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  1. Been reading your HIGHLY TOXIC SHOWER GIFT.  And cumming to it too.  Daddy,  you are perv after my own heart.  And ass. And throat.  And anything else you want! 

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      💉🔥💉Glad you came to it 💦💦 Good Man! 💉🔥💉

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    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    This is Alex. The main character in this story, is my AIDS Daddy who knocked me up. As you might know, Doctor Dick wanted my Daddy to blood slam me with Rogers very difficult to treat strain. Did he D☣️ that to his boy? The boy who he knocked up and knocked up real good in Part 2. And ever since he gradually fell in Love with. I fell in Love with him too, and am so HAPPY he is in inside me for the rest of my days. I will be writing the rest of this story from now on, which could go in a number of directions .... 💉☠️
  3. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Part 10; Having just been given the Green light to flood my son's cunt with his devil seed, Stan suddenly switched up from slow fucking to piston hate fucking! Stan didn't avert his gaze from me, and continued his look of pure evil hate, but now his face was also contorting as he fell further into a deeper level of depravity to the point where my son was not even a human to him, just meat to tear apart, objectifying into the pits of hell my beautiful son with each hateful thrust. He suddenly slammed in deep and stopped dead. Not moving a muscle. His face stopped contorting. His look of pure evil hate vanished, only to be replaced by a look of death. His face was completely expressionless. He didn't look like Stan anymore. In fact, he didn't even look Human. And his eyes went black. He then began very short bursts of power grunts, coming from the top of his throat, not his chest, happening about every 10 seconds, and this went on for a good 5 minutes! During this time my son looked into my eyes ... 'I feel like he shouldn't be inside me Daddy. A strange Dark feeling. Yet it feels like his Dick is filling up my entire body and soul. His Dick twitches each time he does one of those weird grunts. My soul wants this to go on for eternity that it feels so intense and magical' Several seconds after Stan's last grunt, he went back to looking Human again, and like the Stan I had spent a few days with. He withdrew, got up, walked upto me, smiling, and said; 'Thanks mate. Your boy really is something Special' ... and sat back in his wheelchair. To the man that until now remained anonymous behind a Gas Mask and with no name, was summoned by Dr Dick to stand by my son's head ... 'Roger, come and stand at the head of the poz pig in training' He told me to get out of the way. 'Now, boy, this is Roger. He has a difficult to treat strain of HIV. Will you let him fuck you?' 'Yes Sir' 'Are you sure?' 'Yes Sir. This is the life I have sought, chosen, and will follow this path religiously until the day I die' 'OK. Now, I want you to lie on your back on the examination couch for this one' My son did as instructed, and put his legs in the stirrups. Dr Dick then took some blood from Roger via his cannula, and taped the syringe to my son's right pec. Then taped a sealed condom to his left pec. What a twisted sadistic fuck. Roger, Stan, and Dr Dick were ALL still rock hard. They had been the entire time. Apparently they all had Viagra earlier. Dr Dick made Roger place the tip of his Dick on my son's cunt. Not in, just on. However, as my boy was so incredibly loose now, the whole tip of Roger's Dick slipped in, but, he managed to hold it just so. My Dr looked at me ... 'You see this disgusting death weapon. This is the one that really is going to jump everything up several notches, and completely change the landscape. A very difficult one to treat this one. Go on Roger, do what you were born to do'. Roger didn't fuck fast, but not slow either, yet a nice steady firm rhythm. Dr Dick wheeled me right behind Roger so I could see what he wanted me to see. An extremely emaciated AIDS ASS. 'Look at that. How sexy is that eh. And it is impaled deep inside your son's cunt, majorly adding to the ever growing carnage. When he starts cumming, I want you to touch here, and keep contact, not letting go. I want you to physically feel the exact moment that a major event changes everything' He basically pointed to Roger's perineum. And it didn't take long. After just a few minutes, Roger slammed in deep, grunting really manically through his Gas Mask. I could already see his perineum twitching, and as instructed I touched it, and kept my touch, and could feel the in rhythm contractions as Roger ejaculated his extremely bio-hazardous death-juice. Dr Dick un-taped the syringe from my son's right pec, and handed it to me. He said nothing. But, he spoke a million words with his eyes! ********** So, my fellow BZ Men, what should I do with it? ☣️ ☣️
