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  1. I'd be interested in finding out more about the on going warehouse parties.  I thought they were a lot of fun years ago.

  2. Also here too. There's a tele gram group for local BB-ers if that helps. I'm same name on that and the tweeter 😛
  3. Were they actually using? Or was it faked like some of the cumshots?
  4. The bottom with the hot prolapse goes by 'mickebttm93' on xtube. [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/profile/mickebttm93-23054492
  5. I did. The leave most of it to the imagination. Lots of the porn stars are main stream. Same sketchy sex filming techniques but now there's a "back story" where the bottom trades drugs for getting fucked. Instead of the edits, someone blows thick white smoke (possibly from Ms T) into the action. Hot to watch, but I dig the amateur stuff where you KNOW they're having fun with Ms. T.
  6. Does the Wednesday 5 to 9 party still happen?
  7. Getting the supplies was easy. Have a friend to help out who works at a vet hospital. The video makes it look not so complicated. I'll post results
  8. Trying to get some bull balls and try a saline infusion in my sack. Anyone ever try it? More importantly is there someone in the TC metro that can help me actually do this?
  9. Missing your tumblr :( - Did you relocate your content?  

  10. Nevermind. Butterfly BROject You're right. It's hot!
  11. I put in the butterfly project and nothing comes up. Is it gone or am I searching incorrectly?
  12. MN here also. Can host/travel. Could probably help with those "other ways" as well. Hmu
  13. they axed your tumblr again :(  

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