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  1. Encounter with thick boy

    dam thats hot. did you friend him? I love really thick cocks in my ass
  2. Body Zone

    ok thanks. i think i'd like to get fucked in the sling
  3. Body Zone

    That's good to hear. I may give BZ another try.
  4. Ever get down to Indiana?

  5. I want to go to gay pride in lansing tomorrow, Saturday June 17th. I am near Flint MI and need a ride. Perhaps I can meet you halfway. I can help with gas (or grass or ass...) Hit me up soon plz!
  6. Boring bokkstore loads

    I wouldn't consider that boring. I'm happy for every load I get
  7. Wet & Hot 2017?

    I want to go, but I need a sponsor.
  8. I will be in town and will have a room in a motel. Looking to have sum guys over for a party!
  9. double dicked and double loaded

    hot. i love getting dp'd
  10. Bred in my hotel room

    wow fucking hot!
  11. Hii what's up?

    1. MoBBr


      oi tudo bem fala portugues?

  12. I think i recently saw a video with Orion Cross getting dp'ed in exactly the position you are talking about...i thought it was hot, but then i think it is hot every time I see Orion Cross getting double fucked! But really, the 2 tops were laying on their backs with their dicks pushed toghether and pointing straight up and Orion sat down on them
  13. young twink michigan anyone?

    hey i am about half way between pontiac and flint...where in mich r u? vers/bottom here like pnp too

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