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  1. Part 18; I opened the door, and there stood Mike. Police Boots, Leather waistcoat, his army satchel, and now wearing his Rubber Hood. The Hood had perforated holes where the eyes would be, enough to be able to see out of, BUT, not enough to see into. He was an image of death. He looked fucking hoT! ☠️☢️ He had also now put on a Cock-ring, and his evil toxic weapon of destruction, which I had never seen erect before, stood almost completely upright, at a 20 degree angle, curved, thick, veins bulging, a few obvious lesions, with his nasty Gonorrhoea infection leaking down his dangerous shaft of death. He stepped past the door frame, and just stood there, in silence. What would unfold? Would he be recharging my converting pup as originally intended? Or, would this turn into a fully fledged no holes barred conversion party for the neg twink? What would you like to see happen?
  2. Part 17; I let go of the brush, leaving it wedged in between his gum and cheek, and stood back, admiring the view. Despite his tears, I knew he was enjoying the assault on his neg cunt due to pre cum leaking from his raging erection. I grabbed my Lager, sat, and watched as my son fuck him. His jack-hammer fucking from earlier was now slower and more steady, as he also enjoyed his Lager. I watched on for several minutes before striking up a conversation. - Who was the bird you were fucking in the pub bogs son? - Steve's Mrs, Dad. - Not Anna? - Yeah. - But you were his Best Man at their wedding. He'd go ape if he found out. - I know. But, according to one of the lads, he is fucking around with one of the barmaids at the new pub in town. I glanced at my watch ... 10.40pm! - Son, the Faggot you are fucking was due to be on neg lock-down 10 minutes ago. Time to give him what you got. - With pleasure, Dad. He put down his Lager, and recommenced his jack-hammer fucking, and within a few minutes unloaded his sweet thick load (he always cums a lot). Once spent he withdrew his pink slime covered shaft, got up, and smeared the sweet pink slime all over my new boy's face. Once he had made that cute face a wonderful sticky sight he gave the boy a hard slap, and grabbed hold of his chin pulling it up for eye contact, spat in his face, and laughed arrogantly ... - Sure was FUN breeding you, you nasty Faggot, whilst I still could before you become infected very soon. As my son dressed to leave I plugged the new neg twinks cunt, collared and leashed him. He left to go back to the pub, and I led the boy out, still with the toothbrush wedged in his mouth, and took him to the playroom, leading him onto the mattress so he came face to face with my converting pup. He looked on as pup continued to drip with conversion sweat, his face looking very tired, yet in the throws of his tina high as he moaned very loudly, Dan continuing to FFist him. I yanked on my new boy's lead so he had no choice but to look up at me. I gave him a sinister stare. - Welcome to imminent DANGER boy. Your new life starts tonight ... OK, take a break from the FFisting Dan, the converting pup is going in the cage. I walked both pup and the new neg boy via their leashes, and in they went, with the cage firmly locked. Dan put the tin bath next to the cage upside down, and sat on it, lit up a cigar, and faced the two boys, smoking, whilst staring at them with a dark sinister stare as he also slowly stroked his Dick using his hot toxic pus as natural lube. I went back onto the laptop to see if there were anymore direct emails from guys who I requested more information from. Yes, another 5 horny unmedicated poz tops, all with high viral loads ranging between 857k to 2.3 million! I arranged for that lot to come in two evenings time. Between 11.15pm and 11.30pm all 5 of the 6 remaining high viral toxic fuckers arrived to dump their loads up my converting pup. Well, my guests were in for an extra sweet neg treat! A couple of the guys brought cases of Beer, whilst another guy, a Muscle bound Latin stud, Lee, a Doctor, brought something to give the evening a 'stiffer' edge. With AIDS Mike yet to arrive, the 5 new arrivals stripped completely naked and all washed down a Cialis courtesy of the Doctor in the house 🐽 With some of my favourite trance beats mixing in with the fire glow red light which I had set to almost full brightness, the boys locked up, and my guests milling around, chatting, laughing, and increasing in frequency circling the cage the atmosphere was gradually becoming more