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    Bristol NH
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    Looking for hosting tops to use my faggot ass. Fuck me use my holes for your pleasure. Taking all loads. You host I provide the holes
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I am 110% all bottom. I love getting fucked but it took me awhile to realize how much I love it so im trying to make up for lost time lol
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    I wish! OMG I would love to do chub porn. Id be a happy bottom
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    Cocks and cum, love getting fucked im here to get fucked and suck as much cock as I can. I take loads in any hole. My ultimate fantasy would be a gangbang. I need my holes filled with as much cum as I can get!

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  1. Manlyfkneeds

    All bottom looking for tops Bristol NH

    Still need tops in/near Bristol NH
  2. Manlyfkneeds

    Gangbang Frenzy!

    Id love to be used like that
  3. Manlyfkneeds

    My Daugther's Friend

    fuck this is so hot
  4. I would love to go to a club and be filled with cum. always worried about my body though...sad but true
  5. Manlyfkneeds

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Yeah I wish I had that problem. Can't find tops near me for nothing
  6. Man you're so fucking sexy. I want to worship your cock for hours!  

  7. Manlyfkneeds

    IS there a NAME for an ANAL TAT???

    Target? 😁
  8. yeah doublelist. But it sucks compared to CL.
  9. god I wish I could find a couple tops to DP me ...fuck

  10. WTF does it take to get fucked in this state OMG

  11. GOD! im sory horny. I havent been fucked since I was in Virginia back in December...

  12. Manlyfkneeds

    All bottom looking for tops Bristol NH

    Calling all tops. Calling all tops! Need to a breeding session....
  13. Manlyfkneeds

    Cumber.....its Uber for sluts

    OMG im so fucking hard reading that. FUCK they need this app
  14. Manlyfkneeds

    Experiences at CumUnion

    I wish this type of venue was closer to me. Sounds amazing
  15. OMFG i need to get fucked so bad! Need hung tops! 


    This fucking dildo isnt working

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