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  1. Lets SHARE ouer PIG AIDS and nasty STDs.. infect YOUNG NEG PIGS!!!


    1. fucknfeedme


      Fuck I would worship this dick and take anything cums out of it

  2. Would you poz me, Sir?

  3. This guy is a hero, an inspiration to all gay boys, and new negs should be brought to him to be converted, as I'm sure they all want to be. I'm sure I'm not the only fan who'd contribute money to help this@

  4. Hot. Would love staring up at your poz emaciated face as you moaned and fillede with yojr poz seed.

  5. DaddysHand

    Earning the right to my Masters DNA

    Part 2 ~ The interview: I arrived at 10.55am and rang the doorbell. The door opened, and there was my potential new Master, dressed head to toe in his pristine Leather gear. - Good boy. On time. Follow me. We got to his office, and, I stripped naked from prior instructions given. He sat down in his office chair, put his legs (with police boots) up on his desk, lit up a cigar, and slowly smoked, not saying a word, rubbing his crotch through his Leather Jeans, and staring at me with an intense look. I did as I was told and looked into his eyes without averting my gaze. After a few minutes I felt myself becoming intoxicated by his Alpha energy, by his intense presence, and by his firm grip of control. I tried to control not getting an erection, as I knew being the inferior party I was not allowed one. But, my cunt kept clenching, and my prostate felt like it was being massaged. I began to moan and grunt as my Dick began to swell. The Master continued to smoke, keeping his gaze firmly locked on my gaze. I was now feeling him penetrate my inner being, slowly taking control of who I am. I felt my legs buckle. Now my legs are super strong; I go to the gym 6 days a week, and run regularly, but suddenly they weren't holding me. And the next thing I knew, I fell to my knees. The Master came around from behind his desk, with a 'Heavy Leather Flogger', and as he held his cigar between his teeth, he began to flog my back, hitting me very hard in quick succession flogs, unleashing his Alpha aggression. He then fetched his office chair, wheeling it to my surrendered body, and sat right in front of me, still puffing away, as I grunted and winced through the after effects of being flogged. My head was facing the floor as I tried to regain my composure. I thanked him. - Thank you for the flogging Sir - Look at me .... So, you want to SERVE me, do you boy? - Yes Sir - You know why you just got flogged, don't you boy? - Because I got an erection Sir!? - Yes boy, and Master's Dick is the only Dick around here allowed to get hard, and pleasured. He attached nipple clamps to my nipples, and clothes pegs to my balls. My nipples hurt a little, but, my balls were really making me grit my teeth. The Master positioned me sideways to his chair, sat down, and put his legs up on my back, using me like his desk, and continued smoking. - So boy, you are HIV negative, and want Master to infect you, is that correct? - Yes Sir, I need it badly. - You do realise that IF I decide to take you on as my live in sub, once you sign the declaration, you will have signed over complete control of yourself over to me, and you will very likely convert to being poz - Yes Sir, I fully understand. I made my decision a few years ago. I really fucking NEED it! - Well, I don't just give it to anybody. You will have to earn the right to be knocked up by Master's beautiful dirty DNA. It is a special and unique privilege. Are you willing to go through pain, and work for that once in a life time Gift from The Master, boy? - Absolutely Sir. After-all, I am here to SERVE you. To PLEASE you with whatever Sir needs and wants. I HOPE you choose me, and that one day I have the honour to get to call you Master. He took his boots/legs off of my back, stood up, and ordered me to kneel before my superior. His Leather Jeans had a cod piece that flapped open when unzipped. And unzip he did, revealing his fully erect beautifully formed curved Dick. I so wanted to suck on it. But, a sub does not do such a thing. It is not his place to initiate! I simply looked up at this HOT Alpha, and looked longingly, mouth open. He looked down at me for a few minutes, grabbed my head and pulled it in tightly to his crotch. I was immediately intoxicated, with the touch of his pubes on my lips and nose. With the smell of Leather, and his own Man-smell. And with his domineering force! No sooner had I lost my senses, he abruptly let go of me, and walked out of his office, returning a while later with a collar and leash which he promptly attached, leading me to his kitchen. - I need you to make me lunch. Instructions are on the worktop of what I want, and how to make it. You will bring it to me in my office. You have 20 minutes. It can be done in that time. Good luck. He tightened the nipple clamps, then left. 20 Minutes. Fuck. I don't know where anything is. I was determined to be his live in sub, and for him to become my Master, so, I super focused, and set about doing what I wanted to do long term; SERVE! - Put it down there on the desk boy. And on all fours right here. I got down on all fours as instructed, and again, he used my like his desk, resting his legs on my back. He seemed to be enjoying what I had prepared. I hope I had managed to PLEASE him. Once he had finished he got up, got his Leather Paddle, and began to hit my ASS cheeks, and like with the flogging earlier, he was rough! - That was delicious boy, BUT, that took you 36 minutes to execute. Far too fucking long! And now you have to be punished to learn that this slack work ethic of yours is unacceptable. I knew I had to work with this pain if I was to achieve my goals of SERVING a Master, and getting the sexual liberation I so desperately craved! Through my grunts of pain, I spoke; - Yes Sir. PLEASE do punish me. I need to learn that I have to be the very best at what I do to SERVE you to the highest level of service that you without question deserve! In fact, I think you should be hitting me harder. I didn't really want to be hit harder. But offering The Master that option would hopefully prove my willingness to become his loyal obedient sub, and prove that I am what I say I am; An inferior pig! He took me up on what I said, and really started to lay into me. I was now screaming each time the paddle came crashing down onto my ASS. Tears were running down my face, yet, I felt very happy and satisfied inside, knowing I was giving myself over to The Master's complete control! And being that one step closer to my dreams.