intense. And then, at 12.15am, my entry phone buzzed. He was here 😈 I opened the door, and there stood Mike. On a stick, and sports clothes that were clearly hanging off of his skeleton thin frame. He looked at me with his yellow gaunt face and sunken eyes. Yet, he had an energy about him. He still had work to do in this life. I took his little case for him and we both went into the kitchen. He immediately handed me a cooler bag which had two jars of his super toxic AIDS cum, surrounded by ice. They immediately went straight into the freezer. - Do you have a large Vodka going Alan. It helps me with my pain. - Yeah, sure. I gave him his drink which he necked down in one go. We chatted for quite a while. I got him upto speed about the journey so far with the converting pup, the new twink and his journey from yesterday until now, my friend Dan, the set up of the play room, and the 5 other toxic tops that arrived about a short while ago. - Need a Cialis Mike? There is a guy upstairs, a Doctor, giving them out. - My Friend Lee. He was at mine earlier and gave me some then. - You know Lee? How did you know he is here? - Yeah, known him for a few years now. We spoke about both attending tonight. He laughed. He suddenly stood up, and stripped naked. Fuck. The Man was extremely thin. And his death shaft was literally dripping with toxic Gonnorhoea pus onto my kitchen floor. He caught me examining what I was seeing. Our eyes met, and he gave me a knowing depraved and sinister smirk. He opened his case and got redressed. He put on Police Boots which he had customised. In bold red lettering one boot had 'AIDS' whilst the other had 'Master' written on it. He put on his Leather waistcoat. Over his shoulder and wearing it to the side he had a small cammo army satchel with a cross bones and skull on it. And out came his Rubber Hood. - Right, time to pass on my legacy I followed Mike up the stairs, where he hauled himself up using the banister. His scrawny hand with long sharp fingernails gripped tightly. as his ass cheeks that had completely wasted away left his anus prominently sticking out, right in my face. I carried his small hold luggage sized case up for him, which he instructed me to take into the playroom, have it unzipped, but closed. He followed me to the playroom door. He handed me an MP3 player with a connector; - Plug that into your computer and play it. Once it is playing, come and get me. I went into the playroom. Dan was resting in the sling. The 5 highly viral toxic tops stood around chatting, laughing, all with super hard pointing to the ceiling erections. I stopped the trance beats, and put on Mikes music. I say music, it was more of sounds. Biaurial tribal beats that had the sounds of demons and hell. The atmosphere immediately changed from horny excitement from my 5 visitors towards the 2 caged boys, to that of a dark, cold and dangerous force present. I dimmed the Fire-Glow red lighting, and went to the playroom door.
  3. Part 16; - OI, I told you, deep breaths in and out if you have cramping. - No, Sir. It's ..... it's not that ..... it's ..... I've been disowned. I held his hand. - It's OK Boy. As of tonight, you have a brand new family. One you will be part of forever. I promise. He smiled through his sobbing, and clenched my hand tightly. Once all the enema solution was in, I made him hold it inside for 10 minutes. As he released into the toilet, his eyes rolled into the back of his head; - OMG Sir, that felt so fucking amazing coming out. - Good, because you are going to do another one. I repeated a second enema on him, and sat him on the toilet for the second evacuation. As he released, my Son walked into the bathroom. - Hey Dad - Hey son. How was the pub? - Great. Fucked this sexy bird with big knockers in the bogs. I would have cum inside her, but saving my load for the neg twink you were telling me about. I guess this is the pathetic little FAGGOT!? - Sure is. Still neg, but not for long. Get up boy, wipe your soon to be poz cunt dry, and get on all 4's - Yes Sir My son pulled his trackies down ... - Suck my cunt juice covered Dick. NOW! He held the new twink's head, and slowly rocked his hips. I watched on as his Dick slid in, and out, in a slow grinding motion. I got a toothbrush, and jabbed it in the boy's tight hairless hole, and without hesitation brushed his cunt walls with long hard firm strokes. He yelped continuously which turned on my son to the point of fucking the boy's face harder, and faster which inevitably saw forced