  4. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    ☣️ Snarl, growl, and ☣️iNK for part 10, if you want it ... ☣️
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    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Just posted 3 more parts! ☣️ 😈 ☣️ 😈
  6. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Good boy! ☣️ 😈
  7. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Part 9; I couldn't kneel anymore, so went and sat in my wheelchair. Uncle Dick stood up, and stood by Stan, and addressed my beautiful son ... 'This is Stan, and he has Hep C. Are you happy to have any of Stan's bodily fluids enter your body, such as cum or blood? Pig, please give us your answer' My sweet little Prince nodded, groaned through the urinal mask, and wiggled his ass. Uncle Dick rolled up his used rubber, then rolled it over Stan's thick veiny throbbing Death-Meat, then pulled it tightly over the Dick tip, until the spikes from Stan's PA pierced through the latex. He then opened up Stan's cannula port, and drew some blood. Knelt down by my son, opened his cannula port, and in went Stan's potent virulent DNA. There was a fridge in the examination suite, and Uncle Dick took out 5 Beers. 1 for me, 1 for Stan, 1 for himself, and 2 for the mystery chap stood above my son's mask covered head. The two of them went to my son's prolapse, and they both played with it; rubbing it, licking it, sniffing it, fingering it, smacking it, spitting on it. It was then pushed back inside where both Stan (with bare hands/arm) and Uncle Dick (gloved up) took turns in Fisting him, causing him to groan through his mask. After about 30 Minutes, the mystery Man started pissing. My son, the prolapsed urinal pig! I had been holding my bladder for ages, and the sight of this guy pissing meant I just couldn't hold it any longer, so, I joined him. Drinking the piss of his Dad and a stranger, and at the same time Fisted by the Doctor, and Stan. Stan positioned and pressed the tip of his nasty slab of toxic Death-Meat against my son's sweet young cunt. I could see Uncle Dick was pulling really tightly on the pierced condom, and then, Stan was inside. And he immediately started fucking with violent aggression, snarling through the sounds of the satanic music and my son's gulping in his enclosed mask. Uncle Dick stood back, and just watched Stan fucking, and myself and the unknown Man intermittently piss, as he wanked off. After several minutes he stood by my son's head .... 'Stan, stop fucking the boy, and come here a minute' He came over, and we could all see that the condom's tip had completely broken, and started to inch itself towards the base of his Beautiful toxic Death-Meat. Uncle Dick slid a finger from each hand between Stan's shaft and the condom, and pulled up with his fingers, stretched and pulled apart until it broke so much that it was completely useless and hanging in tatters! It looked super hot, a failed condom that would now not be offering any protection against Stan's dangerous toxic juices. Not that that really mattered now anyway. But it was hot as fuck to see. And what a dark and depraved scene that lay before this examination suite right now; My son on all 4's wearing his urinal mask, with four Men stood in front of him. The Beefy Doctor in his Leather Harness & Leather executioners hood, German Army Boots, and Cock-Ring, with 3 skinny fully blown AIDS Men, in a darkened dim lit red room with Satanic music playing The unknown Man sat back in his wheelchair, whilst Stan & I followed the Doctor back towards my son's cunt. He ordered Stan to press the tip of his toxic Death-Meat against his cunt, with the spikes from his PA sticking into his battered and swollen flesh. Uncle Dick began stroking over and over Stan's KS lesion, and looked up at me ... 'Isn't this nasty dangerous Fuck-weapon Beautiful? A Dark-force of death that ensures life will always carry on ... Stick it in him Stan, fuck this nasty whore. Fuck him real slow until I say so'. I watched Stan fuck slowly, seeing his KS lesion repeatedly disappear and reappear, with my son's gaping cunt no longer even gripping the Dick that was fucking him. Sweet tight bubble ass-cheeks, yet a super loose fuck-hole. And Stan had a decent girth on him! Doctor Dick knelt in front of my son, removing his urinal mask. 'Is MY Fuck-toy enjoying himself' 'Yes Sir' He repeatedly spat on and slapped my son's face ... 'You are a worthless fuck-whore, are't you boy' 'Yes Sir ... I am worth nothing ... And I am completely yours Sir' He spat and slapped his face again ... 'Fucking nasty cunt' ... 'Come over here and hold your son's hands' I knelt before him, held his hands, and looked into his face ... 'Are you OK son?' 'Oh VERY much so Daddy. I am so happy to be your loyal loving son, and a worthless fuck-whore at the same time' I kissed him gently on his lips. I looked up, and Uncle Dick was removing Stan's Gas Mask! He looked right at me, with his glazed eyes, sunken gaunt yellow face, and gave me a look of pure evil hate. The look was for my son, being communicated via me. 'Right Stan, don't hold back, fuck him and breed the nasty fucking poz pig'
