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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    Bareback, dogging, very public sex, bdsm, photos, movies.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I am a tranny cock riding cunthole, that only has bareback sex.
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    Photos published in x-dresser Magazine issue 2 (centrefold), amateur sex movies on xhamster.
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    I am looking for rough and violent bareback sex, I love being beaten and choked as I am being fucked, the more violent the sex the more I get turned on.

    No cock will be refused, and if you have an infection of any kind or are married, you go to the top of the list.

    Look forward to meeting you and infecting you with my current STD.

    Donna Marie Fox xx

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  1. i had Chlamydia and Syphilis at the same time last year, but cured now. gonna be meeting the guy who gave me Syphilis within the next week or so, so will probably be Syph pos again by the end of the month, and will be stealth pozing my strait acting gay boyfriend soon after that. He said he as times all my bugs last time he sucked my shecock, so im gonna poz the strait acting mincing gay sissy cocksucker just as he asked me to lol x
  2. Hello to all of you that read my first true story about outdoor sex. This is another account of a meeting I had in the middle of a city near a river. It was late one summers evening when I met up with this sexy young Portuguese stud I had been messaging on a gay dogging site. I had been chatting to Fillipe for a couple of hours, and we were both getting hornier and hornier with each new message that we sent. It was me that asked if he would like to meet that night, and he of course said yes. There are a few cruising areas near around the closest city to me and we arranged to meet at one of them, a local place close to him next to the river in the middle of the city. As I am a total bareback cock riding slut whore, and I have no problems being fucked in plain view of anyone that wants to watch, I of course agreed without hesitation. I took a little time to get ready putting on, a tiny black thong, matching quarter cup bra, tiny crop top and a micro mini skirt that only half covered my hot little tranny ass, and a pair of killer high heels to show off my totally smooth shaved legs to their full effect, making sure my tight tranny pussy was well lubed in readiness for the hard fucking it was about to get from my young Portuguese lover, I set of in my car and 15 minutes later I was parking next to the river, a quick check of my makeup and I left my car and started the short walk to our arranged place to meet. Being in the centre of the city of Worcester, there was a wide public footpath with some railings along the river bank, and as I passed this one oldish looking guy standing by the railings, so smiled, blew him a kiss and winked as walked on to my hot date. Just a couple of minutes later I arrives at some seats, and just a few seconds later Fillipe arrived and sat down next to me on the seat. "Hi Sexy", said Fillipe, "hi stud", I replied. As he said that he placed his arm around me and started to kiss me passionately on the lips, his tongue entering my wet mouth and giving me a passionate wet French kiss. As we were kissing his free hand started groping my natural 38b tits, making me moan softly, and my hand slowly moved down his manly chest finally resting on a very large bulge in his jeans. When I felt his raging hard cock through his jeans, I know I just had to got my wet red lips around it so I pulled away from him, and started to undo his jeans. within seconds a raging hard 8 inch cock was staring back at me just demanding to feel my wet lips around it, so I lowered my head and slowly slide his big knob in to my willing mouth. Deeper and deeper in to my mouth went this big monster fuckstick until I felt it touch the back of my throat, just as Fillipe expected me to rise, I continued and his big cock entered down my throat and finally stopped when his cum filled balls touched my chin. When he felt his long cock go down my eager throat he let out a low moan, and said, "MMMMM, YEAHHH FUCK!! That feels so good Donna". When I heard that I went to down on my young lover and started sucking and deep throating him like a true cock sucking whore. As I was deep-throating Fillipe, his hand move to my ass and started sliding first one, then two, then three fingers, in to my hot wet tranny cunt, making me moan around his thick cock in my mouth. Then suddenly without warning, I felt his cock start twitching and pulsing as she suddenly started to fill my mouth with his hot young creamy cum. One, Two, Three, then four squirts of cum filled my willing mouth so much I had trouble keeping it in there. After the fourth rope of cum finished squirting I let his cock fall from my mouth and showed him all his jizz swimming around in there then swallowed it all, showing my young lover I had been a good fucktoy swallowing his entire load of spunk. Fillipe smiled and said, "you truly are a hot slut Donna", I smiled back and said, "you better believe it stud" then French kissed him sharing the remains of his cum with him. We chatted for a while, and all the time