deep-throating. He started choking, and through his whimpering he spluttered drool all over the floor. - Please Sir, stop, you are really hurting my ass. What are you doing back there? - It's not your ass anymore. From now on it is your cunt, boy. *I continued 'prepping' him for his new future. And with each jab he yelped* My son stood back, getting aroused at the boy being at my mercy, and wanked with his trackies around his ankles. Through his tears he begged me to stop. - Please STOP Sir. - Stop what boy? - Hurting my ass. His error in naming his anatomy incorrectly caused my demon within to rise and increase the intensity to my toothbrush jabs. I then snarled at him ... - You want me to stop, then you had better learn quick that it is your cunt that I am hurting, not your ass, boy - Sorry Sir. Can you please stop hurting my cunt. I got up and stood in front of him, slapping his face. - See, all you had to do was ask properly ... Son, continue what I was doing, I'll be back in a bit. - Of course. Can you get me a Lager please, Dad? - Will do. We smiled, and I left for the play room. Upon opening the door, I saw that Dan had taken my converting pup out of the sling, got him on the rubbered up mattress, with his forearms and face lying in the piss from where he had pissed himself earlier, and was ordering him to open up his fucking cunt, calling him a nasty poz pig, as he punch fisted the fuck out of him. Pup groaned and grunted with piggy tina delight as his cunt was being completely wrecked. - Hey Alan mate. Gave your converting pup another hit of tina, and now his cunt is nicely slowly blooming out, how it should. Dan stood up and stepped back, letting me take a closer inspection, Pup was fucking gaping. Seeing that wondrous sight got me rock solid, and I knelt before him and slid in. He felt warm and wet, yet my Dick was barely touching the sides of his cunt. I leaned on top of his back, wrapped my arms around him, and fucked him slowly. I whispered into his ear; - Hey pup, your fresh poz cunt keeps on feeling better and better as you continue your training. I can feel your body is still burning up as my Dirty DN☢️ continues to corrupt your very existence. - Thank you for pozzing me Master. It would be an honour to become your live in slave. I need you to recharge me Master. Please. PLEEASE. - I can't pup. We've a new neg twink in the building. Gotta go. I withdrew, slapped his ASS, picked up what I came for, got a few Lagers from the kitchen, and headed back to the bathroom. I opened the door, and there was my son, jabbing the toothbrush into the boy's neg cunt. He was still yelping, and pleading ... - Please stop. My cunt is hurting. I grabbed his chin, spat on his face, slapped him, and shoved my toxic Dick in his gob to shut the fucker up! - My son is prepping you for the best night of your life, and all you can do is complain, and whinge. So you know, I've just had my diseased fuck weapon inside a boy I knocked up last month who is in the play room and now, in the throws of growing my highly charged virus inside his sexy body. C'mon, taste that fresh DNA boy. Fucking lick it up you PIG! I strapped to his head a 'Spider-Gag', forcing his mouth WIDE open, and prompted my son to give me the toothbrush which was now covered in the boy's cunt blood. No sooner had he given me the brush, he plunged his Bare Dick into the boy's tight cunt and immediately commenced jack-hammer fucking. The boy grabbed hold of my legs, looked up at me, his whimpering sobs told me he was being opened up very nicely. As he was getting a good pounding I forced the brush between the tight gap between his gums and cheeks, and brushed all 4 quadrants, speaking to him as I did so. - You know, it never ceases to amaze me that there seems to always be a healthy supply of sexy neg twinks just like yourself, eager to be charged up by virile poz venom, paving the way for their wonderful future as fully fledged nasty poz sex pigs. Look at you. You have put yourself here, on all 4's on my bathroom floor, with my son fucking your bleeding cunt.
  4. After yet another extended time away. Is it now time to twisT things up to a whole new nasTy dark level to this fucked up ficTion? 🐽 ☠️💉☢️
  5. An extremely and much appreciated articulate analogy. It would seem you are keen for this story to progress, pigboy.
  6. Thank you for your comment Cutefunboi. We all deserve to have a voice. Maybe it is time for these fictional stories to stop. I wish you a happy Christmas, and, good health for 2019.