  8. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Part 8; 'Bet you have been wondering where your boy has been the past two days, eh' 'Er, yeah' 'I took him home, and have been fisting his sloppy cunt ever since. Only taking breaks to eat and sleep. I say sloppy cunt, he is now the proud owner of a full on prolapse' 'Where is he?' I quizzed, now really eager to see him. Doctor Richard gave me an evil smirk ... 'What do you think this wheelchair is for, huh. Time for a re-visit to the examination suite from a few days ago' I got in the wheelchair, and off we set. After several minutes we were outside the door. Doctor Richard unlocked the door, and in I was wheeled, into what was basically now a home-made dungeon set in an examination suite at a hospital. The door was quickly closed and now locked from the inside. The main light was off, but a number of dim lit RED lamps were dotted around the room, with dark Satanic music playing. And there was my prince, on all 4's on a vinyl play sheet on the floor, wearing a urinal mask with perspex goggles. I got up and knelt in front of him ... 'Are you ok, son?' He nodded. I was so happy to see him. We instinctively held a hand of each other, and squeezed. Doctor Richard knelt down and opened the port to a new cannula he had inserted apparently before he came to get me. And in went the liquid ... 'Same as a few days ago boy, to help you completely relax'. He went around to the back of my boy, stripped naked, to reveal a Leather Harness with red piping, which perfectly complimented his huge hairy pecs, and a bulging veiny erect Dick pointing to the ceiling (just like Stan's pointed straight up). He put a condom over his beautiful thick shaft, and over his balls, clipping it over his cock-ring so it was really tight. From a big gym bag he now took out a Leather executioners hood, and German Army Boots, and put both items on. Then on went the latex gloves. 'Come and look at your boy's sexy brand new glistening prolapse'. I went behind, and sure enough, my son's cunt was completely inside out, and hanging. Doctor Richard looked at me and screwed his face up ... 'Your son is a nasty fucking cheap fuck-pig' And like a Duck to water he lubed up his hands, and up past his elbow, and started the task of pushing the prolapse back in. Once it popped back in he in a very short time was up inside my son's cunt right up just past his elbow. He groaned with pleasure through the urinal mask, and I continued to just kneel there watching in wonder. Uncle Dick was now punch fisting without even removing his forearm, then bam ... Out came his arm, and my son's HUGE prolapse re-appeared! I continued to watch as he sniffed, licked, stroked, tugged, and fingered at this amazing inside out cunt. He grabbed hold of it with both hands, and slid in his rubbered up Alpha weapon. He looked up at me, and began fucking, all the while holding onto it ... 'I have to wear a rubber, cause your nasty cum dump of a son is highly toxic and extremely infectious, and he is about to get much more than he has already got' He took his gaze away from me, and focused looking down on my son's massive prolapse. I still could not believe how big it was. Uncle Dick was now pumping hard and fast, contorting his face with demonic lust while spouting things like; 'You nasty poz pig', and 'You are gonna get much more tonight, cunt' Gripping firmly onto the prolapse, he soon was throwing his head back, and then he started grunting. Yep, my Doctor was now cumming inside my son, albeit with a rubber on. He withdrew his Dick, and still hard he stood up, and walked over to what was two black sheets covering two men. The tip of the condom dangled from his shaft, with a wonderful looking amount of cum. Their feet were poking out from underneath the sheets, and you could tell they were both sitting in wheelchairs. How had I not noticed!? Uncle Dick took away the sheets, to reveal two very skinny, completely naked except both Men donned Gas Masks. Both had hospital wrist bands, so obviously patients, and one was yellow ... Yes, the return of Stan! 'Both get up and stand in front of the poz pig in training will you!' They did as instructed. Both emaciated, with Stan's thick death-tool standing completely upright, rock solid, and ready! My Doctor, or Uncle Dick as he is now known, knelt behind my son again, took the rubber off of his Dick that was STILL fully hard, and emptied his neg cum onto the hanging prolapse, rubbing and massaging it in, on and inside.