we chatted I had his cock in my hand slowly stroking it back to life. while Fillipe openly stroked my now very hard and wet shecock and sucking and biting my erect nipples. It was while I was doing this I notice the guy I smiled and winked to on the way to my meeting with Fillipe, standing about 20 yards form us watching us intently. After a few more minutes Fillipe was fully hard again and I said, are you ready to ride in my hot tranny asscunt stud?". He just said, "YEAH!!, sit on my cock NOW bitch!!" so being the true whore I am, I did as I was told and removed my thong and got in to the reverse cowgirl position, and slowly lowered my hot wet asscunt on to his rock hard fuckstick. I let out a low squeal as I felt Fillipe's bulbous knob pierce my willing asscunt and lowered my self taking inch after inch of his huge 8 inch cock until his cum filled balls touching my ass. As I impaled myself on Fillipe, I looked over to the other guy and saw him stroking his cock watching the hot fuck show I was putting on. As I started bouncing up and down on the monster cock in my asscunt, my shecock waiving about on full view to the world, I started talking dirty to Fillipe, saying how much I loved riding his big cock, and how I wanted his second load deep in my tranny asscunt, and how much I love being fucked in such a public place making sure I said it loud enough for the other guy to hear me. 15 Minutes later, Fillipe gave a loud grunt and roar, as his cock started twitching and pulsing for the second time that night, but this time it was filling my hot tranny fuckhole, with hot young Portuguese jizz. Once Fillipe finished filling my hot asscunt with his cum I slowly lifted off him and his cock made a loud plop as it left my well fucked and abused fuckhole, feeling his cum starting to ooze from my gaping hole I turned around and like the dirty bitch I am, started to clean his still semi-hard cock with my mouth, licking and sucking my tranny cunt juice and spare cum off his spent cock. As I was cleaning Fillipe's cock, making sure my voyeur could clearly see my freshly fucked ass, I noticed him jerk and shoot his load all over the floor near us, then he put his cock away and walked off. When I had finished, cleaning Fillipe's cock he said, "thanks babe, you are one hot dirty fucktoy Donna", I smiled and said, "any time you need your balls drained again just call me ok lover", and handed him my thong as a present. We kissed again, and we said our goodnights, then I stood up raised my mini skirt and flashed my freshly fucked asscunt again at him and said, "my cunt is hungry for your cock again soon lover, Call me". At that I lowered and straitened my mini skirt and walked off back to the car, with a big smile and the feeling of my lovers cum dripping out of my gaping fuckhole, and running down the back of my long smooth legs. On the way back to my car I saw the guy that had watch me fucking my young lover sitting on another seat but that's a story for another time ? The End.
  3. No condoms for me EVER!! You want sex with me its all natural, with no protection. If you are willing to have unprotected sex with a biological woman, then you will do the same with me or you can hit the road jack lol x
  4. im on Fabguys, and Fabswingers, and every now and the the guy that lives right next door to me shows up on one or the other site. I've not done anything about it yet, but pretty certain he knows its me on there by the way he looks at me when we see each other in the street. maybe i should contact him next time i see him on one of the sites lol xx
  5. Craig's list is a waste of internet space. But that's just my opinion.
  6. I've had some meets off there over the time ive been on there. Always been fucked bareback even when they say the practice safe sex only, and they have always told me im a better fuck than the wife or gf, even the so called strait guys. These days i tend to be a little more choosy on who gets in my knickers, but those lucky enough ride in my lovehole end up going back home to the wife with empty balls and a huge grin on their face. Or i leave their marriage bed knowing the dumb slut wife will be sleeping where i have just fucked their adulterous husband without their knowing, which is great fun.
  7. Load up my Tranny ass every time boys x
  8. Hi all, im a very horny tranny slut based in the midlands UK, and im in need of guys to abuse and fuck me bareback. You come and pick me up late at night, you take me somewhere preferably somewhere very public, fuck me senseless, then drop me back home once you filled my fuckhole with your sperm. The bigger the cock the better and very heavy cummers also wanted to fill my hot tranny fuckhole with their sperm. i love being fucked by married men, and happy to ride you while you chat to the wife or mates on the phone. contact me and let's meet up and you can get laid and breed a no limits tranny fucktoy. Donna Marie Fox xx
  9. i have no problems being photographed or being filmed while having sex. If anyone wants a face photo with their cock deep up my ass, i just tell them to snap away same for filming, as long as i get a copy of the photo or movie to post on my website, then i couldn't care less who sees me being fucked and abused by any number of guys. Donna Marie Fox xx

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