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    Perverted, humiliation , drunken sex, taboo, filthy chats about stealthing and breeding. Also interested in chatting about slamming experiences.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I got stealthed in a sling, in a sauna Dark room in 2006.

    I want to explore and chat with like minded perverts.
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    I’m a porn addict.
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    I am interested to hear about guy’s experience with fuck flu, either causing it in others or their own.
    To chat and befriend fellow alcoholics, porn addicts and others with pathetic hangups as pervy friends.

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  1. I am a chubby chaser, a feeder and especially get turned on if fattys are wearing to tight clothing and their belly's stick out....I have a feeder mate who lucky for me has no stop reflex when he is being fed. The bigger and fatter the guy, the more I lust after them. Love sticking my face into a guys flubber belly too.
  2. That was so fucking horny, thank you Bfspig.....especially admitting you still wank off to it. I would love to hear more.....
  3. WOW Ctgaydave, that was really horny to read.....do you have any more exploits to share?
  4. A couple of years back I met up with a group of friends for a few beers on a Friday night....Whilst very drunk I had to endure one insipid guy saying that him and his boyfriend had taken it to the next level with their loving monogamous relationship and they had stopped using condoms.....It took all my drunken willpower to not show him pics on my phone of my cock in his boyfriends arse and that him and I had had been part of a darkroom sauna orgy recently. They broke up three months later over a course of antibiotics.
  5. I have another humiliating and embarrassing incident that left me mortified, but I am not sure the moderators would allow it, so I will break it down. Happened when I was in my mid teens and although I had lots of cottaging experience I was still naive to in the ins and outs of man sex. I agreed to go back to the house of a guy I had met at a urinal in the cottage. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was eager to experiment taking cock. He could tell I was nervous so he introduced me to poppers as I lay naked on his bed. He started to finger me and he could tell I was very tight, so he put some KY on a small dildo and teased my hole, in and out. After a few more hits of poppers and about 20 minutes my arse was ready for the taking..He put on a condom (this was the mid 80s) and he gripped my ankles and slowly inch by inch got in balls deep. He started to slide all the way out, leaving his cock head in me and give me another hit of poppers and would slide back in fully.....It was at that moment he pulled out fully and being relaxed, loose and high on poppers I lost control of my hole and the bloke freaked out (firstly by the amount, secondly by the fact he was covered in it and thirdly it went on his bedding. He jumped up screaming at me to get out of his house....I dressed quickly in the corner of the bedroom, with my eyes filling with tears, as he ran about getting kitchen roll and towels. I was utterly mortified. I have to admit I do masturbate over the incident reliving my shame and humiliation, just as I have done with the first incident in the sauna showers.
  6. Hi guys, please share your most humiliating sexual experience on here, anyone else get a kick out of humiliation? I have a few, but the one that stands out to me was from around 2005, I was dating a guy who had very little sexual desire so I would find myself looking else where. I also on the quiet used to flirt with a bar man in a gay bar and we had a few sex meets when the bar closed up for the night. The bar man slept around and made no secret of the fact he loved sex and with as many men as he could, and that to me was a big aphrodisiac. Especially when I would rim him and could taste other mens cum in his loose hole. I questioned him once how he had worked a 10 hour bar shift but had fresh cum in him, he said his boss used him when ever he got the urge. I really did not like his boss, he was a unattractive, cocky bloke in his late 50s, who sweated a lot and in my opinion the biggest loose mouthed gossip in the bar. Cut to two months later, I had broken it off my the guy I was dating and I had the horn so I took myself to the only gay sauna in the city. It was around 12 noon and I expected one or two people would be in, especially the older guys who I liked to play with. I showered, did the rounds of the rooms, watched some porn and then took myself off into the steam room. The steam room had been on all night so it was extremely hot and some very dark corners. I passed the time relaxing and watched dark figures moving about and hearing the sexual groans. I joined in, tasted some old men cocks as I love to do and sat on a random cock, and after about 20 minutes it was too hot I had to get out of there and hit the shower. Now I am not the most bless guy in the penis department and you can guarantee I am usually one of the smallest when flaccid in any showers or nudist beach. When I walked into the showers there was three older guys all having a play and my pecker stood to attention. I figured what the hell so got on my knees and took each in my mouth in turn and I was so engrossed in tasting older dick that I did not see other guys had stopped to watch. I felt a soapy finger enter my hole and work me well, and after I had felt a hand grip my head I swallowed old man cum....quickly replaced by the second one..by this time I could feel someone knelt behind me and a rubbered cock head enter me. I did not look back, I just carried on sucking old man cock. By this time I had lost track of who had come into the showers and I was sucking any cock put into my mouth...This time I noticed a big belly kept pressing against my forehead as my head bobbed up and down on the chubby pecker...I looked up and there was the bar owner looking down at me and giving me the dirtiest grin...I tried to pull away but he gripped my head hard, all the time sneering down at me. I felt so humiliated and embarrassed that my dick shrunk to the size of a cashew nut and I was on fully display to all. I tried to get up but it was no use and a few guys who were stood back watching walked up and shot their load over my face. Then I heard the bar owner grunt and a small amount of cum shot into my mouth. Hoping he would pull out and walk away he just kept hold of my head for a few minutes until he was fully deflated. By this time the shower room had emptied out and it was just me and him, and he stepped back leaving me on my knees and just smirked and said "I can't wait to tell everyone" and pressed the shower head to clean himself off. I did not go back to the bar for another week and when I was in there I had random guys coming up to me asking how I enjoyed the sauna. I was mortified and had no more meets with the barman.