  7. Glad you are enjoying it, astray piggy 🐷
  8. Any chapters you appreciate, do 'vote up / like'. If I know a story is being enjoyed, it inspires me to give M☣️re! 🐖
  9. Part 15; - Fuck YES Alan, get that stud here right now. Give this nasty worthless converting whore what he deserves. - Well Dan, it isn't just pup anymore. We also have a bug chasing neg twink coming for 9pm. He has nowhere to live, so will be staying with me for a while - Oh YES ... This night has just got that much more interesting. I got back on the computer, and arranged for super toxic Mike to arrive for midnight, and all the other poz tops to come for 11pm. I also messaged my Straight neg son from earlier in this story, and told him there was a new neg twink coming over, and if he wanted to fuck him, he had to be here at 10pm, as at 10.30pm the neg twink would be on 'neg lock down'. That's right, he'd be put out of all action until AIDS Mike turned up. This lucky Boy would truly remember who knocked him up! My pup called out to me; - Master, I'm really very thirsty. I need to have a drink. And my right leg is cramping. I got Dan to take off all the restraints (spreader bar and Fist Mitts) whilst I fetched a dog bowl of water. - Here you go boy. Drink up ... *He looked up at me with a feeble and tired look of eternal gratitude* - Thank you Master Dan and I sat back in our seats, and swigged our Beer whilst watching pup on all 4's with his battered loose cunt up in the air, lap up his much needed water. He was still pouring with conversion sweat, and as he continued to drink he started shaking, and then, he pissed himself. - Sorry Master - It's OK pup. Keep drinking. You need hydrating. As he drank, so did Dan & I, taking time out, kicking back, and chatting. After a while I noticed pup had finished his water, and had remained on all 4s, and was still shaking. I picked him up, and put him in the sling, so his body could rest. - Thank you Master. I'm very horny, yet, feel very tired. I responded with a kiss on his forehead that sported the word 'converting', in permanent marker, and rejoined Dan. We chatted, necked a few Beers, then, at 9.10pm my entry phone buzzed. - Aaaaaaahh, that'll be the neg twink - Go get him Alan. I'll look after your pup for ya I buzzed in the new boy, and he was soon at my front door. Upon opening, there he stood, big rucksack on his back, and a large bag in each hand. His life's belongings! I took all 3 bags from him. He went to walk in and I stopped him in his tracks. - Are you able to stay with your Friend tonight, who you stayed with lastnight? - Er, yes Daddy, b..b..b..b..b... but I thought you said I could stay with you for a while!? - Yes boy, that is the offer. However, if you step inside my home now, and I shut the door, I can guarantee that HIV and MORE will enter your body tonight. So, if you have any doubts, take your bags, and go back to your Friends place. He stepped in, and fell to his knees, and looked up at me with a subservient look. I shut the door behind him. I growled; - Give me your phone you stupid cunt. - B...b...b...b... - Shut the fuck up and do as you are told. Fucking Faggot! He handed me his phone. - What's the pin code? - Erm ... One, nine, nine, six. I entered the pin, got his list of texts, and there it was, the one from the clinic yesterday, confirming his negative results for; HIV, Hep C, Syphilis, Gonnorhoea, and Chlamydia. I locked the phone and put it into the inside of my right police boot as I laughed arrogantly. I spat at his face, and slapped it hard, barking a command. - GET up! He stood up, whereby I pushed him to the wall, and ripped his tee shirt from his flesh, letting it dangle in tatters from his jeans. - You're 10 Minutes fucking late! - Sorry Daddy - You call me Sir from now on. Got it. - Yes Sir. I unbuttoned his jeans, slipped my hand inside his pants, and began probing his cunt which was very tight shut! - You WILL be fucking sorry boy. Now get undressed. I let him go, and he began undressing gingerly, and all of a sudden became very withdrawn, looking down to the floor. He couldn't even look at me. Now naked, he continued to keep his gaze fixed to the floor, hands clasped in front of him. - Get on all 4's cunt, and follow me ... * His responded meekly * - Yes Sir He followed me into the bathroom where I ordered him to lie in the bath, sitting upright, resting against the back, as if you were taking a relaxing soak. - I am about to give you a few enemas. Do not be alarmed, they are perfectly safe. If you feel cramping, don't worry, this is normal. If cramping does happen, take deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth. OK. - Yes Sir The enema solution started to go in. I sat on a chair next to the bath, drinking a Lager, and we just stared at each other for a few minutes. Silent! Then he started sobbing. Was he scared and about to leave?
