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  1. Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Part 2; I knelt in between his legs, spreading them, and jabbed in his toothbrush. Brushing vigorously as I would my own teeth. I could tell it was really hurting him as he yelped and winced, but he seemed a real natural at pushing through the pain barrier. I took out the brush, and it was covered in blood. This nasty pigs depravity needed a lesson, and with that thought I stuck my Dick in. Fuck, I LOVE that wet and warm feeling of flesh to flesh! I fucked him doggy for several minutes, withdrawing for a rest. My Dick was covered in his cunt blood. 'Lick that up'. 'Yes Sir. Sorry for being such a messy piggy' He licked his blood from my Dick as he looked up at me with his subservient 'I am worthless, do what you want with me' expression. 'Get on your back'. He was clearly naturally submissive as he was immediately on his back, and holding his legs in the air by his feet. I put the tip of my toxic Dick at the entrance to his cunt, and leaned over his torso with mine, our faces meeting, my Dick sliding in as far it would go. I commenced fucking him, slowly, yet deep, our eyes locked together as we bred. 'You absolutely sure you want infecting?' 'Yes Sir. I stand by everything I have already said. It is what I need, what I deserve. I decided this a few years ago. And now I am completely ready to be violated'. 'You twisted sick fuck' ...I spat in his face! This caused him to open his mouth wide, keeping it open, and hyperventilate with lust. I repeatedly spat in his gob. All of this suddenly made my Dick pulsate. He felt this and began milking my Dick. I felt myself getting close... 'Right, you fucking asked for it you nasty whore' 'YES Sir, fucking breed my neg cunt with your Poz cum'. That was it, his last chance gone, and with a few strokes I started spewing my poison inside his nasty cunt, holding still as my Dick unleashed toxic cum with each orgasmic twitch of my shaft, continuing to spit in his mouth. I slowly grinded my shaft for a few more minutes, probably pushing what he was after even deeper. 'Thank you Sir, very very much'. I pulled out, upon where he handed me his toothbrush... 'Brush hard inside my nasty cunt again please, Sir' The Nasty pig!
  2. This neg guy messaged me on BBRT. He was specifically looking to convert to Poz. During our exchange of messages I explained to him that I am now very unwell, and as a consequence my home is an utter filthy mess. That didn't deter him. Now for the real test of his authenticity ... If he wanted what I could give him, he would do some housework for me, and help me have a bath to wash my wasting skinny body. He agreed. We arranged for him to visit the following day. The next day came, and he messaged asking if we were still on. OK, he was serious! I gave him my address, and told him I would leave the door off of the latch so he could just come in. 6pm arrived, he was bang on time. He entered my living room where I was watching TV. I hit the mute button. He was as his photos suggested, well built rugby build, clean shaven. A very handsome 27 year old. 'Hey Sexy'. 'Hello Sir'. 'Strip naked. Keep your trainers on,'. He did as instructed. Although once I saw he was wearing a tight hugging Jock Strap I ordered he leave that on too. 'Come over here between my legs, facing away from me'. Again, he obeyed. And I had a good grope of his sweet neg ASS. 'NICE. Very Firm'. I ordered he clean my bathroom, mop and hoover floors, and gather the huge lot of rubbish scattered all over the place as a result of not being in the best of health. After cleaning in his Jock & Trainers he ran me a bath. As he washed me we spoke ... 'Is this what you want to end up like, sick and decrepit?' 'Yes Sir. It might seem crazy to most, but, it is what I need. What I deserve. And I want to know for sure who my 'Gifter' is, so I can remember him fondly, always carrying a piece of him inside me'. Having bathed me, he dried my scrawny pale body. Naked, dry, and with finally a good wash I walked into my now tidier living room, stood in front of the TV and began channel flicking . The rugby build boy without a word knelt before me, took my flaccid Dick into his mouth, pulled on my balls. I was in no time very hard. With one hand controlling the remote, the other held behind his head as I rocked my hips. I threw the remote to the floor as I got more and more turned on, now with both hands pulling his face in tightly as I began fucking his face. Out of breath I pulled out, stood back so he could see me full length... 'You sick Bastard coming here to get converted ... This REALLY what you want?' 'Oh GOD YES Sir. Destroy me and my future'. 'You sick nasty pig'. His face lit up when I said that, as he nodded in agreement with a big happy smile on his face. I took him to the bedroom where I had a vinyl play-sheet ready on the floor. He brought his little rucksack with him, from which he took out a toothbrush, he handed it to me and got on all 4's. 'Make me bleed Sir'. 'You are one fucked up pig'.
  3. Thanks for the follow. I love a daddy's hand, over my mouth


  5. Five Minutes To Aids

    HOT HOT HOT Story!! 🐷 🐷 😈 😈 Nothing sexier than all these Sexy young, fit and healthy HIV negative Men craving, and literally begging for the toxic DEATH seed. Primitive Man at his Best! 😈 😈
  6. A New Strain is Born