  6. Part 1 ~ Master's ad! I had just turned 22, and had just finished Uni, and I decided I had earned a well deserved year out to explore life. And I knew what I wanted to do with my first summer of freedom. As a natural submissive obedient sub with no experience I desired to explore my deep need, to SERVE my superior. Plus I desired my deep need to fully liberate my inner pig by becoming HIV+. I thought about the latter long and hard, and I fucking really craved it! I had read enough and spoken with enough guys online during the past few years to develop a deep unspoken understanding of who I was in regards to being a sub and my chosen path of sexual liberation. After trawling various apps/sites for a month or so, with a few remote possibilities, a profile suddenly just jumped out at me. It literally made my cunt twitch the entire time I was reading it. It said; *Body building, Leather Master with Moustache, 47 years old, requires a live in sub, 30 or under, with athletic to muscular build. You will be officially interviewed. If Sir decides you fit his criteria, and we reach the stage of coming to a formal verbal agreement, you will sign a declaration pertaining to the content of any initial discussions. You will at ALL times completely submit and be obedient towards your New Master, meeting all his needs and desires. Sir has been HIV+ for 11 years, and has never taken any medication. Your status does not matter to me. However, as your new Master I will now clearly state that I NEVER use condoms, and I NEVER pull out when ejaculating. So, depending on your status you will either be frequently recharged by Sir, or simply be converted!* Just by reading the word 'converted' made me automatically stand up, strip naked, sit back down on my computer chair, and probe my cunt, as I continued to read the rest of Master's ad! *Instructions ~ You will; - Only speak when you are spoken to, (unless you are seeking Master's permission). - Undertake all domestic duties on a daily basis. - Be in permanent chastity. - Always wear your collar. - Except from your chastity, collar, and footwear, you will always remain completely nude in Master's home. - Douche daily. - Always sleep in your designated cage (You may only sleep with Master at his discretion) - Eat all food provided from your dog bowl (Dinner time this will be at Master's feet) - Always 'THANK' your Master for any food, cuddles, kisses, cum, spit, piss, etc, that he provides. - Always ask permission for anything you want or need. - Always ask permission if you want a Friend to visit. - Accept anything Master throws your way. Finally, prior to the first time I ejaculate inside of you, you will refer to me as Sir. After this event you will then always refer to me as Master. Serious applicants only! Contact Sir with an appropriate message. Top tip; Think of what you say as a pre-interview. An opportunity to get Sir's attention. Master* FUCK! His profile, including his photos, made me feel completely inferior, which turned me on even more. I went and took a cold shower to calm down, then, sent Sir a message; 'Dear Handsome Sir, I would like to apply to be your live in sub. I am 22 with no experience, but I have known for years it is my duty to SERVE my superior. I will with the utmost gratitude accept and execute as your inferior pig, your instructions you have clearly outlined. I have just graduated from Uni, and have decided to take a year out. I have to admit, when I read the word 'converted' I stripped naked and probed my cunt as I read the rest of your ad. Afterwards I took a cold shower, as I want to prove my willingness to SERVE you, thus, I lose my entitlement to cum. For a few years now I have explored the prospect of liberating my inner pig by becoming HIV+. I have given this much time and thought, and, it is what I need. I crave it, Sir. I patiently await your response, Sir. Yours, sub. I noticed he had opened my message within a few minutes of me sending it. After two days, still no reply. I kept on looking at his profile, reading it over and over. Looking at his pics. And longing for Sir to contact me, to interview me. To accept me as his live in sub. Then, on day 3, a message pops up; *Morning boy. You have successfully passed Sir's first test. That being not messaging him again after your first message. A true sub will always remain patient! Your interview is tomorrow at 11am sharp. Send me your email so I can send you details on how to get here. Upon your arrival, I will let you in, and take you to my office (I work from home). Once in my office you will strip naked, stand in front of Sir's desk, keep your hands behind your back, keep eye contact with Sir at all times, and remain silent unless you are spoken to*
  7. I wanna be ur son

    1. bbbrat


      In a lot of ways, AshtrayFAG, I think we all are. ;)


  8. Been reading your HIGHLY TOXIC SHOWER GIFT.  And cumming to it too.  Daddy,  you are perv after my own heart.  And ass. And throat.  And anything else you want! 