  9. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Part 7; A few hours had passed, and my son had not returned. At 2am there was still no sign of him. His Whatsapp last seen was time stamped for 6.15pm. He had abruptly gone eerily quiet, which was very unlike him. I knew in my gut he was with my Doctor, his new found Uncle Dick. I now soon fell asleep. I awoke at 9am to the nurse doing my obs, which meant breakfast would soon be on its way. I checked my phone. No messages. And the time stamp on my son's Whatsapp remained at the same time. I found myself suddenly craving to have him lying next to me, and left wondering what was happening. After breakfast I got bored, so, took myself to the day room. A room full of fully blown AIDS Men, watching the TV, playing cards, and general chit chat. There was a guy who I had not seen before sat alone by the window, watching the TV, as the glare of the sun enhanced the deep yellow colour of his skin. I sat with him, and in the ad break to the programme he was watching we got chatting. His name was Stan, and had apparently stayed in this wing several times over the past few years. We soon both went to my room, continued chatting and playing cards. Chat turned to our Doctor, and it transpired he had taken my boy to his room as soon as they left me, ordered him to strip, then straddle over Stan in his bed, facing away so his sloppy puffy loose cunt was in Stan's face. Our Doctor ordered him as he lay upright in bed to finger my son's cunt. 'You wanna fuck this newly charged up toxic piece of fuck-meat?' Stan speechless at the intensity of the situation could only nod ... 'Then, I'll collect you at 8pm Sunday evening, here, from your room'. Stan couldn't believe that that was my boy he had fingered. I explained the entire situation as we swapped various stories during the day. We got a nurse to inform kitchen staff that we would both be eating together in my room for the next few days. Late evening, after dinner, during cards, talk came to my son ... 'Apparently you will be fucking my son tomorrow night. I wonder where the hell he is. Since we met there hasn't been a day where we haven't seen one another, and he hasn't been online'. 'I reckon our Doctor has your boy in his sadistic grasp. He is well known here on this wing as being an exceptionally caring Doctor, yet, a real twisted fuck outside of work' Stan went to his room at around 10pm, and I was now alone with my thoughts. I resisted the urge to check my phone again, and soon fell asleep. 9am came, obs and breakfast, with Stan making his appearance in my room at 11am. He was a really friendly cheerful bloke, despite what was happening to his body. His sunken yellow face and glazed eyes said it all. 'Hey Stan buddy, good to see you. Sleep well?' 'Yes, I was out like a light, easy these days. You hear from your boy yet?' 'No. Nothing. He still hasn't been online either. I guess all will become clear this evening'. After the kitchen staff took away the lunch gear, I asked Stan to see what he would be using to assault my son's cunt with tonight. He stood up, lifted his gown up above his waist, then sat down again. His Dick was thick, and curled up snug in his crotch. I leaned over and took his soft thick shaft between my thumb and two fingers, and began to stroke. For someone who was very sick, he grew fast, and he grew big. I let go, and his filthy diseased weapon sprang upright, bouncing off of his belly. He had a KS lesion mid shaft, and he sported a spiked Prince Albert (PA). 'That's HUGE Stan. My son will love you'. 'Yeah, 6" girth, 8" length ... Let's go to your bathroom'. We all had our own bathrooms, so, off we went. He locked the door behind us. He undone my gown, and bent me over the bath, spitting on my cunt... 'Look at that wonderful AIDS wasted ASS. Not as emaciated as mine, but still, a sweet fucking sight'. With no warning he slammed deep inside my cunt, his PA tearing my rectum to pieces, causing me to yelp. He fucked me slowly ... 'Shut up faggot ... Look at us, fucking like wild animals the way we should do, our physiques drastically changed for being what we are meant to be' ... He leaned over my back, still rocking his hips, forcing his fully blown death weapon deeper each time he rocked forwards. He came towards my ear ... 'I got hard yesterday when you told me your boy sought our way of life and how it happened, and tonight I am gonna make sure he really does become a real Man by giving him some essential extras' 'Cum inside my cunt, Stan' 'Oh no, oh NO, my ultra filthy toxic virulent cum is for your Beautiful boy' With that he took his Gorgeous death-tool out of my fully blown AIDS cunt, and left. I gathered myself, went into my room, and saw that he had completely left. I ended up having dinner alone. It was 8.30pm. I lay in my bed wondering what on earth was going on. I STILL had not heard from my son, it had been two days now, and still no sign of him online. THEN, Doctor Richard came in ....