  7. My horniest piss one was having a drunk threesome with two drunken random guys I met in a bar, I went back to a hotel room one of them was staying in. When we were all stripped and exploring each others bodies, one of the guys said he had to piss, I got up on the bed and took his cock in my mouth and waited for the piss flow. As I was starting to drink down his beer piss, the second guy then used his precum to shove his erection in me and emptied his bladder in my arse. With both bladders drained they carried on fucking both of my holes. A lot of hard drugs were consumed and I left at 8am doing the walk of shame, hungover and unshowered through the hotel reception and the bus home. I didn't sleep for 48 hours after and no idea what I took and never saw either of them again. No piss play has ever lived up to that seedy night since, but i live in hope.
  8. I tried it once about 20 years ago with a fistsub off Gaydar. I had a pervy sexual tick off list and fisting was on it. I went to his house for a daytime meet, he watched me douche in his bathroom, then I got in his sex sling naked and he eventually get in elbow deep. I really was not into the guy, the room was cold and drafts and he was so used to taking fist that he wasn't that great at giving fist. As this was the days before iPhone I did not leave with a photo souvenirs, but I did cross it off my pervy list. Now years later I want to try again, just need to find the right manly arm.
  9. I have visited Basement sauna many times, over many years. Perfectly described that I can imagine the dark room and the side room he was in being used in. Such a horny story of his experience. Basement is perfect for those with an STD fetish, I would say I have caught over 90% of my STD's in there over the years. Fuck I love sleazy saunas.
  10. This happened to me when I was a young man and it was the first time I had freely given myself up to a Master. There was a big age difference between us and I thought I was willing to serve, but what I thought would be just serving him for his pleasure, turned out to be serving anyone he told me to serve. I was real scrawny when I was younger and he was a powerful daddy type with a bad drink problem. I won't use his name as I was not allowed to call him that, I could either call him Master or Daddy, which ever he told me to use. He would set me tests to see if I was fully serving him, I was not allowed to masturbate for a week before visiting him for example. We had picked me up at a urinal in a gents public toilets and he invited to meet him there again a few more times, then he asked me to go back to his flat. After a few weeks of this I naively thought we were dating, turns out he had other ideas of that. One Saturday morning he had told me to get over to his flat early which I did, when I got there he was still in bed hungover and the flat was messy. He opened the door to me naked and he looked like he had not had much sleep and he stuck of booze and stale cigarettes. I followed him up the hallway and he told me to make coffee whilst he stood at his toilet and peed loudly, a long line of manly piss. He came into the kitchen and told me to remove all my clothes which I did and I was hard immediately. He told me to fold my clothes up neatly and to put them on a chair. He took his coffee cup in his hand, grabbed my chin in his hand and told me I was to clean his flat, I was to remain naked, I was not allowed to touch my erection and I was not to speak unless spoken to as he was going back to bed. He had a look in his eyes that said that he really was not messing around here. When I had arrived I had needed the toilet to pee but as I tided up as best I could without waking him I needed to pee but I was shit scared to. He got back out of bed a few hours later and I was cold and in need of a pee. I asked him if I could go to the bathroom and he said NO. Like I said I was scrawny and there was no way I was going to stand up to him, but I knew I needed to pee badly. Before long he was lay on the sofa in his dressing gown front open, watching TV, smoking a cigarette and I was on my knees giving him head as ordered. Then there was a knock at the door and he told me to go answer it. I sheepishly walked to the door and opened it a fraction and it was a drinking friend of my masters. I stood behind the door and let him in, and cupped my small willy in my hands mortified at being seen naked. Master by now had sat up on the sofa and closed his dressing gown and it was then that I realised that Master was not surprised by this visit, the friend was expected. He lit his friend a cigarette and I stood behind the sofa to hide my lower half. Master told me to make his friend a tea which I did, grateful to be out of the room and not exposed. I made the tea and returned to the room carrying the cup in one hand and cupping my pathetic small penis in the other. I went to sit next to the Master on the sofa and he said "what the fuck are you doing? carry on with what you doing" and opened up his dressing gown again. I wanted to cry at the thought of being exposed and spoken to like this. This has gone a long way in the opposite direction from giving him head at urinals and him calling me a good boy as I sucked him. I got down on my knees and tried to position myself so that I would not be exposed to his friend and I was told to remove my hand from my genitals. That did it, that was the most humiliating thing he could have said because now I was fully exposed . I knew Master liked me to be fully and freshly shaved when I went to his and I had razored my balls and pubes that morning. I closed my eyes and took Masters semi hard erection into my mouth and felt totally degraded and humiliated. After about ten minutes of me giving him head there was another knock at the door. Master looked down at me and said "you know what to do" so i got up again and went to the door, answered it to another one of his