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  1. I'm visiting Tampa in December. Would love to get abused while I'm there if we can make it work.

    1. DomAbuser


      keep me posted.  ill be doing some holiday travel, but if it works i am game


  2. I go on bike rides to have "alone time," which helps justify the sweatiness when i get back home. I keep a pretty regular schedule for when I ride and do it even when I don't have a hook up planned.
  3. I might not be your type, but I'd love to have the chance to suck that dick the way you like. I'm in Waukesha.

  4. bareback cock is so good , anonymous is even better .

    1. anonymous_raw


      I totally agree!


    2. cumwhorebill


      mmmm always nice to find like minded fuckers


      I live to take looads any ones loads

  5. how old are you? 

  6. i wanna eat your fresh baked goods direct from your straddling settled oven even if they arent all as fluffy soft and creamy as i like

  7. wld eat all t shit outta Ur beautiful ass then climb right up inside you to loosen more + cum while licking Ur neck + ears 

    1. anonymous_raw


      I'd love that! Lets make that happen when I'm in FL this summer.

    2. curmud


      send prvt email on here when U know 

  8. I was cruising hard this week while my partner was at work. I finally found a guy who was able to make it work during my small windows of alone time. He was pushing 60, probably 200 pounds or so, hairy body, all daddy. As soon as I opened the door, his mouth was on mine and his hand was slipping into my jeans. I helped him out by undoing my pants. He turned me around, pushed on my head to bend me over the arm of the couch, and had our pants around ankles almost before I could register what was happening. I'd gotten my hole ready as I'd been instructed, so he slid in with only some spit for lu
  9. I wish you were more versatile, too!
  10. The hotline was a stroke of genius, because it is the most perfectly devastating way to break the illusion and to let us get a huge rise out of the reversal!
  11. So hot! I'm glad your hole is being put to good use even when your husband is not around!
  12. I cheat somewhat often. I have some guilt about it, but it's too hot to stop.
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