "disgust" into a personal revenge towards themselves or transform that fact at the beginning of a promiscuous life. The cases that I know of are horrendous of how priests abused altar boys, going over everything from the legal to the religious. On the other hand, incest is the most common when it comes to rapes. Few spea
  13. I love bukkake but preferably I drink it, I could even make snowballs if there is another pig willing. I am top but I love to swallow cum and more if it is shaken inside a whore's ass
  14. Something is learned every day XD I honestly had not thought about it, I just put my cock and voila, if the bottom wants to offer his hole I have no problems, I know that is the art of the gloryhole, everything is unknown, much more than the dark room where there is at least one physical contact. I've only been bottom sucking at gloryhole a couple of times but it was only oral and it seems to me that tops sometimes just want to be sucked off.
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