  10. DaddysHand

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    Part 6; My rugby stud replied ... 'Yes Doctor, where is that CUM from?' 'Well, I have worked in this wing for several years, and I frequently get my AIDS patients to cum in a plastic cup, which I add to a large sealed tub with filthy loads already collected that I keep in my own special freezer in the lab'. 'OMG Yeeeees' With that my son automatically put his hands behind his knees and pulled them as to further spread his already spread legs and gaping cunt. Our Doctor summoned me to come and watch what he was doing. He began to depress the plunger, and I could see the deadly seed from unknown toxic donors filling my sons gaping cunt. About half way through he slowly released the speculum taking it out, also removing the now half full syringe at the same time. Suddenly, and without any warning, he plunged his fist just past his wrist and steadily got to work to now open my little rugby stud wide open, as he ground in the copious amounts of nasty AIDS cum! He motioned me to the roll of Bio-Hazard stickers, and got me to put another one on, this time on my sons left pec. 'A matching pair. The second sticker represents the Syphilis we also detected'. With that my son threw his head back, arched his back, and moaned in ecstasy. Still naked I sat back down in my wheelchair, and just watched the Doctor totally wreck my sons cunt over the next hour or so. During this time he also unloaded the remaining nasty virulent unknown toxic cum from the syringe and worked it deeper and deeper into the willing and inflamed cunt flesh, as he contorted his face in evil lusting demonic expressions. 'Ohhh YES, you are one fucking nasty poz cump dump, aren't you boy' 'Yes Sir' 'I bet you'll be wanting a blood slam from your Daddy next' 'Oh FUUUCK YEEEEEES ... I'd LOVE that' 'You really are a fucking sick nasty fuck-pig, you know that!?' 'Yes Sir, I do' He got a syringe, opened up my cannula port, took some blood, walked over to my son, opened up his cannula port, attached the syringe, and summoned me over. He ordered me to put my thumb on top of his, and push, and in synergy we pressed the plunger down together. Bang ... My pure DNA meeting up with my mutated DNA in every part of my rugby studs sexy athletic body. 'Get on your knees you poz cunt' He opened his buttoned shirt, and pulled his pants and trousers down to reveal a very hairy torso, legs, and ass. The latter being pert and beefy. Another rugby build! His Dick bounced out of his pants, HARD, and oozing pre-cum. 'You don't remember me do you?' 'Er ... No' 'Our teams played a game of rugby a year ago, and I watched you shower. I knew one day I'd have you' 'I think I re... Before my son could say anymore, he shoved his rock hard pre-cum ozzing Doctor Dick right to the back of my sons throat... 'Shut the fuck up, cunt' He gagged, coughed, and spluttered at first, but soon they were in a steady deep-throating rhythm as my sweet son had his face fucked with a thick meaty weapon. 'I think it is time we cooled you down with some neg cum. You cannot have it poz the whole time you know' I knelt behind him, lifted his tail shirt up, and watched his beefy hairy ass grind in and out as he pumped my sons throat. I placed my pale scrawny hands on his alpha ass, and leaned in to sniff his musky sweaty hole. I gotten totally lost in the moment when I felt him tense up, grunt and growl as he unloaded his cum. Fuck, I wanted to taste it. 'Get up, sort yourself out, get dressed, and I want to see you in my patients room at 7pm when I come off of shift' As my son collected himself, I tugged on the shirt tail to my stud of a Doctor. He turned around, dick semi hard and slowly going down as it glistened with a mixture of cum and spit. He smiled at me, stroked my hair, and gently put his dick in my mouth. I moved my mouth and tongue to clean his spent dick. After a few minutes I suddenly felt a warm gush fill my mouth. I knew immediately what was going on, and happily began to drink his flowing piss. It felt wonderfully warm, leaving me with a satisfied inner glow. Having drunk his piss, my Doctor, and my son between them sorted everything out prior to the porter coming to collect me, including putting me in my gown again. My piss gifter addressed me ... 