drinking friends and was told to make him a tea. When I was refiling the kettle and watching the water fill up I felt like I was going to piss myself right there on the kitchen floor. My bladder was getting to the point it was tender and I had not pee'd for about six hours. I returned into the room carrying tea in one hand and cupping my junk in the other. Again Master barked at me "Remove your hand and go to the fridge and bring in the beers" I duelly did and put them on the coffee table. "Open then and serve my guests" I opened two cans and handed them to the men who did not thank me, they just blanked and ignored me. I stood there not knowing what I was supposed to do next and Master clicked his fingers getting my attention and he undid his bathrobe fully. I nervously got on my knees and took him in my mouth and the three just chatted ignoring me completely. After about 10 minutes I could feel Master was getting close and he grabbed my hair and yanked my head off his girth. "Time to make my guests feels at home" and at that I turned to see the first guy to arrive undoing his belt and unzipping his jeans and slid them and his underwear down around his ankles. I looked up at Master and he gave me a look that told me he was not messing around, I slowly leaned over and looking up at the man who was ignoring me and chatting. I took the short stubby, hairy penis in my mouth and reluctantly started to suck it. "Thats it bitch" Master said as he opened another can of beer. After about 5 minutes I felt the guys hand firmly on the back of my head and he forced my nose into his belly as I sucked and he gushed his cum into my mouth. I looked up at the man who just said "clean me up" as he took a long swig of beer. When I had finished I turned to my Master and he nodded to his other friend who put his hand into his trouser pocket and pulled out a couple of pink pills and looked at my Master and said "May I?" the master nodded and the guy put a tablets to my mouth but I clamped my mouth shut and shook my head. "Open your mouth you little cock sucker tart" and as I did he put the pills on my tongue and then put his beer can to my mouth for me to take a gulp. I had no idea what I had taken and I hated the taste of beer so nearly gagged. "Get sucking and it will take the taste away" I had tears in my eyes now and I needed to piss badly but I sucked because I thought the sooner this nasty guy came the quicker they would leave and I could go pee. This guy had a bigger shaft that the first guy and the master, by a few inches, so I was having trouble taking it fully and started gagging. After about 10 minutes of me blowing him the guy said to Master that he was getting close and I could not wait for this humiliating experience to be over. Eventually he shot in my mouth and without being told I cleaned him up. The first guy had by now removed his trousers and was just sat in t-shirt and socks. Second guy just stayed as he was with his limp dick inches from my face. "Get back over here little dick" said my Master and still on my knees I made my way over to him on the sofa. Hand me that baby oil and I reached out to grab a half empty bottle from under the coffee table. "take the top off and grab that condom" (This was the late 80s so condom sex was the norm, although we did not know back then lube and rubber didnt mix well) "stand up, turn around and back up here" I did not like the sound of this and asked to go to the toilet. "No you don't piss until I tell you you can piss, understood" i nodded and my eyes filled with tears. I stood fully exposed, cum taste in my mouth, no body hair on my groin and a little erection that had a mind of its own. I turned around facing the two guys who were both drinking from their beer cans and I was told to stand on the sofa and straddle him. I gingerly and slowly lowered my hole on to his rubbered erection. Guy one stood up , opened another can and told me to take a good swig. I did, hating the taste and I started to feel woozy. I do not know what the pills was but usually my Masters cock hurt going in but I was easily taking his thick six inches without the usual pain. Master started to fuck me and guy one held my shoulder pushing me down. Here i was, exposed, vulnerable and having more beer poured in me. I stared to feel lightheaded and Master gripped my hips and fella two stood up and came over and started to pinch my nipples. I felt pathetic and degraded and closed my eyes and before I knew it fella one put his tongue into my mouth and was kissing me wet and sloppy. I had the taste of cigarettes, beer and cum in my mouth and I started to feel dizzy. I kept my eyes closed and just allowed the tounge to explore my mouth because by now the only think I was concentrating on was not letting go of my bladder. It was a combination of being slapped on my arse hard, having my nips squeezed at the same time and nearly passing out from being kissed so deep that I lost the fight with my bladder and a stream of piss left my small erection and started to aim in every direction. I had utterly hit rock bottom and I could not stop the flow. I tried to put my hand on my penis to squeeze it but the friend held my hand away. "you dirty little slut" someone said and I passed out. I have no recollection of what happened, only that I awoke on the sofa which had been covered in towels and the two friends had left. Master looked at me and said "condom ripped". I was at my most vulnerable. Master told me to get dressed and leave. In shock I went to the chair and put my clothes on and not wanting to leave but hoping he would hug me, he just turned his back and said "you'd best get yourself tested as we each have Aids" I never went back around, I never phoned him again, I avoided him if I saw him in the city. I learned a few years later that he had died two years later as he did not want to take medication. He died as he lived drunk, drugged and having sex to the end.
