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    Lots of others besides sex, ask if interested
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    Single again and looking for fun
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    Looking for NSA hookups. I tend to bottom but will top when the mood strikes, other misc fetishes too.
    Have been wanting to try total anonymous.

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  1. Looking for tops, into the hairy masc type. Bear, trucker, etc. But hardly ever refuse a load.
  2. I love taking a full bladder in the ass. The first time I knew he was doing something different because he wanted to stay in while standing. As soon as I felt the warmth spread into me I clamped down and he let his stream go full blast. He has that talent of pissing hard so he kept it in while he went a little soft. Managed to slide out with minimal spillage and we went inside the restaurant at the truckstop and ate while it was slowly draining into my jeans. After that it wasn't even just for sex. If it was the middle of the night and he had to piss he slid it in me and let go. Great feeling to wake up to.
  3. I saw the same trucker for a few years until his bf found out. He opened my world to some new kinks. Miss him.
  4. Just found the site. Looking to make friends.

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