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    Manassas VA
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    Looking for tops to fuck me and give me their cum. Love sucking, swallowing, rimming. Looking for hung chub chasers. Taking all loads
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I am 110% all bottom. I love getting fucked but it took me awhile to realize how much I love it so im trying to make up for lost time lol
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    I wish! OMG I would love to do chub porn. Id be a happy bottom
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    Cocks and cum, love getting fucked im here to get fucked and suck as much cock as I can. I take loads in any hole. My ultimate fantasy would be a gangbang

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  1. am I blind

    Can someone tell me how I do a status update because I cant seem to figure it out.. Thanks
  2. Issues with large cocks

    So the other night I had a guy with an 11" cock want to use my holes. To be honest I was a bit intimidated. I told him I already had a 9" BBC coming over and he feels like he is smashing into a wall inside me when he bottoms out in me. he got mad at me because I expressed concern over him ramming his cock in my ass and not being sure if I could take it that deep. Does that make me a bad bottom? I wanted to try but i just didnt want him ramming his huge cock in my ass without letting me get used to it first.
  3. Massive BBC load just now

    Thanks. Can't wait for it to happen again 😊
  4. Any Maine or NH Guys around?

    Im moving to NH next week. Just north of concord.
  5. Manassas bottom lubed up and ready

    well just got my 1st massive load of the night. next..use the 1st to keep me lubed up
  6. Massive BBC load just now

    My 9" buddy came over. I got to suck his cock for like 20 min then he told me to bend over. He was so gentle and once I got used to it OMG he fucked me in ways Ive never felt. Not just an up and down but wiggles and so forth. He fucked me for about 30 min and for the first time I came without touching my cock OMG I never imagined it would be that awesome. By and far he is the best top I have ever had. Right when I was cumming he shot this massive load deep into me. It felt like he shot 1/2 a gallon in me! Then he laid on top of me and just left it in me till he finally went limp. OMG I am on cloud 9 right now. He was a craigslist hook up and for the first time we exchanged numbers and emails. Plus is he is sexy as hell, taller than me and has a nice beard.
  7. Manassas bottom lubed up and ready

    Had my chance at an 11" cock yesterday...I blew it. Stil lhad a 9" BBC Now if i can only find that 11" cock. I was kinda scared now im to horny to care
  8. Just now

    Had a very sexy black guy come over and dump a huge load in my ass. Sexy cock 9". OMG he fucked me so good.
  9. I have a hot black top coming over to breed me tonight. He says he is over 9" which will be my biggest so far. Didnt have a problem taking 8...so i hope I can handle it.
  10. Looking for loads. Come fuck me. Taking all loads.
  11. Sucking while getting fucked

    I have 2 times now where Ive sucked cock while being fucked and it is fucking amazing. I LOVE a cock in my mouth it feels so awesome and bonus if im getting fucked to! Yes please.
  12. I normally bottom but recently Ive had this amazing horniness to see twink young bottoms saying "fuck me daddy" to daddy type bears or son/dad stuff. Love smooth boys. They are so hot and sexy
  13. Any married bottoms?

    Im a married all bottom guy that would LOVE to do gay porn.! That would be amazing to do bareback porn! Would love to do gangbang raw porn. BBC raw porn. I wish I could find a producer near me that did chubby bottom married guy porn. Going to be moving to NH dont know if any producers are there or not
  14. Conversion (Str8 To Gay)

    I used to be straight. Then i started having cravings. One guy in particular I found really sexy. It was hard to admit. One day I watched some gay porn and came really hard. about 5 years later I had my first gay sex...I felt really weird. But then I did it again and again...etc. Now I only get really turned on getting fucked by guys

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