    Do you want part 8 pups and piggies?
  7. A New Strain is Born

    Part 7; It was now about 4am, and I dropped off pretty quickly. I woke at 8am to the boy thrashing about, moaning in his sleep. He was boiling hot, and soaking wet. His body was well and truly fighting my viral GIFT, at the same time accepting it as it invaded his system, developing into his own strain. I woke him up, got up, changed the towel underneath him, made us both a Lemon & Ginger drink, with some Echinacea drops, and got him some more Paracetamol. Temperature time... 38.8c. 'Daddy, I feel fucking dreadful' 'I know. in a few days I promise you'll be feeling much better, now take your Paracetamol, they'll help a bit' I got a bowl of cold water with ice cubes, and with a flannel kept mopping his face and forehead from the sweat, and keeping it cool. Part of me really felt for him. The other part was incredibly turned on knowing that thanks to me he had a new life growing inside of him. After about an hour he seemed to perk up a little bit. I could see it in his face too. I took his temperature again... 38.1. I told him to get on all 4's, taking out his butt plug. 'When I say 'Push' son, push your pussy out, like you need to go to the toilet' 'OK Daddy' 'Push' Nothing came, just a fart. I held my mug under his cunt, and got him to push again. He again farted, but this time pink cum blobbed out. I kept making him do this until I guess there was a few tablespoons worth of toxic cum sitting at the bottom of my mug. During this time, his phone bleeped with a text message. I ordered him to sit up in bed, and tilt his head back to face the ceiling. I slowly poured the 5 loads down his throat. Of course, with his neck tilted back swallowing was more of a struggle, which accentuated his gulping motion, which in turn gave me a semi erection. 'You got a message on your phone' 'Oh yeah' ... He leaned over to grab his phone, read the message, and without saying a word handed me the phone. The message was from the clinic from a few weeks ago when I made him get tested. It simply read... 'Your test is Negative' ... Fuck, a surge went straight to my Dick and I was now super solid! I turned to him and said... 'Not anymore boy'. I flipped him back on all 4's, commanding him to hold onto the headboard. 'Arch out your ASS boy'. The contrast of that text message, and what was happening inside him sent my inner depravity wild. I drove into him, no lube, no spit, nothing. No slowly building up, just a quick hot fuck, slapping his pert backside. I really dug my grip into his hips as I quickly got close... 'You are a Nasty Fucking Pig' 'Yes Daddy, fuck me with your Poz cum, give it to me' 'Yeah, you are my dirty greedy Poz Pig' 'Breed me Dad. Cum in me, PLEASE'. I grunted, spewing another toxic load deep in his guts! We lay down into spoon position, and I slid back inside, slowly rocking. I rocked us back to sleep, inside his cunt!
  8. A New Strain is Born

    Part 6; John flipped the boy on his back, spread his legs wide, holding onto his ankles, and without a pause shoved his toxic Dick inside. As he fucked, you couldn't help but notice his large bio-hazard tattoo, and for the first time I noticed the letters P, and, Z within the symbol. HOT! He fucked the boy for about 5 minutes. We weren't even paying proper attention. However, our attention was properly grabbed when John started cumming, making all the usual erratic breathing, and primitive grunting. Phil cheered and yelled... 'Yeah, go on John son, breed that fucking dirty faggot' John had a short spurt of piston fucking right before he began shooting his venom. Having done the deed, he leaned in and carried on fucking, slowly grinding his hips as he embedded his toxic seed deeper. And on he went, fucking... He wouldn't stop... 'OK John mate, let's get this lad to bed. He really does need some rest ... Right fellas, if you want to stay for some Beers and a laugh, that's cool. I'm just going to sort this chap out'. The general consensus seemed to be they all wanted to stay on. I picked up the twink, and carried him to my bedroom. I gave him some of my sleep medication, just to help him get a bit of a deeper sleep for at least a short while. Again, on a towel, butt plug in. 'If you need me for anything boy, send me a W/app message, I'll just be downstairs, OK'. 'Thank you Daddy'. I tucked him in, and left him to rest. For the next few hours the 4 of us chatted, drank, smoked, with some wicked house music on the spin, not too loudly though, I wanted to make sure the boy upstairs wasn't disturbed. Phil suddenly got up... 'I need a Shit' And off he went! About 20 minutes had passed, and he hadn't returned. 'Is the man constipated?' I facetiously said in my head. 'I'm off to see where Phil has got to' 'OK' said John & Bill, as they seemed to be rather oblivious and in their own world! I knocked on the bathroom door... 'Hey, Phil, what is going on?' ... No reply! I turned the handle ... Unlocked! I went in, no one there. Into the bedroom... ... There he was, fucking the twink again! He had him bent over my bed, arms spread eagle. He looked up at me, giving me a twisted smirk. It seemed that a combination of the twinks sero-conversion to the gradual physical acceptance of my toxic DNA, and my sleep meds had taken their toll and knocked him out. 'Phil, what the fuuuu...' 'Don't worry, I'm nearly done'. He refocused his gaze to the boys ASS, grabbing his hips tightly, and picking up pace with his 'Jacobs Ladder' Dick. He grunted, and shot his second load inside the boy. He lifted him back onto the towel, and put the butt plug back in'. 'Phil, I'm knackered, and want to go to bed'. 'Alright Simon buddy, the lads and I will go now. Thanks for a great evening'. The 3 of them soon left. I got ready for bed, got in, and held the sweet twink in my arms. His skin was very hot and sweaty... ... Part 7 to follow ...
  9. Hi Sir, I am in London in a week, I would love to meet you.  Your Steve video is amazing. I love big dicks and have been waiting for the perfect one to share his gift with me.   Lukas here,  