'After tonight I shall be off tomorrow and the day after, so, shall be back in a few days' Once back to my room, my sexy rugby son and I snuggled up in my hospital bed. He looked up at me, smiled ... 'I Love you Daddy. I couldn't be happier that it was you that pozzed me up' 'I Love you too, son' I lovingly kissed him on his forehead, his beads of converting sweat continued, yet again moistening my lips ... 'How do you feel about your new son moving in with his Dad, where I can look after you, and we together share a sexual and loving 'Daddy - son' life together?' I smiled inside and out ... 'I'd like that very much, son' Snuggling together we fell asleep until 6pm when dinner was served for the both of us. After we ate, we played cards again, and right in the middle of a game, the Doctor walked in. It was already 7pm! 'Grab your belongings, it's time for that chat. Oh, and my name is Richard, but you can call me Uncle Dick'. As they went to leave, Doctor Richard looked at me, giving me a wink as though to say, I am in control of your son now! ? ?
  11. DaddysHand

    A New Strain is Born

    Racing down the track at top speed I'd say ... Looks like he will have to get in, and ride with the Fuck Flu car, and no getting out until the race is complete!☣️?
  12. DaddysHand

    A New Strain is Born

    Part 18; 'Don't fart boy, put the pitcher of drink down, hold onto the urge, and come with me'. I grabbed the mixing bowl that Leo had emptied the contents of 17+ sauna loads from his cunt into earlier. It still had some cum left in it after I had filled up the 60ml syringe, and I got him to get on all 4's on the rubber covered mattress, and held the bowl directly under his now battered and loose poz cunt ... 'OK, push son' He farted out a huge blob of cum. No doubt a combined super toxic mixture from Daddy Simon & Uncle Phil. 'You fucking pig' He laughed, which caused some more to drip out, and run down his smooth shaved perineum and balls. I placed the bowl down between his legs. 'Stay there, and catch whatever falls out, OK boy' 'Yes Daddy' John was now getting his Dick licked clean by a cum loaded, restrained Shah, and Phil had got himself ready with a tourniquet. I got all the bits needed, and took some of his blood. I sat myself by my boys neg cunt, lubed up the catheter, and inserted several inches, and released the clip that would now allow any contents of the syringe to flow. I now began to slowly depress the plunger, loading him up with Leo's 17+ sauna loads, to go with the 4 loads he had already received directly from Uncle Phil, Daddy Simon, brother Leo, and crix Man. I had pushed in about half of the anonymous cum when Phil released one of Shah's arms, and got him to hold it straight, relaxing it into the sling. 'Small sharp scratch coming up ...' As I continued to slowly load up my boys neg cunt with multiple loads of anonymous cum of unknown statuses, Phil slowly blood slammed his unique DNA. It was now for the first time he got a raging HUGE erection, showing us he was very much a grower not a show'er'. Getting turned on by the point of no return really did confirm that this was his undeniable destiny! Phil pulled the needle out, and put on some cotton wool, pressing hard. A little earlier Phil had put some medical tape across a sealed condom packet, and attached one end of the tape to Shah's upper arm. He now removed this, and placed the taped condom packet over the cotton wool, slapping both ends of the tape firmly onto his skin. 'For your protection' said Phil, followed by an evil depraved smirk. I finished loading up my boy, removed the catheter, and put a rosebud spec u-plug inside him. This is designed to bloom open once inside your ass. I did not want him to leak a single drop of precious sauna-cum given to him via his brothers own warm wet cunt! Between Phil & I we unrestrained his ankles and remaining wrist, plus collared and leashed him up, and put fist 'puppy' mitts onto his hands. I walked him over to the rubber covered mattress ... 'C'mon boy, this way' I now had him on his paws, behind Leo. I moved the bowl of cum out the way ... 'You see that cum dripping down out of your brothers cunt, and down over his balls, that's Daddy's and Uncle Phil's fully blown AIDS loads ... Now lick it up. Go on, lick your brothers cunt clean boy'. He puppy pawed his way in-between his brothers legs, and started licking, moaning, licking, rubbing his lips, nose, and chin, more licking. I was stood above them, holding his leash ... 