  10. Part 14; My pup stopped lapping up Dan's pus, and looked up at him. - Sir, I am enjoying licking your boots, but, I really NEED my cunt to be completely stretched like it has never been before. I need to be completely fucking ruined. Dan pulled my converting pups foreskin back, stretched the urethra open wide, and scooping up his toxic pus from his own dripping urethra massaged it into the exposed piss slit. He then poured more of his nasty pus onto his boots. - Lick that up boy, and I shall give you what you want That was a huge incentive. Pup now tucked into Dan's sweet Gonnorhoea with great eagerness, like it was his last meal. Getting it all over his lips, with groans of ecstatic delight. After he lapped it all up, Dan walked his pus gobbler onto the rubber covered mattress, restrained his ankles with the spreader bar, clipped the spreader bar to his Fist Mitts, pushed his head down so he was now completely restrained, with pup tail stuck in the air. - Right Alan mate, I'm off to mix up some Fist lube - See ya in a bit Dan buddy I went back onto the laptop. Emails continued to arrive from the six interested toxic poz tops, and further messages on my profiles where I again gave my email for detailed individual info. However, there was one guy who I did not give my email to, instead we spoke there and then. Why? Because, he was not a toxic poz top. Instead, he was a hungry bug chasing neg bottom. That instantly piqued my interest! He'd been fantasizing about getting pozzed since his late teens, and now in his early twenties he could not deny his strong urges any longer. Ironically he had a full sexual health screen yesterday, and he got his full sweep of negative results via text in the evening, which his Mother had picked up nosing about on his phone. This led to a forced outing, and his parents subsequently threw him out, leading to staying with a Friend lastnight. I told him to get what belongings he had, and that he would be coming to stay with me. Whilst I was chatting with this new twink, Dan had come back and he was now opening up and wrecking my pups fuck hole with decent sized toys. I let him get on with it, as I set about continuing to reel in the neg twink, and with the arranging of the unmedicated poz tops guest list. My sweating pup grunted and groaned with pleasure throughout the vicious assault on his sweaty converting cunt. The neg twinks next step: - As your parents have disowned you boy, I'll look after you. OK son! - Yes Daddy. - Good boy. Now I want you home by 9pm - Yes Daddy. What is your address? I gave him my address to what would be his new home, and where his life might just change; FOREVER! All the initial six of the hot poz fuckers who had messaged me on my profiles had now emailed me with further details. I read through all six before replying to anyone, and one email really stood out. - Hey Dan, we've got a right fucking nasTy wasted AIDS Master here. You ready to hear what he's got to say for himself? Dan took the large toy that was currently impaled inside my boy, and replaced it with his FIST, sliding it in, twisting and turning, with his face contorting in a depraved fashion. - Fuck yeah, you fucking nasTy converting poz pig. Can't get enough of my Gonnorhoea down your throat, and now sucking up my forearm. Fuck yeah. - DAN!! - Yeah, sorry Alan mate, go on. - OK .... *Hello Alan. Emailing you with further details as requested. I'm Mike, 64 years old. Diagnosed poz 33 years ago in 1985. My current CD4 is 57, and VL stands at 4.4 Million. A little over 2 years ago I decided to quit my Meds due to increasing number of long term side effects. Since quitting my libido has soared and as a bonus have been enjoying the nastiest chem fueled, blood and tina slamming, FFisting, RAW Fucking group sex, during the past 18 months especially. 13 months ago I contracted HIV super-infection subtype AE, and 8 months ago also contracted Hep C genotypes 5 & 6 along with Syphilis. 5 months ago I also got Gonnorhoea. I am not being treated for anything, choosing to go out the way nature intends to take me. Please see enclosed a recent photo of me. I know I am now extremely skinny, but seeing my reflection of my naked yellow body scattered with lesions only serves to fuel my dark demon within. I have a few jars of my nasty toxic cum in my freezer. I could bring one for you to keep to use as and when you wish. I'm free to come later tonight if that fits well with your plans. I now get tired very easily, so wherever I go to play, it really helps if there is somewhere where I can rest, or even stay over for a few days. Cheers. Mike* Would it be such a good idea to invite such a super toxic highly charged infectious wasted stud over with a neg twink making his way over too? 😈☣️
  11. Damn you sound just the man for my neg hole.

    If you were not on the other side of the pond.

  12. After an extended time away, I have returned. There are a further 7 completed chapters to this story, working on an 8th. If you want more, show your appreciation for this comment. The story so far sees a neg twink, and a very toxic highly AIDS Master added to the script, among other fun pieces into the mix 😈 ☣️ ☠️ 💉
  13. Like the story and would love to see it continued, please. 

  14. Lets SHARE ouer PIG AIDS and nasty STDs.. infect YOUNG NEG PIGS!!!


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      Fuck I would worship this dick and take anything cums out of it

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      Oh Daddy !   Please ! Let me Obey you - Pleasing you - Do anything for you !  :)

  15. Would you poz me, Sir?

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