  10. A New Strain is Born

    To all those pups and pigs, squeal and woof as loud as you can for Part 6 💦💦
  11. A New Strain is Born

    Part 5; The twink got to work cleaning up Phil's Dick that was wet with Blood & Cum. After a few minutes he stopped, his posture curling, he started to shake... 'I'm FREEEEEEEEEZING Daddy' I carried him into the bedroom, put a fleece on him, put him in my bed on a towel (for the sweats) cranked up the heating, and put a small butt plug inside him, so he didn't leak Phil's cum. 'Phil, can you keep an eye on the lad? I am going to the shops, I need a few things, plus, I just gave him my last two Paracetamol, and he'll be needing more whilst he stays with me for a few days'. 'Sure'. You know when you go to the shops for a few items, and end up doing the weekly shop, well, that was me. Hence, I was gone for a good hour and a half. Upon my return there was a second motorbike in my driveway. 'Oh god, what is Phil up to?' I thought to myself. He is a deviant! There was no one in the kitchen. I quickly put away the fridge and freezer items and went to my bedroom to see how the little twink was doing. Not there! Checked the living room.... Nope! Bathroom? Nope! Hmmmmm, the Dungeon in the Garage? YES! Two of Phil's biker mates were here, John & Bill. Both Poz, not full blown, yet not on meds, and very much detectable! Not that it really mattered now in regards to initial infection. John was lying on his back on an old mattress that they had put a vinyl play sheet over, with the twink sat on top, impaled on his Dick. Bill was knelt behind, and ALSO inside the boy, fucking him. Phil was watching the action with a cigarette, and a beer. Good job I had just stocked up on Beer then. 'How long has he been out of bed?' 'They got here about an hour after you left, so, I guess 30 minutes give or take'. I had to hand it to Phil, he knew how to live out there! I joined him for a fag, and a Beer too, whilst watching John & Bill fuck and stretch my sero converting twink. Bill took his Dick out, stood up, lifting the twink up with him. John came over, joining us two for a smoke. Bill got the twink lying on his front. Just as well, I think he was too weak to even kneel at this stage. Bill began fucking again, leaning on his forearms, as the boy just lay there motionless, his inner being gradually accepting my DNA, as his flesh was mauled. After some idle chatter we could see Bill's body begin to tense with 'Oh yeah's' ... His forearms gave way so the boy's body of fever took Bill's whole body weight. He started grunting, thrusting each time his Dick unleashed his cum. I walked over, and knelt by my boys face... 'Are you OK sexy?' 'Yes Daddy. I'm just a dirty pig that has wanted this for a very long time. I just hope to feel better very soon'. 'Don't worry sexy, you'll feel much better in a few days time'. John walked over...
  12. And the Greediest of the 3 little Piggies has never looked back! 🐷🐷🐷
  13. Question for the Tops!

    Be eager to please his Daddy's Desires and Needs. And with enjoyment Do as he is told!
  14. Thanks for the follow stud Daddy!

    1. DaddysHand


      You're welCUM my sweet little Sexy, Neg (for now), twink 🐷💦💦

  15. A New Strain is Born

    Part 4; 'Use some lube Phil mate. Poor boy is feeling fragile'. 'OK. Hey, get one of your large towels Simon, let's give him some comfort'. I came back with a large towel as requested, Phil still fucking away at the twink bent over the table, but now naked, with his AIDS wasted ASS darting in and out! Taking the towel from me he put it on the kitchen floor, put the twink on his back, and recommenced his fucking. 'Fuck, look at this twinks sero converting rash, Fucking Beautiful'. It had slipped my mind that Phil was coming over this evening. Interesting how situations pan out how they are meant to. Phil looked at me, his face contorting like a greedy fuck pig as he pounded the boy. He suddenly flipped him over on all 4's and began to fuck his face. 'Hey, Simon, let's do the toothbrush'. I knew exactly what he meant. I got an old toothbrush from the 'Dungeon' that had already been used for the same purposes, and started to rip up the boys cunt. 'Go on Simon, harder than that, really tear into him'. That comment tore through me and I felt myself get really nasty. I really dug it in hard and deep. Phil took his Dick out of the twinks mouth, and motioned me away. He stuck two fingers in his cunt, pulled them out. They were bloodied. Phil looked at me, gave an evil smirk, and said... 'Fuck YES'. He plunged in deep and started to fuck with no mercy. I knew he wasn't going to last long, so, I positioned myself behind Phil, to watch his AIDS wasted ASS. I wasn't wrong, in a few minutes he started to unleash yet another strain for the boy, and I had a front row seat, watching Phil's perineum twitch each time he squirted a rope of hot Demon seed deep inside. He pulled out, knelt in front of the twink... 'Clean it up' he barked. To all those pups and pigs, squeal and woof as loud as you can for Part 5 💦💦

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