  11. This is a true event that happened in 2016 with a very good friend of mine. He was in his mid 50's, very inexperienced sexually, and was in a long distance, non-sexual relationship. He is also a big drinker, to the point he has 2-3 bottles of wine a day and smokes like a chimney. He knew I was a cottaging and sauna slut and wanted to know all about my antics as this really turned him on, especially the drunker he got. He used to see my Douche head on the side of the shower when he used my bathroom and I had shown him pics of me using it in myself. I used to say I would use it on him someday and he would tell me to fuck off he wasn't having that up him. This planted a seed in my brain I wondered if I could get him to do it and I could watch. One Saturday when I knew he was free all day I invited him over to my flat late morning, and had a large glass of red wine waiting for him and left the bottle open. Very soon that bottle was empty and I refilled his glass with another bottle. I very rarely wear clothes at home so as the afternoon wore on he started to loosen up and started to loose his clothing too. By early evening and three bottles of wine in, I started him on the gin with very little mixer. I had started to really tease him about what shags I had recently had and I told him I had a shag lined up for the next day so would have to douche at some point. As the gin measures I poured got larger he was getting paralytic and slurring his words and I started to say how great the feeling of a douche head was sliding in and out and how, if you got the water pressure just right on your g-spot it could feel amazing. I figured he was just at the point between extremely tipsy and just before the point of passing out, I said I was going to go into the bathroom and have my douche. I joked I would leave the bathroom door open and he could come in and sit on the toilet and watch. I heading into the bathroom and attached the douche head and stood in the bath with the water now coming out. I heard him getting off the sofa and after what sounded like him walking into the coffee table and stumbling, he appeared in the bathroom and said he needed to piss. He is a sub guy and always sits down to pee, not like me, I like to stand there and let the piss flow into the bowl. Now I had my audience I started my douching and had the water temperature just right and I bent over so he could see me from the back and so he could see the tip of the head going into my bum hole. He had one hand on the sink and one hand on the side of the bath trying to steady himself. I got to the point where I know that the water I had expelled was clean and it was about to get a whole lot browner and stinkier. I turned slightly and he was openly leering at what I was doing and I knew then my plan had worked, he was lustfully watching me fuck myself with he douche head and watched in awe as my body expelled its waste. I was getting turned on by both him watching lustfully and the smell I was expelling. After about 10 minutes and the water was running clean I asked him to pass me my towel, which he drunkenly grabbed at. He watched me dry off in front of him and I looked at him and knowing his weakness I said "You want another drink don't you" and he nodded, I told him to stay sitting there. I went back to the now nearly empty gin bottle and poured him a large neat shot with no mixer because I know he was passed caring now. I walked back into the bathroom minus my towel and as he went to grab the glass I snatched it back, "not until you have had your turn" and I nodded over to the bath. He looked at me with a glazed look and then started to climb into the bath not knowing which way to stand or sit. I held his glass just out of arms length and told him that he had to earn this drink and to do that he had to clean out his arse. I placed the glass down on the sink and told him to lay down in the bath, when he was I reached for the douche hose and tested the water temperature. He had a lost look on his face like he did not know what was happening so I reached for the glass and let him have a couple of large gulps. After this he lay his head back and closed his eyes and I raised his legs up and aimed the water at his hole. I placed the water jet just inside his hole and slowly started to count to five then I with drew it and told him to push out which he did...I did the same again and again he expelled water... Then I slowly started to leave it in for a few seconds longer each time allowing more water in to do its worse...By this time I had got about 3" of the douche head in him and he was making some hmmmm noises. I reached over for my iPhone and took a few pics whilst his eyes were closed and when done his eyes shot open and I knew right then that this was going to be a big explosion. A look of panic hit him and at that point I slid out the douche head and a ton of brown solid shit shot out in to the bath. By now he was panting and a look of mortification came on his face, shame and drunkeness. I aimed the douche water jet at the solid parts and aimed them towards the plug hole but it was obvious if I was going to get that douche back up