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    Bristol NH
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    Looking for tops to fuck me and give me their cum. Love sucking, swallowing, rimming. Looking for hung chub chasers. Taking all loads
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I am 110% all bottom. I love getting fucked but it took me awhile to realize how much I love it so im trying to make up for lost time lol
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    I wish! OMG I would love to do chub porn. Id be a happy bottom
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    Cocks and cum, love getting fucked im here to get fucked and suck as much cock as I can. I take loads in any hole. My ultimate fantasy would be a gangbang

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  1. Manlyfkneeds

    Gloryhole fuck

    The one gloryhole I have near me is only a hole barely big enough for a thick cock to go through. Wish it was bigger to get to the balls ...going today. Wish me luck
  2. Manlyfkneeds

    All bottom looking for tops Bristol NH

    GOD NH sucks for finding big cock
  3. Good god are there any tops in NH near Bristol? As much as I love sucking cock I want to be fucked

  4. God It pisses me off they shut down CL now its 10x as hard to find some cock in NH this desert of cock

  5. Manlyfkneeds

    All bottom looking for tops Bristol NH

    Horny as fuck. DAMN I need a big cock in me
  6. Manlyfkneeds


    I love swallowing cum. I love the taste just wish I had bigger loads in my mouth
  7. CL shut down. How the hell am I going to find cock now lol

  8. Need more tops in NH damnit! 

  9. Manlyfkneeds

    Tips - Whoring out a bottom

    OMG I would LOVE to be whored out! One of my biggest fantasies
  10. Anyone know any big tops in NH? 

  11. Manlyfkneeds

    Deepthroating tips?

    I bought a 10" dildo and kept practicing every chance I got. Although sometimes I like the feeling of gagging on a big cock
  12. Manlyfkneeds

    Choking on cum

    Unfortunately Ive never had a big enough load to fill my mouth from a guy im so deprived
  13. Manlyfkneeds

    seems I am always wanting more cock and cum

    Me to. its so hot to suck a cock and get a nice load. The other day was my best day ever. 6 cocks in 1 day. Life is good
  14. Manlyfkneeds

    Tops- How Do You Spot a Cocksucker?

    Yeah Id like to know how to let them know discretely to lol. NOBODY would ever believe im a total cock loving whore bottom My ex told everyone I was bi and NOBODY believed her lol
  15. Manlyfkneeds

    Much better gloryhole time

    Went to the gloryhole for the 2nd time today. Sucked 5 cocks in 20 min. Love the hot loads! Then I went home and a guy around the way wanted to deposit a load in my mouth. So I went and got another. Why does cum taste so good! I love sucking cock!

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