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  1. IML 2018 Who's going

    I'm leaning heavily towards going. I'd babysit for a bit but not the whole time. I'd like to be babysat in the same scenario myself. Wondering if NKP is going to be able to set up their party anywhere nearby?
  2. Seeking the bug and some fun

    Also here in MSP. Hit me up.
  3. Pig daddy visiting

    yeah. Aim here please - how long are you in town for?
  4. *sniff* What happened to your tumblr?  I miss it already.

    1. TxChemWhore


      Ugh I know, I’m so annoyed. I don’t know why I keep g tying flagged.  Will have a new one with all of the “greatest hits” plus some new stuff up by the weekend!

    2. TxChemWhore
    3. TxChemWhore
  5. IML 2018 Who's going

    Is it at the congress hotel again? It seemed that place was a real buzkill and the rooms were dumpy.
  6. Warehouse Parties

    PM me for info. I've got the details.
  7. Would love to try the 3 point plan with you sometime.  Bottom chaser here also in MSP

  8. In msp here also, let's make iT happen :)

  9. Warehouse Parties

    I've been to the place next door but hear that one is shut down also. Any word if this is still going on?
  10. Zoom room

    good point. We just need someone willing/able to host/monitor a room. If it stays up/open at reliable times, it will grow.
  11. Zoom room

    I'd love it. Just hard to moderate and keep any off-limits subjects to a chat.
  12. Thanks for following - unlocked for you on bbrt - my way of saying hi :)

  13. Thanks for the follow!  xx:*xx

  14. perv/taboo chat

    alteregomn and love to do it on cam

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