    1. DaddysHand


      💉🔥💉Glad you came to it 💦💦 Good Man! 💉🔥💉

  9. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    This is Alex. The main character in this story, is my AIDS Daddy who knocked me up. As you might know, Doctor Dick wanted my Daddy to blood slam me with Rogers very difficult to treat strain. Did he D☣️ that to his boy? The boy who he knocked up and knocked up real good in Part 2. And ever since he gradually fell in Love with. I fell in Love with him too, and am so HAPPY he is in inside me for the rest of my days. I will be writing the rest of this story from now on, which could go in a number of directions .... 💉☠️
  10. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Part 10; Having just been given the Green light to flood my son's cunt with his devil seed, Stan suddenly switched up from slow fucking to piston hate fucking! Stan didn't avert his gaze from me, and continued his look of pure evil hate, but now his face was also contorting as he fell further into a deeper level of depravity to the point where my son was not even a human to him, just meat to tear apart, objectifying into the pits of hell my beautiful son with each hateful thrust. He suddenly slammed in deep and stopped dead. Not moving a muscle. His face stopped contorting. His look of pure evil hate vanished, only to be replaced by a look of death. His face was completely expressionless. He didn't look like Stan anymore. In fact, he didn't even look Human. And his eyes went black. He then began very short bursts of power grunts, coming from the top of his throat, not his chest, happening about every 10 seconds, and this went on for a good 5 minutes! During this time my son looked into my eyes ... 'I feel like he shouldn't be inside me Daddy. A strange Dark feeling. Yet it feels like his Dick is filling up my entire body and soul. His Dick twitches each time he does one of those weird grunts. My soul wants this to go on for eternity that it feels so intense and magical' Several seconds after Stan's last grunt, he went back to looking Human again, and like the Stan I had spent a few days with. He withdrew, got up, walked upto me, smiling, and said; 'Thanks mate. Your boy really is something Special' ... and sat back in his wheelchair. To the man that until now remained anonymous behind a Gas Mask and with no name, was summoned by Dr Dick to stand by my son's head ... 'Roger, come and stand at the head of the poz pig in training' He told me to get out of the way. 'Now, boy, this is Roger. He has a difficult to treat strain of HIV. Will you let him fuck you?' 'Yes Sir' 'Are you sure?' 'Yes Sir. This is the life I have sought, chosen, and will follow this path religiously until the day I die' 'OK. Now, I want you to lie on your back on the examination couch for this one' My son did as instructed, and put his legs in the stirrups. Dr Dick then took some blood from Roger via his cannula, and taped the syringe to my son's right pec. Then taped a sealed condom to his left pec. What a twisted sadistic fuck. Roger, Stan, and Dr Dick were ALL still rock hard. They had been the entire time. Apparently they all had Viagra earlier. Dr Dick made Roger place the tip of his Dick on my son's cunt. Not in, just on. However, as my boy was so incredibly loose now, the whole tip of Roger's Dick slipped in, but, he managed to hold it just so. My Dr looked at me ... 'You see this disgusting death weapon. This is the one that really is going to jump everything up several notches, and completely change the landscape. A very difficult one to treat this one. Go on Roger, do what you were born to do'. Roger didn't fuck fast, but not slow either, yet a nice steady firm rhythm. Dr Dick wheeled me right behind Roger so I could see what he wanted me to see. An extremely emaciated AIDS ASS. 'Look at that. How sexy is that eh. And it is impaled deep inside your son's cunt, majorly adding to the ever growing carnage. When he starts cumming, I want you to touch here, and keep contact, not letting go. I want you to physically feel the exact moment that a major event changes everything' He basically pointed to Roger's perineum. And it didn't take long. After just a few minutes, Roger slammed in deep, grunting really manically through his Gas Mask. I could already see his perineum twitching, and as instructed I touched it, and kept my touch, and could feel the in rhythm contractions as Roger ejaculated his extremely bio-hazardous death-juice. Dr Dick un-taped the syringe from my son's right pec, and handed it to me. He said nothing. But, he spoke a million words with his eyes! ********** So, my fellow BZ Men, what should I do with it? ☣️ ☣️
  11. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    ☣️ Snarl, growl, and ☣️iNK for part 10, if you want it ... ☣️
  12. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Just posted 3 more parts! ☣️ 😈 ☣️ 😈