'Good puppy, you're a good puppy ... You're doing a good job ... Good boy'. I stroked his head, and he kept on wiggling his hips, like an over excited young pup. The rosebud spec u-plug stuffed up his neg cunt looked hot, especially knowing it was keeping 21+ loads trapped inside. I got him to sit up, and put an elastic band around his Dick & Balls (they double up as a fantastic cock-ring). I fingered Leo's cunt for some natural lube, then got to stroking Shah's semi hard Dick. I kissed him deeply, feeling his neg shaft quickly grow ... 'Go on, FUCK your brother's newly poz cunt boy. Stick it to him'. Without hesitation, and showing off that he was by no means a complete natural bottom he slid all the way in, immediately fucking with a fast rhythm. I got on all 4s in front of Leo, bringing us face to face ... 'Giving your brother your dirty toxic load earlier was a great way to start the bonding process between my two boys. And to complete and seal that bond he is soon gonna give you his last neg load'. I now kissed him deeply too, as his brother pounded his HUGE bare neg shaft wildly inside his brothers sweet bio-hazardous cunt!
  13. DaddysHand

    A New Strain is Born

    Part 17; Phil's Jacob's ladder shaft squelched out of Leo's bruised and battered well used newly poz cunt. A minimum of 17 loads from the sauna, and now his Dad Simon & Uncle Phil had just deposited their fully blown loads. What a treat for the boy! Phil came over to the kitchen table for his Beer ... 'I'll never tire of recharging his cute nasty cunt' 'You are such an evil Beast Phil' We both clinked our Beer bottles together, exchanging satanic smirks. We sat together, chatting, our pale scrawny fully blown bodies complimenting the other beautifully, whilst watching on my youthful, cute, fit boy Leo as he recommenced his 'Long Island Iced Tea' mission. 'Where is John' I asked ... 'You have a new boy in town, right' With that we got up, took some extra Beers from the fridge for when we finished our first, and went into the Dungeon, and sure enough, there was John, wearing a Gas Mask, and Fucking Shah. We both stood at the head of the sling, swigging back our Beers. Phil just downed his, now onto his second. 'What a hottie Si. Shame I've just this second cum. Is he one of us?' 'He is well on his way to being. And he has explicitly expressed he wants knocking up' I watched on as John fucked my new neg boy, his face covered by his Gas Mask, and his Bio-Hazard tattoo showing that there was imminent danger nearby. I love the way he had the letters 'P' & 'Z' within the symbol, either side of the main body of it that was one large 'O' ... Fuckin' HOT! Phil came around to the side of the sling, to look Shah in the face properly for the first time ... 'You are a major cutie, boy. I'm your Uncle Phil' ... Shah smiled ... 'Hey Uncle Phil' 'So, you want to become poz?' 'YES! I'm finally embracing my undeniable destiny'. I piped up ... 'He has already had 3 loads up him this evening Phil mate ... Mine, his brother Leo's, and some guy at the sauna with a crix belly. And, he has had the full toothbrush treatment too' 'When was your last neg test boy?' 'Today Uncle Phil' 'Well, I just dropped a load up your brother. How about some of my blood injected into you instead, and I'll give you some of my toxic cum some other time?' My brand new boy could not even answer through his depraved lust, and simply nodded, tongue hanging out like a dog, and whimpered and gave a subservient 'fucking please do it' look. Phil began to spit on his face, slapping it hard ... John picked up his already constant steady pace, and was now fucking faster, with no slowing down, this Man has real stamina ... Not averting his gaze from Shah, Phil firmly commanded ... 'Go on John, Fuck him, Fuck his beautiful neg cunt and load him up with your filthy toxic un-medicated load ... Go on John mate ... yeah, give it to the cunt' Phil continued spitting and slapping. I looked at John and saw his Gas Mask head look upwards as his body stiffened. I could tell he was about to blow. And sure enough, loud, yet muffled grunts erupted, as he ejaculated his virulent seed deep inside Shah's innocent cunt. 'I have a big urge to fart', said Leo ... He had walked in with his cocktail pitcher in hand during all the fun we were having ...