him a little more incentive was needed, I reached for the glass and he hungrily drank it down as I slipped back up him. One hand holding the douche and the other I slowly started to play with his cock and balls which were soft as putty (he rarely got full erections due to his little drink problem) but I could start to slowly feel a stiffening and responding to my fingers. We had now found a rhythm and the more water that went in it started to slowly be clear again and I do not know what made me do it but I stuck my middle finger right in his hole and located his g-spot. Now as I slowly massaged his little pleasure bean inside he was withering and moaning. I began to alternate the douche head and my finger and kept up this rhythm for a few minutes and as I did his bladder started to empty and I leaned over and took it in my mouth to drink down his alcoholic piss. He slurred that he was so embarrassed but I just kept piss drinking. When his bladder was empty I leaned over and with the douche head started to hose his legs, feet, arms and anywhere else his shit had stuck to and he was clean again. I stood up, took my iPhone and started to take more pics. I do not know if it was the afternoon of me drinking coffee between wine but as he lay there expecting me to help him out of the bath, I emptied my bladder over him and filmed it on my iPhone. He didn't look at me, he didn't say anything, just lay there limp and wet as I soaked him. I aimed it has his face, his hair, his torso, his hairy bush and up and down his legs until my bladder was empty. Once out of the bath and towelled off, he said he wanted to sleep. I put towels down on the spare bed left a bowl on the floor. The next morning he had dressed and left my apartment before I awoke. It took a few weeks for him to look me in the eye and it took another drinking session for him to admit that it was one of the most exciting, filthiest things he had ever done as I showed him the pics I had taken and the video.
  12. This is one of the most fucking horniest things I have ever read....
  13. My last experience with an Asian guy was when I booked in for a full body massage. I arrived at his place as agreed, he started off wearing the cotton trousers and top that beauticians and professional massage types use. He told me to strip and lay face down on the massage bed and he would come back in to the room after a few minutes when i was ready. The massage was going well and I explained to him I was a keen nudist so was only used to naked men massaging me. He wiped his hands on paper towel and started to take off his top and then his bottoms which he was commando underneath. He was late 20's, a bit chubby which I loved and a big full pubic bush. He had a little soft pecker pocking out of his pubes and as he came back to stand at my side to carry on, I reached out to take hold of his soft little penis. He soon got hard and the professional massage he started with soon went out of the window. I sat up on the massage bed and started to kiss him which took him by surprise, but as I was still slowly stroking his now hard little pecker he relaxed into my tongue exploring his mouth. I then worked my mouth down to his big juicy man titties which by now had him gasping and leaning into my neck moaning as I sucked, licked and tweaked each of his his little hard nips. After a few minutes of this he was mine for the taking and I reached over and took the oil that he had on his little massage equipment trolley and poured some on my rock hard six inches. I lay back down on the massage table and I did not say a word, but we looked into each others eyes and with that he climbed naked on top of me on the table and without anything but the oil on my cock he sat on top of it. I grabbed my cock and slowly guided me cock head around his tight hole, and it was tight, very tight. When i had slid my cock head up in him, his body tensed and I felt his tight arse clamp hard. With my other hand I started to tweak and play with his nipples and slowly but surely I went up into his tight arse inch by inch. When half way in I put my hand behind his neck and kissed him deep. As he relaxed I pushed the last three remaining inches in until I was balls deep. I have to say with the oil, the tightness and his nervousness I did not last long and within a few minutes I was shooting over a weeks worth of poz cum into him. We continued kissing but I could tell he was getting scared and uncomfortable and was eager to get off my now limping cock. It got a bit awkward as a car pulled up outside the window and he said his next client had arrived, so we both quickly got cleaned up and silently dressed. I had arrived commando so my cummy, sensitive cock rubbed against the inside of my jeans as he started hurriedly speaking in what I interpreted to be Mandarine and started taking off the cum stained paper towels off the massage bed. I handed over my massage money and turned to leave, as the next client was getting out of his car, I knew then that there was no mistaking when that client walked in, that massage room was going to smell of our raw sex.
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