  13. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Good boy! ☣️ 😈
  14. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Part 9; I couldn't kneel anymore, so went and sat in my wheelchair. Uncle Dick stood up, and stood by Stan, and addressed my beautiful son ... 'This is Stan, and he has Hep C. Are you happy to have any of Stan's bodily fluids enter your body, such as cum or blood? Pig, please give us your answer' My sweet little Prince nodded, groaned through the urinal mask, and wiggled his ass. Uncle Dick rolled up his used rubber, then rolled it over Stan's thick veiny throbbing Death-Meat, then pulled it tightly over the Dick tip, until the spikes from Stan's PA pierced through the latex. He then opened up Stan's cannula port, and drew some blood. Knelt down by my son, opened his cannula port, and in went Stan's potent virulent DNA. There was a fridge in the examination suite, and Uncle Dick took out 5 Beers. 1 for me, 1 for Stan, 1 for himself, and 2 for the mystery chap stood above my son's mask covered head. The two of them went to my son's prolapse, and they both played with it; rubbing it, licking it, sniffing it, fingering it, smacking it, spitting on it. It was then pushed back inside where both Stan (with bare hands/arm) and Uncle Dick (gloved up) took turns in Fisting him, causing him to groan through his mask. After about 30 Minutes, the mystery Man started pissing. My son, the prolapsed urinal pig! I had been holding my bladder for ages, and the sight of this guy pissing meant I just couldn't hold it any longer, so, I joined him. Drinking the piss of his Dad and a stranger, and at the same time Fisted by the Doctor, and Stan. Stan positioned and pressed the tip of his nasty slab of toxic Death-Meat against my son's sweet young cunt. I could see Uncle Dick was pulling really tightly on the pierced condom, and then, Stan was inside. And he immediately started fucking with violent aggression, snarling through the sounds of the satanic music and my son's gulping in his enclosed mask. Uncle Dick stood back, and just watched Stan fucking, and myself and the unknown Man intermittently piss, as he wanked off. After several minutes he stood by my son's head .... 'Stan, stop fucking the boy, and come here a minute' He came over, and we could all see that the condom's tip had completely broken, and started to inch itself towards the base of his Beautiful toxic Death-Meat. Uncle Dick slid a finger from each hand between Stan's shaft and the condom, and pulled up with his fingers, stretched and pulled apart until it broke so much that it was completely useless and hanging in tatters! It looked super hot, a failed condom that would now not be offering any protection against Stan's dangerous toxic juices. Not that that really mattered now anyway. But it was hot as fuck to see. And what a dark and depraved scene that lay before this examination suite right now; My son on all 4's wearing his urinal mask, with four Men stood in front of him. The Beefy Doctor in his Leather Harness & Leather executioners hood, German Army Boots, and Cock-Ring, with 3 skinny fully blown AIDS Men, in a darkened dim lit red room with Satanic music playing The unknown Man sat back in his wheelchair, whilst Stan & I followed the Doctor back towards my son's cunt. He ordered Stan to press the tip of his toxic Death-Meat against his cunt, with the spikes from his PA sticking into his battered and swollen flesh. Uncle Dick began stroking over and over Stan's KS lesion, and looked up at me ... 'Isn't this nasty dangerous Fuck-weapon Beautiful? A Dark-force of death that ensures life will always carry on ... Stick it in him Stan, fuck this nasty whore. Fuck him real slow until I say so'. I watched Stan fuck slowly, seeing his KS lesion repeatedly disappear and reappear, with my son's gaping cunt no longer even gripping the Dick that was fucking him. Sweet tight bubble ass-cheeks, yet a super loose fuck-hole. And Stan had a decent girth on him! Doctor Dick knelt in front of my son, removing his urinal mask. 'Is MY Fuck-toy enjoying himself' 'Yes Sir' He repeatedly spat on and slapped my son's face ... 'You are a worthless fuck-whore, are't you boy' 'Yes Sir ... I am worth nothing ... And I am completely yours Sir' He spat and slapped his face again ... 'Fucking nasty cunt' ... 'Come over here and hold your son's hands' I knelt before him, held his hands, and looked into his face ... 'Are you OK son?' 'Oh VERY much so Daddy. I am so happy to be your loyal loving son, and a worthless fuck-whore at the same time' I kissed him gently on his lips. I looked up, and Uncle Dick was removing Stan's Gas Mask! He looked right at me, with his glazed eyes, sunken gaunt yellow face, and gave me a look of pure evil hate. The look was for my son, being communicated via me. 'Right Stan, don't hold back, fuck him and breed the nasty fucking poz pig'

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