  14. DaddysHand

    A New Strain is Born

    Part 16; Withdrawing my toxic weapon I finally introduced my two boys properly. 'Leo (my newly charged up boy), this is your new brother (the twink I charged up at the Sauna), Shah'. They greeted each other with deep connecting glowing smiles and passionate deep kissing. Leo still inside his brother continued to grind his hips, clenching his firm round ASS! 'You like 'Long Island Iced Tea' Shah?' 'It's my favourite cocktail' 'Me too. I'll make us a Pitcher'. The brothers smiled with each other once again, exchanging another deep bonding kiss, before Leo's brand new charged up weapon flopped out of his brothers currently still neg cunt, to go and make their cocktail pitcher. It really turned me on seeing my two boys connect, and get on, and see Leo share my mutated DNA with his brother. Leo and I went into the main house, into the kitchen, leaving Shah restrained in the sling with 3 virulent filthy loads sloshing about inside of him; Dads, his brothers, and not forgetting crix man! 'You seem to be getting on well with your new brother, son'. 'Yes Daddy, he is very cute and sexy, and I feel an unspoken deep connection with him' 'Good. That makes me very happy, not to mention horny'. I slapped his ASS and went to the Fridge to grab myself a Beer. I took a few swigs when I heard a motorbike pull up. A-ha, that'd be the arrival of Phil. I went to the front door, and upon opening I saw Phil had brought his mate John. John featured in part 5 of this story. Unlike Phil and I he wasn't fully blown, but the three of us did share all one thing in common; We are all completely un-medicated, and dangerously toxic ~ Fuck YES! 'Come in guys ... Fancy a Beer' 'Yeah ... Yeah' I went back into the kitchen as they stripped naked in the hallway. I opened their Beers putting them on the table. In they walked .... 'Beers on the table guys' 'Cheers Simon ... Yeah, Cheers...' Leo stopped making the cocktail pitcher, and threw his arms around Phil... 'Uuuuncle Phiiiiil' 'Heeeey, my favourite Nephew', ... Phil squeezed his arse then read what I wrote on his chest... 'Fuck, I remember how great that ass felt ... What's this ... 'Poz-Faggot?' ... You got something to tell your Uncle Phil?' 'Yeah, Daddy of course bugged up my cunt several weeks ago, and today I got my 'poz' diagnosis. We celebrated with a nice meal, then went to the sauna, where I took at least 17 loads' 'Congratulations boy, you are one of us now' He went over to the corner kitchen cupboard to get some coke for the Long Island Iced Tea, bending over to get what he wanted. Phil wasted no time, taking a swig of Beer, slamming his bottle on the table, he marched over to Leo, grabbed hold of his left hip and guided his Jacobs ladder shaft to my boys loose cummy cunt, grabbed hold onto his right hip, and slammed in his fully blown AIDS Dick, piston fucking with no warning. Holding onto a cupboard shelf and the cupboard door he didn't have the greatest of balance, and ended up maneuvering himself so his palms were planted against the wall ... 'Fuck yeah, what a hot and sexy nasty loose poz cummy cunt boy' Phil growled and grunted towards the ceiling, arching back as he lost his self in his usual depraved objectifying pig fuck self, using my son Leo like a piece of cheap Fuck-Meat, for his pleasure only. I sat at the table, drinking my Beer, just watching Phil and his broad yet pale and thin wasted frame pound without any mercy my little Leo's loose well used puffy sloppy cunt. He suddenly began screaming demonically, I knew that meant he was seconds from injecting his filthy death-juice, and sure enough his fast merciless pound hate fucking slowed right down to the odd intermittent grunting hard thrusts. I watched his anus and perineum through his wasted ass cheeks twitch, as he shared his beautiful nasty gift, once again.

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