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    Bristol NH
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    Looking for tops to fuck me and give me their cum. Love sucking, swallowing, rimming. Looking for hung chub chasers. Taking all loads
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I am 110% all bottom. I love getting fucked but it took me awhile to realize how much I love it so im trying to make up for lost time lol
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    I wish! OMG I would love to do chub porn. Id be a happy bottom
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    Cocks and cum, love getting fucked im here to get fucked and suck as much cock as I can. I take loads in any hole. My ultimate fantasy would be a gangbang

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  1. Much better gloryhole time

    Went to the gloryhole for the 2nd time today. Sucked 5 cocks in 20 min. Love the hot loads! Then I went home and a guy around the way wanted to deposit a load in my mouth. So I went and got another. Why does cum taste so good! I love sucking cock!
  2. Gloryhole fuck

    ok Just wanted the cum
  3. All bottom looking for tops Bristol NH

    Where are all the tops in NH??? OMG fuck me fuck me fuck me!!
  4. Gloryhole fuck

    I know... damnit what a waste of good cum
  5. I love that! As it should be
  6. Gloryhole fuck

    Well that sounds like fun. He didnt make any motions for me to turn around. But next time Ill be ready for that.
  7. Gloryhole fuck

    Ok I was curious. 1st guy I sucked off moaned and was about to nut then pulled out and started jerking on the floor. Wasnt sure what that was about
  8. Gloryhole fuck

    Ok so I went to the gloryhole once. Im going back. it was a blast. But how do I know if a guy wants to fuck me?
  9. How about a listing for top Cum Givers?

    Yes I was hoping for that. Not that there would be many in NH but dare to Dream
  10. Why do you like bareback?

    Oh it is not the same at all with a condom on. I love feeling a guy squirt in me. Or swallowing a nice load.
  11. I love doggie. The top that gave me my first anal orgasm was fucking me doggie then pushed me down and had his way with me. The pounding in that position with his 9" took me over the edge. It was fantastic
  12. Gum jobs- hot or not.

    Ive always been to nervous to ask if they wanted me to take my teeth out. Although at the gloryhole the other day I did take them out.
  13. Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    From my own experience Black guys just seem to fuck me better. Of course Im not going to say no to some other race because I love getting fucked etc but a BBC omg feels so amazing
  14. Ive heard a rumor to this effect. That would be AWESOME. Not that they would let me bottom in a shoot. But damn that would be fun. Maybe I can fluff!

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